BlackRock Refiles Spot ETF Application [ Crypto Espresso 7.4.23 ]

Happy 4th of July from the USA here's a Private fireworks show for you boom Kapow kablooey wow outstanding I'm your Patriotic host Andrew and this is crypto Espresso your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines and let's Go first up BlackRock the world's Largest asset manager has submitted an Amended application for a spot Bitcoin ETF the action was taken as a result of The SEC stating that the application Submitted by NASDAQ and CBOE on behalf Of these asset managers were inadequate BlackRock said it will finalize a Monitoring agreement with coinbase Addressing one of the primary concerns The SEC had previously expressed According to coin market cap Bitcoin Prices surged to new yearly highs of 31 389 after news broke that BlackRock had Resubmitted the ETF application Bitcoin's price has increased by about 20 since the filing was first made Public on June 15th partly as a result Of more companies joining The Fray and Submitting their own ETF filings last Friday CBOE changed the market for its Surveillance sharing agreement citing Coinbase in its application for a spot ETF on behalf of fidelity Fidelity Wisdom Tree van Eck arkhinvest and Galaxy Invesco have submitted Applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs with CBOE while BlackRock is working with

NASDAQ due to worries about possible Fraud or manipulation in the spot Market The SEC has not yet authorized a single Application for such a spot ETF in Contrast four Bitcoin Futures ETFs have Received SEC approval a judge overseeing The bankruptcy proceedings for the Cryptocurrency lending company Celsius Has given the company permission to Start converting its significant assets And altcoins to bitcoin and ethereum on July 1st the company held roughly 200 Million assorted altcoins according to Court documents it is not yet known how Many of these Holdings will be sold Additionally Celsius owns 650 million of Its own cell tokens and millions more in Stable coins in order to deliver Bitcoin And ethereum to creditors who have Waited almost a year for their money Back the firm will sell off several of Its positions in favor of both of these Digital currencies celsius's Holdings And altcoins were worth over 170 million Dollars while its cell token Holdings Are theoretically worth about a hundred And twenty dollars though it's unclear If it could even be liquidated Litecoin A cryptocurrency often referred to as Digital Silver to bitcoin's digital gold Has surged past the 100 Mark Rising Nearly 34 percent over the weekend this Occurs at a time when the hash rate of The Litecoin blockchain has nearly

Doubled over the past year reaching a High of 797.5 Teri hashes per second on Tuesday it is currently at about 758 Teri hashes per second the Litecoin Community is also preparing for its Upcoming having event which will limit The rate of new currency issuance by 50 And it's scheduled to occur on August The 5th as a result the rate at which New tokens enter the markets will slow Down and fundamental supply and demand Factors are considered as being the Primary forces behind expected gains Litecoin's price has increased about 53 Percent year-to-date and reached its Yearly highs of 114 on July 3rd the Upcoming having event is definitely Contributing to that mounting Anticipation and further price gains a Group of unhappy azuki nft holders have Formed the azuki Dao and demanded a Refund of over 38 million dollars from Azuki Creator chiro labs for scamming Holders the launch of azuki Elementals Was a spin-off nft project from the Creators of the original Blue Chip azuki Nft collection and was widely criticized Since it resembled the first collection Pretty closely azuki Dao is conferring With a group of legal Dow Representatives to decide how best to Pursue legal action against zagabond the Founder of azuki for allegedly rug Pulling holders with the Elementals

Collection and other past Endeavors the Dow also plans to consult lawyers on how Best to compel chiru labs to return the Tens of Millions of dollars in profit The company reaped from the azuki Elementals drop meanwhile azuki has Hinted that it was creating an anime Series based on its Universe of Characters during a community called the Azuki team elaborated that the series Will feature animated shorts and would Be self-funded and make use of web 3 Technologies the team is also planning To update the Elementals artwork to make It more distinguishable from the OG Azugi nft collection and finally revolut A crypto-friendly Neo bank is delisting Ada Matic and Soul on its platform in The United States due to regulatory Developments in the country the change Was announced to us customers on June 29th and all clients are no longer able To purchase these tokens revolut Customers can still hold and sell these Tokens until September 18th after which Any unsold tokens will be sold on their Behalf revolut continues to support Ada Matic and Seoul in other countries Outside of the US nevertheless revolut Is not alone in delisting these Particular tokens as companies like Robinhood etoro and bacht have also Announced listings over the past few Weeks immediately halting purchases and

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