“Blackrock is BAD for Bitcoin” | Biggest Bitcoin Podcast in THE WORLD Shares Tips on Success

There was no real plan I didn't really Make a plan for it I didn't think I Didn't think oh this is going to be I'm Going to make a podcast and it's going To be like successful Peter McCormack Has one of the most successful Bitcoin Podcasts in the world it's over 40 Million downloads now since I launched It I don't think I've missed a week Since 2018 month by month stats here we go and While today we talk Bitcoin we talk Black Rock we talk what to expect in 2024 objectively a black rock ETF is is Good for price it's bad for Bitcoin I Can about you's what about you for 24 What's big for you we really get into How Peter Built his what Bitcoin did Empire you know for me I'm was just a Nobody I'm you know I'm not particularly Talented I'm you I'm I'm just a normal Bloke who just started a podcast and Somehow ended up interviewing a President and I just sat on that plane On the way back and I was like this is Obviously the biggest interview I'm ever Going to do Peter also shares the reason He became Bitcoin only yeah I focus on Bitcoin but I'm not going to pretend Reality doesn't exist I wouldn't say I Bent the knee to the Maxis I kind of Went hm hold on a second as well as some Gentle ribbing can I say coin on coin Daily oh oh coin daily sorry absolutely

Absolutely you say everything Peter That's why we want you on and towards The end things get very real I think I Wish I'd have thought bigger I wish I'd Thought bigger been braver we also cover Current events in crypto which Peter has Been tweeting about I worry for him oh Do you want to hear funny bit boy story Yeah so like the video send this to a Friend and let's start with Peter's Origin story how did you first discover Crypto a friend of mine told me about This interesting new website on the dark Web called The Silk Road and uh and told Me the kind of things you could buy in It and uh that I needed to use this Thing called Bitcoin and so uh I Remember going onto um so I went on Local Bitcoins bought some Bitcoin I Think it was like 80 for a Bitcoin and I Was like God that's expensive for Digital money like why is this thing Worth 80 bound but whatever you know I Want to use a Silk Road and like there Was some address I had to send it to and Like wait for like a period of time it Would appear there and it magically Appeared there and I was like cool and I Used it but I didn't really dive into Bitcoin I was trading it a little bit But I couldn't I couldn't tell you Anything about it I didn't know about The blockchain or what a cryptocurrency Was it was just like this digital money

I use on the Silk Road and then Sometimes I buy some and go to bed and I'd wake up and I'd made another th000 And then other times i' go to bed And uh the market had crashed and my Stop loss had been hit and I'd been Bummed out by it but anyway so I kind of Rode that uh wave up to 12 I think it's $1,200 try to remember when that was was That 2013 or 2014 what whatever it uh it Crashed and then I forgot about Bitcoin I was like see you later that's uh part Of my life that's Gone and then like over the next couple Years every now again I would just like Hear about it or check the price and you Know it gone as low as like $250 I think I thought oh this thing's dead and and Then it kind of like started to come Back it was like $300 and $350 I like H And then like my mom got sick my mom had Cancer so we wanted to treat her with Cannabis Oil and my dad was like how do we get This and I was like oh I know this Website I mean it wasn't Silk Road then It was like sheep Marketplace or Al for Marketplace on other Website so uh I needed some Bitcoin Searched for Bitcoin found coinbase so That was a thing that I use the next Time and bought some Bitcoin and we got The cannabis oil uh and then sadly it Was too late for Mom yeah my mom was

Pretty sick by then so she passed away And I was at my dad's house in Ireland I'd quit work I didn't want to work in Advertising anymore I'd got divorced I'd Like nothing to do and I'd gone back on Coinbase and to sell this bit of Bitcoin Left and there was this like other thing Called ethereum I was like what is this So I Googled ethereum and and then I was Like reading about it's like this second Wave of the Internet it's going to be Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies and I was like well I'm Not working I've got some money left Over so I bought some Bitcoin I think I Bought like five or six Bitcoin I bought Like a ton of ethereum because it was Like n pounds and N9 and like every Shitcoin out there Dash and Monero and Xrp I bought everything right and and Rode that one up uh in 2017 and uh towards the end of 2017 I Was like I'm not very good at this Trading thing I'm just guessing uh and I'd met this guy called Rich Ro this Cool guy he's a podcaster he's like a Vegan Ultra athlete and uh I was running A lot there and listening to his podcast So I met him and I was like dude I want Your life like n how do you how do you Podcast and he uh he told me how to do It and here we are nearly six years late And I'm talking to you and the podcast Is huge and actually that was my next

Question that like specifically what Inspired the podcast besides that Gentleman in terms of like um the type Of voice you wanted to be or the type of Content you saw and you're like hey I Can do this B in my own spin what Inspired that podcast I really there's No there was no real plan all it was was As listen I would I would go running so Back then when my mom got sick she she Went vegan I went vegan with her and so I discovered his podcast and I I would Go run I'd go running for like an hour Two hours every day because I wasn't Working and just listen to episodes and Episodes of his podcast I went to one of His Retreats and and uh he said to me Well I think he probably said this to Everyone like if you ever in La look me Up so I was like F this I flew to LA and I was like yeah hi I'm here so I went Around his house and we hung out and um You know he's been really cool he's been Like a mentor to me like he was we were Ling texting the other day and uh and he He said a lot of people have come to him Said how do your podcast and like I'm The only one who's actually gone and Done it but he I said look I love your Life man you just go around talk to People for a couple of hours a few times A week and that's your job I want to do The same and he said well go and watch This course I think it was by Pat Flynn

Called how to podcast probably in yeah It's probably two how to podcast in 2017 Because I think he changes the year Every year for the article he said read This article buy Zoom H6 which I've got One here buy some sha mics this isn't a Sh mic this is a road I think or Something but he was like buy a couple Of sh mics and just get your first Interview done and get it out there and So I was in LA I went on I was staying At my friend Justin's I went on Amazon I Bought all the equipment and then uh Luke Martin the trader was in LA at the Same time so I like messaged him on Twitter I was like yeah dude I'm going To start a podcast you want to be my First episode and he was like yeah so a Couple of days later I ubered around his And we recorded a show I got back to the UK I reached out to Nick Patel day Trader Nick said the same we we made a Show uh then emailed Jameson lop and I Was like can I come to Raleigh and make A show with you and he said yeah and and Then I had like a couple of months off And then in January I was like no I like This I'm going to do this and just went For it and I don't think I've missed a Week since 2018 how many episodes do you have Now God it's over 700 I think now I can Tell yeah it's um yeah Bitcoin podcast Here we go 715 715 came out yesterday

And then I had this other podcast called Defiance I've probably made I've Probably done like 8 interviews now Wow yeah that like in terms of voice Um yeah it's interesting I I don't know I just I think I've just I'm just me Right I think the person you're talking To right now as a person you're talking To on the podcast I think in the world Of like whether it's crypto or Bitcoin There's a lot of pressure to like be Somebody or believe certain things and I Just don't do that I just stares me so Like yeah if everyone would gone Carnival I check it out like actually You know I kind of like vegetables I'm Going to eat vegetables and uh and uh You know I just kind of I just stay as I Am and uh if I don't if I don't Understand something I just say hey I Don't understand this like explain it to Me um or if I think something's stupid I Say I think that's stupid I just so I Think my voice is one I've always want It's just authentic just to be me and I Don't think I've changed I think my Voice changed a little bit because you You learn to speak you mean you know This you have to learn to slow down and Speak clearer and so yeah that that's Changed um but no I just I don't think I've changed at all I think if you if You came and had a drink meal with me in In a pub you'd be like oh you're the

Same person you know you act the same so And maybe everyone's like that but there Was no real plan I didn't really make a Plan for it I didn't think I didn't Think oh this is going to be I'm going To make a podcast and it's going to be Like Successful uh I just thought I'd do a Podcast and if I can uh make it my job And you know travel a little bit with it That would be cool um and yeah and it's Just I've been really lucky it's just Created this whole life I couldn't have Couldn't have planned for one of the Things that I really love about what Bitcoin did is like you said in a sense You're an average person discovering Bitcoin but talking to experts bringing Them on and as they explain you know They go through your lens so it's easier For the average person to understand That's why I love it I wanted to ask you On why is it important to be Bitcoin Only because there's a lot of crypto out There and you just you're proud you just Focus on bitcoin stuff yeah it's a good Question I mean look firstly uh I will Say there's three types of Bitcoin or There three types of interview podcasts Right I think I a tweet about this out There it's like there are two smart People which could be like Eric Weinstein interviewing Peter teal right There's a a smart person which I

Think is like Rogan with Eric Weinstein And there's two morons which is like Logan Paul and some other idiot right They're the three types mine's the And a smart person I talk to smart People I'm the explain it to me Like I'm a and I think there's Like there's a there's a world for all Three I think funnily enough I think Some people they go one in one thing and They pick the wrong podcast and so um But in terms of what was the question it Was why Bitcoin why Bitcoin only well Originally I was crypto so I mean Originally the first two shows were About trading it was like Luke tell me What you're cuz I was Trad what are you Trading which coins mean the most to you Y y and then um you know even though It's cool what Bitcoin did in like my Eyes it's like Bitcoin led to all these Currencies so it was kind of cool and Then what happened was I I was um I do I Would do mainly Bitcoin but I would do The odd shitcoin show and and eventually Can I say shitcoin on shitcoin daily Allcoin daily absolutely absolutely you Say everything Peter that's why we want You want one of those things I've got to Say even though like I'm Bitcoin only You guys have always been really good to Me you always like retweet my stuff so Thank you so so anyway I was um so I What it kind of came around where I

Started I stopped trading altcoins I Just dumped them all I just focused on Bitcoin only and I and I remember I had An interview book with this guy Peter What was his name Peter Ryzen and I was on a plane I was on the Tarmac in Um uh Boston and I was about to fly to To Hong Kong for like token 2049 or some Event anyway like people are giving me Loads of saying why are you Interviewing this guy he's a shitcoin Scammer blah blah blah and I'm like well Let me figure it out I want to talk to Him anyway I I get on this plane there's No Wi-Fi and it's it's a 15-hour flight To Hong Kong I get off the plane I Switch on the Wi-Fi in the airport and My phone goes into meltdown alerts and It's some storm up on Twitter People arguing about like people like Nick Carter were jumping in defending me Saying like Pete on let's let him do This interview and then like Shinobi Would jumping in and said no he's Platforming he's platforming a scammer It's like it was like full on and so I Wouldn't say I bent the knee to the Maxis I kind of went hold on a second so I spent a bit of time and I was at that Event I was thinking about I was like do You know what I'm I'm selling all my old Coins I don't know if any of them will Be a success but pretty confident on

Bitcoin and if I'm right about Bitcoin Then you know my podcast is you know Pretty solid Bitcoin show then I should Be able to earn earn a career out of This and a wage out of this so I just Decided to focus on bitcoin and and um But I don't ignore others like I've made A Monero show we've covered ethereum We've had a vitalic on it I say to People when I because I travel I make Documentaries now you know when I go to Argentina or Lebanon people are using Tether on Tron or polygon that's a Reality you know you you could you can Be 100% Bitcoin you can be a maxi but if You if you're saying these things are Scams that's fine but you also have to Face the reality of the World there's a free market is for money There and if some people want dollars And they're going to use trong because It's the cheapest fastest Network and if You don't like something you've got to Build something better that people will Use but you I focus on bitcoin but I'm Not going to pretend reality doesn't Exist what are your thoughts on the Udi Eric Wall faction of the Bitcoin Maximalists or the breakoff of that um That the Bitcoin maximalists need to Chill out and um and their faction Getting more Popular uh I think every narrative

Should be Challenged and So yeah I think politics right think of The you're in America right yep can I Ask where you are or is it secret California Los Angeles California mate Are going to be there in Sun I'm flying There Sunday dude I'll see we could have Done this in person dude right next time All right so listen California blue State right imagine every single state Was blue and they were only Democrats There would be no challenge you know It's a check and balance you have you're Having conservatives and Progressive They kind of check and balance each Other it's like this swing back and Forth you kind of need that in Bitcoin As well you because bitcoiners do say Some absolutely stupid sometimes Like absolutely stupid brainless uh A perfect example I've just I've been Out to like Lebanon right the country is Collapsed there is no banking Infrastructure the government's given up And someone come to go Bitcoin fixes This it's like no it won't sorry no it Doesn't you know access to Capital Access the dollars uh Security rule of law uh that that's What's going to fix this and Bitcoin can Be a tool but it doesn't fix everything So like Bitcoin are saying a lot of Stupid and they get stuff wrong and

Some binners uh think they're thinking Critically but have a very kind of Close-minded view of the world where They think they're they're uh their view Of the world is correct and so it's Great to have someone like udy or Eric Ward to challenge them and say well Here's some stupid youve said but Equally udy says some stupid Sometimes and he gets like his feet held To the fire so it's fine I mean look uh I think it's I pref I prefer Udi when he Is making strong valid criticisms or Thing that should be critiqued I enjoy It less when I feel like it's a sport For him you know where he feels like Every day day and day out as a campaign To kind of end the laser ey Maxis I Think for Bitcoin to be a success it Needs a range of voices and a range of Opinions and I think udy can play a role And I think uh hardcore Maxi play a role And I think they're all important so I Think I I think he plays an important Role It's just sometimes it's a bit Relentless it's like okay who what's UD Saying today okay again same laser IM Maxi this laser Maxi it's like it Gets a bit boring but I do also think he He does an important job Eric Eric's Slightly different Eric's uh a bit Smarter than udy in a different way and I don't mean that as a criticism to udy Because they're both smarter than me but

Eric fundamentally understands these Technologies um I spent time with Eric I Like the guy you know I've had him here In Bedford and um yeah yeah so I think They play a role I think they play an Important role I think the two sides of The argument don't understand why each Other are important and they hate each Other but for me as a neutral kind of Bitcoin Centrist I I see a very Important role they both Play I want to get back to the podcast And ask when was the first episode or First guest that really blew up on your Journey um that you were like damn this Is this one's going to be something yeah Um it's a hard question to answer Because you don't really tend to get Blowups that much um it's more of like a Slow gradual it's like putting on weight Or losing weight you can't do it Overnight you can't do it quickly it's You know you got to put months of effort In right I put months of effort into Putting this getting these chubby cheeks And if I'm want to get R take months of Effort to get rid of it but I did have An early show with Andreas whereby I was Getting like a Thousand like views on YouTube and it Just suddenly shot to 880,000 I was like Huh okay that's kind of interesting uh That was within my first like 30 Shows um but in terms of thinking this

There's no moment where the show you Think the show is going to be something It's like you know how when you look in The mirror tomorrow you're going to look The same yeah and the next day you're Going to look the same but if you look At a photo five years ago you're like I look well different and um that's Like a podcast Journey there every day It just feels like it's the same podcast But if I look at the show like three Years ago it's entirely different Different staff you I interviewed in a Different style different Graphics but You there there isn't really overnight Success for any kind of podcast unless Unless you go on Spotify you're already Famous most people majority just have to It's like a slow long Grind as a content creator I used to Love on Twitter you would post the Income Revenue download updates every Month in 2020 and 2021 in 2021 you were Getting over a million downloads a month Like over 100k um per month in Revenue Um what what why did you want to start Posting that and then what made you stop I Mean when I had an advertising agency we Tried to be a transparent agency and it Was cool it was like a window into what We do and everyone liked it so I've Always liked transparency and so I did It with the podcast very early on I

Think when I got my first check I Started just doing this income report Just to show people what I'm doing to be Transparent blah blah blah and it the Problem with it is is most people love It and appreciate it but there are a few People who just use it as a reason to Attack you and uh and then I was just Hanging out with American hodle and Jason Williams they're like dude you're Just giving yourself risk you're telling People what you're earning what you're Doing you're just asking for trouble um So I just you know I took it down but I Would been happy to carry on 100 a Million downloads in 2021 I've actually Got right in front of me here yeah month By Monon stats here we go let's go into Here downloads the first time I hit Million downloads in a month was April 21 that's what I looked at yeah April 21 Uh and it's funny that was like a that Went from April 20 where I did 200,000 a Month to April 21 a million and then by Yeah I kind of jumped around for a Million and then like April 20 May 22 is 1.4 million but I've kind of bounced Around between like 1 to 1.3 million Since then it's like sideways bare Market times but it's um it's over 40 Million downloads now since I launched It wow yeah pretty cool right yeah That's huge and wait that that was my Question to you like how big is what

Bitcoin did today 40 million downloads If you have any stats I'd love to hear Them yeah I mean I I track it every Month I can tell you uh last year Including YouTube uh it was 13.7 million and so far this year 8 Million I think we're going to track This will be the first down year I think We're going to track at about 12 12 and A half million but it's you know there's Two things firstly it's bare Market Secondly because we do AI enes in person You know we some we you know we can't Always have the biggest guest and Sometimes we there's Stories We want to Tell that aren't the biggest guests like Like if you said to me Pete next year do 20 million downloads I know who I'm Going to interview I'm going to get Sailor on four times I'm going to get B On I'm going to get Eric Weinstein like You're just going to go for the big eggs But sometimes it's important other People to get on like we got Tony from Mutiny wallet you know a browser based Lightning wallet that's super important But not many people know Tony he's not Going to do the numbers a sailor but he Deserves promoting his project deserves Promoting you know I had two ladies from A a charity in Miami who uh deal with uh Uh women trying to es Escape abusive Relationships right again super Important project money is a tool of

Financial abuse it's not really a Bitcoin show I mean we comes up I know That show is going to do terrible most Men don't want to log in and listen to a Show about abuse and how men are abusive And how sent to support women it's Important topic so you know we do that Knowing it might be 30,000 downloads for That episode versus an average of 80 to 100,000 so you know we we take a Responsibility with the show to tell Important stories get important people On uh but at the same time it is a Business we try and maintain a certain Amount of downloads but bare Market Times man it's hard to uh maintain those Numbers in a bare Market youo nothing Was as magical as 2021 but like you know We started altcoin daily my brother and I in a bare Market of 2018 you started You know you grew it you're in 2018 as Well so it's like nothing we're not used To but nothing magical is that it is What it is you know we know at some Point this be ends because the way Bitcoin is designed the the fact that It's got a fixed issuance it goes Through those typical fear and greed Cycles we know another cycle of come a Bunch more people want to find out about Bitcoin and you know off we go again Peter what's been your biggest expense Or the most you've gone through to do One podcast cuz like you said you used

To post both those and your profit Margin I forget it was 40 or forget it Was 60% but you have a lot of expenses Compared to some other podcasts yeah I Mean look this show I can tell you this Show this this year I mean it's like $120,000 a month to run whoa yeah There's a team of seven who work on it Um we make documentaries as well now uh Every six weeks we fly to a location we Rent an Airbnb we build a studio we fly Guests in we pay their flights and Accommodation you know it's trying to I Could I could just say at home and make It right but I I want to create Something so it's an expensive Beast to Run and I'm okay with that cuz I want The product to be good right and So but the biggest expense for one Show or the most you've ever gone Through either one I mean The Bu Interview the first bu interview one When he made the announcement uh his Brother president Dev Salvador for f his Brother his brother and him were in a Spaces so I messaged his brother on Twitter said look I want this interview I'll come to El Salvador I will wait in the hotel you Tell me and I'll just be there so I flew Down to El Salvador booked a hotel you Know waited eventually got a meeting With them had the pre meeting and then They said the interview will be this day

And then it got delayed another day and I didn't know if even if I was going to Get it you know there's every he's a President he's got a country to run I Mean I'm just like some nerd podcast so I'm not that high of a priority of this List but but he was um eventually he Said it and you know add to that there's A whole story to this as well yeah this Is the one I went through most to do so Anyway I'd been having like slight back Issues I woke up on the morning the Interview right this is obviously the Biggest interview I'm ever going to do As president of a country I wake Up and I've got sciatica basically my I'd herniated my disc so bad that the Sciatica meant I could not sit down if I Sat down I had this pain through my leg That was Agony so I was like hold on I've got to do an interview today and I Can't sit down so I ended up getting um Speaking of Michael Peterson at Bitcoin Beach I was like dude I'm kind of what Do I do here so we brought over like all These different painkillers I tried like Three different ones and eventually we Found a combination that got rid of the Pain for about an Hour I was like okay cool well I know What to do I'll take these three 20 Minutes before the interview and I'll do The interview so anyway we get in the Taxi go up to um the presidential Palace

I'm laying down in the pack of the taxi Because I literally can't sit down get There get to the hotel Yeah about 20 minutes before I pop the Three uh Tablets uh and I get there and Eventually you know we sit down we do The interview but about 45 minutes in I Was feeling queasy I wasn't good I felt Like I might be sick which obviously Don't to be sick on a presidential rug In front of a president so yeah so I Like I you know I did it I completed it The interview was done I went there not KN if I was going to get the interview I Spent a lot of money on flights because I had to fly into El Salvador you know Then back back to the UK yeah know there Was a lot of there's a lot of expense For that I didn't know if I get the Interview and then I had sciatica didn't Know if I could do the interview so but There was this moment where like on the Way back I I was you at the airport I Was like I I upgraded to business class It's just it was just something I don't Do and it was like a, pound I was like Well like I need to be able to lay down Because of my back so I'll upgrade a Business class I'll treat myself and um It was it was just like there was a Really cool moment because Uh you know we took off I got a glass of Wine and I was just like hell

Started this podcast as just like a Hobby really and I've just interviewed a A president of a country how does that Happen you see these people in their Lives you know you look at someone like Taylor Swift touring the wild doing These stag you think how does that Happen how do you become that person or You see a footballer you know score a World Cup final goal you think how does That happen what what the things happen In their life and you know for me I'm Was just a nobody I'm you I'm not Particularly talented I'm you I'm I'm Just a normal bloke who just started a Podcast and somehow ended up Interviewing a president and I just sat On that plane on the way back and I was Like huh that was weird that is so cool Did the uh did the Secret Service of the President get a little iffy about you Saying hey this guy's this guy's acting Weird on us no they were they were Pretty you know he was so cool they were All so nice to us um and fair play to Him with what he's done that he's made Some busy moves um and I think it's very Impressive what he's done for that Country what's one piece of business Advice you wish you knew earlier or that You tell your kids Now oh God I mean I can tell you what I Tell my kids Now um you know it's only if you want to

Be successful right but if you if you Want to like have certain amount of Success in your life you can outwork Your Competition you can just out work them You know I've worked so hard my whole Life get up at 6:00 in the morning work Till midnight countless times and you Know if you get up and work at 5 or six O'clock and work in the morning you can Do three four hours work before your Competition has got to their desk and You know so working hard and also just Treating people well you just be good to People put the extra effort in the you Know people remember that And yeah because I'm not that smart and I'm not particularly smart but I can Outwork people yeah I can put a lot of Time and effort in you know if you look At our website for a podcast it's pretty Good website yeah know we spent a lot of Time on the Design um but what would I wish I knew Earlier um I think I wish I'd have Thought Bigger I wish I think I think I wish I'd Thought bigger been braver you know I I just multiple businesses I could Have built where I would have gone and Taken on debt and you know given away Equity or you just raised lots of money To build big businesses and I I didn't Do it you you get older in life you just

Get too tired you can't be bothered but When I was younger and had the energy I Wish I'd been a bit just braver and Bolder I love that and final question on What Bitcoin did then I just want to get Your take on current events and Bitcoin Yeah but um let's just say and I'm Putting these words in your mouth you're Not saying it today what Bitcoin did is A multi-million dollar business I'm just Basing that off the revenue of 2021 the Growth I've seen But to get to that Hundred million business whenever that Is like is that a goal of yours or what Would you have to do if there's other Podcasters watching and just wondering About growth for Themselves I mean there's very few Podcasts in the world that are going to Be a hundred million dollar businesses I Mean some might become media companies And do it that's not a goal of mine Anymore um I think the funny thing about Money is right uh they say money can't Buy your happiness and it's totally true But being poor can make you unhappy and And I've I've had money and I've been Skinn and I know which one I prefer um But you only need a certain amount to Have a enjoyable life you know if you Can pay your mortgage have a couple of Holidays a year if you going to do your Shopping and you don't really have to Work to a budget if you want to get a

New hoodie you don't have to think about It yeah that's all you really need like Everything Beyond that's lumpy like what Else do you need a fast car it's a lumpy Thing you know $100,000 on a car or you Know if you want to Big a house or a Yard or they just lumpy things they Don't really make a difference to your Life I've had them more I've had sports Cars I've had biger like they don't make A difference to your life but getting to A place where you're you relatively Comfortable like you know this is this Is is a high amount of money for a lot Of people but if you can clear 200,000 a Year you can live an amazing life Because with two I mean even 100,000 Years is a good wage but 200,000 you can Live your year and you don't have to Worry about money you can treat your Family you can buy your parents nice Christmas presents you can take them for Dinner you can buy the drinks for your Friends you you've got enough money to Live that nice life but honestly 200 to A million it doesn't mean anything Beyond a bigger house and sports cars And more things you have to think about Worry about uh so I would say for most People like that goal of being a Millionaire it doesn't really change Much but being comfortable changes a lot And and do you know the other thing is Having control of your time like you all

Know this right I'm sure you work super hard but if you wake up tomorrow And you're like do you have kids I don't Know don't right but like if you did and You wake up tomorrow and your kid wants To go and do something they got a sports Day and you can just go because you Haven't got to ask your boss well you Wake up tomorrow get you know I'm just Going to go down the gym or go I'm going To go down the beach having that ability To do that is is is golden yeah it's Just it's one of the greatest things Like control of your time so I I don't See the need these days to Target tens Of millions or hundreds of Millions yeah it' be great to have it Because I I know where I could spend it I'd spend it on my town I would grow my Football team I would yes open up a Sports center kids to play football in Bedford especially under privileged kids But like I can't see where I'd spend That money what would I buy a big like I Said a bigger house to Rattle around in A few more cars a helicop like it's it's Stupid that makes no difference so Anyone listening who's like wants to Start a business I say honestly if you Can work for yourself and earn clear a Couple hundred thousand you're going to Have you're 99% towards being super happy Peter in Your neck of the woods the UK

Chase Bank just banned Bitcoin for all Clients does that scare You not hugely because I know I I Suspect I know what it's about So a lot of there's a lot of issues with Banks in the UK and getting to buy Bitcoin slash crypto in your world right And they think they hate on the banks They're like why are the banks doing This but this is really the fault this Is primarily the fault the government so The government has pushed Surveillance and crime fighting into the Hands of the banks they're like we're Not going to do it because we've got no Money and we're idiots we're going to Make the banks do it and so every single Transaction they're forcing the banks to To monitor these and you know is this Could this be a crime could this be some Form of money laundering and the problem Is I I don't know the exact rules but There's certain rules where like there's Clawbacks over a certain period and I'm Going to imagine without seeing it Chase Have just said there's why there's no Point not supporting this if we support It this is high risk and we're going to Be the ones who are going to be caught With the the clawback or what whatever It is this by the way this is without me Knowing the details but this is my Suspicion and they've just said we're Not going to do this but this is you the

Problem with buying crypto and Bitcoin In the UK is entirely down to the Government and the government policy if The government changed their policy I Mean you could probably Google I mean Yeah I would go and search up well speak To Danny at coin corner he talked to me About this before for um but it's just The banks have the government has made It such high risk for the banks some of The banks are like we're not going to Touch this what's the point it's a bit Like I own a bar Right and if somebody turns up drunk we Don't let them in because they're high Risk yeah look they're going to come in And they're already drunk they're going To be doing shars drinking cocktails Spending a shitload of money but they Also might vomit in my club or they Might start a fight so we just don't let Them in even though they're financially They're good customers crypto people Might might be customers but there's Such high risk for the banks the banks Are like this I don't want to deal With it so I would blame the Government looking into 2024 there's three big reasons Peter That I would think and nobody can see The future we're all just speculating That I think Bitcoin would have a better Year than this year and Bitcoin would Have a better year than many of its

Years in my opinion number one um Bitcoin having we've seen that before we Know what that does number two Presidential election year which means In the US which means They tend to like markets to not be Crashing at the moment so good for the Macro and three Bitcoin ETF which Everybody agrees except Gary Gensler It's coming sooner rather than later What what is your view on Bitcoin in 2024 I mean they're all important things For Price Um it's funny the longer you do this the Less you care about price like it's Important for certain reasons right Don't don't get me wrong when the price Goes up I do obviously get excited cuz In your head you're like oh I can buy This but the truth is when you hit your Third cycle other things there's other Priorities become more important I the Only reason I want it to go up in price Is that my football team it makes it Easier for me to do what I want to do Which is raise funds to build a stadium And a training center look objectively a Black rock ETF is is good for price it's Bad for Bitcoin you know it is bad you've got You're basically going to be Centralizing a a whole load more Bitcoin Into a single custodian that's not a

Good thing we we've seen this Playbook Right I've I've been Central a central Component to what happened with block Five which I have a huge amount of Regret for and we've seen what happened With FTX you know so I don't I think It's kind of objectively bad for Bitcoin But it's good for Price it is what it is it's coming um The harving yeah seems to always drive Up pricing uh but also puts a challenge On the miners the most important thing I'll be keeping ey on the miners because It could be a blood bath out there and Yeah of course you know election times You want you want the stock market Performing and when the stock market Performs Bitcoin performs so you 24 Could be a good year I think the big Year for Bitcoin will be 25 though I Think Bitcoin Cycles rhyme 21 25 will be 21 will be 17 I think that's where we'll See what happens but for me I've got Like other things like I I make Documentaries now I travel for me uh I I Feel a uh personal need to expand what I'm doing Beyond Bitcoin because you Know my show is good if you're in the Funnel you heard about Bitcoin it's a Good show for you but how do you get People in the funnel and that's Educating people about government about Media about uh Central Banking and so I I'm going to be just focusing on kind of

Educating people about things like that And you know my biggest hope is that Having been to places like Lebanon and Argentina and seeing how Bitcoin and Crypto helps people that people like Elizabeth Warren stay the away because You know I don't think she truly Understands what she's doing when she's Uh campaigns against crypto and Bitcoin Because what she's really doing is Making the life of millions and tens of Millions maybe even hundreds of millions Of people around the world much harder Because it's a tool they need and America drives this right and so she's Literally as somebody who's a Progressive and says she cares she's Literally making people's lives a lot Harder so the most important thing for Me is not Black Rock it's not the Haring It's keeping those Regulators Away from destroying this thing which They can't really but you know what I Mean slowing it down I Can's what about you for 24 what's big For you I mean the biggest thing for me I got to go back to the fundamentals if If nothing else we have the having and Again I'm just you know reading getting As much data as I can what's out there And from other what other people say and If you know everybody has said this but If demand just stays the same and I only See demand I've drank the Kool-Aid I'm

In the funnel as you said you know I Believe in Bitcoin but if demand just Stays the same and I think demand for Bitcoin is going to get greater um but Price will go up to me why I care that About that the most is for the content I Put out it's all you know people always Tend to tune in a little more when price Is going up Um so I I have a big hope dude Everything's a derivative of Bitcoin I'm Sure your downloads and engagement look Like the Bitcoin chart it's it's insane 100% yeah and so everything's a Derivative of Bitcoin and I get it you Know the the lessons from the last Cycles are you know be conservative in a Ball market so you can survive a bare Market final question um before I give You final thoughts I saw a tweet a Couple days ago um you saying that You're guilty pleasure is the bit boy Drama what's your general take I'm Friends with both sides but what's your General take from an Outside POV well listen I worry for him Oh do you want to hear a funny bit boy Story Yeah okay Bitcoin Miami not last year Last year or this year where are we 2023 It was this year uh last year 2022 right I go along to the conference first day Walk in get my badge and this dude comes Up to me and he's like hey yo uh have

Your photo I'm like yeah sure man it Happens a lot of these things and it's Always a bit weird but anyway it's like Yeah I can have your photo I'm like sure Man so anyway this guy puts his arm Around me and he gets his camera up and Takes a photo and he's like Grinning from ear to ear and I'm like This is cool anyway takes a photo and he Go it starts he goes ah thanks bit boy And then leaves and I'm like what yeah I Was like so some dude thought I was Bit boy um ah look there's there's Either two things going on right either This is all scripted narrative fun drama For engagement because there is a lot of Engagement and if so it's it's Entertaining or it's not and then I Would worry for him even though he's a coiner whatever you want to call Him people call him a scammer Whatever uh and if it's not then it's It's it's a tragedy it's tragic because You know he's a person who's fought Addictions and somebody has fought Addictions and I can recogniz when Somebody looks like they're you falling Off the wagon And you know he's gone from first also I Didn't realize he wasn't bit like bit Boy I thought he was bit booy I thought It his channel I thought he owned it Like and he started it you know he owns 67% this is I interviewed the guy that

Is accused of stealing it that kicked Him out he's the CEO and big boy Ben was The founder Ben owned 67% the CEO got 33% and then there was one clause in the Operating agreement I guess that said if Um the other partner is detrimental to The business the business physically Can't go on anymore then all owners can Vote to remove them and there's only two Owners and um the owner that's in Question can't vote so is a vote of one And basically just a signature um that Said this guy's acting crazy the Business can't go on um so Ben is bit Boy and he is the founder in everything That's such a weird Clause um yeah so look if it's all real And he did cheat on his wife and he is Relapsing and then it's tragic and I Hope he gets some help because like in The end he's a human and you know I Could disagree with everything he's Doing but I can also watch somebody Who's Going through a tough time but I just It's very hard to tell if it's Narrative and and uh he's playing his Character it's just real I can't tell if He's playing a character then he's then It's again then any lawyer would tell Him dude don't go ranting on these YouTube streams don't go to the guy's House the fun the fundamental issue That's real like this is a real issue

That both parties are mad about but like If if Ben is just you know trying to be A character a shock jock that I don't Think he is I think he legitimately has Some issues um just a passionate guy um But he's just I would just I think he Should listen to a lawyer and just Handle it in court well well I mean they Should fix it I mean can you imagine Listening to The Joe Rogan podcast and It's not Joe Rogan I make this analogy All the time yes you what the I Listen to The Joe Rogan podcast because It's Joe Rogan I can listen to those People interviewed by anyone else but I Want to hear Rogan interview them Because that's the point and so Joe Rogan without Joe Rogan is is pointless And bit boy without I I I I wouldn't Watch his but I i' never go to YouTube but occasionally it comes up on My Twitter and I'd watch it he'd make me He make he would make me laugh but I it To me was entertainment you know it was A character was a shitcoin character and I'd laugh at it right but I don't know What the other guy's Thinking like you You' you apparently They they're still trying to do the show I mean who who the going to watch That it's like putting Jamie in The Joe Rogan seat and expecting to retain the Audience or Baba Buie on the Howard Stern Show you know expecting to retain

The audience it's it's it's a different Show it's like putting Danny Noles and What Bitcoin did actually that probably Would do people are like yeah this is better don't bring PEB back but It's like it's the whole thing's weird Uh I I think he's a coer I don't Care about what he does I hope he's okay I hope because I don't like to see Anyone going through that and he looks Like he's going through a tough time Health and them getting to the truth Legally most important things Peter I've Kept you long enough I appreciate you Joining me today final thoughts uh for The for the audience on bitcoin or on What Bitcoin did well look it's it's Fine it's nice to meet you I know it's Again but I didn't actually realize you Were the uh co-owner creator of altcoin Daily and I've always seen in the Background you you've always been good To me you've always shared my stuff so And my twin brother appreciate that you And your twin brother and when I'm in La I'll be there in um like I say I get There on Sunday if you can find a time to come Over to the house and have a beer let me Know it' be cool to meet you and your Twin brother um just final thoughts um Final thoughts well you're an altcoin Show I would say to people focus on Bitcoin naturally uh if you watch our

Show Peter you would you would see we're Big Bitcoin fundamentalists from a money Point of view it's in a store of value It's Bitcoin and then I do believe in You know what other use cases but go on And it mean to cut off no no I mean I Would just say focus on bitcoin Um be careful out there don't try and Out trade the market you you get your Ass hand if you it happens a lot be good To other people uh try and live your Best Life Health Is Wealth um and I mean I don't know what What advice can I give just like just go And live a good life try and get control Of your Time try and earn a good amount of money But don't think being a millionaire is Going to make you happy cuz it's like a it Doesn't uh I've had it I've lost it and All I know is like a small amount of Money is enough and um avoid all the Audience capture and propaganda and Nonsense on Twitter uh it's very easy to Get sucked into believing stuff just be Good to people I love it thanks Man


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