BlackRock INSIDER says Bitcoin EFT in 6 Months! Joe Rogan & Post Malone SHOCKED! Crypto News

Wow this is happening sooner than most Of us thought possible breaking news BlackRock insiders say blackrock's spot Bitcoin ETF is likely four to six months Away like and share for awareness post Malone and Joe Rogan even commenting on This because everything is so digital Now just like you mentioned in Canada Where they're like okay people who Donated to these guys are getting their Bank accounts shut off this is the Leaked transcript according to contacts From inside BlackRock and investco spot Bitcoin ETF approval a matter of when Not if likely in four to six months Different experts weighing in in this Case Kathy Wood saying the SEC will Approve multiple Bitcoin ETFs at once if They approve any I'm assuming Kathy that You're gonna hold to your Bitcoin Forecast for what is it a million per Coin by 2030 that still feels good to You yes this is that leaked transcript Very supportive of Bitcoin but all Crypto the news of both BlackRock filing ETF and quite frankly Invesco plus Galaxy were all going to fight like cats And dogs to win market share there once It gets approval it's a big big deal It's a big deal because both are Contacts from Invesco side and from the BlackRock side get you to think that This is a question of when not if that The outside window this is probably six

Months you're four to six months if you Had to put a pin the tail on the donkey Audit that the SEC is going to prove Bitcoin ETF significant that Larry who Runs the largest asset manager in the World right now BlackRock on 7 trillion Is out having been warned spilled Talking very positive about Bitcoin and The crypto Universe Bitcoin as the first Global money that's a huge Change of Hearts from where there were five six Years ago but where the institutional World was and I think once we get the ETF and it just makes it very easy for People to make large allocations into The space this combined with Bitcoins Having is exactly what's going to send The crypto Market into another wave of Adoption the price increasing another Order of magnitude and by the way There's some speculation that this ETF Comes before six months and ETF could Come even earlier some analysts believe The wave of spot Bitcoin ETFs could come Even sooner depending on how a judge Rules in grayscale's lawsuit against the SEC we remember that grayscale for a Long time was in the Primo position to Get turned into a spot Bitcoin ETF well Now they're going through a lawsuit with The SEC and analysts believe that should The SEC lose its case against grayscale The path of least resistance would be Simultaneously approvals for several or

All spot Bitcoin ETF applicants Joe Rogan and post Malone talk about this Not so much BlackRock approving a Bitcoin spot ETF but why we need Bitcoin Listen to post Malone and Joe Rogan talk About why we need Bitcoin that would do What would you do if you were an evil Dictator I would just say I would just Shut everybody down and say it was An attack from another country The if if New York or La collapses the Rest of the world follows suit So we talk about a lot only like Three percent of your money is actually Real The rest is a digital number and You we saw it with the bank Banks Collapsing all these yeah And then the smaller smaller Banks but They get but the payout is 250 Grand You're insured your money is insured for You could have a billion dollars in this Bank you're paid out 250 Grand and then where the rest of That money go where the fight did they Go all you need to say is if someone Goes in or someone tries to order Postmates on their phone Just say oh your card's actually not Working your card's been declined Everyone's cards get declined at the Same time people are gonna cannibalize themselves within a Week yeah and just say it's not I I

Don't we don't know who's doing it but This was an outside attack yeah all it Takes is because everything is so Digital now It takes not just like you mentioned in Canada where they're like okay people Who donated to these guys are getting Their bank accounts shut off imagine That happened to an entire major city Yeah Joe Rogan does a Bitcoin podcast six Months from now after blackrock's ETF With the Bitcoin having on the horizon Who would make the best guest Andreas Antonopoulos altcoin daily well you tell Me in the comments section below I'll be Reading the comments so much is Happening in crypto besides Bitcoin in a BlackRock ETF you need to know about This stuff ethereum just surpassed 100 Million non-zero addresses despite Ethereum's recent consolidation at Approximately 1830 the number of Ethereum non-zero addresses has rapidly Increased in the past few months Surpassing the Milestone of 100 million Those addresses were approximately 20 Million in 2019 around 50 million at the Start of 2021 a few months before the Bull market the fraud is being flushed Away from the crypto Market former Celsius CEO Alex machinski loses his Motion to dismiss civil fraud lawsuit The civil lawsuit brought by New York

Attorney general lucita James accuses Machinsky of duping customers through Misleading and false claims and he loses His motion to dismiss the lawsuit Coinbase's base mainnet has officially Opened up to the general public this is Coinbase's ethereum L2 you can Bridge Onto this if you want you can use it Sello Network welcomes Google Cloud Validator to its Network as you recall Cello is transitioning from a layer one Blockchain to an ethereum layer 2 Scaling solution pretty cool I talk About this because Phantom is exploring Adding optimistic Roll-Ups to connect to Ethereum the Phantom Foundation is Investigating adding optimistic Roll-Ups Between Phantom and ethereum this would Turn into a layer 2 on ethereum Phantom Layer 2 on ethereum but the co-founder And Arc architect Andrew cronjay doesn't See it that way he says nothing arbitrum Optimism polygons new zke evm doesn't Matter which one none of them scale Ethereum Phantom could be connecting to Ethereum but Andrew cronje wants you to Know it's not a layer 2. is there a Possibility where Phantom could become An L2 on ethereum can anyone on this Call give me a definitive definition of A layer two you're going to tell me it's Something that scales ethereum nothing Arbitrum optimism polygons news EK VM Doesn't matter which one none of them

Scale ethereum that rant aside so are we Considering one of their Stacks to Become our own canonical Bridge yes yes We are and we are actively investigating That should we adopt or rather when we Adopt that bridge does that make us a Layer two no no because a layer 2 is Just a side check you're not necessarily Disagreeing with the tech I think you You take issue with maybe the way in Which people categorize it's the Narrative it's not the text it's the Stories people try and tell to make Acting sound a lot fancier than they are That doesn't discount how good the tech Is it's good enough that we can call it What it is polygon doing great tokenized Coinbase stocks are coming to polygon Thanks to backed Finance backed Finance Has integrated chain links price feed Onboarding a suite of tokenized assets Actually six different blockchains B and B chain polygon gnosis Avalanche Phantom Arbitrum and of course the OG ethereum But I want to highlight polygon because It for sure is differentiating itself And making a name for itself as far as Real use real adoption nearly three Million dollars in sales in 24 hours for DraftKings nfts exclusively on polygon On many days it is the largest volume Product across the whole nft Space this Is the mainstream adoption polygon and Ethereum ecosystem has been working on

Relentlessly many such big apps alone Will do large volumes an entire Blockchain ecosystems combined apto post Big news for Aptos Microsoft has Partnered with Aptos to explore digital Payments Ai and tokenization congrats to Aptos holders Bank of England and ripple Are exploring synchronized settlement of Payments using interledger protocol Bank Of England and ripple now right now this Is just theoretical right now this is Just a paper but I wanted to bring this To your attention because this is how it Starts if it is going to start and of Course Elon Musk claims that Twitter now Acts will never launch a crypto token You know that Elon Musk likes Doge but What do you think about this x coin or Do you think Dogecoin should be here Subscribe to our Channel join our team If you're interested in making money in Crypto stay informed altcoin daily video On crypto every day my name is Aaron see You tomorrow


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