BlackRock ETF (+ THIS) will send Bitcoin to $1,000,000! (Don’t Ignore)

The upside of the next cycle I think is Tremendous we haven't had like the Structural setup like this going into Any other cycle before I mean the Bitcoin ETFs especially when it's led by Someone like BlackRock you're talking to The multi-trillions of AUM and it's not That they're just expecting people to Buy the ETF just straight up they're Going to be bundling that ETF into all Sorts of Structured Products that They're offering to their clients that They're recommending to people is just Basic investment Theses Etc so BlackRock ETF is one of these Moments where all of a sudden Bitcoin Starts to get embedded into the Legacy Financial system in a way that we've Never seen before Brandon green with us today of Bitcoin Magazine and Bitcoin conference he's Head of the events Bitcoin Amsterdam Coming up October 12th and 13th use code Altcoin daily 10 off Brandon thank you for being here You famously think that Bitcoin will hit 10 million to 100 million in the next 10 Years in the long term 1 million in the Short term explain your Bitcoin Investment thesis Yeah so you know I caused a lot of buzz On the last show about kind of getting Into some Moon math numbers so 2033 I Would say the top could be somewhere in

The 10 to really 100 million dollar range Per Bitcoin at that point could you be a Millionaire holding point zero one BTC I Think it's totally possible you know I Would not be surprised 0.1 BTC .01 BTC Holy hell and the the price the actual Prediction of the price you said was 10 Million possibly Yeah I think it could go as high as 100 Million in one of these bull runs Totally possible like uh I think it's Important you know when you when you hit Some of those really large numbers to Take into account that you know there's A debasement of the underlying currency That's really fueling a lot of that run So you know it's not just that you're Going to get 100 million dollars and It's worth 100 million dollars like Today but you know it is I still think Gonna ultimately capture a much larger Kind of set of the overall economic Activity and so the value of that Bitcoin you know will be much greater Even in real terms than than it is today So You know if you're looking at really What's what's kind of driving the Bullishness right now I mean obviously We're exiting the bear Market it's been A brutal one we've seen a lot of Carnage There's a lot of kind of dead bodies of

Of companies and you know people who Weren't the best actors who were kind of Floating past and that's good it's a Cleaning out of the industry right there Are some majorly bullish underlying sort Of uh themes that are occurring right Now the Bitcoin ETF is is one I'm sure You guys have hammered it quite a bit on The show but I think it's hard to it's Hard to really quantify just the impact That'll have especially when it's led by Someone like BlackRock I mean you're Talking in the the multi-trillions of uh AUM that these guys have and it's not That they're just expecting people to Buy the the ETF just straight up they're Going to be bundling that ETF into all Sorts of Structured Products that They're offering to their clients that They're recommending to people is just Basic investment Theses Etc so BlackRock ETF is one of these not A Black Swan by any stretch it's very Foreseeable but it's one of these Moments where all of a sudden Bitcoin Starts to get embedded into the Financial you know Legacy Financial System in a way that we've never seen Before you know this is this is going to Be like a free ETF post ETF how we Measure time that's just one thing That's happening right now you know Another thing that's that's I think Continuing to impress me or I see you

Know continuing to to continue uh Continue to continue is uh uh companies Owning Bitcoin so fast be the accounting Standards right they have been Incredibly difficult to work with if You're a public company trying to own Bitcoin and the reason is is the way That they kind of classify Bitcoin as an Asset is that you're not allowed to Recognize the gain on bitcoin until you Sell so anyone who is a company that Owns Bitcoin is a public company right Now whatever they bought at that's what They have to keep the price of Bitcoin On their balance sheet as and the only Way they can recognize any sort of gain Is that they actually sell it which is Super stupid you know it doesn't make Any sense but it's a big reason why a Lot of companies are just saying you Know all right we're not going to hold It right now you know it's just gonna Complicate our accounting and make it Difficult to really uh uh showcase their Financials to you know the public So uh that getting changed is a huge Driver of an entire other swath of Investors into Bitcoin which is Companies who are just looking to Protect dollar exposure risk right and Even more than that so another thread Another thing to continue to watch is You know the growing geopolitical Instability the The Challenge from kind

Of the brics Nations and what that does To countries caught in between right so It's not like everyone's going to want To pick one side or the other of kind of Some sort of Brewing conflict between The U.S and China most countries are Going to want to be able to trade and be Friends with and have treaties with both Sides so what do you do from a treasury Management perspective of a country when Your basic kind of Treasury asset for The longest time has been U.S treasuries But now you have direct conflict between Kind of the US government and China You're going to be looking for a Provably neutral treasury asset that you Can hold and you don't have to kind of Worry about that getting debased or any Sort of changing components of that Asset just based on kind of the Short-term needs of of you know one of These countries and so obviously there's Gold but now there's Bitcoin and I think That Bitcoin is going to play a huge Role in any sort of multi-polarity that Comes into like the geopolitical Landscape so I'm rambling a little bit but those are Three major kind of themes that I see Emerging that are just going to continue To grow especially as we enter this new Epoch obviously the Bitcoin having Coming next year that's going to start The next cycle and you know the upside

Of the next cycle I think is tremendous We haven't had like the structural set Up like this going into any other cycle Before I mean it's it's it's crazy it's Nuts Interesting so if I'm hearing you Correctly Bitcoin gets to one million Dollars through BlackRock ETFs other ETFs company treasuries you know Continuation of microstrategy and Tesla Did also the next coming Bitcoin having And then Bitcoin gets to 10 million to 100 million with you know the next 60 Plus Bitcoin havings the US dollar Getting debased and also uh kind of like The reserve currency status of the Dollar getting upended Yeah and it's not even necessarily the Reserve currency status of the dollar Like I think that there's a world in Which there's three currencies there's The dollar there's the Yuan and there's Bitcoin and you know people are going to Want to use Bitcoin for no other reason Then they don't want to pick sides in a Growing conflict and uh I think that the Addressable Market of that use case is Huge I mean it's basically the entire World outside of the US and China or you Know any of the specific allies who are Going to find themselves on one side of The other the conflict I'm not saying It's going to be a war or anything like That but you know the economic kind of

Turmoil is already beginning with the Russia kind of situation I think it's Just going to continue to be a theme for The next decade plus so I don't think It's necessarily 60 havings for now that You see some crazy movement in the Bitcoin price towards some of that Higher range of what Bitcoin could Ultimately be I think it could come very Soon in a matter of 10 10 years 20 years Etc like but it's not going to happen in A vacuum it's not like Bitcoin is going To continue to grow at the same Pace it Has without there being some structural Shifts in the way that the world works And that's a good thing you know it's a Good thing for Bitcoin it's why people Adopt Bitcoin is they don't no one's Forced to right they choose it because It has competitive properties that lead People to want to buy it and I think That those competitive properties just Can continue to shine So you're still sticking to your thought That Bitcoin hits 10 million to 100 million by 2033. Sure why not I mean uh I could I could Totally see it again like there would be Some sort of fundamental shift in the Underlying currency that measures that Number right but I think it's totally Possible you know another quick thing That I've been thinking about on the ETF Side of things so a lot of people are

Talking about Bitcoin ETF you know People with a brokerage can buy Bitcoin Yada yada you know there's going to be a Fork of what Bitcoin looks like there Will be Legacy Financial system approved Bitcoin right and there's going to be Pirate Bitcoin so let's take the pirate Bitcoin out of this right these are the People who are going to continue to Transact on chain they're the real you Know hard they own their keys all that Stuff right exactly you like the pirate Bitcoin right but there's also going to Be this kosher Bitcoin type thing and What's interesting about this and why There may even be people like you and me Who ultimately use some amount of this Kind of approved Bitcoin is an ETF share That you would own a Bitcoin ETF share It'll represent because it's redeemable You know one-to-one the underlying Bitcoin maybe there'd be some sort of Premium or discount based on you know The fluctuations of the day and Custodial risk and whatever else gets Priced into it but pretty close but for The first time ever you would have kind Of much higher up the cantillon ladder Access to credit You would be able to collateralize Your shares of a Bitcoin ETF instead of Having to sell And you can use the money from that to Speculate further on the price and you

Know lever up on bitcoin if you wanted To go that route or simply just you know Use the the asset to fund your daily Life and your daily needs and and you Know have cash that doesn't require you To sell any Bitcoin and you know the Difference between now and and what that World looks like is right now you know We've just gone through the absolute Washing out of any sort of lender in the Space right uh and there's plenty of Reasons why that occurred but one of the Reasons is that the cost of capital in The Bitcoin and crypto space is Incredibly high and so having the high Cost of capital mixed with the volatile Asset mixed with the the Keen sense of Wanting to get Returns on the lending Side it was probably like not a Sustainable system in the first place Right but when you go much higher up on That cancel on ladder and you get to you Know the black rocks of the world who Are basically You know right next to the money Printers their cost of capital is much Lower so their ability to lend against You know collateralized shares you're Going to get an interest rate that's a Ton lower like a lot lower and the Counterparty risk is going to be much Simpler because it's basically you know It's kind of backstopped by the FED to Some extent so I see that as like

Another huge Trend that you're going to Basically unlock a ton of liquidity for Bitcoin without having to negatively Impact the price as people are kind of Using Bitcoin in their day-to-day lives So just another theme that uh you know I've been thinking about that I think Enough people aren't talking about So that you know there's some people Saying that the BlackRock ETF it's good But you know it's just one thing you are Here to say that a BlackRock ETF would Be a very big deal for the industry Very big deal for the industry for sure I mean there's just no two ways about it Now it'll come with downsides right like It'll mean that Bitcoin gets put through The the you know political washing Machine that you know just hits Everything that possibly runs through Our financial system and it's going to Be ugly it's going to be messy there's Going to be tons of downsides but again That's also why I would draw the Distinction between kind of that Bitcoin And pirate Bitcoin you know the ultimate Honey badger doesn't care right it's Bitcoin Tick Tock next block it's not Going to be affected by it so you know Users will be fine but watching kind of Our existing institutional apparatuses Try and digest what Bitcoin means to Everything is going to be a messy Process and BlackRock will be kind of

The Catalyst for a lot of that Carnage To come and I'm sure there's going to be Tons of onerous regulations I'm sure There's going to be tons of casting Bitcoin with a terrible light saying That it you know any bad thing that you Can possibly say about Bitcoin will be Said but in the end Bitcoin Will Survive And everything else will you know go Away so you know it'll just be a ride Guys if you think Brandon's bullish Smash the like button share this video With a friend I mean I'm sure you're Curious to hear what your friends think About you know Brandon's uh thoughts on Bitcoin and I want to remind everybody That Brandon is here to promote Bitcoin Amsterdam coming up October 12th and 13th use code altcoin daily 10 off Tickets Brandon how is Bitcoin Amsterdam Conference similar or different from Bitcoin Miami Conference which I'm Familiar with Yeah absolutely so you know it is our European event uh so most of the folks Who go are European if you haven't kind Of met the European Bitcoin Community It's phenomenal I mean these are Passionate bitcoiners a lot of them have Been around since You know 2013 2016 like a while and They're very technical like this is a Much more technical I think audience

Than uh a lot of the American bitcoiners It's fun it's relaxed You're Gonna Learn A ton if you come to the event and You're gonna meet like some amazing Bitcoiners who have been through it you Know you can commiserate the bear Market With people who are uh very comfortable With it because they've lived through Quite a few of them so it'll be great Amsterdam of course is a ton of fun just In and of itself uh it's a great City You know we've got some special Surprises a few announcements in store Uh some things that'll probably make Some headlines so you know it'll be an Event to remember for sure Excellent I'm looking forward to going I'll see you there I'll see some people From our audience there Last couple questions beside we touched On a lot of different things besides a BlackRock ETF this coming cycle what Else are you looking forward to Yeah so you know we talked about the the Fast B accounting we talked about kind Of uh nation state adoption I would say Another big thing is just uh uh well Have you paid attention to this Javier Malay guy in Argentina not sure so so I'm not gonna I'm not gonna come out Here and say he's definitely going to Become the next president of Argentina But he he won the Primary uh as a Libertarian candidate uh and his kind of

His platform was to shut down the Central Bank of Argentina and now you Know he says it from the standpoint of Dollarize and just use the US dollar but It's it's the sentiment leads him to Bitcoin and he very much loves Bitcoin And he's talked about it many times and So I see Argentina as one of these Countries I think I saw a recent stat That Argentina has already surpassed El Salvador in terms of Bitcoin adoption by Its citizens and so you know I see just The the global South a lot more of those Instances cropping up tons of user Adoption occurring you know that's not Even top down just people choosing to Use Bitcoin in their daily lives and Yeah I mean I think by the end of this Next Epoch there will be a billion Bitcoiners on the planet one billion With a B that's my bold prediction for The zpoc I love it yeah a continuation of what El Salvador did different countries Venezuela that'd be awesome I think it's Going to happen My final question Brandon is advice to Somebody getting into the space now Today maybe they've dabbled in crypto a Little bit before but like somebody who Wants to really like go go harder into Bitcoin and crypto somebody coming in Fresh what advice would you give a new Person

Yeah I mean there's a ton of advice to Give uh number one and obviously I'm Talking my book but Go to a conference meet people connect With the industry if you're trying to Truly get into Bitcoin then you're not Going to experience it on Twitter like You're not gonna uh uh it's not the real Experience once you meet people face to Face you learn about Bitcoin through you Know interacting with people it's just a Different level of kind of engaging with Bitcoin secondly I would say consume a Lot of educational material altcoin Daily great show continue to you know uh Uh watch and listen and learn about Everything that's going on in the Bitcoin space because it's changing all The time Bitcoin magazine of course we Also write a lot about it we do some Videos as well so feel free to check us Out and then the the last thing I would Say is Tinker right uh don't just You know absorb the information and then Move on right if there's something Interesting that's come out if you've Read a lot about lightning go get a Lightning wallet throw some SATs in There uh play around with it send them Around to your friends you know uh uh Build a website enact some Bitcoin Payments on the website see what hap you Know it is it is not a uh a museum piece Bitcoin is not a museum piece it is a

Technology that you can use every day And so you should be using it every day And you should feel comfortable using it Every day because it'll ultimately Underpin you know the future of your Everyday life and the more comfortable With it you get now the asymmetric Upside you will have in terms of Opportunities as it's time to onboard The rest of the world oh yeah and one More thing I've had some Bitcoin Centric People on here over the past year and it Depends who but like some people say That there's a growing uh token economy Coming for Bitcoin whether with Drive Chains whether with ordinals many Different things is that something you You're excited about not excited about Neutral about what's your take Yeah so I would say True about it and I'm not writing Necessarily the hype train because I Haven't seen the use cases yet that Really speak to me and and I think like Oh yes I will use this kind of in my Day-to-day life outside of just Speculating that being said I think that There are a couple reasons that those Use cases haven't cropped up number one Is that there's some regulatory Difficulties with it right so Everyone Likes to talk about like tokens and are They Securities right well the reason Why that's such a big question is

Because you're not allowed to create any Sort of token that promises an increase In the value of that token or that can Do dividends of cash flows of whatever Project it represents or can establish Like clear governance right and so Because of those things it's really hard To make a token worth anything and so I I think most of them aren't right but in A world in which some of those Restrictions relax or there's some sort Of carve out for digital Assets in that Respect then yeah I think that there's Uh actual use cases that can be built Out into that economy and so then the Question becomes all right well what's That built on right and I'm a Bitcoin Maximalist right like I think that Bitcoin has unique properties that make It the best uh uh blockchain to use for Any sort of payments but also for kind Of a data infrastructure as well and so You know you if you want that sort of Robust unfuck-withable right uh data Structure then you should not be using Anything other than Bitcoin in my mind And so that means that there needs to be The tooling available so that when these Use cases really do become possible that You know people aren't forced to use Some other layer one that has trade-offs Right so you know that's kind of my Opinion it's not something I think about A ton uh but I do think that the

Incorrect kind of move on the on the Part of Bitcoin is to completely eschew Any future future possibility that these Use cases will become valuable for Bitcoin excellent you keep things real That's why we love having you on Brandon Thank you so much for coming on Final Thoughts for the altcoin daily audience Either about yourself the conference Bitcoin anything you like yeah you know Uh I hope I see you in Amsterdam I I Know I'll see you Aaron but we're trying To just build a movement right we Believe that every single person in the World will ultimately use Bitcoin in Their day-to-day lives That means that we haven't seen anything Yet you know Bitcoin has just started to Get going and uh uh it is truly going to Change the way the world works and it Will truly be able to allow anyone with Access to the internet the ability to Participate in a Global Financial system And the more you can just appreciate What that means for Humanity the more Bullish you become on bitcoin of course But also the more bullish you become on Humanity and so ultimately Bitcoin is a Bet on Humanity it's a bet on all of us It's a bet on our ability to build a Future that you know works for Generations to come and and so you know I think it's one of the most important Missions you can have right now I remain

Ever bullish on it so hopefully I see You in Amsterdam we can talk more about It over a beer or uh over a drink or you Know over some food who knows And guys this guy's actually taller in Real life than you'd think I was Surprised but anyways thanks Brandon so Much CNN how are you yeah exactly I'm Bullish


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