BlackRock CEO LARRY FINK will SEND these 4 crypto coin when Bitcoin ETF is approved.

Michael Saylor has finally given his Take on blackrock's bitcoin ETF he says That this will send it and be a huge Catalyst for the next evolution of Crypto markets listen there's a growing Consensus the Bitcoin is unique and Valuable International asset and that's Being endorsed by politicians it's being Endorsed by Regulators it's being Endorsed by investors you're hearing Money managers Like Larry Fink say this And that has created a change in Sentiment you know the the odds of of Spot ETF being approved were one percent Six months ago then they went to 50 and This morning they were 65 percent According to Bloomberg analysts so That's really driving the near-term Sentiment but plus the fact that there's So much chaos in the crypto industry Bitcoin is emerging as the safe haven Institutional asset if you want to play This space without trying to parse Through the politics the legal and the The regulatory complexity Larry Fink is One of the most powerful Shadow men in The world Rock has 10 trillion in assets Under management experts agree this is a Big deal I think the most important Thing that happened this year in Bitcoin Is Larry Fink uh he got an orange pilled As we say orange pill is where you take A non-believer you make them a believer In Bitcoin and Larry was a non-believer

Now he says hey this is going to be a Global Currency people around the world All trust it well BlackRock is the Biggest BlackRock is now doing an ETF or Trying to do an ETF for Bitcoin is that A big change in the industry yes For for Larry in particular right who Was the CEO of this iconic company to Say I believe in this Right that that's kind of huge because Again like what Elizabeth Warren says Well I don't believe in Bitcoin I'm like Well Elizabeth Larry Fink does Stan Druckler does Jeffy ass does uh the Richest person in your state you know uh Abby Johnson does like just because you Know doesn't mean it's not real Right value comes from when people Believe there's value and now we have This preponderance of evidence 180 Million people around the world That without a gun to their head Take their hard-earned savings and store It in this community of people that run This technology you know call Bitcoin so Knowing that BlackRock is getting into Crypto in such a huge way what altcoins Will BlackRock be interested in not Digi Bite Not Theta not Tron at least I don't Think what crypto projects is Blackrock Already partnered with let's talk about All this here's my list of altcoins Making Black Rock level moves polygon do Not count polygon out I reported this

News to you yesterday and a lot of People roasted me in the comments saying Toyota is just using polygon for some Digital trophies not a huge deal barely Worth mentioning I think this is a huge Deal Toyota one of the biggest car Companies in the world choosing polygon Exclusively to work with and Toyota by Themselves maybe not a huge deal but we Report stuff like this this to you all The time and you can see what a big deal It is by the Numbers here polygon Continues to hold the number two spot Behind ethereum it is an ethereum Layer Two the number two spot behind ethereum In 24 hour nft sales volume so excuse me Polygon is on another level with its Partnerships its users its Innovation You don't think that BlackRock is Looking into polygon polka dot so many People in crypto think of polka dot as a Dead project if you think polka dot is a Dead project that just shows me that you Don't follow crypto like we follow Crypto take a look at these headlines This is just from days ago polka dot and Its test Network kusama continue to Outrun the crypto space in terms of Development activity according to Sentiment the details on polkadot are as Follows interoperability blockchain Polka dot in its Canary Network kusama Continue to outrun the rest of the Crypto space in terms of development

Activity polka dot and Kusa Sama both Registered 527.7 notable GitHub commits in the past 30 days leading all other crypto Projects what do I take away based on This info three things sentiment the Analytics firm says that high levels of Development activity can one indicate Developers have faith a crypto project Will be successful two development Activity also indicates that a crypto Project could be shipping new features And three it decreases the possibility That a crypto asset is an exit scam by The way what comes after polka dot Ethereum cardano and internet computer So do I think that BlackRock is involved In polka dot today honestly I think it's A long shot likely no do I think that BlackRock will have to contend with Polka dot and projects like polka dot in The future as polkadot grows I do hey Join us at Bitcoin Amsterdam October 12th and 13th this is an epic Bitcoin Conference use call code altcoin daily 10 off tickets get this ticket or get This ticket ticket prices increase as we Get closer to the event so many awesome Speakers are being added every single Day use code altcoin daily for 10 off Hope to see you there we know that BlackRock is involved with coinbase Directly which is why I want to bring This new project to your attention

Coinbase's base network has released a User interface for its official Bridge Allowing end users to onboard for the First time without relying on dev tools The team has set August 9th as bases Official release date the team will Award over 100 ether worth approximately 184 000 in Grants to developers and content Creators as part of a month-long launch Event called on chain summer so Coinbase's new L2 is called base they're Calling their launch on chain summer This officially launches August 9 9th And you can bridge and mint different Nfts today as part of their Commemoration to kick off what they're Hoping is going to be a game changer for Ethereum L2 development and just so you Know and probably like you saw coinbase Is enlisting big big names ahead of the Base mainnet launch in the run-up to Launching mainnet for its ethereum Scaling solution based next week Coinbase has enlisted mainstream Brands Like Coca-Cola Atari openc Pixelmon and Showtime to offer daily mints of On-chain Collectibles the mints will Highlight art music gaming advocacy and More who do you think made the Connection to Coca-Cola for coinbase Maybe they did it themselves maybe BlackRock helped facilitate I think that BlackRock is going to be more involved

With coinbase's L2 base than we know at This point what do you think Shiba Inu a Little bit of a wild card pick I'm Including them on today's list for 2 two Big reasons number one Shiba Inu is Listed on coinbase already so that's a Big connection you know one connection Away from BlackRock really and number Two stuff like this ship developers aim To leave meme coin label behind with new Identity protocol launch Shiba Inu devs Announced plans to tie digital identity Services to all shib platform Applications in a move to leave its meme Coin status behind Shiba Inu today Announced its work with its developer Community to ensure that a Self-sovereign identity is prioritized And integrated into its protocols this Also includes shibs upcoming L2 Network Shibarium so that users interacting with The shiba inu ecosystem can maintain Complete control over their digital Identity while ensuring enhanced Security free from the influence of Third parties self-sovereignty identity Is a model for managing digital Identities in which individuals or Businesses have sold ownership over the Ability to control their accounts and Personal data Shiba Inu I know it's kind Of a wild card long shot but to me what They're doing now seems like something That BlackRock would be much more

Interested in than the meme coin stuff They were doing before you tell me by The way make sure you subscribe to our Channel daily videos just like this Keeping you informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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