Big polygon news today all polygon and Ethereum holders need to watch this Video a big Bitcoin Bull Run is on the Horizon in today's video I'm going to Explain to you why Bitcoin is on a path To 50K crypto enthusiasts need to Understand how big a deal this is Credit Suisse backed Taurus integrates polygon For its tokenization offering Taurus is A Swiss crypto infrastructure firm today Announced an integration with polygon Blockchain Network for its tokenization And custody platforms this move means Taurus clients which include Credit Suisse which include Deutsche Bank can Now leverage polygon to tokenize any Asset including Equity including debt Polygon becomes the fourth blockchain Supported by Taurus's tokenization Platform following ethereum following Tezos following cardano why was polygon Chosen in for this quote from Victor Busson the chief marketing officer and Head of strategic Partnerships at Taurus There was a high demand to integrate Polygon from clients especially large Banks polygons key benefits as an Ethereum scaling Network include low Fees increased speed and a user-friendly Smart contract development platform and Tools on-chain asset tokenization is a Multi-trillion dollar opportunity and Polygon is at its Forefront on-chain Assets tokenization is seen by some as

The next big Catalyst for mainstream Crypto adoption what we're talking about Here with polygon and crypto in general Is a 16 trillion dollar business Opportunity by 2030. 10 percent of Global GDP J.P Morgan says that Tokenization is the killer app for Traditional finance and if you're Unfamiliar just so everybody's on the Same page what we're talking about with Polygon what we're talking about with Tokenization tokenization is the method Of representing real world or digital Assets as tokens on a blockchain it Enables fractional ownership liquidity And transferability of assets that are Ordinarily illiquid or indivisible such As real estate tokenized assets can be Traded transferred and accessed more Easily on blockchain platforms Proponents say listen to this this is Blackrock CEO Larry Fink this is one of The most powerful Shadow men on the Planet talk about why he's excited about Tokenization on the blockchain we know He invests in ethereum I think he Probably owns a big bag of polygon too Seems like he's talking directly about Ethereum and polygon I believe the Next Generation for markets the Next Generation for Securities will be will Be tokenization of securities Um we will and if we can have that Distributed Ledger that we know every

Beneficial owner every beneficial seller We all have our our code of who's buying Who's selling instantaneous settlement I Actually believe This technology is going to be very Important I am I you know look at it we have been Part of the huge revolution in investing Through ETFs we believe that ETS will be Changing the whole way we invest Many people still use it as a means well People are investing it for indexing no They're the majority of people are Putting money in an index in an ETFs or Active investors that are buying Exposure the entire bond market is being Transformed as we talk right now I believe the Next Generation for Markets the Next Generation for Securities will be will be tokenization Of Securities I mean the transformation Think about instantaneous settlement Bonds in stock no middlemen we're going To bring down fees even more Dramatically Uh as for me I don't have to vote on any Shares anymore because a beneficial Owner will do all the voting Bitcoin is On a path to 50K ethereum's on a path to Decouple from Bitcoin before we get to That one last piece of polygon news Nike Nfts and where do you think they host Their nfts on which blockchain Nike nfts To make their way into EA sports games

And its millions of fans hey guys do me A favor take two seconds like the video It's a small thing you can do but it Truly helps our Channel grow in a major Step towards mainstream gamer adoption For crypto Nike's non-fungible token Platform dot swoosh will soon be Integrated with EA Sports Games Potentially allowing Nike's virtual Footwear and apparel to appear in games In a June 1st statement Nike said that It's virtual Creations it's their way of Saying nfts will start being Incorporated into EA sports games in the The coming months though neither Nike Nor EA has revealed which game titles Will include Nike's virtual Goods you Understand how popular their games are Right EA Sports Games include FIFA which Was awarded the title of most popular Game in 2022 as well as Madden NFL Series and the NBA Live series all which Attract millions of Gamers it's expected That Nike nfts will be customizable Wearable add-ons that players can Purchase and alter their character Avatars in-game quote from Ron Ferris General manager Nike this partnership Will allow us to unlock some incredible New experiences for our DOT swoosh Community and the massive EA sports fan Base just to catch you up because I Understand you don't follow the news Every day like I do Nike first unveiled

Its dot swoosh nft platform in November 2022 but didn't release an nft Collection until the beginning of 2023. It was on May 15 when dot swoosh Released its first nft collection a line Of virtual shoes called R Force One a Not so subtle nod to the Brand's iconic Air Force One line of sneakers at the Time of publication more than 97 000 of The sneakers nfts have been sold to just Under 53 000 addresses according to data From polygon scan and of course Nike has Artifact as well this is not their first Foray into nfts huge news for polygon Huge news let's talk about how Bitcoins On a path to fifty thousand dollars how Bitcoin and ethereum soon to decouple And to help illustrate that let's talk About this recent news did you know Coinbase to launch institutional sized Bitcoin and eat their Futures contracts This week coinbase said in a blog post Bitcoin and eth Futures sized at one Bitcoin and 10 ether per contract Respectively will enable participants to Tailor their exposure to to these Growing digital asset Commodities with Granularity allowing traders to seize Opportunities in a high Dynamic Market Environment this announcement comes a Year after coinbase launched its Nano Bitcoin and ether contracts now they're Doing institutional sized versions and The company said that it has since seen

Institutional interest and demand for Advanced derivative products which Explains the launch along with lower Fees some institutions might qualify for Incentive programs if they are early Adopters of the contracts coinbase said Quote with the launch of these Institutional sized USD settled Contracts we look to empower Institutional participants with greater Precision in managing crypto exposure Expressing directional views or tracking Bitcoin and ether returns in capital Efficient way this will cause some Volatility in a nascent asset class this Alone isn't bringing Bitcoin to 50K this Is what I'm really looking forward to New U.S legislation could set out a Crypto pathway from security status to Commodity status a new draft bill from Senior House Republicans in U.S Congress Seeks to provide a path for a digital Token to go from being treated as a Security to a commodity as part of an Effort to provide more flexibility and Brighter guidelines for digital assets Within the US this is exciting because The bill would give a clear definition As to when a project is sufficiently Decentralized to no longer have its Tokens qualify as investment contracts a Long-standing point of tension for Crypto projects in the U.S what the Reception will be from other policy

Makers and the administration of President Joe Biden remains to be seen And will be key to the Future prospects Of the legislation's chance of passing Of course elections are coming up I have Faith Bitcoin is correlated to the NASDAQ this much is clear and taking a Look at the NASDAQ and then taking a Look at Bitcoin Bitcoin will soon end Its re-accumulation phase and catch up On the NASDAQ on the road to bitcoin Fifty thousand dollars per coin keep Fighting it bears please do Bitcoin and Ethereum are truly differentiating Itself nowadays ethereum could be a Major Catalyst for crypto interest and Awareness particularly with how Ethereum's tokenomics are so different And deflationary let's go to coindesk I Love The Way They explain this experts Suggest that the market needs a new Driver could that driver be ether during The last month over 143 830 ether worth 275 million dollars was burnt according To tracker ultrasound money well into Its deflationary stage with a negative Supply growth of 1.46 per year the Network is forecasted to burn two Million 441 000 ether this year or Approximately leave 4.5 billion dollars Worth because of this deflationary Stance ether and Bitcoin are breaking Correlation the weakening of the Positive correlation between the two

Digital assets suggests a long lasting Market shift where Bitcoin and ether Operate independently due to diverging Supply demand to economics this is a Great crypto conference Festival you Need to go to will be there we'll be Speaking use code altcoin daily 50 off Your ticket July 10th through 12th in Portugal get your plane ticket get your Festival ticket 50 off if you use our Code insane they're giving our audience Fifty percent off I love it I hope to See you there this coming week in Los Angeles La crypto and gaming enthusiasts Who else is going to 3xp use this code Decentral 20 20 off La conference this Coming week I hope to see you there


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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