BlackRock can PUMP Chainlink crypto price 100x (Here is why)

Chain link crypto can 100x from here Listen up in this video I'll explain to You why you know a Black Rock Spot Bitcoin ETF is about to launch you know Larry thinkink is about to pump the Entire cryptocurrency Market you know That unlike past Cycles today crypto has A multitude of altcoin projects gaining Real usership generating real Revenue Facilitating real value we are hearing From clients who around the world about The need for crypto I mean when you Think about I think some of this rally Is Way Beyond the rumor I think the the Rally today is about a flight to Quality And I think there's more people running Into a flight to Quality whether that is In treasuries gold or crypto depending On how you think about it and I believe Crypto will play that type of role as a Flight to Quality make sure you Subscribe to our Channel today we're Focusing on chain link but I'm going to Name more winners in in future videos so You're going to want to see that so Let's get into it chain link has a Secret weapon not many people know about This more than that not many people Understand chain Link's secret weapon I Can't believe that nobody else is Talking about this in 3 minutes or less You're going to understand everything so Like this video support the channel Share this video on social media this is

Why chain link has the potential to 100x First of all what is chain link and to Understand what chain link is is to Understand why it will be so big so Chain link is both a cryptocurrency and A technology chain link works with both Blockchains and non-blockchain Enterprises chain link is middleware That connects blockchainbased smart Contracts with external data such as Baseball scores or stock prices it can Connect with anything chain link is Blockchain agnostic it can work with Cardano salana ethereum algorand swift JP Morgan Amazon and then chain Link's Link token is basically the gas that Makes this machine run chain Link's link Currency pays the chain link Network Operators and collateralized the Network's smart contract agreements so Understand this chain link is like the Google of web 3 connecting everybody Huge Partnerships little competition Settles quadrillions of dollars worth of Value yearly generates tons of Revenue We interviewed crypto expert Entrepreneur and investor Kyle chass This week he lays out chain links value Prop guys like the video listen I love What he says about chain link at the end Chain link is insane it's it's literally The only thing I think it's going to be The Google of web3 it has no competitors Sergey has been building this thing

Since uh since 2013 essentially ideating It in 2015 since building chain link um And they have big Partnerships with dtcc Which is the government regulated Clearing settlement house for the United States Securities industry they settle Two almost two and a half quadrillion Dollars a year in value and they've been Doing a partnership with chain link Right now where chain link will help Them uh in that settlement process and Chain link will generate Revenue off of All of the settlement value so uh chain Link will literally be processing Quadrillions of dollars in value every Year and they have a revenue model and That Revenue model gets fed back into The tokens the token economy and that It's fully decentralized where chain Link doesn't take any profits it goes Back in the token ecosystem so just Think about that and I I hesitant to say Something because people think I'll be Ludicrous but you know I wouldn't be Surprised if chain link surpasses Ethereum because of the the revenue it's Generating so chain Link's secret weapon That black rock would be very much Interested in is ccip cross chain Interoperability protocol ccip can Connect Black Rock to ethereum to Chase Bank to salana chain link founder Sergey Nazro explains why black rock and Financial giants like it will be using

Ccip and chain link at some point in the Future so ccip is is pretty lowlevel Infrastructure so it's it's like you Know I understand why some people don't Fully fully understand all of it um it's Similar to something that's also pretty Esoteric tcpip so tcpip is a messaging System it's an information transfer Protocol that creates the internet so The whole internet runs on tcpip it Basically connected all of these Different internet Technologies into one Network called the internet and so we All use the internet which is run by Tcpip it's actually a very similar Situation to what you see with chains Where there's these siloed separate Ecosystems and ccip the cross chain Interoperability protocol seeks to Connect those separate chains and Ecosystems into one network and so the The experience that you should end up Having is similar to The Experience on The internet like you use one Application Using one technology and and one set of Cloud providers or something which you Don't even know what those Cloud Providers do or who they are and then Your application using one set of Technology can you can connect to Another application using a completely Separate set of Technology because those Two applications can communicate right

And you don't even know that that's Going on because tcpip is doing all of That in the background so that's the World that we should arrive in the Blockchain world that'll create what What I call an internet of contracts Where regardless of which blockchain you Start on so you can start on blockchain A or b or c you'll be able to equally Easily use everything on blockchain a And b and you won't even have to think About it you won't even say I want to Use blockchain a or b you'll say I want To use application X and Y and Application X is on blockchain a and Application Y is on blockchain B but you Won't even be thinking about what Blockchain do I want to you won't you're Not going to be just like you don't Think what uh server technology does This app I use run on you don't know or Care you just know you want to use the App so ccip seeks to unify the public Chain world into a single internet of Contracts and then it also seeks to Unify the bank chain world because There's these two separate worlds Actually um there's the bank chain world And the public chain world and they have This big legal wall in between them and That legal wall is slowly Brick by Brick Coming down and if both the public chain World and the Bank chain world run on a Single messaging standard then their

Ability to communicate when that wall Goes down is going to be very um natural Because they've already been Communicating within their specific Networks uh with each other using that Messaging system so it's it's both Getting public chains hyperconnected so You can use an application on another Chain regardless of where you begin your Journey or whatever token you buy you Can use it somewhere else Banks need to Connect and transact with each other and Then the third step is actually getting The bank chain universe and the public Chain Universe to transact and that's The thing that I was I was briefly Explaining in the talk and that's um That's worth tens to hundreds of Trillions of dollars in value flowing Into the blockchain industry which I Think would be quite meaningful if it Happens so chain link is vastly Different from how it started orders of Magnitude more impactful than how it Used to be ccip is revolutionary I love The way Kyle explains it here listen Chain link is it vastly different from How it was in 2018 2019 when it did Really well in that bare Market Obviously we know it's been know working With swift so much stuff going for it But is it like the the tokenomics are Vastly different or just the Partnerships are vastly different or

It's just like a order of magnitude Higher than as good as it used to be It's it's uh it's magnitudes more Impactful it just so you know folks are Really bullish on on xrp Ripple and um And I think it's got It's it's a Particular use case as well uh there's a Lot more like Ripple and things like Quant Network they're all I what I Consider like these Enterprise coins Right um Enterprise focus on government Adoption institutional adoption uh Whereas chain link just really started Rolling out what's called ccip it's this You know cross chain uh interoperability Protocol and this is something that Allows you to transfer not only value But also messages to different Blockchains in a seamless way you know And people who know me know that once Upon a time I was very bullish on polka Dot because they were trying to build This narrative and the problem is that Ethereum has dominated The Narrative and And ethereum Layer Two and threes I Think majority of development will Happen with ethereum as a settlement Layer and layer twos and layer threes And things like ZK ZK sync are building You know hyper chains and you've got you Know optimism who are building these uh Different op the op op stack so you got Now coinbase is an OP stack B&B's layer 2 is now op stack so all these people

Are building their different blockchains And in the world in the future we're Gonna have different app chains and so Every bank that wants to customize their Own chain will have their own app chain Every big uh you know Enterprise Tinder Will have their own app chain these guys Will have their own blockchains that Need to be able to communicate with one Another and not do it through these These bridges that have been you know Plaguing our industry most of the value Lost has been through Bridge attacks Because bridges are centralized and They're not trustworthy so chain link is Building something that has you know Removes the need for Bridges uh and Allows These Chains to natively Communicate with each other which is What the internet of blockchains is Supposed to be this is literally the Solution that brings native Communication between blockchains which Is mindblowing and nobody else it has a Complete Monopoly where all layer ones Layer twos Bridges dexes they all have Competition chain link is no competition Again chain Link's Secret Sauce why Trafi like Black Rock would be Interested in chain link chain link Secret sauce is that it works with both Traditional finance and decentralized Finance everybody ccip connects Everything like the internet think about

This I love sergey's prediction at the End if you're a bank chain if you're a Bank and you issue a real world asset Token on your chain and then that real World asset token wants to get purchased Somewhere else by another bank in Another bank chain if ccip doesn't Connect your two Chains you can't conduct a Transaction which is a problem that I Think people in the banking World Understand and then in the defi World um They just want more access to more users And so right now it's pretty it's still Pretty siloed there's a couple of Thousand users here couple of 10,000 Users there but if you just make a Single system where all the users can Flow into your application through that One system then um everyone just wants More users so it's it's pretty obvious In that sense it's it's going to be a Lot of work there's a lot of complexity There um I think the more value that Flows over ccip and the more messages That flow over ccip um the more it's Going to need to scale but we spent over Three years building this and it's gone Through a multitude of audits security Audits um like like everything else that We build and we um from what we can tell Of all the other Bridges and all the Other Alternatives this is by far the Most secure one and the one that has the

Most uh features and the most ability to Actually give people connectivity in Both of those places so I I predict that That'll be useful to people Black Rock Right now is exclusively interested in Bitcoin true but understand when their ETF launches that's going to pump the Price of all cryptos to the Moon Especially ones fundamentally strong Like chain link but then next cycle Who's to say that black rock won't Partner or integrate with chain link Especially since black rock is literally Connecting trafi with defi they're going To need something like chain link true Maybe a 100x isn't possible this cycle Maybe we only get a 10x to 30X but what About next cycle Black Rock makes a 100x Possible what do you think and I I I do Think that chain link probably not in This bull run this bull run I think my Price targets around $2 $300 uh for chain link maybe 400 Bucks maybe even more if this Market Goes wild but I think that ultimately It's going to be a trillion dollar Market cap at $1,000 um per per chain Link so uh you know sitting it's sitting Right now at 10 bucks um so you have a You have a easy 100x from here


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