BlackRock Bitcoin & Ethereum ETF MASSIVE NEWS! + Polkadot crypto is DEAD!

This hasn't happened to Bitcoin in 6 Years bitcoin's overall Supply on Exchanges is down to just 5.38% the lowest it's been since December of 2017 smash the like button Let's get this out there to as many People as possible bitcoin's price has Risen above $38,000 as Bitcoin Supply on exchanges Drops to 5.38% the lowest it's been since December of 2017 amid declining trust in Exchanges following the likes of events Like FTX collapse binance legal troubles This trend towards Bitcoin self- custody CU that's what they're doing they're Taking Bitcoin off of exchanges where They could sell and moving it into Long-term self- custody wallets this is Seen as bullish and in fact has Contributed to bitcoin's significant Rally of 130% since the year's start Let's talk about Bitcoin and ethereum Because I'm not sure if you're aware I'm Not sure if you've seen this seven spot Ethereum ETFs have been filed there's About 12 plus Bitcoin spot ETFs and now Seven plus spot ethereum ETFs Black Rock Fidelity vanck grayscale these Institutions all want in and check out This list the most updated list of Deadlines for the seven spot ethereum ETFs make sure you subscribe we'll keep You updated on all of this just like

We're doing now spot ETFs the impact of These on both Bitcoin and ethereum is Huge most people don't realize what I'm About to share with you guys send this Video to a friend cuz this is exactly What spot Bitcoin ETFs and spot ethereum ETFs are going to do to the price of Bitcoin and ethereum you need to Understand this talk of ETF approval Misses the forest for the trees it's not Just about immediate reactions or flows It's about the recognition of Bitcoin And ethereum as an Institutional asset Pensions endowments Insurance investment Portfolios Etc will soon be entering the Arena with passive buide flows for the Long term so understand the momentum in December of 2020 Mass Mutual an Institution invested $100 million into Bitcoin we covered this this was a big Deal at the time in fact it was massive Except not really Mass Mutual manages 235 billion in assets 100 million of Bitcoin is it's about a 05% allocation This is a big deal but with these ETFs We're about to see inflows of much much More than this and large institutional Investors don't purchase something to Flip in the next month they're Constructing portfolios for multiple Decades so a 05% allocation is literally Just the start there are many more mass Mutuals out there and all of these Allocators are staring at their bond

Portfolio which is down 50% from alltime Highs questioning previous assumptions That they held and the endorsement of Bitcoin and now ethereum from the likes Of Black Rock and CEO Larry thinkink Isn't a sign that Larry and black rock Is suddenly a Bitcoin bull it's a sign That clients are knocking on black Rock's door asking for a vehicle to gain Exposure and the narrative violations Are strong in trafi passive accumulation Of Bitcoin so cost averaging Bitcoin From bitcoin's all-time high if you Started buying Bitcoin at bitcoin's All-time high of $69,000 That would put you up 45% right now on Your Bitcoin position if you're Passively cost averaging the same Passive allocation into long bonds has You down 12% but the volatility guys Volatility is opportunity again it's a Misunder understanding of time Horizon a 1% allocation to an asset that they Don't plan to liquidate for years or Decades with an extremely strong sharp Ratio is within their risk profile if You want proof just look at the rest of Their portfolio so no Bitcoin is not Going away ethereum is not going away no Neither Bitcoin nor ethereum died when FTX collapsed yes Supply is held more Tight than ever before yes Perpetual Credit expansion of the Fiat monetary System is an ongoing reality no there is

No sense of fiscal austerity present Anywhere yes this illiquidity means Marginal flows into the market send the Price higher which is why all of these Institutions will start with a tiny 05% Stake while continuing to passively Allocate steadily for the long term Reinforcing all of this with Bitcoin is The shift in narrative and negative bias Around energy usage and Mining evidenced By new academic papers on mining as a Tool for balancing the grid and Monetizing waste energy you can read any Of these and of course ethereum doesn't Suffer from this negative press tldr the Landscape and profile of the asset has Shifted of Bitcoin of ethereum of crypto It's not about the ETF it's about the Reason why the ETF is is coming Institutional exposure has been given a Green light it won't happen all at once But understand the shift that is Underway Bitcoin and ethereum has been Passively accumulated by individuals and Retail for some time now while Institutions mostly watched the madness From the sidelines this is all changing Guys smash the like button send this Video to a friend we need to get this Information out there people will thank You and this is all a tale as old as Time yeah Banks didn't like Bitcoin in The beginning that's all changing just Like taxis didn't like uber hotels

Didn't like Airbnb stores didn't like Amazon theaters didn't like Netflix but The world is trending digital this is All happening there's no stopping it we Show you the revolution of Cryptocurrency on a daily basis you Would have known months ago that Cryptocurrency is going to come back if You would have subscribed to us so guys This bull market is just getting started Make sure you subscribe to us we update You on a daily basis real quick altcoin Daily once again has received a great Honor we're nominated for a web 3 Influencer award we've participated in This in past years and actually been Winners in past years this is such a big Deal for us but we need your help my Friends please I'm going to leave a link Below head on over and vote for your Favorite influencers in general but Specifically altcoin daily for best Current events coverage we've been with You every step of the bare Market it Literally takes 60 seconds to cast a Vote for altcoin daily I'll leave the Link below please please click through And vote for altcoin daily and vote for Your favorite influencers and let me Know in the comments if you did Appreciate you guys let's get to some Altcoin news coinbase plans to integrate With salana coinbase plans to add salana Rails this is a big deal for salana

Holders and overall this is towards Coinbase's goal the company wants Transactions on its platform under one Cent and under one cent under one second And under one cent to do that coinbase Will be integrating not only salana but Bitcoin lightning Network work and other Layer ones that are very fast like Salana CEO Brian Armstrong told decrypt And this cycle in my opinion never been A better time to be bullish on altcoins Because they have so much going for them Versus any other cycle so this is not Even avalanche's ecosystem this is a Vertical of an ecosystem this is Avalanche's gamei gaming ecosystem looks Quite impressive polygon though dealt a Major PR blow a lot of people saying This is a major in polygon's armor The news is that polygon gave DraftKings You know DraftKings there it was a big Deal when this partnership was announced Using polygon running a polygon Validator apparently polygon gave DraftKings multi-million dollar Edge in Special staking relationship so they Gave them an unfair Edge it sounds like Blockchain data shows the crypto project Quietly gave DraftKings preferential Treatment while telling the public it Was an equal member of the validator Community sports betting company DraftKings publicly agreed in early 2022 To be a network validator that helped

Run the polygon blockchain well onchain Data shows that polygon gave DraftKings Millions of madic tokens to help its Validator turn a massive profit with Little precedent and then on top of that Even though it was being subsidized DraftKings failed to maintain its Validators performance and was kicked Off the network last month just kind of Showing that seems like they never Really care in the first place despite This and this is not good I I still Think polygon is one of the better Projects going into this next Bull Run And taking a look at the price seems Like this was little effect on the Market now this is Major news for Iota But Iota it's not even last cycles's Altcoin it's like two three Cycles ago Altcoin so I don't know is Iota Internet Of Things still in the conversation in a Big way well according to this news I Mean this is good news ioto launches a 100 million Abu Dhabi foundation for Middle East expansion the Iota ecosystem DLT Foundation is the first in fact to Receive approval from The Regulators in Abu Dhabi after its Financial Authority Passed a new related law earlier this Month so we're going to dive deeper into This we'll we'll give you an update in The coming days coming weeks but uh Interesting because I really haven't Heard a lot about Iota in not even years

In Cycles it seems like polka dot many Of you have been asking me for an update On popular L1 polka dot this is that Update and guys if you want me to update Our community on a certain altcoin Project let me know in the comments Below I'll be reading but this is the Update on polka dot polka dot is dead Polka dot is dead just has more than 5,000 monthly code commits and hundreds Of active developers building on it Daily polka dot is dead just was never Mentioned by the SEC as a security Because it's just software polka dot is Dead just its Superior SDK being Constantly integrated by other major L1 Blockchains polad dot is dead just has a Treasury with around 44 million in dot That's 220 million to distribute for Ecosystem growth polka dot is dead just Over 3.5 billion staked dot securing the Network that's more than 52% of TCS Polka dot is dead just offers the most Sophisticated fully decentralized open Governments system in the entire Industry polka dot is dead just has the Man who built ethereum co-founder of Ethereum and founder of dot has him in Some days as Chief Architect pushing the Code relentlessly AKA we're talking About Gavin wood of course polka dot is Dead just provides the safest and most Unbreachable infrastructure with shared Security polka dot is dead just getting

Ready to witness the biggest Transformation in web 3 history with Polka dot 2.0 By developing a more flexible and Fundamentally better new model so this Is exciting so is polka. Dad obviously Not and there's your update guys it's Still very much in the game smash the Like button subscribe to our Channel we Update you on crypto on a daily basis Join the altcoin daily Army see you Tomorrow


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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