BlackRock Bitcoin ETF Q1 Data is “MIND-BOGGLING”!

We're actually in a really interesting Point right now because we're getting The 13f filings where we're seeing Whether professional investors are Allocating to these ETFs and there are a Huge number of really iconic firms Allocating to these ETFs I have more Confidence today than any time in the Last 10 years of beating crypto that in 12 months and in 24 months more Institutions will be engaged in the Space and the space will be bigger these ETFs are being adopted by professional Investors we're learning that right now And I suspect we're going to see the Inflows from that group accelerate in The second half of the Year black rock Is quietly becoming one of bitcoin's Biggest whales Bitcoin ETF q1 data is in And the data is Mindboggling these numbers have blown Away records this information is Publicly available for those who seek it I will update you in this video smash The like button and send this info to One friend who could reach really Benefit from learning what's going on With these Bitcoin ETFs the more you Understand the wealthier you can be Black Rock's Bitcoin ETF numbers have Just been revealed they have attracted 414 institutional holders since launch Analysts are saying this has blown away All records we're talking about senior

ETF analyst for Bloomberg Eric Bel Chunis he says ibit which is black rocks ETF ended up with 414 reported holders In its first 13 F season its first q1 Filing which is mindboggling blows away Records even having 20 holders as a Newborn ETF is highly rare here's a look At how the Bitcoin ETFs in all compared To other ETFs launched at the same time In January aka the class of 2024 these Are all the Bitcoin ETFs look at how They compare with number of holders Versus others look at the interest we're Seeing for institutions to byy Bitcoin And why not when black Rock's CEO Larry Thinkink comes out and says we are very Bullish on the long-term viability of Bitcoin our ETF is the fastest growing ETF in the history of ETFs nothing has Gained assets as fast as Black Rock in The history of ETFs this creates fomo Among institutions and we're seeing that Who are the biggest holders of Bitcoin Through the Black Rock ETF well the Largest institutional holder of ibit is Millennium Management LLC the second Largest is schonefeld strategic advisors LLC and the sixth largest is a US state Pension fund Wisconsin investment board That's notable and then comparing the Other ETF issuers to Black Rock Fidelity Has 235 institutional holders bitwise Has 98 institutional holders Arc 21 Shares has 75 institutional holders and

Gray scale Bitcoin trust has 619 Institutional holders and gbtc is now Seeing positive inflows lately no longer Plagued by the sellers of the gbtc Bitcoin ETF that we saw in the first Couple months the total net Bitcoin ETF Inflows are back to being positive after Plateauing for a couple months we are Starting to see more buyers than sellers An uptick in buying pressure you can see That here and with all this success We're seeing more cios and CEOs and Leadership taking to the Press bitwise C I o says Bitcoin ETFs are a huge success And their q1 filings make him incredibly Bullish this is bitwise CIO Matt Hogan Listen you mentioned that the Bitcoin ETF was the most successful ETF launch In history that's an interesting claim But update us on where we are what's Total assets under management and parse Out uh of course gray scales uh what What did they have 27 billion initially In the whole in the whole game where are We at and how are the how is the uh the Suite of spot Bitcoin ETF trading Relative to bitcoin yeah they're doing Fantastic they're tracking bitcoin's Price virtually perfectly they're Trading it very tight spreads and They're charging low fees so for Investors they're often the lowest cost Most liquid most accurate way they have To gain access to this space and that's

Really exciting we love doing that with The bitwise Bitcoin ETF and bitb and our Competitors do with their ETFs as well There's maybe $50 billion in assets North of 10 billion of net flows flows Have restarted after taking a few days Off we're actually in a really Interesting point right now Bob because We're getting the 13f filings where We're seeing whether professional Investors are allocating to these ETFs Those filings are due May 15th but They're already a large number in and There are a huge number of really iconic Firms allocating to these ETFs well North of 500 Professional investors Making Investments including firms that Manage money on behalf of Yale and Princeton and others firms like high Tower advisors these ETFs are being Adopted by professional investors we're Learning that right now and I suspect We're going to see the inflows from that Group accelerate in the second half of The year so from any perspective a Massive success and I think that success Will continue and compound in the second Half and it's incredibly easy to Understand why institutions even the Likes of Morgan Stanley are buying spot Bitcoin through these ETF rappers Because ETFs itself make Bitcoin Incredibly easy to buy it's easy to see Why this is the case Bob these you know

Everybody loves ETFs the most popular Investment vehicle in America they're Low cost they're highly transparent They're very liquid they're extremely Familiar you can put them in any Brokerage account where you can dollar Cost average you can rebalance you can Do tax loss harvesting really easy to Own and manage easier than the Complexity of Bitcoin directly and now That they're available everybody who has Always been curious about Bitcoin or has Been wanting to do Bitcoin but has found It daunting to engage Now can do so in The easiest way most familiar way Possible and that's why we're seeing the Flood of tens of billions of dollars wi Guess here at least five billion dollar A month at inflows going in just in the Last four or five months that's a pretty Good number it's by far a record Shattering event this is if you compare The flows that went into uh GLD which up Until now was the record Setter for Asset flows these ETFs have shattered The record the amount of money that has Flowed in in such an incredibly short Period of time demonstrates the investor Interest in this and the consumer Buildup and the excitement behind this And yet as uh Matt has pointed out Relatively few Raa firms or Institutional investors or major uh Fortune 500 companies have yet to

Participate this is going to be coming Over the next couple of years it's going To get very exciting so how can you not Be bullish on bitcoin with the Bitcoin Having Just Happening we are here the Orange circle billionaire investor Mike Novag Gratz he sees and through his fund Galaxy digital he sees Bitcoin ranging In this range for a little bit longer Eventually Bitcoin breaks out of this Range I'll let him explain it something Really significant happened in the last Six to nine months and that is with the Adoption of the the ETF there's been a Psychological shift amongst Institutional investors in that this is Now an industry And well we all thought it was an Industry for a long period of time yeah You know people are lending US money in Unsecured we've got phones ringing off The hook with potential Partnerships Every big institution is figuring out What tokenization is going to mean to Them and so I have more confidence today Than any time in the last 10 years of Beating crypto that in 12 months and in 24 months more institutions will be Engaged in this space and the space will Be bigger just feels like everything's Kicking uh for the first time in a long Time yeah there's a Resurgence of the oh my God the economy Slowing down narrative which will be

Helpful like I said yesterday I don't Think Bitcoin takes out the old high the 73,000 high unless we get the FED in Action or we get some big regulatory Breakthrough yeah and those are both Probably low Delta so that's why I think We're a bit of a range yeah uh I said 65 75 it's a pretty big I'm sorry 5575 Prett big it's probably closer to 5773 Like we probably put the low and the High in right now until the next and I Do believe the next move is up because I Do think we're going to get closer to The election Pal's going to want to cut Rates hey real quick you should join us At Bitcoin conference in Nashville this Year 10% off if you use the code altcoin Daily link and details in the Description this is the biggest Bitcoin Conference in the world I think this is Going to be their biggest year ever I Love the fact that this is in Nashville This year if you want to be part of the Culture celebrate Bitcoin with Like-minded people and hang out with us Join us at Bitcoin conference Nashville 10% off use the code altcoin daily link And details in the description I hope to See you there so I am incredibly bullish On bitcoin at this point in the cycle Coinbase's app rank got nowhere near Where it was last cycle becoming one of The top three apps and actually right Now coinbase's app rank is down 85% from

The March highs of this year however in The last 2 days up 177% the point is This crypto bull cycle is is just Getting started many more gains ahead The crypto Market remains resilient Despite short-term fluctuations the Ethereum ETF final deadlines for vanak Arc 21 shares and hash dexs are this Week the consensus in the industry is That these will probably get rejected Some people are speculating that August Could be a lot better with Fidelity and Black rock their final deadlines coming Up that's true these ethereum ETFs could Get approved by August this is actually How I think it's going to happen I think All of these will get rejected including Fidelity and black rock Black Rock might Pull out last minute cuz they don't want That rejection on their secf record but Then after the August deadlines they all Refile and then whether it's September November December maybe January of 2025 Then all of the ethereum ETF applicants Get approved that's what I think is Likely to happen these will get approved Eventually not this month probably not Even August but late this year or the Very beginning of next year if they all Refile I think that's when these get Approved now besides that we're waiting To see if Joe Biden follows through on Vetoing a policy that would be Ultimately good for crypto Joe Biden

Vetoing it would be bad for crypto we're Going to keep you updated on this my Name is Aaron at altcoin Daily make sure You subscribe for daily crypto videos Keeping you informed on everything going On in cryptocurrency make sure you check Back on any of our videos from the past 6 months there still very much relevant 2024 shaping up into a great year see You tomorrow


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