BlackRock Bitcoin ETF Approval Will PUMP These 3 Altcoins (BIG UPDATE)

There is an unbelievable pent up Demand With us retail Equity investors to get Exposure to crypto breaking news for all Crypto holders the SEC just posted this Investor alert on crypto asset Securities they did the same thing Leading up to the Bitcoin Futures Approval spot Bitcoin ETF inevitable now All of these guys jocking to be the First but it's probably going to be all Of them at once and with an update to Black Rock's application that just Happened the SEC requests Black Rock to Add specific language to their ETF Filing let's highlight exactly what this Means for you as well as three altcoins That this benefits after Black Rock ETF Approval so this is what Black Rock just Added based on the's request if a Digital asset is determined or asserted To be a security it is likely to become Difficult or impossible for the digital Asset to be traded cleared or custodi in The United States through the same Channels used by non-security digital Assets so they're making very clear the Difference between Bitcoin which is not A security and altcoins which later may Be deemed Securities for me this leads Me to believe that the SEC is just Covering their basis for when businesses In the future apply for ETFs with XYZ Altcoins any alts that are even within Remote question would need to go through

Heavy Financial auditing Etc to prove to The SEC that they're not as security Before an ETF of them is even considered So which altcoins are the good ones I Mean even ethereum is not 100% confirmed To be not a security I think it's going To go well but there's still a big Unknown in this space well here are the Three best altcoins that are the most Compliant with the SEC and you won't Believe the last one of course this First one pretty obvious there is now Clarity the rule of law in the United States is clear that xrp is not a Security the SEC versus Ripple lawsuit Dropped this is a major win for the xrp Army in a landmark SEC surrender Ripple CEO Brad garlinghouse and executive Chairman Chris lson are cleared of all Baseless allegations well you know two And a half years ago when this the SEC First sued us we said publicly that this Wasn't just an attack on Ripple it was An attack on the entire crypto industry And I think we did see that play out With the SEC getting more and more Aggressive and really trying to you Regulate through enforcement which we Clearly don't think is a healthy way to Do it I think this is a huge win not Just for ripple but for the whole Industry uh I think it really is the First time the SEC has lost a crypto Case and really puts the the SEC some of

The sec's comments that they've make Publicly about all of these digital Assets being Securities it puts that in Check so understanding this new language That the SEC requested BlackRock Implement into their application xrp Seems to be in a very good spot there is Now Clarity the rule of law in the United States is clear that xrp is not a Security when traded on exchanges when Used for payment there's a whole bunch Of things in the in the judges ruling That make it very clear about xrp the SEC has been clear about Bitcoin also Now the unfortunate reality is right now There's Clarity for two Bitcoin and xrp Actually there appears to be another Coin that is in good standing that Appears to have been cleared by the SEC About a year ago polka dot announced That they had morphed away from security Status they went in to Gary Gensler and The SEC registered on their own and Here's a 2-minute audio of the web 3 Foundation one of the companies behind Polka dot explaining that transformation The first part is uh Angie giving a a Setup on uh the process we went through With the SEC working closely with us Regulators to morph the dot token from a Security to software and what that means Really what I'll describe is the Three-year uh process with the SEC um This was both both with the office of

Finhub and the SEC division of Corporation Finance this was not with Enforcement which is a totally different Division who we never thankfully engaged With so um just taking taking us back to November of 2019 uh six months before The polka dot Network launch had started Um again you know and then it was Actually 25 months before the launch was Completed in December of 2021 And going back to November of 2019 three Years ago the SEC had publicly invited Digital asset related companies to quote Come in and talk to us um and so uh you Know that's what we decided to do um the The padot team and its developers uh Really throughout the ecosystem felt That the tech was so important to the World that they were willing to do Whatever it took to be able to to Deliver polka dots native token dot in Compliance with uh US Federal Securities Laws um along with the laws of any Regulator claiming jurisdiction um such As finma and Switzerland the Foundation's headquarters so again back In this time we were in the midst of This is you know November December 2019 Early 2020 we were in the midst of the SEC halting the telegram Network and its Native token from being even delivered To the original purchaser so people had Bought the uh telegram uh Native token In U potentially you know private

Transaction and then um they expected to Receive that token when the network was Delivered the SEC halted that um and so We concluded based on our analysis that The SEC was likely to view the dot token Itself as a security at least initially Um but the interesting point was that The SEC had also published guidance Concerning how a token Uh that was initially sold as a security Potentially you know under regd or regs Etc uh an exemption could morph and no Longer be a security later uh so even Though it would it would be delivered to The initial purchasers as a security it Can then after that point morph be sure To like the video to support Me and of course this third one working With Swift swift details findings and Tests of chain Link's cross-chain Interoperability the chain link just Announced a new partnership with Interbank payment processor Swift Basically we're working together with Swift um dtcc Euro CLE and some of the World's largest banks like City BNB Paraba and large custodians like be y Melon to see how blockchains can be used Within their largest categories of Transactions so to be clear they have Not been cleared by the SEC yet but Swift is almost just as powerful they're In bed with the SEC and the global Regulators and here's a 60-second clip

Of how chain link allows these old Systems the old way the banks to connect With this new way of transferring money Blockchain so how do you connect your 40 50 30y old systems to blockchains Without having to reinvent everything Which is not an attractive process and And frankly after working with more of These Banks and asset managers If I had1 billion sitting on some system And switching that over was a risk and No user asked me and there was no user Benefit and there was no efficiency Benefit I would question it too right so It's kind of like a question of why why Am I switching off this okay it's a 30-year technology but I can kind of Wrap it around wrap around it and it can Still work and that's what banks have Done for decades they have some old Technology that gets wrapped with like XML or soap or something and then apis Wrap that and then now we wrap that Basically um this is something I think We're well on the way uh to doing Through our ability to collaborate and Through the chain link network security And the ease of use for existing systems This is a principle design decision that Uh I think the people building the chain Link Network have made to say we want to Be able to integrate with existing Infrastructure we don't want to replace It we want to integrate also any body

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