Bitcoin’s Price is about to CRASH! (explained in under 10m)

Are you optimistic about you know the Shape your application is in and that it Could get green lit by January 10th you Know hoping Hoping this is a field that has built up Around Non-compliance and uh that's their Business model when you ask me for how Far the Bitcoin price could fall I mean We know from past experience when the Bitcoin price Falls sometimes it really Falls in ways that stock markets very Very rarely do something big has come to My attention recently about Bitcoin a Big price crash is coming at least That's my concern yeah I I do have a Sense of how far Bitcoin could drop if You don't get that approval it's worth Talking about so if bitcoin's price does Crash let me show you how low the price Is likely to fall where I would be a Buyer send this video to somebody who Likes Bitcoin this is one big issue that Everybody seems to be forgetting about One factor I think that people are Forgetting here because we're hearing so Many positive signs like Kathy Wood who You had on just the other day talking About how they've been sort of un you Know sort of behind closed doors Discussions over the holiday period Between SEC officials and uh you know Asking all kinds of technical questions Which makes it sound like they're about

To dot the eyes and cross the te's how Would you summarize sort of the current State of progress on the Bitcoin ETF Front I think we've crossed every tea Dot at every eye uh we believe to the Sec's satisfaction but Gary Gensler we Know he just he never has anything good To say about crypto does he right now Unfortunately there's significant Non-compliance and it's a field which is Rife with fraud abuse and uh misconduct So he is the unknown factor in all this And frankly he is the boss so if he Suddenly decides no it's not good enough We need more things done we know from Past experience when the Bitcoin price Falls sometimes it really Falls so let's Understand the context of where we are With Bitcoin Bitcoin has been pumping For over a year now I was very bullish Here I was very bullish here I was very Bullish throughout this period I told You how bullish I was in multiple videos Throughout this whole time very few Others were as publicly bullish as me on Bitcoin during this time you're lucky if You subscribe to our Channel you're Probably doing well today before I share With you my biggest concern before I Share with you my one biggest concern More broadly speaking a major concern Today of mine is that everybody now Seems Ultra bullish listen to Kate Rooney on CNBC perfectly articulate

Every single Bitcoin Catalyst for 2024 All of these things that she's about to List to you we were talking about all of These throughout the last 6 Plus months It seems like mainstream media is Watching us listen to every single point Of hers including the bonus points she Throws in at the end my question to you Is if she realizes all of this is all of This already priced in bitcoin's new bll Run it's being driven by two Upcoming Events first there's this hope for an ETF approval and then something called The having that's coming up in April It's up 65% or so in the past 3 months ETF that is the Big Driver guys of this Price action the SEC has a January 10th Deadline to approve or reject the ark 21 Shares ETF that's Kathy Wood's proposal Reuter is reporting that the SEC could Notify issuers as soon as this week if They've been cleared to launch those ETFs if approved guys this would be a Publicly traded fund tracking the price Of Bitcoin so investors theoretically Wouldn't need to go to a crypto exchange Or hold Bitcoin directly themselves so It may lower the barrier to entry here Because of that some are arguing it's Going to bring in a wider range of Investors and then potentially more Institutional interests then you've got Something called the Bitcoin having That's coming up in April the key thing

To know about that bitcoin's new Issuance gets cut in half so it's a way To keep a cap on Supply there the code Is written so there's only ever 21 Million coins in circulation this Dynamic makes it less profitable though To earn new Bitcoin and more competitive For what are known as the miners so These are the companies using those Massive high-powered computers to create New Bitcoin those mining stocks think of Marathon digital riia blockchain those Guys have about double digits today or So micro strategy and coinbase also hire This morning actually coinbase turning Lower down 6% or so the other driver for Bitcoin though same thing driving Tech Small cap Tech especially some of the Lower interest rates heading into this Year potentially and return of risk Appetite among retail investors so I am Long-term bullish on bitcoin rest Assured I am bullish on bitcoin this Cycle I'm bullish because of Black Rock Because of the grayscale verdict because Of the having because of the Fed rate Cuts because of General seller Exhaustion because of the fraud and Leverage being flushed out because Because of the presidential election Because of the Lindy effect because Crypto is being seen as a flight to Quality and many many more reasons I do Believe that Bitcoin is in a bull market

And Bitcoin hits 100K within the next Two years but the reason I am strongly Considering selling and buying back Lower in about two weeks in about a Month is because of something called the Jim Kramer Bitcoin reverse indicator Jim Kramer has like a 95% success rating at Giving wrong crypto predictions he says Sell the price goes up he says buy the Price goes down if you chart out his Price calls it's amazing how often he's Been wrong this is him throughout 2021 Bull market wrong here wrong here wrong Here wrong here wrong here this is him At the beginning of 2023 the price was So low when he said this such a good Time to load up and position yourself For a lifechanging trade we called them Out on this at this time too do do you Remember when he got on TV and said this To you but now the big ones Bitcoin and Ethereum are cascading I'm beginning to Wonder whether one day sometime soon we Won't even need to have these quoted on The side of the television screen Anymore won't need or maybe Shouldn't I think it's time we start Questioning the fundamentals of crypto And I don't like when we question the Doom movement in 201201 when all things Crypto took off with great Fanfare like The Doom bombs we were told that they Were stores of value knew that they Meant something that they would be

Around for a long time I believe that W 300 went out of business I'm at least Big enough to admit that this time I was Wrong about crypto I wish the real Promoters do the same just cuz you make Money in it which I was fortunate enough To do doesn't necessarily mean that it's For real so I think a s the news type Price crash is coming because Jim Kramer Is very bullish again today Jim Kramer Just went on TV and proclaimed that Crypto is real and crypto is here to Stay Listen this thing is it you can't kill It no can't and the late Charlie Munger Who was so uh brilliant on so many Things was blind to this now you can say Wait a second maybe it's all going to Come on diamond has uh has not spared Any negative words no but look I mean It's a reality and it's a technological Marvel and I think people have to start Recognizing that it it it's here to stay The sec's been against it almost the Whole time yeah now that doesn't mean That every one of these is here to stay But I do think that it's about this is a Remarkable comeback that was unexpected And except for for all the Bulls who Turned out to be right Gensler does a Lot of jawboning didn't work a lot of Job on so if bitcoin's price is to crash In the short term how low could we go 30k 20K 10K once again I want to

Reaffirm I'm bullish on bitcoin over the Next two years I'm bullish on crypto This cycle but like we talked about Bitcoin has been increasing for over a Year so if a crash is due this is what I'm looking at Bitcoin drops down to $32,000 there's a lot of what used to be Resistance now is support Bitcoin Crashes down to $32,000 that's what I Think is likely also possible that Bitcoin rallies up to about $60,000 and then crashes down to about $332,000 maybe in February this is after A spot Bitcoin ETF gets approved we have A continuation price goes higher people Think oh 100K is right around the corner But we you know reverse back to the Trend line reverse back to the mean and Again touch support at $32,000 Ultimately a very healthy thing before Then going up you know it's also Possible that all of us are maybe a Little too bearish all of us have been Burnt by last cycle all of us are in the Disbelief stage and it's very possible That something happens like what Happened in 2019 everybody thought Thought 6K was going to be such huge Resistance coming up but Bitcoin just Blew past that and never went below it Again except for the co Black Swan event So it's also possible that Bitcoin just Rallies up breaks all-time highs going Into the having of course there will be

Pullbacks there will be 30% corrections But you know another possibility is Ultimately that the Jim Kramer effect Doesn't work this time and you know we Have much higher to go we are preparing For all scenarios here make sure you Subscribe to the channel we keep you Updated on a daily basis there is a lot Of money to be made in crypto join the Altcoin daily Army we give you an edge In the cryptocurrency market like the Mainstream media would never do make Sure you check out any of our videos From the past 6 months chocked full of Value guys it's going to be a great year


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