Bitcoin’s Latest Surge: IS IT TIME TO INVEST OR SELL?

So ladies and gents in my last video I Talked about how instead of selling or Running for the streets I actually Decided to buy more crypto this Friday Well already that decision is paid off Because Bitcoin is above 26 000 for the First time since June of 2022 and since I made my call right now we're up about 35 taking a look at one of the very few Portfolios that I own even with my Bitcoin I'm up about 43 and with this Account here I actually started dollar Cost averaging at the beginning of this Year up about 11 000 so far now if anyone ever tells you That you can't make money in a bear Market it's just not true while we're Going through currently one of the worst Bane crashes that we've seen since 2008 Right now we're seeing some stocks and Other assets going up so ladies and Gents in this video I'll share with you Four reasons why the market has decided To pump back up and on top of that I'll Be sharing with you at the end of this Video exactly whether or not you should Be buying more or selling the Rest by The way a lot of you guys have been Messaging me where should I be buying my Crypto now and the reason why I've been Using Weeble is because I've had a lot Of stocks as well and I've just had a Stronger cash balance there I've been Able to trade both stocks and crypto if

You guys want to go ahead and use my Link you can also pick up 12 free Fractional shares Down Below in the Description worth up to three thousand Bucks I've been using Weeble for the Past few years they've been more than Consistent and they also have a great IOS Mac application as well all right so Ladies and gents at the time of filming This video Bitcoin is right at twenty Six thousand dollars taking a look at Some of the alt coins within the market We're seeing about a 20 to even a 50 Pump within the top 100 coins now March 10th bitcoin's RSI was below 30 meaning It was very oversold and today it's Actually at a 68 which pretty much means It's in the overbought territory at an Extreme amount upon doing some more Research I went back through bitcoin's RSI data for the range to 2013 and I Have never found bitcoin's daily RSI to Have gone this oversold to overbought Within a four day period ever before so Why the pump well first of all this is Something that no one is talking about And it the fact that people are right Now losing faith in Banks similar to What happened in 2008 and with all the Other previous bank failure crashes Whether you like it or not the Government right now is bailing out Banks again like they did in 2008 which Has many people feeling uneasy people

And companies that are not FDIC insured Are getting bailed out and it's as if That FDIC insurance policy of 250 000 is Completely false and they just have Unlimited Insurance bailout now the Federal Reserve on Sunday announced a New Emergency Loan program to bolster The capacity of the banking system Called Bank term funding program and it Would help ensure banks have the ability To meet the needs of all their Depositors but treasury secretary Jeanette Yellen approved the plan to Provide up to 25 billion dollars as a Backstop for the new program now on Paper this might sound like it's a good Thing but it's really not the main Issues with this program is that it Allows Banks and other lenders to pledge Treasuries and mortgage-backed Securities as collateral for cash Essentially to break it down for Lane Concerns what's going on is that the US Government lent money to these banks in The form of Treasury bonds and are Allowing these Banks to use those same Bonds as collateral to borrow even more Cash from the government Now ladies and Gents keep in mind the FDIC has very Limited funds A lot of people assume That the FDIC is this Almighty entity Where they have unlimited amounts of Money but you can actually go ahead and See data on their balance sheet online

This is the section where very few People are actually aware of it and are Talking about it and this is what's Going to blow your mind so right now the FDIC only has about 125 billion dollars In their balance sheet that secures over 9.9 trillion dollars in covered assets What that means is in reality if all the Banks happen to go under tomorrow they Would not have the funds to cover every Single one of them and they only have 1.25 of the entire fund now the FDIC may Be able to buy out and protect the Depositors at svb but it won't be able To do that if other Banks begin to fail As well the second reason why big coin Decided to pump today is because we got Word that U.S inflation cooled down in February prior to the last month where Headline inflation went up 6.4 percent We only rose up by six percent for the Month of February with inflation Cooling And Banks failing many people are Beginning to believe that the federal Government is going to change their Current rate high course and only raise The rates by another 25 basis points or Maybe nothing at all for the next Upcoming fomc meeting which is going to Be March 22nd now although those two Reasons are fundamental catalysts on why Bitcoin started to pump the main reason Here is because we saw an immense short Squeeze happen short squeezes happen

When a lot of people get overly bearish On an asset and they decide okay let's All hop into it let's start shorting the Crap out of this thing and what usually Happens is when too many people decide To short and the opposite happens they Need to cover those short positions they Need to buy back the stock which Increases the prices and it floods out The rest of the people who are trying to Short squeeze a certain asset taking a Look at data mesh for additional shorts And Bitcoin interest rates data you'll Notice that even just a few days ago we Saw the shorts piling up they're about 2 200 plus Bitcoin shorts and then all of A sudden it got liquidated all at once Resulting in less than 1400 Bitcoin Short positions open now even after that We saw some more shorts lining up but Then we saw another pump down which is Showing some even more short squeezes Occurring throughout the day not only That but the usdc token also decided to Regain its Peg throughout this past Weekend we got a lot of fear within the Markets because usdc had lost its Peg a Lot of people were selling and we even Saw some of the major crypto exchanges Like coinbasing all right we're gonna Stay away from usdc over this weekend You're not gonna be able to transfer it Over into that asset following the Announcement that U.S authorities are

Going to be backing the svb bank right Now I mean usdc regained that Peg and All is back to normal so ladies and Gents even with the market in its state Right now should this be a time for you To buy or should it be a time for you to Sell oftentimes when we have too much Unjustified bearish bias this here is Going to be an opportunity for you to See whether or not crypto should really Be down to the point it is also compared To other stocks and traditional assets I Think crypto is a lot easier to track if You're trying to find different times to Buy in because we've seen that the 20 000 level or even thirty thousand forty Thousand it's usually whole round Numbers where you can play that support Position or find different times to sell So anytime Bitcoin goes under twenty Thousand dollars which we've looked at Both support and in a resistance but it Looks like it's been huge of resistance Within the past few months if it goes Under and I've seen it slide under I Usually consider that a decent buying Opportunity and just like I did a few Days ago I've been up a significant Amount on my investment and even so far For this year continuing to stay on path Continuing to buy in when the markets Are down has been proving to pay out it Is worth noting though I would be highly Cautious in buying in right now because

I bet we're gonna see another pullback Headline inflation is reportedly going Down but core inflation is actually Doing the opposite it's still going up We are not out of this bear Market Unfortunately I currently believe even Still I hope it's you know the opposite I hope I'm wrong here but I don't think We're in the middle or the start to Another bear Market sorry did I say bear Mark I meant bull market just as we saw A pump I think we're gonna see it Correct we're gonna have another Pullback and it's during those moments Where you want to continue looking long Term and then also just slowly you know Adding up those bags I mentioned this in One of my recent videos on how to get Rich in this recession and one of the Points that I mentioned was something Called the lift method in the lift Method I talked about how investing is One of the critical things that you Should be doing so while other people Are talking about how okay maybe I Should start selling my assets so Instead of taking a 90 loss in my own Portfolio I can take an 80 loss no no no That's not the mindset right now if I do Decide to sell any asset it's off the Intention that I'm going for a swing Trade play where I'm trying to make Smaller bags throughout this Market Build up my confidence and then continue

To always have a a second portfolio that Is going long with that being said I Never think it's a bad idea to take Profit so if you guys were watching my Previous video if you decided to buy in At the time I did and you're also up About 35 40 on your investment I Definitely think it's going to be okay To take those profits off the table now If you guys did enjoy it today's video Be sure to drop a like down below Comment down below the secret phrase Word and that is going to be disc Anyways if you want to go ahead and Check out the links Down Below in the Description be sure to sign up for our Weekly crypto newsletter by the way we Are hiring a beginner Junior editor Position if you guys are interested in That go to my Instagram I had a little Google form that you can fill out there On top of that if you guys want to have Access to 12 free fractional stocks Worth all the way up to three thousand Dollars check out weibo link Down Below In the description I've been using them For one of my trading portfolios they've Been great this section is not sponsored Here it's just a great deal and I don't Know how long these companies are going To continue to offer these stocks for With that being said have an amazing day And I'll see y'all soon peace


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