Bitcoin’s Bear Market Could End in Next 30 Days — Here’s Why [ Crypto Espresso 1.16.22 ]

Monday I'll curse the name till the day I die that's right I'm your host Andrew And this is the start to the work week It's also crypto espresso your teeny Tiny daily shot of caffeinated crypto News let's reluctantly Shimmy Shake into The week first up the former president Of FTX us has published a brutal 49-part Twitter thread that described what it Was like working for Sam bankman freed Brett Harrison accused the 30 year old Of hostility gaslighting and Manipulation and claimed their business Relationship quickly reached a point of Total deterioration he quit after just 17 months and says decisions about the U.S business were made in the Bahamas Without any consultation Harrison also Claims SBF was insecure spiteful foul Tempered and hated confrontation but Crucially Harrison says he wasn't part Of the Inner Circle that was allegedly Misusing customer funds adding that he Would have reported such activity right Away if he had been suspicious and this Despite my armchair lawyering advice Sam Bankman freed can't stop won't stop when It comes to gushing information about Himself and the downfall of FTX and Following his lengthy post on substack Prosecutors will be jumping with joy at Least according to Legal experts law 360 Has claimed that a number of White-collar lawyers have described

Sbf's in-depth article as nightmarish For his legal team saying it effectively Amounts to communicating their future Defense aloud and locking them into it Others have suggested that it's highly Likely that bankman Freed's attorneys Wouldn't have wanted him to go into such Granular detail prosecutors love when a Defendant provides so much information If any of his comments are inconsistent With documents or testimony from other Individuals the government will pounce Lawyer Sean Schechter said and again Here's some armchair lawyering advice to Anyone listening if you don't have to Talk just don't and finally new week new Bitcoin which is starting Monday on Strong footing after successfully Cracking 21 000 over the weekend that's 37 percent higher than the 52-week low Of fifteen thousand six hundred dollars Which was recorded in the immediate Aftermath of FTX sliding into bankruptcy Fingers are crossed that a punishing Bear Market could finally be at an end But for this to be confirmed Bitcoin Will need to remain above 18 718 for at Least one month in an especially Significant development the crypto fear And greed index flashed a neutral score Of 52 on Sunday its highest score in Over nine months bitcoin's up 20 percent Week on weekend 27 since the year began And speaking of bull I don't want to

Hear any of that bull when asking you to Like this video subscribe to our YouTube Channel and click on that little bell Icon to get buzzed whenever a new crypto Espresso video goes live you know Excuses they're like feet everyone's got Them and they all stink and what'd you Think about today's episode I'll never Know because comments are still disabled Uh spam but well hopefully we can figure It out soon sooner rather than later Questions about our headlines or crypto In general ask Alex in that description Below Alex is always a great resource For info on web3 and the metaverse end That about does it for today again I've Been your host Andrew these have been Your headlines and ladies and gentlemen We'll see all of your beautiful shining Faces tomorrow have a good one


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