Bitcoin’s 14th anniversary, GBTC continues record discounts, and more!

Here's everything that happened in Crypto this last week in 60 Seconds Good morning to everyone who's crazy Enough to still be here after everything That happened last year Cameron Winklevoss wrote an open letter to Barry Silver and apparently he has until January 8th to respond it's the 14 year Anniversary of the first Bitcoin block Being mine Dogecoin Foundation announces The new fund for core developers Italy May be beautiful or they just approved a 26 capital gains tax on crypto on gbtc Continues to hit record discounts SPF Allegedly cashed out 684 thousand Dollars while on house arrest but I mean He said he didn't do it the UK's National Crime agency is launching a Crypto unit apparently Illumina almost Collapse in 2018 and FTX was created and Used customer funds to support them when This is set to pay a 50 million fine to Newark Regulators for background check Charges for dip Yacht Club ended the Year with the 69th floor thanks one of Bitcoin's core developers got hacked the FBI is investigating the three Commons Data breach I see one more person Mention Bob Regulators in the Bahamas Are holding 2.5 billion dollars of fjx Customer fund SPF pled not builty to all U.S criminal charges then what was he Sorry for actually a lot of people are Speculating this just to buy his legal

Teams in time happy proof of keys days And remember not your keys not your coin Keep stacking and I'll see you next week


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