Bitcoin: Year To Date ROI

Hey everyone and thanks for jumping back Into the cryptoverse today we're going To talk about Bitcoin and we're going to Discuss the year toate Roi or return on Investment if you guys like the content Make sure you subscribe to the channel Give the video a thumbs up and also Check out the sale on intothe Cryptoverse premium at intothe Cryptoverse decom I did want to look Back at this year uh the year of course Is almost over and so looking at the Year-to date Roi as a function of time Could be useful coming into this year we Looked at prior prehab years uh Namely 2015 and 2019 interestingly 2023 assuming the status quo remains Unchanged will end the year above where Both 2015 and 2019 end the year despite The fact that 2019 had a more impressive Rally in the summer of that preab year And we also looked previously at some of These averages between 2015 and and 2019 and you can see ultimately uh you Know looking at the average compared to 2023 this year has outperformed sort of The average 2015 and 2019 and as we just Showed it outperformed 2019 by the end Of the year assuming the status quo Remains unchanged for the next 6 days or So um and of course also the same in 2015 so the reason why I'm making this

Video is not just to say oh look at us We outperformed the prior prehab years But it's to say well well does this Prehab year look similar to other years That were not preh hav years and Interestingly enough there are there There there is an there's a class of Years that at least so far the prehab Year has actually corresponded closer to And again just for the record this was Not my expectation I I've said many Times times throughout the year that I I Thought the yearly high would only be $35,000 I did not think we could go well You know too much really I didn't think We'd go above 35k clearly I was wrong about that and I I've said that many times um but it it Got me wondering you know does this year Look more similar to other years than Than prehab years um because again as I Said 2019 and 2015 have actually Underperformed this year at least by This point in the year and what I found When looking at this and just sort of go Through you know you you first could Easely look at bare Market years 2014 2018 and 2022 and see that 2023 looks Nothing like those you also have po Having Years 2013 2017 which drastically outperformed 2023 and then 2021 which came in below 2023 But then you have the other years of the

Having years and interestingly in the Having Years 2012 is exactly where this year is 2016 is pretty close 2016 is actually Closer to the current year-to date Roi Than 2019 was and also 2020 end of the year up at about 4 point You know 4X and this year is currently Up are about 2.6x so interestingly though if you Average out all having years right so Otherwise known as election years you Get this Line So you get this blue line so this is the Average of all prior having years And what's interesting is that if you Average out all prior having years the Year-to date return on investment of Bitcoin is where Bitcoin normally is in The having year at this Time if you recall we sort of you know And again like I I have no problem Admitting when I'm wrong it's it's it's Frequent you'll get used to that if You're not already used to it but we we Looked at at prior prehab years if you Remember and and we discussed how often Times about half the months are red and Half the months are green clearly that Is not played out this time this time Arguably looks a lot more like what Bitcoin has historically experienced in

Having years than what it what it has Experienced in prehab years and so I Just want to sort of take note of that And you know right now the year dat Roi Bitcoin is about 2.6x if it were to reach Sort of the historical average of all Prior having years then it could go as High as 2.94 X off the yearly open more or less 3x off the yearly open and I believe the Yearly open you know I mean it was Around 16k okay so I mean 3x off the Yearly open puts puts Bitcoin at 48k um But I I just thought this was an Interesting observation just to see that That this year Bitcoin has been tracking Prior having year return s a lot more Closely than it is tracked preh having Year returns and so of course just Something interesting we can look at I'm Going to keep this video uh relatively Short and sweet I don't need to go on Any longer um I imagine a lot of people Are are busy this time of the year Anyways but interesting observation We'll see what what next year brings Whether it more or less res resembles Prior preh having years or if it Resembles typical POS having years um We'll have to see if if if the cycle is Is sort of Shifting in any ways but I Thought this was an interesting Insight Um hopefully you did too if you guys

Like the content make sure you subscribe To the channel give the video a thumbs Up and again check out the sale on Intothe cryptoverse premium at intothe Cryptoverse decom I'll see you guys next Time bye


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