Bitcoin Whales SUPPRESSING Price! (Not The Coin You Think)

Bitcoin whales are suppressing the price History is repeating once again Bitcoin Tends to retrace approximately 100 days Before the having and this time looks to Be no different many people are Attributing this Bitcoin selloff to Simply grayscale dumping their Bitcoin This cannot be further from the truth This is the real reason why bitcoin's Dipping listen closely and then after We'll talk about how price is still Being suppressed Bitcoin coming off and We do mean coming off the Euphoria of Its big ETF Milestone down 16% since the 10th of January so who's doing the Selling Kate Rooney knows hi Kate hey Tyler yeah so part of the Crypto selling we've seen lately has to Do with this loss and enthusiasm around That ETF launch but Leverage is also a Big factor here and it's an increasingly Dominant force in these markets analyst Over at glass no point out the buildup In Bitcoin leverage and open interest Between January 9th and 11th that was When the ETF speculation peaked prices Neared 49,000 at that point and then That was followed by this wipe out in Some of those positions prices fell and Then you saw this Bitcoin sell off over That weekend as really what you would Call a sell the news event popular in The hedge fund World which some Investors did worry about heading into

This ETF approval crypto related stocks Like coinbase for example they're also Getting hit this week JP Morgan Downgraded coinbase at least saying Today that they think a key Catalyst for The crypto industry in those B Bitcoin ETFs has been what they called Overestimated by the crypto Community They acknowledge that coinbase they Think is a dominant US exchange and a Leader in the space but they think the Catalyst in those Bitcoin ETFs they say That has pushed the ecosystem out of its Winter they say it's still going to Disappoint Market participants Goran Does expect the ETF enthusiasm to Further deflate as they described at Driving prices lower along with lower Ancillary Revenue opportunities for Firms like coinbase back over you guys So to be 100% clear price is going down Because leverage has been flushed out Because JP Morgan issued that critical Statement against Bitcoin and just Overall bitcoin's been running up for so Long this is just natural the es and Flows of the market nothing just goes up Forever if you think that Bitcoin is Just going down because grayscale is Selling you could not be further from The truth understand grayscale is part Of it but you have to remember net ETF Inflows have been positive so post ETF Launch we've actually seen positive

Buying pressure now nine spot Bitcoin ETFs each have 100,000 Bitcoin in them After just 7 days and actually taking a Look at the most recent update of Inflows now I love this right up from Invest answers Bitcoin ETF day8 update Bitcoin ETF fund flows after8 days just Now yesterday we said the bottom is Close as the grayscale selling slows Down so the bad news is that grayscale Is still dumping a lot but slowing down And also black rock is slowing a bit They're positive by pressure Fidelity is Holding strong that's the bad news the Good news is that black rock has 44,000 Bitcoin assets under management Fidelity Has 40,000 Bitcoin assets under Management the majority of the selloff Involved FTX which completed by day Eight today Day N should be a lot less ETFs absorbed all 100,000 Bitcoin From Grace scale and have grown by an Additional 21,000 Bitcoin in 8 Days the ETFs alone are sucking in 15 times the Daily Bitcoin Supply created this is Really big my friends so really the real Reason this is happening is just Leverage natural progression of the Market and Jamie Diamond and JP Morgan Futing the hell out of crypto even Jamie Diamond personally taking the time to Fought it himself yeah the Gold's limit In Supply so it's bitco has been using Uh so you think so huh I think there's a

Good chance that when Bitcoin when we Get to that 20 million Bitcoin go to 42 No that satachi is going to come on There laugh hysterically go quiet all Bitcoin's going to be erased I think how The hell you know it's going to stop at 21 I've never met one person who told me They know for a fact they take that Automatically it's it that's not it Can't happen now I don't think I've Heard a better response to JP Morgan and Jamie Diamond than this I love this Response this is great what do I think About Jeffrey Epstein's Banker being Concerned that a distributed Decentralized open public money could Potentially be used for bad things Sitting on a ski resort in Davos I don't Really care I don't know why anyone Cares right I mean that guy knows uh When money is used for bad things so I It's a weird opinion of his and my pet Rock was up as you said 160% last year Uh it performed well against uh the Dollar so I don't know I don't really Care what that guy has to say about Bitcoin I don't know why anybody does it Is actually refreshing to hear Kathy Woods take on all this because if There's maybe one person who should be Worried about Bitcoin ETFs after they Get listed I mean Kathy Wood has put her Reputation on the line saying these Bitcoin ETFs are bullish so after the

Fact what does she think I thought this Was interesting well it turns out that Uh FTX is I guess it's nearly a billion Dollars in Gbtc uh has been sold as the Bitcoin ETF Has come out and uh I think that's been Part of the pressure I do think there's Sell on the news because I thought I Think some people expected it to hold uh A a little more than it has uh but this Has not Disturbed our point of view at All we think this is one of the most Important Investments uh of our Lifetimes this is is uh this is a a Global rules-based monetary system and Uh it's a very big idea uh and we think It's the biggest of all the crypto ideas Out there so we're we're very happy to Be uh a part of this movement okay Providing more access to bitcoin this is The financial Superhighway uh a public good and Therefore we have priced it accordingly Uh but we're very excited about the Prospects our price Target as you know Uh is quite high if you give us a Time Horizon to 2030 Bitcoin whales are Suppressing the price that's the Statement I began this video with Throughout this video I think I have Shown you a few ways the price is being Suppressed and ways that are generally Accepted in the mainstream Jamie Diamond Fuding it leverage getting flushed out

Bitcoin whales are suppressing the price The asset I was talking about is Ethereum Bitcoin whales are suppressing The price of ethereum is what I think There are many reasons to be bullish on Ethereum we talk about these reasons all The time one big Catalyst which is still Coming up is black rocks ethereum ETF Which will get delayed but eventually it Will get approved and for every reason Why bitcoiners said a spot Bitcoin ETF Instrument would be incredibly bullish For the price of Bitcoin the same is True for ethereum now of course there Are differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum but I listened to the rest of Jack maer's statement and you know the Statement was pretty par for the course Of what I expected him to say but he Took some time to FUD ethereum hard now In the comments he commented back to me Said what part of what I said is fud This is the facts on ethereum are any of Those not true I mean he framed it in a Way that was definitely fod you know I Responded saying you know there's so Much more to the story of ethereum and Crypto than what Bitcoin maximally s Would lead the general public to believe Including in this video great overall Job with the interview though always Inspiring to hear you speak about Bitcoin only but you tell me what you Think ethereum's price is getting

Suppressed by Bitcoin Wales this is what I mean yeah so to be clear me personally And my company we are Bitcoin company I'm a bitcoiner I think crypto is a load Of garbage I think it's generally a Distraction to what this technology and This movement represents and is to Change and so how the world is going to Sort out the fact that some kid named Vitalic butterin printed a lot of coins In his basement and then pre-sold them To people and has been promising all Sorts of crazy things that have never Happened I don't know is that a security But I I guess the point is I don't care Everyone knows that Bitcoin has Regulatory Clarity that Bitcoin is now Officially on Wall Street that Bitcoin Is distributed it works its monetary Policy has never changed and that's why I'm here I'm here to change the world Through Bitcoin and push bitco coin as Far as we can as humanity and Society so The regulation on I think altcoins are Arbitrages on this trend I don't think They'll be around you know by the time I Die I imagine you know what what is Dogecoin going to do for society over The next 20 years come on what are we Talking about so do I want to hold Ethereum ethereum's a tech play Ethereum's a gamble that Jamie dar's Gonna use it what he say in his ski Resort Davos interview that he's going

To use it to flip real estate what does That even mean that doesn't mean Anything I was around I mean people Don't know history I was around when Ethereum got packed and that the Ethereum foundation cherry-picked Transactions they were like oh we broke Something so that that transaction Doesn't exist we're going to change the Monetary policy here that's what I'm Going to do to hedge the Federal Reserve And the fact that they got a front a $37 Trillion bill yeah no thanks and no one On Wall Street thinks that either right Bitcoin is the actually only Innovation That is attractive to solve what is the Biggest financial problem ever which is Central Banking so ethereum is a Tech Play and if ethereum turns into the new Tesla like a stock like an equity great Sure people are going to get stimulus Checks and they're gonna go Punt Ethereum and you know bet that vitalic Is the new Elon Musk but it's not a new World Reserve currency that everyone can Use


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