Bitcoin Whale REVEALS – Best 5 Coins To Make You A Millionaire!

I like to think that if you know where To look and you care to do a bit of Research then the answers are right in Front of your face the next low cap Crypto gems primed to pump are planned But which ones are they what if I Brought on an expert Insider whale who Can name five I'm fortunate enough to Have a team of researchers to help me Find some really quality things plus a Great connection and a good Network this Video is not Financial advice just info And opinion Bitcoin whale Kyle chass Shares his top five high conviction Altcoin picks for generational wealth High conviction plays it's worked really Well for me in my life right it's Allowed me to turn $100,000 into massive Like generational wealth Wales control The market you know this it's all Coordinated so let's learn from the Wales between these two coins right here Are the largest investment I've ever Made in my life ever by far and my Holding between these two coins is as Big as my Bitcoin and eath holdings Which is insane send this video to one Friend looking for Alpha like this make Sure you stay for the two bonus coins at The end now let me intro this it's all Planned it's all orchestrated the crypto Coins that are going to pump in the next 6 months 9 months 11 months the coins That are going to make a lot of people

Well certain people very rich they are Known Bitcoin whales in secret back Channels plan this today we have on one Such whale Kyle chass who has agreed to Reveal the next five altcoins that he Believes are primed Kyle is an early Bitcoiner and crypto Investor he's risking a lot to reveal What he's about to reveal to us today K Chass how you Doing Aon thanks for having me man uh You Uh building up the suspense here that's For sure definitely um do you think That's like a fair framing that there Are certain coins that Wales kind of you Know plan to pump in the background and Retail never really knows I think that's That I I know without a doubt without a Shadow of doubt that that happens I mean Uh you can just one needs to look no Further than book of memes and uh Understand that that that that was uh Just that was possible to happen any Other way um and uh and it happens all The time usually certain market makers Are known for doing this I won't name Names on this one but you don't have to Look too far to understand who's doing That and then there's kind of an inner Circle but I I I will be clear that I Don't I do consider myself an Insider a Bitcoin OG for sure uh but and I guess I I do I do get invited into these things

From time to time um and so that does g Give me an edge but I also think that if You know where to look because I don't I Don't hide anything that I know so it's Not like I don't let my community in on The things and I'll let your community Today know about some of the things that That I know about but um but it's not Like I don't reveal the things that I Get immediately with my community once I Have conviction right once I once I Believe in it myself and uh and all and Trust me it meant as much as you might Think that it's always a good thing Sometimes we get we get taken advantage Of too because it's someone that we Trust says that oh trust me it's from an Insider or someone like that right and Then they got fooled which fools all of Us and that's why I try to do a lot of Research and stuff like that um to Prevent that from happening but uh I I Like to think that if you know where to Look and uh and you and you care to do a Bit of research then the answers are Right in front of your face you know it Just it just takes diving in deep and um I'm fortunate enough to have a team of Researchers to help me find some really Quality things plus a great connection And a good Network Definitely and of course you know nobody Can predict the future you're just Trying your best but before we name the

Five secret altcoin picks like you Brought a spreadsheet and you can kind Of go like hey you know I've made some Calls in the past this is what I've done In the past and then we'll jump into the Five alt coins but please share that I Always get like if I'm on a show with Like Rand and banter or something and Then you know and I and someone's on the Other side and they're like oh I called This thing and I went 10 100,000x like so bad inside of me I just Want to be like show us bro like because Because if you did for sure it was on a DEX right there so there must be some Onchain activity but I don't know if I Like how contentious that is or how a Like I don't know but but I but so the Point is that um I will share this link With you Erin and if you want to put it In the description below people can go And check out we we have links here to Uh when we called it for Pepe for Example I don't have um the link here But uh I'll put a link to the to the Looks on chain where they they track my Wallet and everything like that too so Um so anyway yeah you got lower ones That I still am bullish on like this Maga Trump narrative right now and as You know Trump is like uh building a Bitcoin Army right now so that's still Still bullish I think a lot of room to Go there as elections heat up Ando i

Called really quite early for for Something that's you know real world Asset I think that's the number one play Banana gun this is really important Because people laughed when I first uh When I first talked about it right now It's adex because they called it I said Between five and7 whatever Pepe uh Bon I Saw that thing coming up like verality And you know for me in mem coins like I Today I would I would tell most people Like unless you're willing to you know Like you have with mem coins you kind of Have to have the Inside Edge right and Uh in the earlier days though it was Less like that and just looking for Verality and so I was able to catch Bon Really really well Tucker which I Absolutely love I don't know if do you Have you seen Tucker yeah it's like a Tucker Carlson kind of South Park Cartoon and the coin associate is called Tuker instead of Tucker and I don't know If crypto banter is a part of it but he Likes that Co too yeah um so I I was I Brought it to his attention and then he Like just jumped all over it and um so That one 45x Bowden 47.5 and then at Whiff we did was over over 100x all that Is just to say that you're not just Showing up without your past receipts This is what you've done before and now You have graciously agreed to share the Next five altcoins that the whales are

Talking about in secret but youve humbly Come on to say I think these will do Well and and this was all this was all This this uh this cycle right in kind of Uh you know 2023 2024 so I I I think That's really quite remarkable actually Myself um so yeah let's get into it man Uh for sure the I'm I'm very excited to Share these with you guys I'll tell you On each one as well my level of Conviction right um that's I think it's Really important to clarify right uh if You have really high conviction or You're like you're pretty bullish and Then I'll give you if you want One djun at the end but but uh okay guys At home smash the like button comment What coin you think Kyle should check Out and put on his next list but Kyle Coin number one what do you got destroy The like buttons guys destroy it okay so First one is Pepe coin and I'm going to Actually just reveal number two because I think that number one and number two In a way at least for me conviction wise Well they're tied together and so that's Based AI I'll give you just a quick Backstory about this whole thing uh so Pepe coin is not Pepe from above Pepe on Eth Pepe coin the ticker is Pepe coin And the real short story of it was this Anonymous Dev team back at around the Same time as Doge they built their own Layer one blockchain the blockchain was

Called mimic and the the ticker was Pepe And it got listed on bitrex and then They had to take it down because of all The whole um Hillary Clinton versus Trump thing and Trump used Pepe Meme and Hillary said it's racist and so they They were forced to take it down this is The first Pepe coin the actual OG Pepe Right uh Pepe Meme and then in 2023 Someone copied it and uh and that's the Pepe that became really popular but That's not why I'm bullish on it because Interestingly enough the three last blog Posts that that vitalic made all have to Do with something with with one of these Two projects and these two projects are Connected together the same team who's Behind Pepe coin uh is also behind Bas Ai and what I love about this is that You can go and look at their history of Delivery like uh you know you don't have To wait for them to promise something Right like Pepe coin has shipped a lot Of cool products before the website is Amazing and what they're building now And what they built a Laro and Blockchain they built the world's first Nft Marketplace they built a a thing in An art app where you can just create an Nft all back in like 2016 before nft was Even a word and they're really well Connected I talked to them a couple Times before you can tell that they've Been around forever like Brock Pierce

Tether days like inside stories you know You just know that they're really well Connected and so the interesting thing Is what I like to talk about a lot Is token utility and always being true To community these guys have grown an Extremely loyal very real Community That's been following them since then Which I love to see organic that's going To be so strong so these two projects Are tied together based AI is a layer One blockchain using substrate which is What what polka dot was built on Originally and which which also bit Sensor tow was built on and and uh and Other others as well and Bas AI is now In its final stages before Main so it Actually will have a product in about Like like main net ready to go and Anyone who's watching this now can go to Get based Ai and go spin up a test net Test it out the closest thing that you Can compare it to would be a bit tenser But it's actually much different and Much better but it's a layer one fully Evm compatible with an encryption scheme Called fully homomorphic encryption Doesn't matter if anyone knows what that Is it's obviously complicated but the Important part is this is the the Holy Grail of encryption and what the most Important part is if you want AI To be really if you want to build the Best AI for you if Aaron and Austin want

Assistance you guys want to be able to Like create digital clones of yourselves I'm sure that you you want man I wish I Could just clone myself right now right Every everyone thinks that and and and We're getting there with AI and Lear These learning models but if you really Want it to be the best assistant they They need to know everything about you And that means even your deepest darkest Secrets your intellectual property stuff That you would not trust Google or Microsoft and meta with and so you need This FHA to be able to to encrypt your Inputs and outputs essentially it's it's Critical so they're the only ones Building something like this it's super Unique and Main's almost shipping and It's almost no one knows about it so It's sitting right now at a $227 million Market cap which is insane compared to Even bit tensor which went to 15 billion And that wasn't even in the bull market Yet right so just to get to I think I Did these numbers before just to get to Parody with bit tensor would be insane You know 15x from here but if you think Bit tensor is going to do another five Or 10x in the bull market this is like You know what like another 75x or Something like that is is kind of my my Target Now the interesting thing is that bit Tensor has these things called subnets

Base AI does as well and they're kind of Like par chains on Polkka dot for Example or they're rare rare little Subnets like an avalanche for also but There's a limited Supply and why I'm so Interested in Pepe coin now is because There's going to be in about two three Weeks or may maybe a something like that There's going to be something called a Brain mint which is going to be selling Off these limited supply of these Essentially kind of like layer almost Like layer twos right and you they're Gonna have you're gonna have to burn Pepe coin to get them and so there's Going to be a crazy Supply shock of Pepe Coin that if they're all sold out could Burn 80% of the Pepe coin Supply which Would be unbelievable right and and so So there's a thing called the peping Which is where the real OG Pepe flips The the fake Pepe and uh I think I I Just think it's so so so undervalued and People just don't like really know about It so this is my actually I'll tell you What man between the these two coins Right here are the largest investment I've ever made in my life ever by far my Holding between these two coins is as Big as my Bitcoin in eath Holdings which Is insane right this is only after I did About three weeks of deep research and Had other really smart people vet their Technology in white paper and so I I

Went super like this is yeah so that's You have high conviction in these two Ultra high conviction um and I know I'm Taking a little bit longer than these um But it's worth it trust me uh because Pepe coin isn't done right they're They're actually building something Right now they're using based AI to Train one of the brains they're calling Rosetta it's a natural language learning Model but it's being used right now and Right now any of your audience can go And they can go earn points for training The trading bot they're building Something called kekbot and essentially Uh imagine this Aon right now if you Want to do anything in crypto you have To go find a bridge right you have to go Like literally go there and and type it In and connect all your wallets and like From which chain to which chain I mean It's complicated it's hard right imagine In one month from now maybe two months From now you can just go hey um if Nvidia earnings come in on Tuesday and They're higher than expected I want you To take 50% of my stable coin and buy The top 10 top 10 market cap Ai cryptos And I also want you to take the other 50% of my stable coin put it in the 10x Leverage long that's it and then like Really complicated commands and AI will Go out and find the path to do all the Stuff for you and it'll propose the

Trade and then you just hit go and it Does everything for you autonomously This is anything anything you could ever Imagine so why would you ever ever go to Exchange again why would you ever use One inch again why would you ever use a Bridge again when you can just talk to It and it goes and does all these things For you or imagine this eron how long Would it take you to sell all of your Crypto if you knew that the market was Going to come crashing down and you want To sell everything you you know like it Would take me week it would take me a Week this thing you could just go like Literally Market's crashing sell Everything in stable coin now bam That's It crazy those are some extremely high Conviction plays that I have number one And number two very good stuff we Appreciate that we'd like that let's Move on to number three Mr chass so Three is paid full disclosure here That's my project now you might say Kyle You're Shilling own project um yes I am How could I not be bullish on my own Project how could I know any more than Anything that I've been responsible for Building for you know we launched this In in 2021 and learned in that bull Market and then in the bare Market Completely thought about how to reinvent Everything based on everything that I

Learned everything you know and how to Make much a lot a lot of people who were Around back then are probably going oh I Didn't know paid was still around yeah Exactly I mean because right now if You're looking on like top you know all These Ico websites like paids maybe not Even mentioned or anything and that's Intentional you know I I also believe That guys like ran and I love ran by the Way like guys like ran and everyone else They were fooled with the Satoshi VM Thing that happened when it was a 300 Every everyone starts saying it's Ido Season no no no no no no no not yet like If you look at history Ido season last Time happened in January and the having Was seven eight months before that we're Not there yet we're not in a parabolic State but but now we're getting really Really close and so now we're we're just Rolling out right now basically also Link here so they can go watch more About it but what I can say is I think Last time I was on the show I talked About banana bot and the reason that I Was so bullish on banana bot was because It was actually generating real Revenue Real Revenue right and that Revenue was Going back and being applied to buying The token on the open market and so There was a way to directly correlate The success usage adoption of the Protocol of the thing with the value of

The token and because it's my project I Can't talk tell you about speculating Price I can't talk about that but what I Can tell you is that I'm obsessed with Token utility token economy and and Building really good Revenue generating Protocols that were 100% % of that Revenue goes back into the token and I Know that about you that something that You know you're bullish on token Projects that generate real Revenue you Think those are going to rise to the top And you're basically doing that with Paid and uh you know putting it back in The in the paid ecosystem yeah I think That uh right now we have more Sophisticated investors coming into the Space Bitcoin and then ethereum those Are the Gateway it's the gateway drug Right Bitcoin was kind of the gateway Drug where wow I got a taste of crypto 's doing pretty good now I want a little Bit more risk a little bit more dgen I Want a little bit more exposure and so They go to eth right and then they get a Little taste of eth and then they're Going to go it down the risk curve and They're going to start exploring like Alt coins right they're going to come to Our space and go wait a minute you're Telling me this thing called cardono Generates $300,000 a year and you guys Are valuing this at $17 billion are you Insane like like that doesn't make any

Logical sense to anyone in the real World and then Wall Street or anyone Who's like an asset manager we have been So irrational and illogical and I'm just Saying card because it's it's one of the Highest valuations with the lowest Revenue Generation Um but you want the Heat you want the heat from the cardano Community if you go I mean if you go to Defi llama and you just look at fees and And revenue you'll realize that there's Very few protocols out there that are Actually even making any money most of Them don't even produce money so you Have to ask yourself what is this thing Here and why should it be valuable right I think that when we are all growing up In this space we're all learning more as We go we're learning how to do this Thing together right and as we you and I And people who have YouTube and stuff as We go through different Cycles we learn More we can also say how will the world Eventually value our industry and They're going to Value it a lot like the Stock market right and once we grow and Become mature and we have a big 50 Trillion 100 trillion dollar total Market cap that's when we stop getting All these crazy gains and then we start Acting more like a stock market with you Know 133% a year 15% a year gains or Losses versus these crazy numbers and That's because people will start valuing

These things as they should be and not Based on hype and speculation alone so We have to start looking at being Smarter as we invest in the space and I'm trying to build things based around Protocols that generate a lot of Revenue But instead of me taking that revenue And putting in my pocket I take zero of That revenue and me as a Founder I get To keep some of the tokens and if the Thing is widely adopted and generates Lots of Revenue and is very valuable Because it's being used by a bunch of People then I hold my tokens my token Number go up and then that's how I make A lot of money right not because I want To sell these things for stable coin Like crappy FIA no no no like I want to Build an actual real sustainable big Economy and and I think people need to Look at these things as nation states Right if you Min a token and it's Decentralized it needs to have Governance taxation monetary fiscal Policy all the things that you would Think to build in a country and so That's how we build these things and if People want to go look at the website White paper is amazing so let's get to Number four and altcoin daily is an Ambassador for number three and number Four and so I've looked into these Projects so I'm excited to hear you talk About Commonwealth

Yeah so people are probably very Familiar with something like paid which It's its main product is a Launchpad However I will tell you that paid Ignition is the normal Launchpad with Open pool and then there's other ones uh Coming soon to be announced as far as Other Revenue generating ways which is Really exciting people know launchpads Right you know down maker and coin list And Poké starter and all this stuff That's for more later stage things Typically I don't want to say less risk Because it depends on the Launchpad but It's right before usually it's it's a Public sale it's before the token starts Trading and you trade your stable coin Or whatever for the tokens themselves Right and and then you manage the tokens Where Commonwealth operates much more Like a traditional style fund and that Means that you can come in with stable Coin invest into a fund and then you're Pulled together with a bunch of other Investors into a fund and then when the Fund closes let's say it's a million Dollar fund $5 million doll fund Whatever that fund can then make Investments and it gets deals from a Curated Council of very successful Investors we have very big partners that Are on the council or we call them or Les and they must have invested in a Project themselves as an angel or behalf

Of their Fund in order for them to Propose a deal to be invested into by One of the funds and so you have this First level of due diligence and when You look at the website you'll see all The deals that the oracles invested into It's all the best projects in the space And so for the first time ever the first Time ever the everyday person the 99% And we like to call it all Street kind Of like knock down the wall on wall the W on Wall Street and all Street it's in The spirit of Wall Street bets and the 99% giving access to the everyday person To the best deals in crypto the ones That normally only guys like yourself or A16z or something we get into but this Is now for everybody this is the first Time in history nothing nothing like This exists in the world nothing my Style of what I like to do and it's Worked really well for me in my life Right it's allowed me to turn $100,000 Into massive like generational wealth You know and my style has always been High conviction plays where I find Something really cool and I I encourage Everyone watching this to first of all Not AP into any of this stuff just Because I'm here saying that to do it But go build the conviction yourself Because that's also going to prevent you From doing paper handing things right Buying something and then and then it

Goes down a little bit and you're like Ah Kyle's an idiot he's wrong like uh You know and getting mad at me do your Own research and then make up your own Mind and don't fomo into any of these Things either just like go do research You know very important that is very Wise and we do only have few minutes Left so I don't even know if we're going To have time for the bonus but you know Whatever you think is the most important Kyle Morpheus is another one kind of Similar to it's not it's not like based AI level but it is another AI Infrastructure play and the reason I Like this one is because well first of All it's been building for a while and It's it's basically faceless or headless I I I don't know if there was any one Person that took credit for starting This thing but now there's over 400 Developers from around the world Contributing to the base which is Amazing to see there's 400 people who Like voluntarily contribute to this Thing without a paycheck right which is Awesome and then you have guys that I Really respect like Eric Vorhees who are Building their projects on top of this Like Eric is one of my most respected People in space and that's really kind Of what you need to understand like from Morphus it is it's AI infrastructure it Allows kind of Open Source development

Of AI it allows people to put their Models on there for them to work Together and I think it's a lot to be Proven there but the traction that I see From that like I really like to see this Kind of collaboration between a lot of Uh bright Minds to work on solving a Problem together it's different than Something like Bas a Bas has a great Track record it's a team that's worked Together for a long time they know how To work together well they can execute Tight and and efficiently and then you Have other things like morphus it's more Like kind of like probably more like Bitcoin or ethereum where it started With maybe one man's Vision or something Like that and then he got his buddies to Get start writing code together and then They just open source everything and More people came and they felt it was Like you know they aligned with the Vision whatever so it's sitting right Now like a $135 million market cap and I I think that you know Bas Ai and morphus I would say that like your base case in My opinion is bit tensor TOS 15 billion And I know that when I was doing due Diligence on based AI I sent the white Paper to a lot of really smart AI Researchers and that working on Blockchain that I know to validate the Base white paper each of them come back To tell me that they identifi like they

Thought that tenser to was very limited To what it could do and they thought That it was definitely you know at the End of the day probably not going to be The thing that does the right and so These guys have both also said that and We working to to kind of solve for that As well in their own way would you say You have high conviction on Morpheus or Medium conviction or I would say that It's medium con very medium very medium I think that it's a great like I from a Speculative play great right it's got The narrative it's got Eric Vorhees Still in my opinion a low market cap for Its narrative and and the kind of Initial traction they have they have a Lot of tvl already it was a fair launch Which is great you don't have any VCS in There early dump on everybody another Thing too about every every one of these Is going to be I don't know if you've Been talking about it recently but you Know like last week and the week before Everyone was talking about this like High valuation low floats you know Binance came out with the article and Kobe and stuff none of these fall into That category of like just VC Den KO DSE Like dump all over retail kind of thing With lots of inflation and I think That's really important you know to to Think about too you don't have like Massive inflation to look look ahead to

So so I would say there's a lot of great Narratives behind morphus it has a lot To prove and I'm always nervous to be Complet honest with you with Morpheus And based AI they're Dev teams you know They're Dev teams and they're deving Like relentlessly deving and and that's Awesome from a product perspective the Marketing side of things that's where I Get concerned I guess there's like me Guys like me who buy in but there's very Few people that are passionate like I am When we find a good a good gem who are Going to come and continuously like I am I'm a huge advocate for Bas on Pepe coin I just bought my own bags I've dug in so Deep that I I just can't stop talking About them and then paid in Commonwealth Obviously I know how to Market really Well and we have a bunch of ambassadors That are going to talk about that market Them well and they're good products but Morpheus you know you know you know what Happened I I actually actually messaged One of the guys who did an interview I Said hey man I I like your project any Way that I can maybe help us some Marketing maybe could OTC some tokens at A discount whatever he's like he's like You know he said he's like bro it's open Source anyone's free to talk about it I Was like I was like I was like fair fair Fair okay I like your answer I like your Answer like bye thank you uh so

Yeah we only have a couple more minutes Please you know I'm reading some of These comments I see a lot of people Like the video just you don't even have To give it any context but just tell us The name of the bonus token I believe I I let me just make sure that I believe It's also uh yeah it's also Tucker Um and and the reason but I'll give you Another one two AOS AOS aoz and Tucker Like I should have mentioned AOS on here Too but I didn't I didn't have time to Gather all this stuff but just inef just In brief on this so Tucker the reason That Tucker's on here is because I Really like the if I'm looking at a meme I look for the the innovator the first In class the one who comes and just does Something excellent what it really is Telling to me is after that thing Launches all the copycat beta plays come Out and copy it right and that has when Tuer came out I like this is brilliant Like Tucker Carlson is extremely Controversial got kicked off of fox he's Already a news broadcaster and the Animations are brilliant and then you Have you know and then you have ran Helping him out with research and and Resources and stuff to scale it and they Have a token burning model and I just It's a cool flywheel built in political Seasons coming in he can do satire it's Just great and if you look at statistics

Of the of the the growth of his YouTube Channel and the growth of his his X Account it's scaling and that's what you Want to see you want to see verality you Want to see growth and at $68 million Which also fdv and and market cap you Know fully circulating mean there's tons Of room for growth there I think it'll Go to a billion or something like I Think that's like that that's easy like Uh Kyle chass I appreciate you coming on Sharing your Alpha with us I'm Gonna Leave a link to this spreadsheet in the Comments below or in the description Below link to your stuff a link to paid And Commonwealth specifically so people Can check that out and this was really Interesting man you're always bringing The alpha just give us final thought for The altcoin daily audience okay final Thought is when I first started in the Space I talked a lot about Anti-regulation like let us be free kind Of almost more to the Anarchy side and Then what I've realize is that Regulators aren't wrong about the fact That we need regulation we really do but Needs to be done in the right way and I Ideally if we can self-regulate that Would be the best right if we can create Our own rules that became like gold Standards what I'm trying to help people Do right now is come back to First Principles and understand what to look

For when you're investing in something That has meaningful value based on Actual fundamentals not just speculation And hype because those people ultimately Get burned but some of these protocols Some of these daps they will be adopted By the mainstream one day and could you Imagine a project like Commonwealth Where Andre and Horowitz or seoa they're Worth billions and billions and billions Of dollars and they're Regional Commonwealth is infrastructure for Unlimited fund growth for the whole World Commonwealth could theoretically Become a multi-trillion dollar asset Manager and with all of that money Coming back into the economy it could Become one of the biggest economies in The world like literally it could become The biggest economy in the world it's It's giant massive Global fund and this Will happen I just think I don't think People have thought about that before Right and so if you can create a Sustainable token economy that creates Revenue the potential is literally Limitless here I think that's important For people to understand and go learn And and and on my channel I constantly Am trying to educate here because I do Genuinely care about the space I do Think that at the end of the day the Best decentralized protocols will win I Like that appreciate that Kyle thank you

So much for coming on Man always a pleasure thank you for Having me


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