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Hey everyone and thanks for jumping back Into the cryptoverse I figured we would go live Um and see if we can't break out here on The Bitcoin dominance which is uh you Know we've talked about this forever It's an important component of the Market cycle and it is finally Potentially happening Despite It taking a while we do find ourselves Knocking on the door Of a potential higher high on the Bitcoin dominance so Let me um Let me post This All right So [Music] Um We are at 48.9 if you're if you're new Here Um and you're not sure why this is Important this is an important level to Distinguish between you know the sort of The next phase of of a theoretical Altcoin Reckoning I would argue that We've been in the altcoin marketing for You know 15 months now but if the Dominance can break this level here then I think we've entered into a new stage Of it which is an important step to take I I think nature is healing and and in

Order to get this level you might say What is the line of the sand I'm glad You asked right it's 48.93 I mean I'd Like to see just 49 right a clean 49 Would look great but technically Speaking the high on the Bitcoin Dominance previously back in in July of 2021 was 48.92 On July 28th of 2021. 48.92 now I'm of the opinion that If we can break this which I I think Will happen you know whether it happens Tonight I don't know Um but if we can break Above This level Then It's probably lights out for the altcoin Market for a while especially on their Bitcoin pairs I mean it's already been Lights off for the altcoin market who Are we kidding but Um this could I mean you know breaking This level really opens up the altcoin Market I think to a lot more downside on Their on their Bitcoin pairs especially Um so this is something we have to watch And and you'll see right now we can see That you know the the Bitcoin USD is Currently coming in at around 30.3 all Right now last cycle if you remember Bitcoin USD pumped until we broke the High the Range High from the bull market Okay and now and back then it was 51 This time it's 49

Um really 48.92 is is is the level and You can see just how difficult it's it Is it is for us to break above it it's a Very important level Um we've we've knocked on the door of 48 99192 but we have not gone higher the Astute Observer may may notice that it Says 4897 down here but I find the Dominance to often be fairly glitchy on Here if you actually just look at the Candle Um and you know oftentimes like if you Go to say some of the shorter time frame Candles like on the one hour chart you You'll notice that the highest it's gone Is 48.91. Um at least on the one hour candle so I I don't know why it shows that but you Can see that it actually hasn't gone to 48.97 yet and Um and the highest I've seen it go so Far I believe is 4891 maybe it maybe it Briefly hit 9-2 but uh again it needs to Hit nine three forty eight nine three in Order for it to actually be a new local High on the dominance as measured Throughout the through the through the Bull market phase Um back over here so I I think this is An important level and and we can see That the the the dominance is starting To show strength even even when Bitcoin Cools off some it's still slowly moving Higher we are still seeing liquidity

Drain from the altcoin market Um most of them continue to drain uh you Know to continue to bleed back to Bitcoin we just started a new day and You can see most of the alt coins are Already down on their Bitcoin pairs Today as well Um Solana Bitcoin is up a little bit but Again I mean you know it's meaningless Because a lot of these all coins are Just down 80 90 against Bitcoin Sometimes they'll have some days where They move up slightly but they still are Generally bleeding back to bitcoin and It's just a process of of nature as Healing and and um And I I think we're going to see It Ultimately uh break out the dominance And and continue to go ahead remember The thesis that we set is that dominance Should go higher no matter no matter the Direction of Bitcoin USD so we've seen It go higher when Bitcoin USD pumps if We can break 4893 if we can get to 4893 Then the idea is that whenever Bitcoin USD has a big correction the altcoin Market should still go down against Bitcoin which is is not something that a Lot of people have seen right you've Seen it normally go down when bitcoin's Going up but if we see dominance go up When Bitcoin USD goes back down then Rest assured I mean we're just in a new Phase of the cycle that has eluded us so

Far Um but I I still think is an eventual Outcome here So we are still consolidating here at 4889 uh Bitcoin USD is I I believe still Just sitting at around Um A 30.3 k or so so not a whole lot has Happened uh if we were to go take a look At and sorry my computer is lagging Quite a bit so maybe I won't be able to Stay too long uh if you go look at Things like ethereum's Bitcoin valuation We've spent I don't know how many hours Talking about how this is just one Massive distribution phase and Um I know there's been a lot of critics To that idea but so far it seems like It's played out with just one lower high After another I'm sure at some point We'll have another lower high where Where a lot of people might get excited But I mean listen I mean so far it's Just been one lower high after another Um And the ethereum Bitcoin valuation Continues to just slowly bleed back down And is now back down to 0.0625 now it is Interesting uh because it seems like We're coming up to a crescendo and that Crescendo is April 12th Um we have several big events tomorrow And I I think we'll likely see some type Of resolution to some of this stuff

Um but we have the the Shanghai hard Fork for ethereum we have CPI and we Also have fomc minutes from the last Fomc meeting By the Federal Reserve and so You know quite a quite a lot of events Coming up tomorrow You know depending on where you live it Might already be April 12th so But Um Basically tomorrow is you know should be A fairly volatile day it should be a Fairly eventful day a lot of stuff is Going on tomorrow a lot of really Uncertain events uh we'll see how it how It shakes out and we'll see if the Dominance can you know can break that 49 Level Um you know I I hope it just breaks it Now always a possibility that it could Consolidate a little bit more as well You can see we've had plenty of Consolidation phases we even had this Consolidation phase we talked about this Consolidation phase right here and how You know it's okay if it consolidates For a while it's it's not even a bad Thing it allows it allows the you know Us to build out a base I think to go Higher But Um a pretty pretty eventful uh day Tomorrow because we still need to see

The dominance break out and I mean if it Doesn't break out and and we just Consolidate for a while a while longer So be it but I mean you can see that Above This level you can see kind of Just how quickly we came down to this Level so I think a lot of people forget But we pretty much came down from you Know 60 to 50 percent within about a Couple of months right I mean this this Move here this rapid deterioration of The Bitcoin dominance back in in um I Mean this was really April of 2021 went From 60 to 50 in about one month okay About one month Think about that you know I know a lot Of people that follow me they didn't Even join they did not even follow me Until after April Um but and by the way you know for the People who say that I'm are for the People that call me a Bitcoin Max I will Remind you I just said back in in in January of 2022 that I'm just putting my Maxi hat on for a while because I we've Entered into the phase where I think the Altcoin market should just slowly bleed Back to bitcoin and and back over here I Was quite bearish on the Bitcoin Dominance and we you know we talked About the ethereum tsunami and whatnot But this is just sort of the path that I Think we must take in order to to get Back to a healthier Market where the

Altcoin market might actually make more Sense on a risk-adjusted returns basis Especially when you think about your Opportunity cost of putting it into Bitcoin or putting into the altcoin Market you know for for the last long Period of time basically for the last 15 Months I still have said Bitcoin makes More sense than the altcoin market Um And I I still think it does but If the dominance can go up to say that 60 level then we can start talking about Um you know some other stuff but anyways Uh as it stands right now Bitcoin USD is Is still sitting around 30.3 the Dominance is at 48.89 one of the Interesting things as always that and Someone says oh it's already done 90 I Know that but you know last time you Know I I've I've seen all it's done 98 Multiple times right and there's a big Difference between 90 and 98 Um but one thing one thing to consider Is and we've talked about this a lot as Well is how Bitcoin has broken out uh You know above its downtrend line above Its November 2020 above the November 2022 high as you can as you can see this November high right here but the altcoin Market which is total three has been Simply unable to do so so it so it does Still show sustained weakness in the Altcoin market

Um I mean the altcoin market hasn't Really gone anywhere since I mean I mean We came up to this level that we're at Right now in January and and essentially It's stalled out here so I would argue That the movements you've seen in the Altcoin market where some all coins have Moved higher on their USD pairs is more So an artifact of of people just moving Around from one altcoin to another Rather than any any type of Um Idea that it's in any new money coming Into the space I think it's mostly just Existing money in the altcoin market Sort of bouncing around from one project To another and that's why you haven't Really seen the market cap of the Altcoin market change much at all and in Fact it it so far is just another lower High Um I mean we are off the the December Low but again it we still haven't even Made it to the November high and we're Not even close to the August 22 the August 2022 high so while Bitcoin Rallied on up and so did the dominance Rally with it in kind the altcoin market Is stuck on its USD pivot Points and They continue to bleed on their Bitcoin Pairs this is something that we've Talked about for a very long time the Dominance excluding Bitcoin are Excluding stable coins is now I think

Around 53 or so so it is starting to Move up Um quite quickly and I'll just down here A few minutes to see if we'll if we can See it crack that 48.93 level because That is the Line in the Sand for us to Get above for us to really take off take A lot of these all coins off of their Bitcoin sport levels a lot of them have Already lost their Bitcoin support Levels eight of Bitcoin 8X Bitcoin Solana Bitcoin but there are still some That have you know that have held up uh You know BNB Bitcoin has has been moving Down pretty quickly Um and if you look to see where it was From this high right here BNB Bitcoin is Down about 40 you know 46 percent or so So a fairly a fairly quick move to the Downside but it still only gets it back To the summer of 2022 levels uh most all Coins haven't you know are are much Lower than you know than where they were Back then But some of them have Um have remained a little bit more Resilient than others but again I mean Here we are we're 48.89 the dominance is About or sorry the Bitcoin USD is still At 30.3 K 30 000 272 and we will see if We can if we can rally on up to get that Dominance to to just over that 48.93 level Um

Yeah I know I know a lot of people are Are hoping that that the money will flow Back into the altcoin market at least I Mean look you could be right right I Mean like I'm not I I don't know for Sure that that it won't happen but I Still think that you know whether it Happens today or whether it's a week From now or two weeks from now You know I I think we will see the Dominance break out you know to the Upside I I I know I'm stubborn but I Think it's an important component of the Cycle to see this to see this play out Joel says would like your thoughts on Alts being oscillators Um it you know the oscillator argument For all coins is only true for some of Them some of them are just bleeders and And I I think you have to respect that If you if you have an altcoin and you go Check it out on on trading you just type In you know your altcoin and then you Know look at its Bitcoin valuation and Just look to see what it does over over A long period of time you know look to See what it does and does it bleed Against Bitcoin or does it bleed against Eth Um normally I would say it as a bleed Against eth but because I still think We're at the phase where eth bleeds Against Bitcoin I think you just have to Ask yourself does it bleed against

Bitcoin because if it leads against eth It doesn't really matter if if the Thesis is still the East bleeds against Bitcoin so I mean just ask yourself is It bleeding against Bitcoin at this Phase Um And if it is then you know then then it Is really finding a difficult battle So we'll see we'll see if the dominance Can break out we're still you know we're Still you can see it's a it's a big Battle right I mean uh there are Certainly people out there that don't Want to throw on the towel on the Altcoin market I'm sure there are a lot Of you that don't want to throw the Towel on it and I mean there's currently A quite a big battle going on here with The Bitcoin dominance right at that Important level I mean it's no no secret As to why this is where it's sort of Stalling out and we're kind of Hesitating to see can it break above it Or or will it not Um Again if you guys like the content make Sure you subscribe give the video a Thumbs up we do still have the sale and Into the cryptiverse premium at into the Um Would I jump back into the altcoin Market if dominance gets to 60

Um we'll talk about it It's going to depend on a lot of things But I will say you know at 60 percent uh The altcoin market does at least become Interesting Um to me okay it becomes interesting Below you know and maybe maybe you don't Have maybe I maybe 60 uh it doesn't Necessarily mean that all all coins will You know haven't already would not find Some value before then I'm just saying In general Uh at 60 that's when the altcoin market Would start to become interesting But so far we're not you know we're not There we're still at 48.89 Yeah I mean you know the point the point Really what I said back in in q1 of 2022 Is is you know by consolidating back to Bitcoin your altcoin positions the idea Is that you can you can get more Altcoins later on with Bitcoin right Like you can you can just sort of ride The Bitcoin position and it should Outperform all coins no matter what Bitcoin USD does and it just sort of Chops around for a while and before you Know it a lot of these altcoins are down Eighty percent against Bitcoin 90 Against Bitcoin so the altcoin position That you would have theoretically had You know 15 months ago had it been Converted to bitcoin at that time then There's some altcoins that you could

Literally just take that the Bitcoin That you have that you were the the all The Bitcoin that you've got by Converting the all coins back then you Could then use that Bitcoin to rebuy Whatever altcoin it is that you that you Traded out of and you could probably get You know a lot more of that altcoin Right like two times the amount three Times four times five times the amount Of coin just by writing Bitcoin for 18 Months or so after its peak Um and and you know the peak of course Was in November of 2022 Uh so it you know it hasn't been 18 Months yet and I I think it could extend Out until until the third quarter as Well uh but that that is the general Thesis and I know I'm stubborn on it but I I do think that if you if you really Take a long look at most all coins you Will see that they have been in a Systematic bleed against Bitcoin over The last 15 months now admittedly there Are some that have done well there Always are I'm not trying to take Anything away from you know your altcoin If it outperformed but it's just that It's hard to know well I should say it's Hard for me to know which of those Altcoins are going to are going to Outperform bitcoin during the bear Market during the recovery year so I Would just prefer to to just say to hell

With the altcoin market right like my Crypto portfolio is basically just going To be Bitcoin Um And and then just wait right wait wait For that altcoin market to get chopped Up wait for the altcoin Reckoning to Play out and and then once the all coins Are but a shell of their former selves Do you come in and and and get them Especially on their Bitcoin pairs I mean I still think value valuing lot coins on Their Bitcoin pairs is is frankly a lot More important than their USD pairs uh Because if you're if you're just looking At their USD pairs you build an altcoin Goes up 20 who cares if Bitcoin went up 50 right it doesn't matter Um that I would say value it on the Bitcoin pair and and then you'll you'll Understand I think more of how the Cryptoverse operates uh we're still Sitting at this uh important level Bitcoin USCS at 30.3 the dominance is at 40.90 We of course still need to see it gets a 48.93 Um I do I mean just I mean I've rounded Up right 49 would be ideal but you can See the reason why it's stalled out Right here is again this is where the Local high was that from the summer of 2021 okay and and the summer 2021 you Guys remember what happened right

Bitcoin rallied back up out of its Summer lull which we talked about right We talked about the summer lull ahead of Time a three to six month break in the Bull market Um and and then the altcoin market Outperformed Bitcoin after that so I'm Saying I think there's a higher Likelihood that Bitcoin will continue to Outform the altcoin market whether Bitcoin USD goes up or down is is the Point that I've uh I'm continuing to Make I I think that That's the most likely outcome Someone says it's looking pretty dubious Around this level yeah you're right I Mean it it is a it is a difficult level Uh to look at because you know I mean This is where it was rejected back over Here it's where it was rejected you know A little bit below it right here and Right here as well so it is it's a very Critical level Um the level that we're at right now Make no mistake about it if we if we can Surpass it then I think it it marks a an Evolution of of the market cycle it We're certainly going into a different Phase if we can if we can push higher Which is what I think How fast can the dominance move yeah I Mean if it breaks out it can it can move Really quickly I mean you know I mean Even if you look back at weekly candles

Of the dominance you'll see just how Quickly it can sometimes move right I Mean like this move right here we Started the week off of March 13th with The dominance at 43.63 and then by the end of the week we Were at 47.48 so we essentially moved up like Four percent on the Bitcoin dominance in A single week so Um yeah I mean it can move quickly you Know I mean when when when the support Levels are broken on the altcoin Bitcoin Pairs it can of course move relatively Quickly It just you have to get to that point Right and and and we're still sitting Just below that that critical level So it says regarding all its bleeding And based on your previous cycle Experience is this the worst denial Phase or every cycle people react in the Same way Um well I mean listen I get ahead of Ourselves right it hasn't happened yet And so we'll see but To me it it doesn't really seem like It's any different than what we've Previously seen Um I think the time frame to get to this Point it was certainly longer than it Was last time but we've still made it to This level

What do I think will happen with the CPI Report tomorrow you know I don't really Know I mean the the the consensus is you Know for a headline I believe is like What 5.2 or something the consensus is Pretty low for headline but I I think Consensus for um Um Uh I'm not even gonna pull it out I Think consensus for core is is actually Near where it was last month so look I I Don't know I mean I I would say Headlines probably going to come in a Good bit below where it was last month Um because if you think about like the Geopolitical event that was going on Last time it led to pretty high Inflation in the short term just because Of inflation expectations went up quite A bit Um And and so I would say I I think it's PR I think headline inflation is probably Going to come in pretty low with core Inflation I don't really know because Services you know some of that stuff Like services and whatnot can stay Sticky for a long time just as the Consumer stays strong So I don't really know what my opinion Is about core I do think headline is Headline inflation is coming down and I Think we're more likely to see continued Rapid disinflation in the latter half of

This year than we are to see like Hyperinflation Um I I think the FED is is sort of They're slowly achieving their objective Of of sort of reducing demand it's Taking a long time right because it's Hard to slow down an economy uh you know Like the one we have but it does Eventually slow down if you think back It takes about a year after the first Interest rate hike you know after an Interesting hike to really feel it Throughout the entire economy and we are Coming I mean we've already we're Already more than a year out after the First Rate hike from 2022 which was in March but the further we go uh the the More and more what we're going to feel The effects of the rate hikes from 2022 When they should start to have more of a Material effect Um but yeah I mean I I don't really know I mean I you know Everyone likes to Predict CPI I have no idea if again if I Had to guess I would say headline is Going to come in uh a lot lower than it Was last month and and core is probably Going to come in maybe around where it Was last month or hopefully slightly Lower hopefully I mean I would like to See it come back down I don't want us to Live in in you know in an inflationary Decade I would prefer inflation to come Back down for us to deal with the issue

Now so that you know so the next year It's not it's not as big of an issue now Whenever they pivot whenever the FED Pivots we're going to have to watch Closely to see if inflation comes back But I'm guessing I I'm hoping that that It it you know that they do enough to Sort of get it out but we'll see I mean History shows us that like in the 40s And the 70s it is very difficult to get Rid of once we once we get into an Inflationary cycle Someone asked what is bitcoin dominance Mean it means um it basically means it's The market cap of Bitcoin divided by the Market cap of the entire asset class Um Do I still draw a house on the chart Ben we get that all it's bleed against Bitcoin what's next I I mean it's hard To talk about what's next until we get To that point of breaking into this Level into this region with a dominance Once we get into this region we'll talk About what's next Um Did you buy uh below 20K yes hey look Guys I I've said this a thousand times Right I mean you know everyone wants to Tie the bottom exactly everyone's time To talk exactly but I've said many many Times all I do is dcan according to the Risk levels that's all I do that's all I've really ever done at least publicly

On the channel I mean you know back in In Cycles ago I didn't have a risk level To look at but that's all I've done is Is just dcan at low risk levels and and You know just wait I mean that's that's All you can really do I have not bought A single altcoin in in like 16 months Okay I haven't bought any altcoin I Haven't bought any eth in like 16 months And again the reason is because if You're gonna put a dollar into crypto You know if you're gonna put a dollar Into crypto and you think the dominance Is going to go higher which is the Conviction that I hold what's the point Of putting it in alts right I mean What's the point yes some oats are going To go up uh but it's hard to know which Ones they are and by the way I mean for Everyone who who sort of you know Messages me and says well you know this This altcoin that has a 10 million Dollar market cap went up 5x last week Like I'm not talking about that sort of Stuff I don't play I don't play in the Uh in the micro cap game So when I talk about this stuff I'm not Really referencing that those those Projects have very little liquidity Um so I mean any I feel like any type of Real money is is not Cashing Out 5x Moves or 10x moves and a lot of the odd Coins that are only up 10 million market Cap but

That's just not really the game that I Play I mean I don't make any apologies For it I just I don't talk about micro Caps on the channel it's not it's not my Style most people get burned on micro Caps everyone loves them when they're Going up everyone hates them the minute The minute the uh you know the the Founder rugs everyone and so I'm not I'm Not getting into the micro cat game so Yes I understand that some people made Some money on on some micro caps Congratulations but I when I talk about Bitcoin and the Bitcoin dominance I'm Referring to you know how is Bitcoin Performing with respect to the altcoin Market that actually has a sizable share Of of market cap So we're at forty eight nine one Why value your portfolio in satoshi's I Think the Reason by the way we're at 48.92 now I I think the reason is Because Um You'll slowly see a lot of the altcoin Market just sort of bleed away so like Like imagine if you had put Um you know a thousand dollars into Bitcoin in in like you know in 2015 and A thousand dollars in the Litecoin in 2015 You probably would be up on your USD Valuations on both but you'd be up on Bitcoin a lot more because the Litecoin

Bitcoin valuation has bled like the the Valuation of Litecoin against Bitcoin Has fallen a lot since then so that's The reason you have to think about what Is your opportunity cost of of buying an Altcoin All right we are at 48.92. so I mean This is this is the level that that we Hit back in the summer of 2021 so if we Hit 9-3 then we're at we're at a uh a New high going I mean this would be the If we can hit it if we can hit 9-3 and That'll be the highest level we've hit Since May oh there it is we just hit it Um it flashed for a second there and Then it immediately got sold back down Um or or came back down but we we did Hit 9-3 for a very brief second right There again this is a pretty big battle Zone for the Bitcoin dominance as it Tries to shake a majority of the Altcoins off of their Bitcoin support Levels you can see that the altcoin Market is bleeding here Um Total three is down And and again it hasn't gone anywhere For months since January the market Capital three has been right right Around this level so again the the Increase in USD evaluation a lot of the All coins is just a rotation of of money From one altcoin to another rather than You know rather than any new money

Coming into space at least that's my Opinion Um and and I I think it's it's supported By a lot of the uh you know by by the Dominance here you can see we just hit Forty eight nine three again so this was The argument right that we would hit Forty eight nine three that that we Would take out this High here Um and so then the question ultimately Becomes Whenever Bitcoin USD corrects whether It's tomorrow or a week from now or a Month from now right the question that You have to ask yourself is will the Dominance continue to go up Even when Bitcoin USC falls back in okay So whenever Bitcoin comes back down will The dominance continue to go back up That's what you have to ask yourself I'm Of the opinion that it will okay so I'm Of the opinion that It's you know the dominance will go up At this you know even when Bitcoin Corrects which would be a new which Would sort of be an evolution of of the Market cycle to a new regime Um but here we are I mean we're at forty Eight nine three this is higher than Where we ever were in the in the bowl You know back over here in the in the 2021 bull market Um again you can see the highest we went Was forty eight nine two uh it was

Higher than back over here in June of 2022 it was higher than October of 2021 It was higher than June of 2021 and in May of 2021 So we are the dominance is starting to Break out here And and if we were to go take a look at Eth Bitcoin what do you see right it's It's now at 0624 so it's it's been Showing a lot of weakness now we do have A pretty big event tomorrow for ethereum But Um yeah we'll see what happens I mean I You know everyone asks me like what's Going to happen with the uh Shanghai Hard fork and and will the unlock of Youth make a big difference I mean you Know I don't know I mean I'm sure the Narrative is going to be whatever I mean If the price goes up people are going to Say oh well it didn't really matter the Price goes down people say well what'd You expect right a lot of eat was Unlocked but I mean the reality is it's Probably going to be more so due to Other other factors right it could be More so due to macro factors or or Regulatory factors or something that has Nothing to do with um with with that Okay so I I don't I'm not really sure How much weight you can put into that But Um and we'll see tomorrow right it's Only a day away

Yeah let's see um The the by the way the Blue Chip Dominance the the Bitcoin and eth Dominance has already broken out Right days ago Days ago the Blue Chip dominance already Broke out and and if you look at that You know I mean like 80 it's 85 my Friends right I mean the Blue Chip Dominance 85 is is normally where we go 85 here in July 2017 85 here in December At 2020 Um maybe 85 again in I don't know October November December 2024 something Like that This is the the Bitcoin and ethereum Dominance okay so it's not just Bitcoin It's Bitcoin and ease and that the Eighth dominance is at 19 already But I think the E dominance is likely Going to come back down some Um I I suspect that you're going to see The ethereum dominance come you know Fall back this way for a bit but I also Think that Bitcoin dominance will go up Quicker than eth dominance Falls Someone says it just hit 17 rating in Chess for the first time congratulations That's a big milestone So should we uh should we wrap it up There We already broke about I mean we already Hit 4893 so I don't really know what We're watching now

Um we already hit the level that we said Needs to needs to be hit so now it's Just a waiting game so um Why don't we just wrap it up you know I Don't I don't really have anything else To say Um I don't know that a Bitcoin is going To make any any substantial movements in In the immediate future so Watch it make an immediate move right When I log off but Uh I think we probably should wrap it up Yeah because I need to I need to make Another video tonight for the premium Stuff so yeah why don't we go and wrap It up there uh again make sure you guys Subscribe give the video a thumbs up and Um we do have the sale into the clip Reverse premium at Indica a Lot of stuff by the way on the website I Know I don't really talk about it I Don't really talk about the details of It a whole lot but we actually have Quite a bit of stuff on there Um anyways I will uh I will see you guys Next time All right


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