Bitcoin vs Ethereum? Which coin are WHALES buying? ūüź≥

Bitcoin or ethereum that's the question what are 
the whales buying which coin will have the best   Returns going forward from this year into 2030. 
now obviously the biggest gains in crypto will   Come from altcoins we follow the altcoin market 
every day we're interested in the biggest gains at   Altcoin Daily but we also have more conservative 
huddle positions so again I ask you when it comes   To best returns from the two biggest high caps 
Bitcoin or ethereum let's do a deep dive on   Bitcoin versus ethereum and understand where they 
each stand today to answer that question by the   End of the video like always curious to hear what 
you think in the comments below I'll be reading   Your comments let's get started ethereum is in 
such an interesting place today while the network   Activity increases the eth supply decreases this 
makes ethereum deflationary really amazing when   You consider how ethereum first started vitalik 
the creator of ethereum got into crypto because   Blizzard the company behind World of Warcraft 
nerfed his character quote I happily played World   Of Warcraft during 2007 to 2010 vitalik buterin 
writes in his bio but one day blizzard removed the   Damage components from my beloved warlock's siphon 
life spell I cried myself to sleep and on that day   I realized what Horrors centralized Services 
can bring I soon decided to quit vitalik got   Into Bitcoin and soon after started ethereum so 
ethereum's 8 years old now and eight years later   We have so many daps booming on top of ethereum 
taking Supply off the market we've seen D5 we've   Seen nfts just to name a couple many people 
are saying that blockchain gaming blockchain   And gaming is the perfect fit and blockchain games 
are the next big thing in the gaming world and the   Crypto world just like nfts in 2021 and D5 in 2020 
and that makes sense right that's the original   Reason vitalik was inspired to get into crypto and 
build ethereum because of a game I think gaming   And FTS in general just makes a lot of sense it 
was the entire reason why vitalik started ethereum   By the way Patel used to play World of Warcraft 
and one day he noticed that one of his favorite   Characters got weakened by blizzard the developer 
of the game and that's when he realized the   Danger of centralization and at least that was his 
version of The Genesis story of ethereum and so it   Makes sense to turn those in-game assets in World 
of Warcraft into nfts that the game developer has   No way to really affect obviously it's much 
harder than that because the game developers   Can potentially do other things to the nfts right 
like they can change the entire game Loop in a way   That basically older nfts become less relevant 
in the new game group but at least that's the   Hope that's the promise of turning in-game items 
into nfts that the users truly own before we jump   Into Bitcoin let's get a final summation where 
is ethereum today ethereum Supply is declining   With rise in network activity let's go into more 
detail with the adoption of last year's recent   Upgrade EIP 1559 the ethereum network has become 
a deflationary asset since mid-January this year   This upgrade permanently removes a percentage of 
the transaction fees from ethereum's circulating   Supply each time an eth transaction is sent the 
more adoption the more interest and the more  

Trading volume The Ether Network sees the more 
scarce the asset can become this has caused a   Decrease in overall supply of ethereum this year 
since the upgrade was merged into ethereum 158   Days ago 28 000 eth worth 48 million has been 
burnt forever taken off the market supply and   Demand this is good so going forward Shanghai 
upgrade and ethereum development the ethereum   Network is now preparing for the Shanghai upgrade 
another significant upgrade that is expected to   Occur next month this upgrade will release 25 
billion worth of ethereum that has been locked in   Early staking contracts note this ethereum after 
the Shanghai upgrade which can now become unstaked   Doesn't all get unstaked at once you don't have 
to unstake if you don't want to and long term I   Would say the this is actually bullish because 
this will give people entities more confidence   To stake their eth going forward now that they 
know that they can unstake it after the Shanghai   Upgrade the ethereum developers will focus 
on implementing new features such as sharding   And zero knowledge proofs well what are those 
sharding will enhance the blockchain's scalability   By allowing the network to perform parallel 
processing this feature will improve the speed   And efficiency of transactions zero knowledge 
proofs enable enhanced privacy by allowing   Users to authorize transactions without revealing 
any identifiable information let's take a look   At Bitcoin and compare it to ethereum and let's 
start off simple because simple is powerful here's   The timing of Bitcoin Cycles here's the timing of 
Bitcoin Cycles probably means we are entering into   A re-accumulation phase of the cycle here is the 
past re-accumulation phases and as you'll notice   In each reaccumulation phase slowly grinding up 
slowly trending up it's interesting though the   Number of Bitcoin whales has dropped to its lowest 
level since 2019. the number of Bitcoin whales or   Wallet addresses holding 1 000 Bitcoin or more 
hit its lowest level since August 2019 on Sunday   There were 2027 whales on Sunday February 19th 
the last time their numbers dropped this low was   August 5th 2019 when this number was 2023 owning 
that much Bitcoin at its current price around 25   000 represents a sizable show of faith in Bitcoin 
with each whale holding almost 25 million in   Bitcoin what about minnows what about Mega whales 
well the same Trend doesn't appear among so-called   Mega whales those holding more than 10 000 
Bitcoin representing an investment of 250 million   At current prices there are just 117 Mega whales 
which is actually fairly close to historical highs   Of 123 November of 2022 and 126 in October of 2018 
so Mega whales are near all-time highs and then   The number of smaller investors in Bitcoin while 
it's holding over one coin has actually increased   As well gradually increased over the past five 
years so Bitcoin whales dropping to its lowest   Level Mega Wales near all-time highs minnows 
trending up for five years how's that compare   To ethereum well it's hard to compare them exactly 
the data shows however that sharks and whales so   Eth addresses holding 100 to 100 000 ethereum are 
still holding near 47 percent of the supply and   Seems to be relatively strong but ethereum has 
nfts right I mean I don't know if you saw this  

But nft Marketplace is competing blur overtakes 
open c as ethereum nft trading skyrockets ethereum   Has nfts that's surely gives it an edge versus 
Bitcoin right oh but wait Bitcoin has ordinals Now   Ordinals launch on bitcoin Bitcoin nfts because 
of Bitcoin nft ordinals more people are running   Nodes more people are using Taproot more people 
are using lightning more people are competing for   Bitcoin block space all because of inscriptions 
all because of ordinals you truly love to see it   But of course Bitcoin does have big Advocates like 
Michael Saylor breaking news Michael Saylor buys   More Bitcoin with microstrategy fund the whales 
are back Michael say Taylor raises a whopping   46 million in share sales for microstrategy the 
share sales hint at potential Bitcoin purchases   In the future Sailor is still bullish on Bitcoin 
in its capacity to make global economic change   But then of course ethereum seems to be getting 
some big Advocates as well YouTube's new crypto   Friendly CEO sees incredible potential for 
blockchain and nft Tech to boost viewership   And reward influencers now of course he didn't 
say ethereum specifically and of course you   Could be talking about a more centralized 
blockchain maybe a Solana maybe a flow but   Still I think any of this hints at a bullish 
future for ethereum so let's talk about it   Which cryptocurrency between just Bitcoin and 
ethereum is the better investment going forward   What's going to provide the biggest returns and 
let me just say off the bat and you might know   This if you subscribe to our Channel I own both 
Bitcoin and ethereum I like them both and they're   Different right and that's actually why I like 
them they're not just ones not just derivative   Of each other they're very different for me 
personally I own more Bitcoin than ethereum   However in the past couple years I've been dollar 
cost averaging more into ethereum than Bitcoin I   Know you don't want to hear this because everybody 
just wants to hear only this or only that but I do   Think they're both necessary in a cryptocurrency 
portfolio and then to be completely real with   You I think ethereum is a lot different 
than any other point in ethereum's history   It is a lot more stable it is a lot more secure 
and its road map is pretty clear it's my personal   Opinion that ethereum will have bigger returns 
than Bitcoin going forward for the next couple   Cycles just my opinion could be wrong if any of 
us knew the future we'd all be rich I do own more   Bitcoin than ethereum I have been cost averaging 
more ethereum over the past couple years and I do   Think ethereum will have bigger returns over the 
next couple years now you tell me what you think   My name is Aaron at altcoin Daily like the video 
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