Bitcoin Trading Expert: The Life-Changing Advice New Crypto Investors Need to Hear

This is literally where Bitcoin was Sitting before Luna collapsed last year We all expect something's coming against Binance right right now it's hard not to Be bullish on the salana ecosystem it Feels like the ethereum ecosystem felt Right before the last cycle today I Interviewed crypto analyst Scott milker Host of The Wolf ofall streets podcast And I ask Scott the tough questions what Trend are you most bullish on for 2024 Why Solana over cardano where does Ethereum hit top of next cycle as well As investing lessons what's a piece of Advice you have for crypto investors in 2024 maybe something you've learned and The truth about the biggest villain in Crypto the very cop on the beat who's Supposed to be protecting them is Pumping and dumping these coins in price Massively with his words like the video Send this to a friend and let's start Why is Bitcoin pumping now I think Everybody's front running the Bitcoin Spot ETF news I really do think it's as Simple as that Uh because if you even look at the Fouryear cycle that many people believe In we're kind of rallying a bit too Early right so I do think that this is a Coming off of a fundamental Catalyst of The belief that we're going to see that Approval by the end of the year maybe by January 10th at the latest I have no

Inside information beyond the people That I talk to and what I hear but I Talk to Eric balunis and James safer Pretty regularly from Bloomberg they're The two experts they've put themselves On the line here and said 90% chance of Approval by January I tend to believe Them I think there's a lot of pressure Obviously on gendler to get this done I Think he would face a lot of lawsuits if They don't find a way to do it so I Think people are really just front Running that news and now that Bitcoin Is rising to these higher levels we're Starting to see that old bull market Cycle where the money flows into Altcoins and you start to see these Massive pumps there because Interestingly we didn't see that at all Even as Bitcoin ascended from 19 to 20 20 to 25 25 to 30 it really took making That yearly High pushing up here 35 36 37 to see these massive altcoin runs so It feels it feels right now like the Bull markets of old where you get sort Of the cycles and the money flowing from One thing to the next I'm enjoying it uh I don't know that it'll last forever it Never does so I think that this is a Just a great time to be in the market so And if markets often markets sort of Inflict max pain in the short-term sense And pull pullbacks are part of any bull Market or any bare market now that

Everybody is bullish is it time to take Profits it's always time to take profits At least a little bit I think people Will think too binary bull bear spy sell Buy all at once sell all at once I think If you've been here for a while the Minute you start feeling fomo sell 20% Of that position right don't take the Whole thing off it takes more pressure Off you emotionally when the position Gets smaller even if it rises I know You'll feel like you could have sold the The top or bought the bottom but nobody Can expect to do that so I do think Especially coming into 38,000 for Bitcoin it's a reasonable place to take Some off the table wait and see what Happens I mean it's a really critical Level think about what 38,000 means Right first of all everything's Overbought we're up over 2x from the Bottom but this is literally where Bitcoin was sitting before Luna collaps Last year right so a move above 3840 This area is basically erasing the Entire contagion of the 2022 bare Market Saying that Bitcoin has recovered it's Recovered from Luna Voyager Celsius Blockfi FTX name every other platform It's a level that a lot of people were Sitting at before it dumped a lot of People looking to take profit and a big Statement I think to get above it so I'm Not surprised but again what I find

Interesting is now that we're at these Levels you're seeing these altcoin moves I think there's a lot more confidence in The market in general but you talk about A flush out or a drop you always get These 20 30% drops even in a bull market Right but what did we see literally on November 9th we saw Bitcoin hit 38 Immediately drop to the mid 35s or 36s But altcoin some of them literally Dropped 20 or 30 per. but it happened in A matter of minutes and then they Bounced if you want a real indication That you're in a bull market it's how Fast those retracements happen you Literally got your 30% dump on some of These coins that a day later are trading Higher than when it even happened just Really astounding price action you've Got to be there with your bids already Waiting if you're looking for those Corrections because they can happen now In a matter of Minutes in a lot of ways Bitcoin is Inevitable the adoption is happening It's in a different league but at the Same time ethereum is nipping at its Seels in the last week Black Rock has Officially filed for a spot ethereum ETF This is sort of institutional adoption That crypto holders have like just Dreamed of we've only talked about the Last multiple years does this change Your outlook for eth meaning make you

More bullish it does change my outlook For eth listen we've already had Ethereum spot ETF applications filed but It's different when it's black Rob for a Few reasons number one is that Larry Frink has been on a road show talking About crypto as a flight to Quality and The Bitcoin maximalist screamed and Yelled that he was only saying crypto Because he legally couldn't say Bitcoin The SEC would come down on him if he was Talking his own book that's completely Dispelled we now know the truth which is That Larry think is in fact bullish on All crypto and when he says crypto is a Flight to Quality he means it if you Were paying attention before you already Knew that because in his annual investor Letter last March he wrote extensively On the tokenization of assets on these Other crypto assets Beyond just the Bitcoin spot ETF that they had filed for So when it comes from Black you can say That Larry f is one of the top five Probably most powerful people literally On the entire planet people joke that There's uh four branches of the Government the executive judicial Legislative and black rock I would say That uh there's just black rock and Maybe the other three are subsidiaries Right I I I don't think people Understand just how impactful black rock Is and just how powerful his words are

So as for ethereum I've been really Beating the ethereum drum over the past Month or so throughout the cycle always Kind of been an ethereum bull but I've Written three newsletters on it in the Last two months saying that this is Irrational fud it's way beaten down People aren't looking at it it will have Its moment in the cycle last week I Literally wrote a newsletter called the Most hated asset I made the case at Ethereum right now was more hated than Even hex and Doge and xrp and all these Others and then maybe two minutes before We got the ethereum spot news I wrote a Bunch of Twitter posts saying hey this Is the only the fourth time in history That ethereum versus Bitcoin has been Oversold on RSI uh just basically making the case Very clearly that I thought ethereum was Going to have its moment I didn't think It would have its moment 10 minutes Later um you know that was complete luck But I do think that this now is Extremely bullish for ethereum and if You follow that logic it just takes you Further with time down the risk curve to What Black Rock will do I mean Black Rock they're the kings of indexing right I mean that's literally what they do They create ETFs they create IND is Would you be surprised if we get a Bitcoin spot ETF 6 months through you

Later you get an ethereum spot ETF then You get a top 10 crypto index ETF and Then one day when we're in a bull market You get a defi ETF I'm not saying these Things will happen but if black Rock's Making money they're going to continue Filing for these products and so will Everybody else yet an ethereum spot ETF Cannot happen without the secc Gary Gensler's approval you've been very Vocal fire Gary Gensler why I think that no individual has done more Damage to retail investors than Gary Gendler and his very mandate is to Protect them right we we all know he Didn't protect anyone from FTX Voyage or Block F any of these right so you can Give him a pass on that you can say he Didn't know you can say some of them Were foreign entities but he was working Directly with Sam bakman freed to work On legislation and regulation so listen I mean where there's smoke there's Usually fire I think he was embarrassed By FTX and has now gone scorched Earth In the other direction to basically Compensate for that we also all know Factually at this point that you know he Was a plant from Elizabeth Warren and She has people in the White House and She happens to be the most powerful Person in legislation in finance in the Senate right she's basically the one Who's giving the directives and so he's

Going to keep doing what he's doing Until it becomes so politically Unpopular that uh she tells him not to And we all know that she's still raising The anti-crypto Army pushing for you Know The false Narrative of Hamas terrorist Funding all these things so I think if You look at it Rationally gbtc has been an inferior Pro Product for years it had a 50% discount That was the only way that your average Retail investor could gain exposure the Bitcoin Futures ETF was the most popular ETF in history ever launched the fastest To a billion dollars I think it was less Than 48 hours there's a thirst for these Things that Futures ETF was so popular That they couldn't actually buy one Month contracts to fill it they had to Go out to two three four months which Means it's not tracking the the Underlying asset it's not tracking the Actual price of spot and has Underperformed spot so the best way to Protect investors obviously is to Approve a Bitcoin spot ETF fees go close To zero and people get a safe way I Don't I think you should self custody Your Bitcoin but people get a safe way To gain exposure to this asset now take Another example that I've been talking About a lot lately just yesterday Gary Gendler thinks said he thinks it's a

Perfectly fine idea to relaunch FTX okay fine I take that at face value But what did that do to the market okay I'm not going to argue how absurd the The notion of him saying that is but it Sent ftt up over a 100% it's up a couple Hundred perc in a matter of days Effectively on that news what happened When they filed their cases against Coinbase and binance they passively Without ever attacking the projects Directly just named a whole bunch of Assets as on registered Securities right I think the list got up to like 55 of Them or something just passively named In these suits so what did you see at That time madic cardono all these had Been listed they went down 50 60 70% American investors are holding those Assets the very cop on the beat who's Supposed to be protecting them is Pumping and dumping these coins in price Massively with his words he's literally Doing the dead opposite of what his Mandate is as the chairman of the SEC so Listen even if you don't want to fire The guy I actually believe that the Proposal that Warren Davidson has to Make it a committee so the chairman has A bit less power and it's measured and And they vote and they come to a Consensus and decide on these things Where they make a lot more sense Hester Pur is very reasonable she's been

Leading the charge from the other side Of the SEC sadly the SEC historically I Think has been an agency that has done a Great job to protect investors it's just That this SEC is activist and taking This you know uh regulation by Enforcement approach and even the rest Of the Doesn't want him to do it so I think It's very clear there are a number of Reasons that he needs to go the good News is eventually he Will let's say top of next cycle Bitcoin Hits over $120,000 that would be outrageously Great some people say more some people Say less But this question is just for fun but Your best pro projections where does Ethereum hit top of next cycle oh man That's a tough one I just for fun just For fun nobody knows yeah yeah well I There's nothing that makes you look Dumber than trying to take out your Broken crystal ball and making uh Predictions especially when they're time Based right so I try to avoid it but I Will say that uh I thought it was going There last cycle so that should uh tell You my credibility I like many people Thought hey we broke 65 bitcoin's at 69 It just made a new high it's gonna uh Take the uh elevator straight up to 100 Right and obviously didn't so and I

Thought ethereum was going to 10 right So I think that uh if if Bitcoin goes Into 120 130 I would expect that we Could see ethereum you know at 10,000 Something like that but in the it it Would not surprise me to see it much Higher it's like uh now I want to give a Conservative estimate so I don't look Dumb so I'm just going to say 10 instead Of 25 which is dancing around in my Brain but I I don't I don't know that it Gets to something like 25 in this cycle But I I am you know I'm very bullish on The next cycle I think that uh humans Are going to human they're going to pump These things they're going to you know Speculate and get excited and it's going To happen all over again what trend um Are you most bullish on for 2024 in Crypto for example gaming there's a new Thing called dpin l2s what are you Looking At right now it's hard not to be bullish On the salana ecosystem it it feels like The ethereum ecosystem felt right before The last cycle I haven't honestly Participated so greatly in it but I do Think that those competitive L1 Narratives are going to be comp telling In the next cycle I think the things We're seeing right now are the first Little iterations of what we're likely To see when we go into a full-blown Cycle I also think that narratives of

Past Cycles are going to really start to play Out now and in future Cycles so humans Obviously have this habit of being Really early on their expectation of What's about to happen but then being Really slow to understand the Exponential growth when it finally does Happen right so defi summer metaverse Fall nfts all these things people Expected them to gain Mass mainstream Adoption overnight that never happens so I think we recycle too early on all Those things so I think we'll see a more Mature version of all of the narratives Of past Cycles starting to really Proliferate in this next cycle but some Of those could take one or two more Cycles right the thing that I would say Most compelling I don't know if it's as Investable I don't know there's a coin You can buy to take advantage of this But I do think the tokenization in real World assets after of the chatter of Previous Cycles is really coming to Fruition now you have major institutions Doing this now like I said I don't know How you invest in it necessarily because A lot of it I think will happen on Private institutional blockchain so it's More of an adoption of the underlying Technology then necessarily ethereum Blows up because of it you see JP Morgan Onyx and you see black rock settling a

Tokenized money market fund with bar Clays in real time for minimal fees and Being able to use that as collateral I Mean we've been screaming about that's What we were talking about for nfts in 2018 before there were even pfps and all Of the madness right so I think the real Fundamental use cases are going to start To come to fruition I don't think people Realize asset managers with multiple Trillions under management like Franklin Templeton right for example I talked to Sandy call from Franklin Templeton she's One of my favorite guests to have on the Show she gets me so excited and bullish About what institutions are doing They've already tokenized $300 million That's a drop in the bucket but 300 Million dollars of treasury bills are Tokenized and actively trading right now And that's a billion total am a Market Maple Finance has tokenized quite a bit Of treasury bills but these are like United States T bills on a blockchain That you can actively trade from one of The largest asset managers in the world Now you can tell me that they're just Dipping their toes maybe they just want To be there in case it does happen but These are real institutions spending Real money and real resources to explore These things and it's not just doing Doing research they're literally doing It right I don't care what Jamie Diamond

Says I I'm looking at what he does right And JP Morgan is very very active in the Crypto space and in tokenization so I Think that'll be a huge narrative I do Think that gaming really starts to come To fruition I think that we've had a Problem with gaming where we don't have Adoption from an existing AAA game of Any crypto and we haven't been able to Build a real AAA game within crypto or On the blockchain so when one of those Two things happen I think that'll be the Catalyst for what really sends the Gaming side going I've been to a few Conferences uh this year there are some Pretty serious games being built uh Natively for blockchain so I do think That will happen but once again like the Best tripa games take hundreds of Millions of dollars and you know Probably close to a decade to develop so It was really kind of nonsensical for us To think that that was going to happen Immediately in the last cycle but defi Happening gaming happening nft is very Much happening but I think it'll be more With tokenization of real world assets But you're most bullish on alternative L1 specifically you love the Solana Ecosystem why Solana over cardano for Example like Define it for me well uh That that's hard to Define to be quite Honest I interviewed R Paul and he got Me so excited about salana that my brain

Felt like it was going to explode and I I was trying but I didn't buy right but Uh and so like I was trying not to fomo But and then you know Rand nunar Obviously is my partner on on Crypt Town Hall he came on live from salana break Point there's 3,500 people here they're Not retail they're developers this is Really building there's true interest You know there's a flowing in I just Think that uh a even if none of that's True narrative drives everything in Crypto so if that narrative even exists Then that's probably enough to continue Sending it up but you know speaking to Raul and then doing a bit of due Diligence on fire dancer and what's Happening there if the promise of what They say they can do actually comes to Fruition I know that's in testnet now But if they can do millions of Transactions per second then it really Is a GameChanger especially if they can Actually do that in a secure manner Without uh downtime because we all know Their history so listen I I view all of This as speculative ideas to be quite Honest right I my view on crypto has Always been there's Bitcoin and Everything else is like a speculative VC Investment but that's fine right it's Totally fine they're just not trying to Compete with Bitcoin so get over it you Know uh and that's always been my view

But if they can do that I think that They can capture a ton of the market you Know I've had an holy salana on a number Of times and I flat out asked him Probably a year ago I said you know are We going to live in a multi-chain world Interoperability these narratives or can We go full Lord of the Rings and have One chain to rule them all and he was Like oh we can do it all like flat out And I didn't know if that was Hubris or Ego or he knew what was coming with fire Dancer but uh he's the first founder or Like developer that I've heard flat out Make the claim that what he's doing Could Dom at all so talking about Cardano I I don't have a feeling on Cardano at all I I don't know that That's going to piss people off I you Know we all get attacked by their army But I I buy into the idea that they're Trying to do it the right way I've Spoken to them I've spoken to Charles I Think he's brilliant I buy into the idea That they're taking their time to do it Right but that makes me fear that it's Going to be even more you know we've Been hearing that for Cycles so I I Think it's one of those things this Space just show me you know like when I See a killer app come out on cardano With meaningful traction I think that That will be really really excited Exciting and listen I'm still bullish on

The idea of l2s as well I think that uh Coinbase with base I think that's really Compelling we've seen listen I don't Really care about friend Tech per se and I certainly wasn't trading bald which Was locked on there or whatever it Happened but I think having a company Like coinbase disrupting themselves with A decentralized technology and doing it Without a token I think that's a road Mapap for things that other companies Could do we know krton is now looking to Do something like that man I think we're Just at the point now it's interesting In previous Cycles I think there wasn't Enough block space there wasn't enough Speed there wasn't enough of any of it For any of these wild outlandish ideas That we had now it's like it's all built And the house is empty right it's like San Francisco commercial real estate Right now in crypto so now we we need Somebody to actually build a killer app That the people want to use right so so Now I think it can all probably scale For mainstream adoption for the first Time now we need mainstream adoption Right we need people to actually care And use it and as those people come in The mainstream re uh re gets turned on To crypto in this next year what's a Piece of advice you have for crypto Investors in 2024 maybe something you've Learned dollar cost average into Bitcoin

And forget about the rest of it unless You've done your research and you're a Sophisticated investor as exciting as I Can get get excited as I can get about All these things we're talking about I Literally took a look at it the other Day if you started buying Bitcoin at 69,000 your first buy was the all-time High and you bought a hundred bucks Every single month once a month since Then you've spent $10,000 as of October 31st it's higher now you spent $10,000 Your portfolio is worth $13,300 so just Consider that if you dollar cost Averaged into Bitcoin on the literal Worst day in history to start your up Over 34% on your dollar cost averaging in a Market where you saw 16,000 sub 16,000 Bitcoin and still are over 50 or roughly 50% off the highs and the reason is when Bitcoin goes parabolic it's really not For that long in the context of all of The History of Time Bitcoin spends most Of its time in accumulation at the Bottom after a cycle high so you're Gaining the benefit of buying those Highs so even if you're buying now or You start at 50 and it goes back down to 30 whatever it is it's a lesson from any Market in the past you just buy the Strongest asset Bitcoin we all know is Kind of like buying spy it's like a Index Fund of all of crypto right until

We really see them untether and the Cycles change Bitcoin is like buying Exposure to the entire crypto market now You can go further down the risk curve And find other ways to do that I think Your next step after that is start Dollar cost averaging into ethereum After that maybe start dollar cost Averaging smaller into Salo 70% 20% 10% You know something like that and then When you become a d genen like the rest Of us you start really speculating on This other stuff but with a very small Part of your portfolio so I would say That the lesson I've learned Unfortunately as exciting as as excited As I am about all these things is it's Bitcoin is still king and a 30% return In two years is really good when you've Been in a bare market right so imagine How good all those buys you had at 18 1920 when you were dollar cost average You're going to look if we do get to 100 And 120 and I learned that by the way by Dollar cost averaging from the dead top Of spy in the Great Recession I was Completely broke I was uh in debt until Like 2007 2008 I've told the stories Countless times about all the times I Got washed out in markets but I finally I was a DJ at the time and I went on This huge tour in Japan in 2006 and I Finally got paid like real money to do My job and I was like in 20 seven it's

Time for me to really start investing Now that I have money again I started Dollar cost averaging into spy almost at The dead ass top and I was so underwater I mean I was like you know one of those Old school guys with the big helmet with The you know like just just absolutely Scuba diving and I was underwater for Seven eight nine years but I just kept Passively every month buying spy by 201819 every month it was making a new All-time high and every one of those Buys was up many multiples so it's just The way you invest in markets that's What I would say to new people Absolutely just just buy Bitcoin and Start to understand it before you go any Further down the risk curve and final Couple questions before I let you go You've been doing interviews all morning Um it is suspected that the cftc is Coming out against binance and maybe the SEC combination what's your outlook on On binance in 2024 it's a tough one but I will say That uh it's only getting more positive And that's not necessarily for binance But that's for the market and I can Explain why so when the action came out First from the SEC against binance and We started getting rumors that there Could be doj enforcement action like you Said cftc basically every agency in the United States with a couple of letters

Is in some way looking at a civil or Criminal investigation at binance Binance was the market I won't even say Binance was a huge part of the market It's like binance was the market right 70 80% of volume was on on binance now I Think it's exceptionally sad what the SEC with that enforcement action did to Binance us right because they were Immediately unbanked everybody ran away Without any due process without proving Anything and they effectively killed Binance us and sent it to zero you can't Trade on there you can't get your money Off on a bank account you can only send It I thought that you were you know Innocent proven until proven guilty in This in this country and they literally Killed the US side of binance without uh Without proving a single thing right so That's very sad but the upside of that And what we've seen with other countries Kicking binance out which I think is Also unjustified at this point is that Binance has become marginalized so it's Very bad for binance as a business but As their percentage share of the market Drops as their percentage of the volume Drops the impact of anything that is to Come for binance becomes progressively More priced in and progressively less Damaging to the market so if binance is 10% of the market by the time the doj Comes out is anybody really going to

Care no and is anybody at this point Whether rationally or not we all expect Something's coming against binance right So that's the kind of things that you See priced in literally just this week CME which is the institutional trading You know platform for American Institutions surpassed binance in Futures open interest invol volume That's crazy that is crazy because on The one hand it's it's two uh Intersecting it's two things Intersecting right it's binance's Decline and institutional interests Incline Crossing at that point that's a Flippening right I don't care if Ethereum flips Bitcoin institutional Futures flipping binance is a really Really big deal so I don't know what Will come I'm not a lawyer I've never Looked into binance's business like my Gut feeling is that much like tether a Lot of these companies did sort of Sketchy or Shady things at the beginning When there was Road no road map there Were no Regulators watching and then They probably cleaned up their act Massively when the spotlight was on them Like I can't imagine that bance is doing The things they were doing in 2018 or 19 Now with everybody watching I mean CZ is Like on a road show doing selfies and Talking to Regulators around the world Every day of his life and you've seen

The attestations of tether for example Right so was tether not fully backed at Some point in the past probably right Maybe that wasn't even nefarious maybe They they were just learning right are They fully back now I'd be pretty Confident with every regulator in the World looking at them that they probably Are so the question is will Binance survive the sins of their past If they exist uh or are they doing those Things now but I think that the market Now has priced in most of the potential Massive fund tether binance dcg I say Are the three shoes that could still Drop for the industry and final question Say you've already got your Bitcoin Position you've already got your Ethereum position I give you a thousand Doll what are five altcoins you take a Flyer on into next year feel free to so Boring I'm so boring yeah I'm so boring And especially if I'm in an interview Right but um so listen I I I avoid meme Coins uh I'll trade them every once in a While but I certainly wouldn't talk About them but listen I I think and this Is a point that I sort of made in the Last cycle as well I think the safest Way if you're new is you're unlikely to Pick that one project that's going to be The project of the next cycle that pulls A thousand X right that's very hard to Do even the people who do fundamental

Analysis usually miss them and then you Usually buy it too late at the top and You get uh completely destroyed anyways But the way that I think you can capture That value to a very lesser extent is Just to buy the layer ones and the layer Twos where these things are being built So it's kind of the infrastructure Structure play of crypto right like buy Some salana because a bunch of stuff Will probably be built on salana like I Happen to have been uh Multiverse X SE Gold elron call it what you want I've Been literally since it was like 10 Sacks trading against Bitcoin on uh on Binance so I've been a huge fan of what They're building I like them a lot but But choose your choose your uh you know Choose your fighter but I think that if You invest in the layer ones the Maddox The layer twos right and get a little Piece of each of them some of those are Going to win and even if some of them End up not winning you'll catch enough Upside from the ones that do but then Like if one of them becomes the gaming Chain or if one of them becomes the defi Chain or one of them captures the entire Nftc Market you're going to benefit Massively from that without having to Buy the nft that goes up a thousand Times right so I I can't tell you what Five for me off the top of my head eold Salana avac uh then we got Bitcoin eum

Obviously H you know if I got to be a DJ Maybe I buy a little Doge just because You know Elon Musk might talk about it Again and Doge as much as I've always Been like a bitcoiner and Stuff Doge really is what got me Exceptionally interested in trading Crypto I came in as a Trader in 2016 but uh my friend Christopher ink Showed me the Doge cycle which you Remember right it was like the waves you You you would buy it at first of all you Didn't trade it against dollars or usdt It didn't exist it was a Bitcoin only Pair and you would buy between 15 and 25 SATs it would go to 120 or 180 come down And then you know two months later it Would do it again so you just bought it Every time it came down you made like a You know 15x and it would come down so I Sold all my Doge when it like got to a Penny I was like this is insane we can Talk about this in dollars you know I Couldn't believe it and it went to 70 Cents of course like my my wife's Favorite joke uh whenever she's mad at Me or just wants poke fun is like yeah You know you traded all that doze to Make like 20 30 grand over all those Years how much would it be worth if you Had just held all that and I'm like H $60 million you know but you know I Don't know better so I I think there's a Place in my heart for Doge because it's

The original Meme and I think it has Acre a real value in f as a result but Yeah I think just buying the Infrastructure buying the layer ones and Layer twos that you believe in you can Probably capture a lot of the value Without having to identify the single Winner Scott such Sound Advice man uh The link for your stuff your Twitter Everything is Down Below in the video Description I encourage the audience to Check it out final thoughts for the Audience yeah I'm just honored to be Here to be honest and I do think like For final Thoughts it's really early in this cycle I think like I I don't have predictions For where price is going to go but I Would say don't start losing sleep right Now don't start refreshing your Portfolio app at 3 o'clock in the Morning to see what the price of Bitcoin Is I think it's very very important to Take your time make good pragmatic Sensible decisions be slow continue to Dollar cost average just because Bitcoin Chills for a second doesn't need mean You need to like buy Crocket Pepe Doge Enu whatever you know uh just to make Gains you're gonna make money if you Just stay solvent and remain here don't Use leverage there's my number one piece Don't use leverage avoid it you don't Need it this is already a volatile asset

Class but really I think that we've got Years you know if I looking at the Four-year cycle which to me is like if It ain't broke don't try to fix it maybe It'll be different this time it very Well could but prove it that means 2025 Is the big year right I mean it's 2023 Right now last time I checked so I would Just say don't get fomo don't freak out You've got plenty of time to do this Still invest what you can afford to lose Really the basic things you would tell Any any investor I think are still very Important advice here at the point this Point I mean we'll see what happens but Uh I think we've got a lot of bull Market to Go


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