Bitcoin to $80K in 2024, Sam Altman’s Worldcoin expands, and the memecoin ‘menace’

Bitwise researchers believe that Bitcoin Will go to 80k in 2024 and that more Money will be settled using stable coins Than Visa good morning you're listening to The ryen crypto podcast by coin Telegraph with me Robert bags steering You through the crypto Cosmos with daily Dispatches from the digital Frontier if You want to stay ahead of the curve in Crypto make sure you click that follow Button okay grab yourself a coffee and Let's get into It it's another wild one today so here's A quick rundown of what we're going to Cover researchers claim that Bitcoin is Going to 0k in 2024 and stable coins Will Eclipse Visa the SEC wants to Include in its own case the binance Guilt admissions to the doj a crypto Expert calls meme coins a menace to Crypto the SEC serves Richard Hart with A lawsuit but can't find him and Samman's World coin integrates with the Likes of Shopify Minecraft reddit and Telegram okay let's start with a story That will get fired up for 2024 a senior Researcher at bitwise Ryan rasmason Yesterday made 10 extremely bullish Predictions for next year the Predictions were made in collaboration With his team at bitwise and here are Some of the highlights the bitwise team Believed that Bitcoin will trade above

$8,000 setting a new all-time high they See the two major catalysts bringing About this surge in price as the spot Bitcoin ETFs in January and the harving Event in April rasmason goes on to Highlight that they believe the spot Bitcoin ETFs will collect itively be the Most successful ETF launch of all time The next head turning prediction in this Thread I'm going to read verbatim more Money will settle using stable coins Than Visa stable coins are one of Crypto's killer apps growing from Effectively 0 to $137 billion Market in The past four years and we think 2024 Will be another major year of growth the Folks at bitwise are experts in crypto Investing so my two cents has no place Here but I would say that the stable Coin predictions feel a strong bet to me For many reasons as Javier M was elected As president of Argentina amidst their Devastating inflation this year many Stories came out that a sizable portion Of Argentinian citizens were immediately Putting their entire paychecks in stable Coins to avoid the rising inflation that Was as much as 8.3% some months this is Just one of many examples of people Turning to stable coins in recent years And adoption is patently soaring the Third prediction of the 10 that I want To flag is AI assistance using crypto to Pay for things this is something we

Touched on a few weeks ago actually as AI integrates into our lives more and More the need for AI to be able to use Money as we do is increasing crypto is a Natural fit for AI not least because AI Can't get a bank account but can get a Crypto wallet as rasmuson says it will Solidify crypto's place as the native Currency of the Internet it's well worth Reading the full thread of predictions So make sure you check the show notes For it I've somehow had to omit the Prediction that Taylor Swift will start Using nfts to connect with fans It's almost impossible to give you a Daily crypto debrief at the moment Without mentioning binance or the SEC in Fact I think the SEC gets two mentions Today but the first one is involving Binance binance desperately wants to Draw a line under the legal proceedings With the us as we've seen with the $4.3 Billion settlement with the doj the Terms of which have been called a Financial colonoscopy but try as they Might they cannot get that clean break And they're fighting for it again amaka Noel Kota yesterday covered the news That the United States Securities and Exchange Commission the SEC wants to Include binance's admission of guilt to The doj in its own legal proceedings on Tuesday binance Holdings and CZ Submitted a response to the US District

Court of the District of Colombia Insisting that the inclusion of Binance's guilty plea and settlement With the doj should not be allowed to be Included in the sec's ongoing case Against binance as it would be Procedurally incorrect however as amaka Wrote the SEC argued that the Settlements demonstrate that binance was Well aware it was operating in the US Serving us customers and tapping into Infrastructure within the US for Transactions in reply binance argued That the SEC did not show how the Resolutions reached with the doj were Relevant to any of the sec's faulty Claims against binance Holdings and Zhao What's essentially Happening Here is That the SEC wants to include the two Admissions of guilt to the doj by Binance and CZ in their own separate Case against binance and CZ binance Argues that this isn't attemp attempt to Bring new facts and arguments that were Not part of the original lawsuit by the SEC binance's lawyers also sort of imply That the SEC trying to introduce new Information and arguments at this late Stage is evidence that the sec's case Was Weak Lucas key the chief investment Officer for yield app wrote a scathing Piece yesterday for coin Telegraph where He called meme coins a menace to crypto

In 2013 two software developers launched Dogecoin in what was simply as Lucas Puts it a harmless piece of fun that Original meme coin now has a market cap North of $113 billion and while being an Interesting story it has inspired a Litany of scams posing as meme coins According to coin market cap there are 1,300 or more meme coins in circulation With a total market cap of $22 billion However as Lucas highlighted nine pages Of the listings are completely worthless Coins we have seen an inordinate number Of scams in the mem coin world including Infamous examples like The Unofficial Squid games token but they're still Happening consistently in August a meme Coin called Bal ba was launched on Coinbase's layer 2 Bas if you want to Get a sense of how quickly these things Can happen here's your example bold was Launched on a Sunday morning in August And reached a market cap of $85 million By that evening then on the Monday the Very next day to quote Wham the lead Dev Yoinked his liquidity tanking the Token's price by 90% Lucas calls meme Coins a form of financial Hunger Games He says they have no utility and bear no Resemblance to genuine cryptocurrencies They just siphon money from people there Are a handful of meme coins that will Likely stick around and I don't find Them completely unpalatable by virtue of

Being one of the first like Dogecoin However I completely agree with Lucas's Article I might even go further and say That what we're seeing with meme coins We've seen elsewhere in crypto 2 this is Certainly going to irritate many people In the space but to me Dogecoin is a bit Like Crypt punks I like Crypt punks Because they were the first but the Sea Of consequent algorithmically generated Art nfts I see as digital detritus at Least for the most part and it seems That this is how it is with meme coins They are just transparent money grabs And scams make sure you give Lucas's Article a read even if you're a big Follower of meme coins it is a well Supported argument against them okay We're back to the SEC and it's a bit of A strange one the SEC has served a suit To Richard Hart the founder of heex but They had to do it sort of In Absentia as Despite knowing he's in Helsinki Finland They can't find him so who is Richard Hart well he founded hex an ethereum Based cryptocurrency he also founded Pulse x a decentralized exchange bits Similar to Unis Swap and pulse chain an Ethereum Fork yesterday Jesse cockland Covered the sec's efforts to serve har His suit which started back in July in It he is alleged to have made over1 Billion selling hex PLS and plsx which The SEC claimed to to be unregistered

Securities it is also alleged that Hart Defrauded investors both in the US and Abroad using $12 million of their funds To buy and I quote here a 555 karat Diamond expensive watches and high-end Automobiles although Hart seems to be Successfully evading the SEC at least Physically he's hardly gone into hiding He's been reasonably active on Twitter X Where he has been commenting on recent Events with binance dquan and the SBF Trial also this summer the movie about Him was released it's called the highest Stakes and it's now on Apple TV and Amazon Prime video Hart was apparently Very much involved in the creation of This documentary it features him Extensively and he helped promote it Whatever the case after 7 weeks of Calling texting writing letters and Knocking on the door of his hell sinky Home the SEC is bored of being jilted by Him and has served heart through a Substitute worldcoin has just announced It is being integrated into some massive Platforms for its humanness verification System with world ID somehow this is the First time I'm covering worldcoin on Ryzen crypto but I done an hourong Episode on it for the Mint one podcast In the summer so let me give you some Background on what it is worldcoin is a Blockchainbased Biometrics project Founded by several people but most

Notably Sam Alman the founder of open AI The company behind chat GPT to use Worldcoin users need to download the app And then visit an orb in person There Are Places dotted around the world That's playing host to these strange Pieces of tech and once you can find one You hold this dystopian silver eye in Front of your face and it scans your Iris they honestly couldn't look more Orwellian if they tried now the reason It scans your iris is because that has The most entropy which basically means It's a more reliable differentiator than Fingerprint due to Randomness once the Orb tells you you are indeed a human you Can use your world ID to verify that You're a human whenever you need to you Might scoff here and say when do I need To confirm I'm a human but it's becoming More and more common since AI is Singular moment which also seems to Trace back to Sam Alman the need to Verify you're not a robot is becoming Commonplace click all the pictures of Buses just isn't cutting the Mustard Anymore there have been Myriad Criticisms of worldcoin since its launch In July many of which are focused around The security of the biometric data Though personally I don't like the name Worldcoin reminds me too much of rouer Ova's onecoin scam nevertheless I signed Up to worldcoin to research my podcast

Episode and article and I have my world ID which is relevant here okay now You're caught up what's the news you Need to know well worldcoin has Announced the launch of world ID 2.0 and With its integration into the likes of Shopify Mardo Libra Minecraft reddit and Telegram a verble who's who of high user Apps these apps can now authenticate World ID holders with varying levels of Depth all of course zero knowledge all That means is that if apps were to ask Your age they will say yes or no to Whether you're above 21 for example Rather than giving your exact age Worldcoin claimed to CNBC that the world ID can counter Bots return fraud and Coupon stacking which they say are Costing retailers around a100 billion do A year like it or loath it and to be Honest I quite like it worldcoin is an Unambiguously fascinating use case of Blockchain by a person who is already Changing the world at a rate of knots so You might not want to step into a George Orwell novel quite yet but the worldcoin Project and its wld token should at the Very least be on your Radar every day I can't believe that This Daily News show for one industry Can be so varied but that's it for today Consider yourself informed thank you for Listening to the ryen crypto podcast by Coin Telegraph if you're enjoying these

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