Bitcoin SOARS Through $50,000 | Last Chance to Buy Crypto Before Explosion?

And so that means that these ETFs sucked Up 5% of the entire tradable supply of Bitcoin in 30 days Bitcoin pushes Through $50,000 for the first time since The late 2021 I mean this thing's going Back to his all-time high it it's pretty Much guaranteed at this what's and it's Because of Black Rock it's because of Fidelity and all 11 Bitcoin ETFs that Are buying 12.5 times more Bitcoin per Day than the daily issuance number go up The verdicts in right uh Wall Street Doesn't just like Bitcoin they love Bitcoin if you think of these assets uh There's been over 5,500 ETF launches in History never have we had a fund get to $3 billion in a in the first 30 days Black Rock and Fidelity both just did it So two for the first time in history and Then if you look at bitwise in 21 shares Uh Arc they're both going to hit a Billion dollars this year or this week And so now you have four funds they're Going to hit a billion dollars of Inflows but the most interesting part of This is the inflows are do these funds Are doing $500 million a day of net Inflow flows but there's only 900 Bitcoin that is actually coming into the Daily incoming Supply and so when you Look at that that's like $4 to $45 Million there's 12 and a half X more Demand for Bitcoin than what's being Produced on a daily basis how much of

This do you think is being generated by The ETFs themselves well I mean you just Measure the actual net inflows right and So you can just see there is way more Buying pressure so you're saying 3 Billion for Black Rock there's 4 billion Now for Black Rock three and a half for Fidelity and then you've got uh bitwise And 21 shares will both hit about a Billion uh this upcoming week and am I Too late to to buy Bitcoin am I too late To buy ethereum Watch today's whole Video there's altcoin news you need to See but because the size of Bitcoin is Already an almost trillion doll asset Are these inflows from Black Rock of any Real significance the CNBC hosts are Left speechless total valuation though Of Bitcoin if on a market cap is a Trillion so this isn't this a dominous Issue or no now here's the where it gets Really interesting you most of the Things aren't trading 80% right of all Bitcoin circulation has not moved in the Last 6 months you got have only about $200 billion that's actually tradable And so that means that these ETFs sucked Up 5% of the entire tradable supply of Bitcoin in 30 days I mean bit Bitcoin is Become wall Street's favorite Asset what you going to say Joe I can Tell you I'm I'm not going to say I 5% Doesn't sound like a lot I I here's what What 30 days it used to take a lot for

Someone to invest in Bitcoin it's real Easy right now and I just I don't know Are we going to 990,000 in a year that Be two we people don't double their Money by buying an ETF in a year so I Think that now I think it might be a Currency that you can use cuz it's going To stay at 47,000 well look the the World is changing for sh me last year The NASDAQ was up 50% right and so There's definitely these big moves that Happen in the traditional markets Bitcoin obviously is that on steroids But the other thing that's now starting To happen Fidelity just came out and They've got a fund it's an all-in-one Fund out in Canada and they're going to Put 1 to 3 % of that fund into the Bitcoin ETF and so what you're going to Start seeing is not just direct inflows Into the Bitcoin ETFs you're going to Start seeing them putting Bitcoin into All of their funds because it from a Risk reward standpoint drastically Improves the performance of these Portfolios and they're going to start to Realize if I'm lagging indicators if I'm Lagging performance if I put a little Bit of Bitcoin 1 to 3% into this Portfolio it's going to enhance so I Cannot see the future I not a financial Advisor I'm just sharing what works for Me but the truth is anywhere under a $69,000 Bitcoin is a great time to buy

We're still 27% down from that all-time High from over 2 years ago not that There won't be draw downs but the Fundamentals have only gotten better a Year from now it's where it's oh it's Much higher I I think that if this Continues if we have 12 and a half times More demand than we do incoming daily Supply and remember the having is coming So we're going to go from 900 Bitcoin to 450 Bitcoin a day I mean this thing's Going back to his all-time high it it's Pretty much guarantee this what and look At this this is Google trends for crypto And Bitcoin there's no interest from Retail right now Bitcoin is at $50,000 and Retail is nowhere to be seen It boggles the mind how 8 billion people Can fumble this opportunity it was so Obvious and yet here we are a hord of Deens positioning ahead of the biggest Wave of capital to ever flow into a new Asset class what's the thing you worry About being wrong about yeah I I think The biggest thing is it's not so much Right or wrong as much as it is like the Return of this asset is going to dampen Over time just as it gets larger and as The holder base changes one of the Things that hasn't happened in the Bitcoin Community previously is things Like rebalancing and so when you all of A sudden give financial advisor an asset And let's say you have a 1% allocation

And it goes to 5% you're going to sell You're going to rebalance that portfolio And so when the holder base is changing You have to understand that the return Profile will come down and so if you Think that you're going to buy Bitcoin And it's going to you know help you Retire those days probably are behind uh But what it will do is outperform stock But then you're not in the camp of uh of The Cathy wood $500,000 million base Case Bitcoin valuation issue because by The way if if that's true then you then You can retire yeah I I mean look again It depends on the timeline right so if You're saying it's going to go from 50,000 to 500,000 which is 10x and That's going to happen over the next 10 Years I think she thinks that that's What's going to happen that's not that Crazy right again NASDAQ was up 50% last Year I'm not saying nasdaq's going to go Up 50% every year but we live in a world Where it has completely lost all ties to Reality because we are printing an Enormous amount of The interest payment on the debt is a Trillion dollars right it was a video Game number and so in that world how Much are these assets worth when the Denominator is just being debased away They're going to be worth a lot more you Can just start putting zeros on the end Of the values of these assets and what

About ethereum eth is still 46% down From its all-time high over two years Ago and with major asset manager Franklin Templeton just joining the spot Ethereum ETF race like Black Rock like Fidelity and Arc here are all all the Current asset managers betting that an Ethereum ETF is next ethereum gas fees Just hit an 8-month high amid ERC 404 Craze so people are rushing to Capitalize on the early stages of what They think will be a trend and the ERC 404 wave was kicked off on February 5th When a project called Pandora launched The experimental standard it has since Gained over 6,100 and had over 400 74 million in Volume what is ERC 404 ERC 404 aims to Bind erc721 non-fungible tokens I.E the Common standard of nfds two erc20 tokens That's pretty much every other token in The eth ecosystem allowing for what some Have described as fractionalized nfts Allowing multiple wallets to each own a Portion of a single nft and use that Portion to trade with or stay for loans Now gas fees are spiking because of this In fact the average ERC 404 transfer is 125,000 gas units more than three times The gas of the average ERC 721a transfer So who even knows if ERC 404 will be Here in 5 years maybe it will be the Standard maybe it'll be dead but even Today it is getting competition ERC

20721 is aiming to be better they claim They're better time will tell also big News for sui altcoin the suie foundation Launches a blockchain Academy with UAE University so the United Arab Emirates Is now teaching about blockchain and sui In school I.E sui is playing the long Game along with artificial intelligence Crypto project AIT it's time to ramp up Our decentralization efforts AIT Protocol is joining the bit tensor Neural network to build a Marketplace For machine learning that specializes in Mathematics logical reasoning and data Analytics a Marketplace truly open and Accessible to everyone so the news today Is that AIT and bit tensor join forces The bit tensor protocol already Establishes a Marketplace that Transforms machine intelligence into a Tradable commodity so an open public Network for machine learning last week The AIT team registered a subnet on the Bit tens Network officially becoming the Very first crypto project on the network And of course what this means to you is That this will enable the AIT Community To m/ earn bit tensor towo and Contribute to the ever growing bit Tensor mission to decentralize access to The world's best digital Commodities and Machine learning models and major piece Of news for altcoin bomy introducing Bomy SDK version 4 the easiest and fast

Fastest way to leverage account Abstraction on your dap this will be a Major Trend in these next few years and Essentially account abstraction just Makes using defi for average people Easier better ux and of course huge news If you own Solana Solana's second phone Crosses a 100,000 pre-sales securing 45 Million for development and for Perspective it took nearly a year for Solana to sell out 20 ,000 units of Their first crypto phone but the second Phone has hit 100,000 pre-orders in just Over a month and of course Solon is Natively integrated into this phone the Second phone much like the first will Have custom features designed to Integrate buying selling holding and Using Cryptocurrencies specifically those on The Solana blockchain into the devic's Core functionality if you're interested In making money in crypto in this next Year click subscribe we are one of the Only only channels that keeps you Updated with one video per day see you Tomorrow


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