Bitcoin Season Vs. Altcoin Season

Hey everyone and thanks for jumping back Into the cryptiverse Today we're going to talk about Bitcoin Season versus altcoin season if you guys Like the content make sure you subscribe To the channel give the video a thumbs Up and also check out the sale on into The crypto versus premium at into the link is in the Description below Let's go ahead and jump in so there's Obviously a lot of discussion as to Whether we're in Bitcoin season or Altcoin season and one of the things That I want to mention is that Bitcoin Season does not imply anything about the USD valuation of Bitcoin it does not it All it implies is that Bitcoin is Relatively outperforming the altcoin Market whether that means Bitcoins going Up and the awesome the altcoin market is Not going up this quickly whether it Means Bitcoin is going sideways and the Altcoin market is going down or whether It means Bitcoins going down and the Altcoin market is going down even Quicker Bitcoin season simply refers to The relative performance of Bitcoin with Respect to the rap to to the altcoin Market all right Now this altcoin season index Essentially helps us to identify Bitcoin Season versus altcoin season and you can See right now based on a 90-day Roi time

Frame Bitcoin is outperforming Um about 38 of the of you know the top 50 coins okay Um so I mean obviously bitcoin's number One out of the rest of the 39 or out of The rest of the 49 coins Bitcoin is Outperforming 38 of them over the last 90 days now because of this this index Is coming in at 22.92 which of course is a relatively Low level which of course also indicates That we are in fact in Bitcoin season Right this is of course what it Indicates now we have gotten a taste of Bitcoin season not too long ago back in April and May when it came down to Around you know if we come back down to These lower values over here it went Down to around eight or nine all right Now we did not spend a very long period Of time there however if we were to take A 30-day moving average to sort of clean Some of this up not too long of a moving Average because then it would become too Lagging but just a one month SMA what You'll notice is that every so often the 30-day SMA of of this index Goes to really low values in terms of Going into Bitcoin season and it kind of Goes down to around that five to six Level it went there in September of 2018 And it went there in in December of 2020 And early you know early 2021 Now what's interesting is that we

Haven't really been to the Deep to the Deep value of Bitcoin season really Since 2020 early 2021 I am under the Impression that we will eventually go There before we can before we can start To suspect at all that the altcoin Market has finished devaluing on its Bitcoin pair now one of the things to Look at somewhat closely here is there Are some similarities between this sort Of double bottom on bitcoin season right Here that we had in 2022 and what we had Back over here in 2019 Um sort of like a a move into Bitcoin Season but it wasn't sustained for very Long I'm suspecting that we still require This move the move to much deeper value Which I think is likely coming here Relatively shortly if we take a look at At not a moving average And switch the ROI time frame over to Say 30 days or let's go to 60 days first You can see that the index is already Down to 10. if you go down to 30 days You can see that the index is already Down to two over the last 30 days out of The top 50 coins Bitcoin has Outperformed all but one of them okay so This shows you that the strength of this Of this move by Bitcoin relative to the Altcoin market again the U.S devaluation Is completely irrelevant when we're Talking about Bitcoin season versus all

Coin season It's down to two Okay and it hasn't been That low in in quite a while the last Time it was it was at two I suppose was Back over here in February of 2022. So more than a year ago with this in Mind it implies that the the index Looking over 90 days will likely Continue to move down and looking at a Moving average of it is likely going to Have enough momentum to take out that's Prior low and hopefully to take out These loads here now you can see that Again the last two times that we went to Deep value on bitcoin season it's only Really happened twice Um you know since we have this metric One was when Bitcoin was going up one Was was when Bitcoin was going up and Then when it was coming back down and And then sort of consolidating for a While so you know we need to be aware That that Bitcoin season can last for a While if you look at if you look at this On a 30-day time frame you'll notice and We take out that moving average you'll Notice that over here we spent a long Time in Bitcoin season just like we did Back over here in 2019 as well so just Because we've reached these levels Doesn't mean we necessarily have to pop Right back up like we did back in you Know like we did back in the summer of 2022. I I do think there are a lot of

People that just naturally assume that Because Bitcoin has has been doing well That that means the altcoin Market's Going to follow but the sort of the Reality is that likely it's not going to Follow in the way that many people Expect and that Bitcoin can continue to Outperform the altcoin market for Several months to come so I I do want People to be aware that not every every Move by Bitcoin USD to the upside is Followed by by a commensurate move in The altcoin market I've gotten burned in The past thinking that Um and so I do think people should be Careful there In in 2021 and 2020 and 2021 I did think Altcoin season was going to come and we Have plenty of videos talking about that Going over you know the ethereum tsunami And and how Bitcoin was going to be Um you know was with the Bitcoin Dominance was likely going to go down Because it was at 70 and all coins were Likely going to explode and and that Actually transpired but just because it Happened in 2021 and 2017 does not mean It happens every single time there was a Period in 2018 where Bitcoin went up a Good bid and then and then all coins did Not follow there was a period in 2019 Where Bitcoin went up and then all coins While they followed somewhat on their USD pairs they were very quick to give

Back those gains in the latter half of The year so I do think people should be Somewhat careful in in assuming that the Altcoin market would follow Bitcoin uh Just because it happened in 2021 there's Actually plenty of examples that you can Look to to show that the altcoin market Does not always follow Bitcoin after These rallies and therefore it's likely Going to continue to lead to the devalue Of the altcoin market On their Bitcoin pairs of course this is Also going to tie into the to the Bitcoin dominance in general if you guys Remember the house TA from from long ago Uh you know Bitcoin is knocking and I I Know there's a lot of people that assume That this is going to come back down you Know back down this way but I I do think The odds are much more likely that this Is going to break through I I think the Relative uncertainty of Regulation risk With regards to the altcoin market not Knowing if their Securities or not and I Think that the the the recession risk That again has not fully materialized But could materialize later this year Early next year I think that all coins Will not provide Refuge during that time But Bitcoin could provide relative Refuge that doesn't mean that Bitcoin USD can't go back down and I ultimately Think it will go back down but in in Terms of preserving you know portfolio

Value in terms of satoshi's Bitcoin in My opinion nothing device is is where You want to be right and this is again As preserving Satoshi value how do you Do that in in a market where you know Where where the altcoin market is Expected to just go down it just means Having all coins is not really Um you know does not really make a whole Lot of sense in my view and I've held This view since um you know really for For 14 14 15 months or so and admittedly It does cause you to miss out on some Pretty pretty great rallies in the Altcoin market but as long as you're Okay just sort of sitting on the Sidelines and and waiting for the Altcoin market to find that true deep Valuation against Bitcoin then you can Sort of just write off these altcoin Um you know these these sort of bear Market rallies of the altcoin Bitcoin Pairs to Simply say hey you know what They're likely going to eventually come Back down and and the reality is that Just because just because Bitcoin has Moved back up to the top part of this Range does not mean it cannot break Through okay Um it it certainly could break through And I'm I'm anticipating on it breaking Through no I mean it's possible that it Comes back down and then breaks through I mean you can see there was some

Consolidation here in Um in 2022 2023 Or some consolidation here in you know February and March so it's always Possible that it consolidates for a While and then breaks through but it's Not really you know it's not really a Game that I want to play I just in General think that the Bitcoin will Likely continue its Ascent uh in terms Of uh regarding its dominance I think Bitcoin will continue its sense and once It breaks through Um I mean I think it can actually move To 60 quite quickly is is interesting Crazy as that might sound uh it just Takes you know sort of breaking through This level uh to to Really sort of send This thing flying uh to much higher Levels I know I know a lot of people are Not going to agree with that sentiment Because all they've really known since They joined the cryptoverse in in 2021 Is that it it's within this range but History really does show us that there Is an ebb and flow to crypto and and the Bitcoin dominance in my opinion is the Key to unlocking the secret of the Crypto version so if you guys like the Content make sure you subscribe to the Channel give the video a thumbs up and Again check out the sale on into the Cryptographers premium at into the we of course do have

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