Bitcoin Risks Losing $22,000 as Fed Warns Larger Interest Rates [ Crypto Espresso 3.8.23 ]

It's Wednesday and you know what that Means I know we go over this every week It's news just just news well I'm your Maybe a little less stuffy host Andrew And this is crypto espresso your teeny Tiny daily shot of caffeinated crypto Headlines shall we first up federal Chairman Jerome Powell appeared before Congress on Tuesday and it wasn't good News he told us politicians that Interest rates could rise much higher Than first thought meaning a return to Hikes of 0.5 percentage points the Central Banker warned that eliminating Red hot levels of inflation would be a Bumpy road America's economy has Remained resilient despite big increases In the cost of borrowing markets were a Bit spooked by Powell's testimony with The S P 500 closing down 1.5 percent Bitcoin meanwhile is clinging on to 22 000 for dear life and it's down seven Percent over the past week Powell is set To return for a second day of testimony On Wednesday meaning further turbulence Could lie ahead for the crypto markets Vitalik buteran has reportedly warned Meme coin projects that they shouldn't Send him tokens and this week we found Out why the ethereum co-founder Offloaded 500 trillion shikoku tokens Which is half of the total Supply he Gained 590 thousand dollars through the Sale with the value of its Chic plunging

By 77 in just 25 minutes buteran likely Dumped his holding because he could be On the hook for tax last year he also Sold one billion dollars worth of Shiba Inu tokens to support India during covid Shikoku has put on a brave face while The project admitted that it was Disheartening it also added now that he Has sold there are no whales left in the Project a truly decentralized Community Can now form in the wake of his actions There have long been rumors that Amazon Is planning to delve into nfts and According to new reports it could happen Sooner than we think the e-commerce Giant is apparently set to launch an nft Marketplace on April 24th blockworks Reports that it could offer Collectibles Tied to real world items such as a pair Of jeans and in what could be a huge Milestone for adoption an email about The new platform would be blasted to Over 160 million Amazon Prime members in The US a rollout in Europe could then Follow at a later date but the company's Ambitions have been repeatedly pushed Back because of ftx's collapse while all Of this does sound exciting other big Brands had mixed success when launching Their own nft platforms a man is suing Coinbase after ninety six thousand Dollars was stolen from his account but The exchange is insisting that the loss Is not its responsibility Jared Ferguson

Lost 90 percent of his life savings After a Sim swap attack he alleges that Coinbase's security procedures failed to Flag that the transactions were unusual As well as from a different device and IP address but according to court Filings he was told that customers are Responsible for any activity that occurs When those devices or passwords are Compromised this is of course a sobering Reminder that investors need to take Security seriously and storing Bitcoin In an exchange account isn't always the Best idea self-custody ideally uncanny Connected from the Internet is the most Safe bet and finally British regulators And the police have taken action against Bitcoin ATMs that were operating Illegally in East London while these Machines haven't been outlawed they can Only exist if they've been registered With the financial conduct Authority and Here lies the problem none of them are This comes weeks after a similar Investigation happened in the city of Leeds which is the north of England the FCA is vowing to keep on identifying and Disrupting unregistered crypto Businesses and warn customers crypto Products are not currently regulated and They are high risk you should be Prepared to lose all of your money if You invest in them there are fears that Bitcoin ATMs may not comply with

Anti-money laundering rules as well then Speaking of laundering I definitely Definitely need to clean these clothes I've been on the road for so long Stinking up in here Go to the wash instructions here let's See cold water mild detergent tumble dry Low like this video subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on that little Bell icon to get buzzed whenever a new Crypto espresso video goes live It's kind of weird for a tank top and What did you think about today's episode Well we might have comments enabled we Might not so if you can comment on this Video you should do it speak now or Forever hold your tongue questions about Our headlines are crypto in general why Not ask Alex in that description below Alex is always a great resource for all Things web 3 and the metaverse and that About does it for today again I've been Your host Andrew these have been your Headlines and we'll see all of your Beautiful shining faces tomorrow


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