Bitcoin RIGHT NOW is About to Do Something Crazy! [3 Price Predictions]

What is your Bitcoin investment thesis In 2024 could you list every single big Reason why you think bitcoin's price is Going up Bitcoin Brandon Green in this Video lists every single reason why Bitcoin price is about to Skyrocket Bitcoin is going to be a major theme of This upcoming presidential election There is nothing now that the r of Crypto can do that Bitcoin can't also do I think there's going to be maybe one Major micro strategy copycat in every Market the macroclimate is setting up Perfectly for Bitcoin price to see crazy Levels think about it there has been no Easement of monetary policy we're still In very tight conditions and yet we're At all-time highs the monetary policy of The United States is going to loosen Over the next few months especially Heading into the presidential election There will be pressure from the Executive Branch to print more money and Pump the stock market and make everyone Feel rich again that's going to affect Bitcoin in a major way and it's going to Pump it to crazy levels you aren't Bullish enough all of these Trends are Happening right now it's a crazy moment For Bitcoin right now it's almost like Bitcoin is succeeding in spite of the Macro headwinds those headwinds are Going to turn into Tailwinds and this is Going to be maybe the craziest cycle

We've ever seen in bitcoin's history so How high could bitcoin's price reach Brandon green here in this video lays Out his bare case base case and bull Case smash the like button post this Video on social media more people need To see this let's get into it Bitcoin Brandon Brandon green of Bitcoin Magazine or more precisely Bitcoin Conference right now here to promote Bitcoin Nashville conference July 25th Through 27th use code altcoin daily for 10% off tickets details below come hang Out with both of us in Nashville Brandon Bitcoin still less than $100,000 today Can you believe It yeah I mean I can believe it but uh I Don't think it's going to be here much Longer uh I think you know we're getting Ready for the next leg up and it's going To blast us straight through 100K give me your best guess Bitcoin Hits 100K by the summer of 2024 or by The winter of 2024 best guess nobody Knows the future no one knows I would Say certainly by the end of 2024 but I Think this summer you know there could Be some some uh macro Tailwinds that Cause Bitcoin to just crash right Through it pretty quickly H okay well let's jump into it what is Your Bitcoin investment thesis in 2024 Could you list every single big reason Why you think bitcoin's price is going

Up wow every every single big reason I Mean there's there's a ton uh uh let's Let's start with a few of them okay Number one I think crypto is finally Being absorbed by Bitcoin okay so Bitcoin obviously with ordinals with Bitcoin native assets springing up you Got got tap rot asset that's being built Right now by lightning Labs there is Nothing now that the r of crypto can do That Bitcoin can't also do and so what I Anticipate happening over the next you Know months and years is the Programmability of the Bitcoin Network To rival that of ethereum or salana and So that means that I think a lot of the The market cap of those l1s will be Absorbed back into Bitcoin I think That's a huge Trend and one that's Really just started number two you know I would say that like the mon AR policy Of the United States has been Fascinating to watch as you look at this New cycle coming there has been no Easement of monetary policy we're still In very tight conditions and yet we're At all-time highs and so if anything the Monetary policy of the United States is Going to loosen over the next few months Especially heading into the presidential Election there will be pressure from the Executive branch to let's say print more Money and and pump the stock market and Make everyone feel rich again and so

That's going to affect VI coin in a Major way and and it's going to pump it To Crazy levels in and of itself I would Also say you know it's interesting to Watch these International Bitcoin hubs Forming obviously El Salvador is an Interesting one to continue to watch the UAE is is a fascinating Market you know I know I saw you over in Dubai earlier This year that's a country that is Absolutely embracing Bitcoin and crypto Very very strongly and I think that There's a lot of incentives for them to Be major players in the market and that Comes comes along with major investment Into Bitcoin the next one ETFs so the ETFs are just starting to be felt in the Bitcoin price you know we're just Starting to see the first few Disclosures of a couple of hedge funds All dipping their toes into Bitcoin just A little bit we haven't even seeing the The rampant buying that you're going to See later in this cycle when people are Foming into Bitcoin so think of that as Kind of a table setting of what's to Come later and just how high this Market Could get and this next cycle and then You know the last thing I would say is Geopolitical ramifications around Bitcoin you know us China tensions are Increasing there are tons of countries Around the world that are looking at Bitcoin in a geopolitical sense and

Trying to figure out what their currency Policy should be in a world in which Like they can't really pick one side or The other between us and China and Treasury assets or much more fraught so All of these Trends are happening right Now it's a crazy moment for Bitcoin and So I think that like this year and next Year are going to become whereas right Now it's almost like Bitcoin is Succeeding in spite of the macro Headwinds those headwinds are going to Turn into Tailwinds and this is going to Be maybe the craziest cycle we've ever Seen in bitcoin's history Interesting do you think that the you Know a large part of demand from these Bitcoin ETFs is still ahead of us Because we've already seen much success In this Catalyst that has already Happened the launch of it I mean I I've Seen estimates of like let's say maybe 10 to 11 billion in net inflows into the ETFs when you like count grayscale Outflows plus inflows uh you know like It it hits that number so it's that's a Low number I mean if you think about Like what the total addressable Market Is I want to say raas in and of Themselves could be a hundred billion do Kind of uh inflow if they're allocating Certain percentages and so you know That's just one example of inflows that Haven't really taken off yet you know

Kathy Wood was on CNBC earlier this year Talking about when are these Institutions these Pension funds these Hedge funds these kind of more let's say High inertia difficult to move sort of Groups that have massive amounts of Money to invest like when are they going To move right and her answer was you Know not only are they going to wait to See how the ETFs shake out they're also Going to wait for the right investment Fe around getting into it and they're Going to have to decide which ETF to Pick and that in of itself is actually Very involved decision and so you know It takes a while for some of these you Know massive ships to start steering Into the direction of Bitcoin once that Happens these are not day Traders these Are not you know funds that are jumping In and jumping out and trying to flip a Quick Buck like this is going to be a Pipe into Bitcoin and that's going to be Felt in in short order and as you get Later in the cycle and there's fewer Bitcoin available because everyone's Speculating to the upside it's going to Cause massive run-ups and massive Bubbles because there's just so much Money coming into the system right now Why haven't we seen more companies or People like Michael sailor are there Going to be more micro strategies Putting Bitcoin on their balance sheet

Yeah it's a great question you know There's a a company that just announced Out of Japan I want to say this is less Than a month ago they're called metap Planet and I would consider them to be The first official you know micro Strategy copycat they are trying to do In the Japanese Market what Michael Sailor and micro strategy have done in The US market and honestly it's a Brilliant Play It's let's take a little Bit of Diversified uncorrelated cash Flow from a regular business and utilize That in order to get debt to take out Debt and buy Bitcoin with it And these Capital markets especially in Japan Japan's basically still in QE Infiniti I mean it's still almost free To borrow money in Japan and so it is so Easy to borrow at low rates buy Bitcoin With it and then later use the Appreciation against the Japanese yen to Pay off the debt and so I think there's Going to be maybe one major micro Strategy copycat in every Market every Currency Market you know it's not the First one that really causes the Waterfall it's the second one it's the One that kind of validates the first One's thesis and induces the fomo as Everyone sees the copycats coming so Metaplan it is like a major shot around The world in my opinion and I think There we're going to see many more of

Those companies springing up over the Next Year and then we're seeing so many Businessmen or companies like metap Planet or micro strategy or even like You know funds Like Larry Fink and Kathy Wood it seems to me that probably people Like that I would just assume changed Donald Trump's mind I just you know Bring up the fact that this is the first Time that in a presidential election a Candidate a former president says I'm a Big Bitcoin crypto believer and it seems To be like a a real issue give me your Thoughts on the fact that Bitcoin is in The atmosphere for this presidential Election yeah so you know I think that I've been having conversations behind The scenes we don't have to get into That right now but uh Bitcoin is going To be major theme of this upcoming Presidential election and uh one thing Of note like an interesting fact that Let's say has caught the eye of the Donald Trump campaign especially was That the crypto industry in 2020 voted 6040 in favor of Biden and what has Happened since then has been four years Of hostile Administration towards our Industry and so that is very much a Voter base that is there for the taking If you were to present a more positive And a more collaborative Administration uh and so you know any

Candidate is going to be receptive to That feedback I think that's why you've Seen RFK early on be very bold and Embracing Bitcoin and crypto and you Know I think that you also have to look At the amount of Americans that own Bitcoin it's it's greater than 50 Million getting to 100 million I was Talking to a policy person from the Industry earlier yesterday and he said There was a poll that they had found That was either one in four or one in Five voters in swing States said that Bitcoin and crypto would help decide Which candidate they would vote for okay That is in ignorable data you cannot Ignore that as a candidate and so it is Absolutely going to be a sledgehammer to Some of this fful and harmful policy That we've seen over the past four years Like that's going to melt away in Qui Quick order and you can already see that With the SEC changing its tune on the Eth ETF I think that's a massive moment For you know eth especially they're Clearly getting pressured to melt away So yeah like this this is the beginning Of a massive Trend and I think that Instead of the us being a hostile Administration to bitcoin and crypto It's about to just run in Reverse really Hard yeah that's interesting that was Big unknown would they approve a spot Ethereum ETF or just how are they going

To treat crypto and it seems like the Fact that they're treating crypto okay That that'd be good for Bitcoin I would Assume I take the Bitcoin or lens on This you know I'm not a fan of Bitcoin Winning via State action and Regulatory Burden like I want these ideas to Compete in the free market and so uh I'm A strong believer that Bitcoin you know I said this in my my earlier statement About like what are the macro Tailwinds For Bitcoin one of them is that I Believe that Bitcoin is going to get a Larger market share of the entire crypto Market over this next cycle like I think That Bitcoin will outcompete these other Layer ones but I don't want Bitcoin to Outcompete them because a hostile Regulatory regime is preventing people From interacting with decentralized open Systems I want it to out compete these Other L ones because it's a better System it's more robust it's harder to Censor it's harder to attack and it's a A better user experience and there's Cool ideas being built on it so that's Why I see Bitcoin out competing and so Seeing some of that regulatory burden And overhang go away is ultimately Bullish for Bitcoin because it's bullish For the entire Industry so let's talk about cycle Bitcoin price predictions Brandon I want To hear your base case for Bitcoin in

The context of the cycle either end of This year sometime throughout 2025 or Maybe very beginning of 2026 this is What we're talking about when I say the Cycle this is the time frame what is Your like lowcase like I mean Bitcoin at Least gets to this minimum what is is Your is that the base case what is your Mid case and then what is your bull Case yeah okay so uh I'm I'm known as Being quite the bull but I'm generally Right okay you know uh let me just say I I don't miss these bold predictions by Too much what you've seen over the past Few Cycles in Bitcoin is a 100x from the Bottom okay the one major exception was This past cycle I think if you look at This past cycle there was too much funny Business happening when it came time for The true blowoff top you had china Banning Bitcoin you had Elon flipping on The market and then you had uh massive Amounts of credit in the system and you Know would turned out to be like a a Fake Supply created by FTX and Alam that Were basically running a Ponzi on Bitcoin you know in creating circulation Credit that was never going to be Resolved and so what I think happened is We got cheated out of a true Bull Run in This past cycle uh so could it have been Another 100x from the bottom that would Have required it to go to like a 30 350k price per Bitcoin uh as a cycle top

Maybe that would have happened hard to Say hard to say but if we were going to Take a 100x from the bottom of this Cycle well the bottom was 15,500 I believe uh uh in November of 2022 and so uh 100x would be $1.5 Million per Bitcoin let me put that as Like the top case you know that's the The bull case uh but I think it's it's Definitely on the table I mean dude Black Rock has a Bitcoin ETF you know Like uh there is nothing that can get Too crazy at this point in terms of Money coming into Bitcoin I would say my Base case like what I would hope to see Is I want Bitcoin to Eclipse gold market Cap and that happens at roughly a $650,000 per bitcoin price and so you Know I would hope to see that like that Would be my my this is what I think is Going to happen this is my base case and Then for a bare case if we really just Don't see the liftoff and we have to Like truly change the way in which we Look at how Bitcoin is adopted and the Bitcoin price is affected during a cycle I would say a top around like 250 to 350k would be like okay you know we had Some liftoff but we didn't get to what I Think we could have accomplished which Is to Eclipse gold so that would be my Bare case still a solid 4ish X from here You know plenty of room to run but man I'm be disappointed if that's all we do

Do you think it's crazy if somebody Thinks you're crazy for that being your Be case if somebody goes 250k is your Bare case you must be crazy like what Would you say to that Person I would say you haven't been Paying attention like uh we're we're not Here for linear returns and you know Great investment p on your back you know You you uh you manag to make a little Money this cycle we're here for a Revolution and that means Bitcoin Absorbing and reconstructing the Financial system period and in order to Do that in order to absorb the Global Financial system we got to go much Higher than this so buckle up that's What we're here for that's the mission And that means that uh we've got some Craziness left to to ride through can't Wait I appreciate that man Brandon thank You so much for coming on I'm going to Link your stuff below and Link Bitcoin Nashville July 25th through 27th below Hopefully people are hanging out with us There final thoughts for the altcoin Daily audience about yourself what You're doing Bitcoin Nashville whatever You want yeah I mean you know we throw I Think the best party in Bitcoin maybe in All of crypto certainly we've got the Biggest event in the world happening in Nashville and so if you are interested In Bitcoin if you're interested in

Crypto we're going to convince you to be More interested in Bitcoin you know if You come to our event so just prepare For that but uh we focus on bitcoin but Bitcoin is King and that's why this is Going to be an event you cannot miss we Are attempting to make history with this Event there are things that you know Maybe we're talking about a little bit Before the show that I can't say yet Publicly but we're shooting for the moon In terms of what we think we can Accomplish at Bitcoin 20124 so come be Part of it come be part of History come Be part of the biggest event in the World you're gonna have a lot of fun you You're going to get a job if you want a Job you're going to meet clients if you Want to meet clients you're going to Find out about the latest trends in Bitcoin which are fascinating and we Didn't get even into like Bitcoin native Assets and all of that but there's so Much to learn it's so much fun and Nashville is an amazing City so uh come Hang let's have some fun together Appreciate that man can't wait and yeah You were telling me some of the stuff That is unconfirmed or unannounced at This point and it's already going to be Great this conference and but like if Some of this stuff happens that you're You know shooting for really shooting For the moon it's going to be epic so

You definitely want to be there and be Part of History thanks Brandon thank you so much great to see You


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