Bitcoin Price Will Crash – HARD! (Crypto is in Trouble?)

Bitcoin's price is on extremely shaky Grounds right now and just because the Price isn't dipping hard this week Doesn't mean the price won't dip hard Next week or or maybe the week after I've just seen some deeply disturbing Information about bitcoin's price and I Want to share with you in this video Send this video to anybody who doesn't Believe that Bitcoin is about to see a Serious fall most people are not Thinking about what I'm about to share With you in this video and by the way I Wasn't going to make this video but then I saw a crypto and finance expert whom I Respect whom the world respects he's Basically theorizing the same thing so Let's talk about this let's talk about Bitcoin's looming crash and at what Prices I would be a buyer smash the like Button and and you let me know in the Comments do you think bitcoin's price Falls below 40 do you think it falls Below 35 or 30 or what do you think is Going to going to happen let's get into It look at this chart I need you to Understand two things about this chart And about what we're talking about Number one this happens before the Having you can see here this happens Before April the having is right now Projected to happen sometime mid April This happens before April number two and So many people often overlook this don't

Think about this particularly new people This doesn't all have to happen tomorrow I mean it's actually not very likely That this would happen tomorrow except For a Black Swan what is likely to Happen is chop solidation something like What I have on the screen here so dip Below 40 but we're back above 40 we're So back oh wait we're not dipped to 35 We're back at 40 we're about to break Through except for not we're at 30 now We're a little below 30 and just when Despair sets in get those doom and Gloomer popping up saying Bitcoin to 10K Except now it pops back up you know now The having's on the horizon we get that Big having pump and by that time Bitcoin's back so again this isn't Exactly how it's going to happen there Are a million ways it could happen but I Just want to be clear what we're talking About now happens before the having and Doesn't necessarily happen tomorrow or Next week and I do want to talk about The actual price targets I think are Most likely and where I would be a buyer So let's get into it because let me show You this this was the first beige flag That gave me cause for concern regarding Bitcoin's price real quick my friends Cryptocurrency tax taxes do not have to Be scary pay your taxes and you can get Your taxes done in minutes through our Partner coin Ledger use our link below

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Let me show you this this was the first Beige flag that gave me cause for Concern regarding bitcoin's price the Fact that there's so much Bitcoin having Opium a new study reveals 84% of Investors are expecting new all-time Highs after the having a market study Surveying nearly 10,000 cryptocurrency Investors suggests that a majority Amount of people are forecasting new All-time highs for Bitcoin following the Having which is set to take place April 2024 this may not seem like a big deal To you the fact that just everybody from Around the world is bullish because Obviously I'm bullish you're probably Bullish too but most people just Historically speaking for my Recollection are not usually bullish at This time the conversation around the Having at this time is it's probably Priced in a lot of Doubt people are is It priced in there's just a lot of doubt About the having everybody knows about It it's probably priced in well now the Overall vast majority say hey alltime High is coming after East Asia saying This southeast Asia saying this Western Europe saying this Eastern Europe the Most bearish out of everybody but still A whopping 75% saying you know alltime High is after Mina bullish Latin bullish Everybody just seems so damn bullish and So damn sure what this will mean for the

Price of Bitcoin so that was from a Narrative and sentiment point of view Let's take a look from a technical point Of view let's talk about cycle Fibonacci Retraces you can see Fibonacci Cycles Tracked perfectly cycle after cycle for Bitcoin what does this mean well just Like other Cycles the Bitcoin mid cycle Top was made at the 618 Fibonacci Retrace at about $48,000 the 61 point was reached here Dip same as last cycle same as last Cycle same as last cycle this is the mid Cycle topout and it usually happens at The 618 Fibonacci level so assuming you Put some stock in this what's next on The Fibonacci scale how low is this dip Going to go well every midtop has then At least corrected to the orange 382 Which is priced at $35,500 $35,500 every other cycle Bitcoin has Hit this point at least so everything's Right on track and regardless of the Claims that this time will be different Because of ETFs everything continues to Rhyme Bitcoin usually comes slightly Below the 382 after the midcycle top so Low 30,000 still most likely in the Upcoming months February through March Before the price is able to continue What do you think and again I wasn't Going to say anything the reason I'm Making this video today is because a big

Player in the crypto space and the Finance space is is putting his Reputation on the line and kind of Coming out and saying the same thing Bitcoin will crash hard says this crypto VC the price of the biggest Cryptocurrency Bitcoin could drop as low As $25,000 says Arc invests X crypto lead Talking about Chris binski partner at Placeholder VC co-author of crypto Assets book formerly LED crypto Arc Invest people know this guy people like This guy people respect this guy so I Want to share with you exactly what he's Thinking I do put stock in his thesis I Continue to think we go lower and Consolidate I continue to think we go Lower than most people expect due to Variables that are too many to explain In detail via Twitter I.E crypto Market Specific macro adoption new product Development this is some of the stuff We're talking about in this video As for The deniers out there takes time for Partiers to so up saw lots of Drunkenness over the last month time to Get sober in my opinion Bitcoin goes to At least 30,000 to 36,000 before a local Bottom and wouldn't surprise me if we Test the mid to high 20s before all of This is said and done and then we can Make an actual move towards previous All-time highs the path to get there

Will be volatile expect fake outs this Will take months to play out as always Patience is your friend if I am right For the most part other crypto names Will drop more in percent terms than Bitcoin not sure I'll say more than that In the months ahead as these calls are Mostly a thankless task for someone not Obsessed with clout if I'm wrong I don't Care I remain cycle Long hey before you Get mad at me saying hey we're just Getting started Chris berinsky I mostly Agree called the cycle bottom in November 2022 and continue to believe The long-term Trend remains robust have Also seen a lot of crypto vol volatility Over the last decade plus recently I've Specifically been discussing a local top And local low not a cycle wide top and Low but do not ignore the fact that we Just saw many of our first parabas of The cycle and now they're breaking and Macro looks precarious on a number of Levels new product Innovations are close But not quite there yet things still Feel insular never said I would majority Drisk more just counting my bullets and Sharpening my blade what do you think so Now we have multiple sources not even Saying below 40K is a sure thing they're Saying $35,000 is a sure thing if not $30,000 if not mid to high 20s my Question to you is would you be able to

Handle this would you be able to handle Another Bitcoin crash if you stick with Crypto over the next 2 three months I Think the next 6 n months will be very Rewarding for you at least that's my Thesis subscribe to the channel join our Team we post one video every day keeping You informed I do want to give a shout Out to coin vigilante who sent us some Watches check out these These are Bitcoin watches there's only so many in Existence you know the spirit of of Bitcoin itself let me know if you like One two or three uh check out their site You know they do have some cool watches If you want to pick some up personally I'm hoping to get my hands on one of Their Bitcoin having watches about to Drop only 100 of those but let me know One 2 or three see you tomorrow


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