Bitcoin price ready to BLOW! (MAJOR NEWS) + Ethereum to $22k

Robin Hood announcing just a few minutes Ago that is agreed to acquire Cryptocurrency exchange bit stamp this Is a international business and it Accelerates our plans for international Expansion particularly in crypto Bitcoin Could hit $150,000 per Bitcoin by end of 2024 so In the next 6 months if Donald Trump Becomes president this is according to Standard Charter Bank there is so much Major crypto news happening today this Is a crypto video that you do not want To Miss smash the like button my job on Altcoin daily is to keep you informed This is why you subscribe let's Jump Right In incredibly bullish statements Just made by Standard Charter standard Charter's head of Forex and digital Asset research Jeffrey Kendrick said I'm Sticking with my end of 2024 150,000 and end of 2025 200,000 forecast For Bitcoin before then if tomorrow's Payroll data are friendly would expect a Fresh all-time high to be reached over The weekend as we approach the US Election I'm expecting 100,000 to be Reached and then 150,000 by end of year If the case of a trump Victory and the Data on this is lining up this of course Is something we explored in yesterday's Video check this out if you want to know The bull case for Bitcoin in the extreme Short term it's really the fact that

Bitcoin and ethereum has never been a Lower percentage on exchanges exchange Balances for both Bitcoin coin and Ethereum are their lowest level in years Whales continue to accumulate Bitcoin on Exchanges is down to 11.6% and ethereum Is down to 10.6% supply squeeze incoming Get ready for the next big move the fact Is this this 2024 is a big year for Bitcoin and next year is a big year for Bitcoin if you study the data like we do You can see that the breakout candle is A blink away the breakout candle is a Blink away and so so many different Metrics are lining up amazing chart for Bitcoin ETF inflows literally never been Higher they're probably never going to Be this low again up and to the right is Where the momentum is going and of Course the thing is for the mainstream For figures like Donald Trump Bitcoin is The easiest one to talk about there's a Lot of reasons why Bitcoin specifically Is bullish of course I mean we actively Cover that but what's less talked about Is crypto it's data like this ethereum So the market sees billions of fresh Dollars going into the Bitcoin ETFs we Just showed you this the market knows That the eth ETFs are coming in a few Weeks like if you know what we know how Can you not be bullish on ethereum how Could you not be bullish on crypto and In fact those in the no are vanak just

Raised their 203 e price prediction to $22,000 maybe that's too bearish maybe This is just right on point but the fact Is vanak now releasing statements Ethereum's an easy 5x from here bra it's Insanely bullish and it's speaks to the Fact that ethereum is now cleared in the US and crypto is largely on the path to Be fully cleared in the US like it is Around Europe like it is in so many Other places and what are we seeing Wales keep buying ethereum ethereum is Being accumulated by Wales by Minos like You and me and why not ethereum is an Ecosystem insanely bullish ethereum Daily transactions just hit a record High the ethereum ecosystem has over 27 Million monthly active users today this Chart right here visualizes how ethereum Is successfully executing on its scaling Road map so one user growth on the top L2s is up over 225% over the last two years number two L2s are competing against each other Driving Innovation and making it easier To onboard new developers from web 2 and Three value still acrs down to eth's L1 With demand and utility for eth Increasing via staking and reaking and It seems with all of that crypto is Finally ready to onboard the next 500 Million users with products like this Now coming to the Forefront what what's The worst part about onboarding to

Crypto it's the wallet experience it's It's everything like that what if we had An easier wallet with no seed phrases With better technology coinbase just Launched its smart wallet and this is Pretty much going to be the new standard [Music] You got feel you got feel you got Feel and of course it's not just Bitcoin And ethereum cardano just Inked a new Partnership with Argentina this is huge News we will be interviewing Charles Hoskinson pretty soon this is certainly Something we'll talk about and generally With the ethereum ETF with regulations Open in the US we're seeing more and More big moves like this breaking Robin Hood has agreed to buy crypto exchange Bit stamp bit bit stamp's been around Forever for 200 million in cash let's Find out the details Robin Hood Announcing just a few minutes ago that Is agreed to acquire crypto currency Exchange bitstamp joing us right now to Talk about this news and so much more Vlad tenv he's the Robin Hood CEO and Co-founder and it's great to have you at The table this morning thanks for having Me so let's walk through this deal and Then I want to get into meme stocks and Everything that's going on in the Markets right now sure but what does This do in terms of what you're doing With crypto and everything else yeah

It's it's really three things that got Us excited one is this is a International business and it Accelerates our plans for international Expansion particularly in crypto second It brings an exchange to Robin Hood and We've been thinking for a long time that The world could use a Robin Hood Exchange we have a lot of ideas about How we can improve upon that and as we Talked to our market makers we see There's a clear need for another player In the market and then the third Institutional business this allows Robin Hood to enter uh a new business serving Market makers and other institutional Customers and that's something that's Very exciting for us so what does a Robin Hood exchange look like and how What does this say or does it say Anything about regulation in crypto in The US versus elsewhere outside of this Country and and where you think the the Growth opportunity is yeah um The the business is global bit stamp That is it's Europe based and as you Guys probably know Europe you know we Make fun of us Europeans I could say us Europeans because I'm American and European uh lead in regulation and in This particular case MAA uh which is the Crypto asset regulation is going live so There's an established reg regulatory Framework and uh unfortunately you know

Europe is a little bit ahead in this Regard but I don't think the US is too Far behind I think that uh it's always Kind of darkest before Dawn as they say And you're seeing some positive signs With guys I don't know if you saw our Recent announcement we are co-founders And on camera video contributors for This new software as a service web 3 Platform it's called Round Table powered By the street this is with Legends like Scott melker Mario cryptos are us media Moguls like James Heckman the bank cord Creator the guy who basically invented Defi built this app the point is this You should download the Roundtable app Linked below WE Post there regularly we Can chat without the Bots and of course Good contributors will be rewarded with Crypto so this is a really cool new Venture it's going to get a whole lot Bigger and more prominent as we really Get going hope to see you chatting with Us in the app we are excited to be a Part of this as co-founding partners and Hosts guys Bitcoin could break over All-time highs any second once we clear 80k 100K is the next level and then all Bets are off crypto is about to get wild We are still early in this cycle but We're barely early at this point as soon As Bitcoin breaks alltime highs as soon As Bitcoin gets to 100K all bets are off The next 9 months are going to be wildly

Exciting subscribe to the channel see You tomorrow hey real quick you should Join us at Bitcoin conference in Nashville this year 10% off if you use The code altcoin daily link and details In the description this is the biggest Bitcoin conference in the world I think This is going to be their biggest year Ever I love the fact that this is in Nashville this year if you want to be Part of the culture celebrate Bitcoin With like-minded people and hang out With us join us at Bitcoin conference Nashville 10% off use the code altcoin Daily link and details in the Description I hope to see you there


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