Bitcoin Price is CRASHING!!!

Do you have three reasons why Bitcoin is Has come down from above 70 to where it Is now Bitcoin is quite literally Crashing right now most don't realize Why this is happening where would I buy Bitcoin I'm going to tell you smash the Like button subscribe to the channel Bitcoin is absolutely dumping this Morning and here's why number one Mount Goau is preparing to sell 143,000 Bitcoin to its creditors number two ETF Outflow has actually reached 1 billion In the last 10 days 10 billion out of The ETFs the miners are selling and boy Are they selling this is a historic Selloff dumping over 30,000 Bitcoin Worth 2 billion this month so this Smaller minor capitulation is actually Very normal for Bitcoin post Bitcoin One for the record books as it is taking A lot of time for minor capitulation Postav historically speaking so far We're getting into the 60-day range Where in past having it's taken 20 days 30 days 10 days and it just seems like Everything is lining up Anthony Pompano Here on CNBC lists three reasons why Bitcoin today is dumping do you agree With them you have three reasons why Bitcoin is has come down from above 70 To where it is now I think it's Important first put in context right Bitcoin's up 40% year-to date it's up 100% over the last year so in terms of

Volatility uh this is pretty expected What we've seen in previous bull markets Is that there's four five six different Draw Downs of 30% or more we're down About 15% or so so this is right within Kind of the band that you would expect That is true take a look at this the Last two big Cycles Plus this cycle take A look at how many draw downs we saw and For how much 40% 40% 30% 40% 20% 20% 30% And this is in both markets I think that What occurs is when an asset goes up a Lot people start to take profit and so What we've seen is this explosive rally To start the year people naturally take Some of that profit we're also seeing a Lot of uh people doing the basis trade Where they're basically going long the Spot uh market and they're shorting Futures and so what's that is doing is It's dampening some of the volatility Which allows for leakage and some Selling and then lastly I think is we Get to the summertime right you see this A lot of people in the public markets Will say you know invest till May and Then go away and so you starting to see Some of that as well here where people Are seeing these really explosive moves At the beginning of the year and then Also Q4 tends to be a big uh kind of Quarter for crypto as well and so Q2 Into Q3 tends to go kind of sideways I Think that's just what we're seeing now

Another big thing actually ever since Bitcoin's having now that we're post Bitcoin having It's seems that AI is Really sucking the air out of the room AI is creating millionaires AI is Creating billionaires now rest assured There is a school of thought that Although AI is going to create enormous Amounts of wealth Bitcoin will be used To protect that wealth what I think is Really interesting is you know a couple Years ago it was all about Bitcoin and Crypto now a lot of people are talking About AI but I think people are kind of Missing that these are actually part of The same Trend right we're going into This automated world where uh AI is Going to create enormous amounts of Wealth and Bitcoin is going to protect That wealth and so when you start to see These Technologies coming together you Know an easy way to see that Intersection is what money are the Machines going to use then why is it Diverging well what you start to see is People are putting Capital they out lay It into Bitcoin crypto and now they move Over to AI they'll go and they'll invest There but it's not like Bitcoin is going And falling you know 50% what they're Going to do is as AI continues to you Know kind of get larger there's more Wealth generated there people are going To look to protect that wealth and I

Think that they'll go back into Bitcoin And so my guess is that Ai and Bitcoin Are both a 10-year Trend here we've got Massive Tailwinds and the good news for The United States is there is a Potential that GDP will actually Increase because of the productivity From Ai and then Bitcoin being able to Protect a lot of this wealth I think That people looking at this as what's Going to happen dayto day or week to Week are missing this huge Tailwind for The next decade what about these ETFs Though like these ETFs have been hugely Successful but now like why now are we Seeing this tremendous outflow wasn't This time supposed to be different is This Wall Street selling a lot of people Think that this is institutions Rebalancing and that's true but it's Also this this is the first time you had A spot ETF though what are they they Need they have as much Bitcoin as they Need now to satisfy clients no I think That what we've seen in the ETF flows When you go and you Analyze That about 80% of the flows into the ETF were Actually retail right people thought it Was going to be big institutions but Only 80% was retail from some of the Analysis what takes a long time inside Of these organizations is they've got to Go to their investment committees They've got to make a case they've got

To go through the approvals you know if You're a financial adviser the number One job you have is don't get fired and A great way to not get fired is to make Sure you've done the work make sure You're risk mitigating and really Understand what you're about to buy so Do not get shaken out especially at this Point in the cycle we are at a Pivot Point an inflection point I still have High conviction it does not waver with Price this is bull season we do have Strong catalysts on the horizon the eth ETF the US presidential elections this Is an election issue expectations of a Rate cut ETF on Doge I don't think so But launches of cryptocurrency ETFs Worldwide Sovereign funds and countries Will hold Bitcoin on their balance sheet Plus more micro strategies more Michael Sailors the CEO of Dell is a huge Bitcoin ball he's way richer than Michael sailor I'm waiting for the day Where Dell says we're doing the micro Strategy strategy and putting Bitcoin on Our balance sheet or Michael the CEO Himself says hey I'm just buying I'm Believing this do not get liquidated This is a bear trap or I actually don't Even think this is a bear trap yet we're Ranging we're actually in a rather tight Range we could again possibly hit 57 58 59 bounce back up and we'll see we'll Have to break outside of the rage the

Upside or we'll have to break outside of The range to the downside so where would I be a buyer well you know I might Consider buying at around $57,000 I mean within this range that's A good spot to buy I'll be honest with You though I would be a major buyer if We got below 55,000 actually if we got To like 51,000 52,000 down here that Would be a bear trap in my opinion and I Would be a huge buyer cuz then this is What I'd expect cuz we are in a bull Market here's the bottom line if you're A beli like me this is an opportunity Not only does this make a healthy Market With sustainable price runs this is Healthy but also an asset with great Fundamentals is on sale right now I love What pal says here this is how I think About it and the last thing I'll say is You know the thing about Bitcoin that Always cracks me up is when the price Goes down people get upset but I always Tell them you maybe should go check what You own because if you have true Conviction when the price goes down you Should be excited to go buy more of it Right and so I I was literally saying This morning that I'm going to go to the Office I'm going to go buy some more Right and the reason why that's so Important is as the price goes down if You have a 10year time frame you're just Getting it at a cheaper price you're

Dollar cost averaging down and so I do Think that bitcoiners more so than Almost any other asset class Historically they've bought they've held For a long time they continue to dollar Cost average and they're using these Timeless investing principles to create Real wealth for themselves I don't know If you bought at8 it's tough to buy at 60 well if you bought at 8,000 and you Still have cash right where else are you Going to put it I think that's the big Question is if you want to protect your Wealth and you're getting paid a salary Every sing single year that net New Capital where do you put it you put in Stock market you can put in Bitcoin but Again if you go and you look over a long Period of time what is beating inflation You know gold is a great example over The last five years if you've held gold You've actually lost purchasing power in Real terms and so naturally Bitcoin ends Up being one of the only solutions that People are picking hey get your tickets To bitcoin Nashville I'll be speaking Russell Brand will be speaking there's Huge speakers this year use code altcoin Daily for 10% off I hope to see you There hope to hang out with you Subscribe to our Channel we're almost at 1 .5 million subscribers guys any of our Videos from the past 6 months check back On these These are still very relevant

Great information and going forward guys Double down on your crypto Journey this Is the year my name is Aaron altcoin Daily see you tomorrow


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