Bitcoin Price – Fed Meeting – What Happens Next?

I think it's super obvious that rate Cuts are probably coming with near 100,000 Bitcoin having been taken off Exchanges in the last 30 days 54,000 From Kraken 25,000 from coinbase Ethereum Supply seeing similar metrics Hitting an 8-year low on exchanges with Almost 5% of the entire Bitcoin Supply Being scooped up by ETFs 34 ETFs now Hold over 1 million Bitcoin Black Rock Leading with over 300 Bitcoin with blue Chip AI company NVIDIA having a Successful stock split Apple announcing Their continued fora into the AI space Bitcoin and the entire crypto Market is Ready to pop why because the Federal Reserve is about to pump crypto and all Risk assets to high heaven guys smash The like button support the channel Let's talk about bitcoin price and Crypto markets what happens next so There's a Fed meeting coming up this Week rate Cuts have been expected all Year so far that has yet to happen will The FED cut rates this week well Vegas Odds put the chances of that happening At about 2.2% down from 70% earlier this year the CIO of swan Bitcoin details exactly what Is expected with the FED meeting this Week listen to his answer we have a Pretty key fed meeting coming up this Week what are you expecting heading into The week and uh how does that affect

Your outlook for Bitcoin yeah I think It's super obvious that you know Ultimately at some point rate cuts are Probably coming if you just look at what Happened in Europe right Europe is Heading that direction and I think Ultimately that that's what's going to Happen timing is always uncertain like With everything in the FED right if we Look back to 2020 they made a very Strong stance that you know if remember Po saying we're not even thinking about Raising rates and we now know where that End right so I think the FED is going to Be the same thing they're going to be Saying that there's there no changes in The Horizon that things are going to be Stable predictable when we know in fact That that's that's not the case if There's one thing we know about monetary Policy is that it's not stable it's not Predictable so the odds of a June rate Cut are very low the odds of a July rate Cut very low these both had great odds Near the beginning of the year so most People aren't thinking about these rate Cuts happening like they were at the Beginning of the year however that Doesn't mean they're not going to happen There's a 50% chance that they cut rates In September it's basically just a Little bit more than a toss up investers See a 50.5% chance of a quartero rate cut by

September 17th 18th fed meeting with a Tiny 4% chance of a 50 basis rate cut November the odds increase the odds of a Quartero rate cut are 64.4% by November 6 7th meeting which Ends 2 days after the US election There's a 177% chance of a 50 basis rate Cut by then the final meeting of the Year for the Federal Reserve is December 17th and 18th investors see an 86.3% chance of a Fed rate cut the fact Is the US markets are about to be Blindsided by Fed rate Cuts happening One after another as we get towards the End of the year this is exactly the Sentiment and Analysis that politician And financier Anthony scaramucci echoed In our interview from a couple days ago You need to prepare for this this is Going to pump Bitcoin over 100k and Altcoins a lot higher I have been in the Camp that we're going to get two and Possibly still three rate cuts and People look at me like I'm crazy because We were seven rate cuts and then we went To zero rate Cuts I think the consensus Now is one rate cut but I actually think It's GNA Be I believe that yes I do believe that I think they're going to come in the Months of October November December and I think what's going to end up happening Is the fed's going to move 25 basis Points a cliff

At the end of the year because they're Going to be behind the curve if they Don't do that the economy is weakening You just saw the data that came out in Housing markets the housing market is Slowing down new mortgage applications Refinancings slowing down and housing Whether we like it or not is still a Very large heartbeat in America and and I'll just remind your viewers and Listeners that jobs are created in the United States by small businesses big Businesses generally don't create the Jobs they stay at a rough equilibrium in Terms of quotas small businesses create Job growth and 60% of the small businesses are tied to US housing just go down your local Main Street you'll see a hardware store Sheetrock guy Plumbing guy they're all There there's a bank there that you know Lends out mortgage money to people's Houses There's real estate brokers on That block um and if you look at it About 60% of it insurance agents that Are selling you uh Property and Casualty Insurance fire insurance or your home It's all there and when you have a Slowdown in housing you hurt those small Businesses and so the FED knows this and I believe that the FED will start Cutting rates uh will inflation be near 2% and I'm going to tell you something It already is and I would ask your

Viewers and listeners to please go to and what that is is a Decentralized aggregator of pricing data From around the United States and you'll See that that number is at about 2.3% you say well why is the government Reporting a different number well There's an expression that there are Lies Aaron and there are damn lies and There are statistics so lies damn lies And statistics the government can make These statistics look any way they want And they change the inputs so we don't Think it's accurately reflecting the Drop it's a lagging indicator those CPI Numbers are using and we think there's a Larger drop and a result of which I Think you're going to get the rate Cuts You get the rate cuts the you're going To get a tear in Bitcoin you're going to Get a tear in uh risk Assets and uh I don't even think they're That overpriced there's a lot of good Things happening in the economy and the Earnings have generally been good so Three rate Cuts get a tear in Bitcoin Get a tear in Risk assets bitcoin's over 100,000 by the end of the year that's my Honest opinion guys make sure you get Your tickets to bitcoin Nashville 2024 At the end of July 10% off with code Altcoin daily details below we be Speaking there this is the biggest

Bitcoin conference in the world in the Beautiful city of Nashville 10% off with Code altcoin daily and the fact is Bitcoin is ready to pop record low Supply record high demand rates will be Cut probably multiple times going into End of year this will make all risk Assets explode combined with the US Election combined with Bitcoin and Ethereum finally being desired and Accepted by institutions subscribe to Our channel altcoin daily for daily Videos keeping you focused and up toate Listen to The Experts listen to the People who study this every day work in The industry like here it's obvious What's about to happen listen what is Driving things overall given that you Know we had our two big catalysts for Bitcoin the having and the ETF F Launches um you know they're kind of Behind us now yeah I think you know Zooming out as you mentioned right I Think if we look at the big events of This year the ETF is still I think by by Far the the most important one at at Least in terms of what it it really Means for Bitcoin in the long term right Let's put things in perspective if we Just look at the the amount of Bitcoin That was accumulated in the ETFs right There's more than one million Bitcoin That are actually been bought by Black Rock Fidelity you know the major

Financial firm so think about that if we Went a year ago and I told you we're GNA Have an ETF not only we're GNA have an ETF but you know five months after ETF Is launched we're gonna have a million Bitcoin sitting at the ETFs on behalf of The clients from these institutions People would think You' be crazy right And the the flood gates are up open that Has been happening it's by far the most Successful launch of an ETF that we've We've ever seen just like if any new Technology right in the beginning we're All worried about it but eventually when You look at it and you really understand The value that it that it has not only In an asset allocation perspective as I Said but on a fundamental level what This really represents as a savings Technology to the world then people Really buy into the idea and I'm Starting to see a lot of that coming From institutions as well before they Looked at Bitcoin as a trade right they Looked at the price like oh here's where The price is I'm going to buy it you Know just as a trade now they're looking More okay so where do I put this in my Portfolio does it fit Within real estate Long-term assets hard Assets in gold Right which clearly I think signals a Shift in in perspective of where where Bitcoin is in the cycle and I think on The on the adoption scale so I think the

Future is very promising to what what We're seeing give given the adoption That we're seeing


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