Bitcoin Price AFTER Halving REVEALED! What Happens Next?

There's only 21 million Bitcoin ever and Therefore price only go up Bitcoin go up There's something strange going on with Bitcoin's price today see bitcoin's been In this strong uptrend since late 2022 So why now is it stalling out right Before the having first of all what Exactly caused this rally why did this Happen in general to understand this we Need to understand this and Kathy Wood Explains exact L what is going on in This clip nobody else is saying what She's saying what do you think is Happening I mean we saw we saw we saw Bitcoin get up to 70 something, drop Down to $66,000 I was making the Argument that it has been very tied to The NASDAQ it's been very tied to the Markets and as a result it is more Likely a function of liquidity and sort Of speculation than it is a function of What the Federal Reserve is going to do Even though the Federal Reserve is sort Of been moving the markets what do you What what do you What's your analysis of why it's moved The way it has okay up dramatically you Have the ETFs there's something else Going on around the world there are Currency devaluations taking place that People are not talking about the Nigerian Nara is down 50 60% in the last Nine months Egypt just devalued by 40% Argentina continuing to devalue I think

This is a flight to safety believe it or Not taking place a hedge against Dev Valuation a hedge against a loss of Purchasing power and wealth that's very Important and we saw this even here last Uh last year in the United States Regional Banks imploded Bitcoin went up 40% uh Bitcoin does not have Counterparty risk I think and and we're Putting out a piece in the next few Weeks which is this is both get this a Risk on asset and so you talk about the NASDAQ RIS but it is risk off I remember We got in at $250 when Greece was threatening to Leave the Euro right but is that have Folks that are speculating about Currency or is that folks in Nigeria and In Greece and other places saying I got To get my money out of this currency and And move it themselves do you see what I'm saying oh yes I think this is an Insurance policy uh against uh Rogue Regimes or against just horrible fiscal And monetary policies so why is Bitcoin's price stalling out hey why Aren't you subscribe to us we answered Exactly this yesterday join the altcoin Daily Army turn on notifications and Never miss a daily update again why is Bitcoin dipping watch our video from Yesterday all your questions will be Answered the new question is because I Believe this is only temporary the new

Question is what can we expect from Bitcoin after the having what happens After this what happens after this Ledger's Chief experienced officer Ian Rogers has any an informed opinion as to How things change for Bitcoin after the Having here he explains how bitcoin's Bing mimics precious medals how going Into this having we have an Unprecedented setup well listen to Ian He should just explain it to you when You're thinking of the harving are you Expecting everyone's going to be a Flurry of anticipation to have more to Own more as the supply becomes more Limited and it does drive up the Price well I think the the having is a Great opportunity for people to learn More about about what Bitcoin is and and How it works you know Bitcoin it's uh Designed to mimic precious metals in That the more you mine it the more Difficult it becomes to mine and going Into this having is we have an Unprecedented setup um because we have Hit an all-time high on a weekly monthly And quarterly basis um you know prior to The having which is something that Hasn't happened before in the times That's happened previously after you Have um you know this this weekly Monthly quarterly all-time high you've Had an appreci of 300% so you know the setup the setup of

The having is is interesting because you Know it's it's a you know Financial Endeavor for the miners and you can Learn a lot from watching what the Miners are doing going into the having And they've been investing so they've Obviously been betting on um betting Their businesses on the price of of Bitcoin going up and it it looks like They're about to win their bet it looks Like miners are about to win their bet But what happens to miners after after This what happens when it becomes 50% Less profitable for them to mine Bitcoin See right now about 32k is their Break Even cost after the having their Break Even will be 64k supply and demand Dynamics are in full effect for Bitcoin After this listen to what the cxo of Ledger says happens with Bitcoin the Rest of this year if you're looking to The minor to see what they think is Going to happen after the having then Then what you're doing is you're saying Okay well what's the break even point For this so at the current um you know At the at the current uh rate of Bitcoins being created which is about 900 per day the break even point for Them is a $32,000 Bitcoin um so they've Been investing uh all year long even Knowing that after the having the break Even point for them will be $64,000 Bitcoin so even you know back in January

When the price of Bitcoin was between $40 and $50,000 they were still Investing betting that the price of Bitcoin would surpass that that $64,000 Mark so now bitcoin's you know hovering Around 70 $70,000 and then what you have Is again as I said you had about 900 Bitcoins being created on a daily basis After the having that will go down to 450 Bitcoins being created on a daily Basis but you have this um this new Event which is the Bitcoin ETFs which Are driving a demand of around 2,500 Bitcoins every day so you know there Will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin 19.5 million of those are already in Existence all of those have come into Existence VI via this mining process um And if you just look at the at the Supply side we've had we've had you know Kind of a um you know we we've had this Uh this demand that's been created by The ETFs um and then now you're about to Have the supply shock of the having so I Think you know it's it's um it's very You know very simple supply and demand And you know and also now you know Bitcoin's been around for 15 years so a It's been hardened um and we've had a Long time to look at it and we've looked At these Cycles many times so you know There's no no guarantee that the past Will predict the future um as I said We've never had this all-time high in

Advance um of the ETF I mean I'm sorry Advance of the having the the ETF is a New way to buy Bitcoin so there's a lot Here that's unprecedented um you know But but we're definitely looking at past Cycles to try to predict the future We've never had a setup like this before So is Bitcoin just destined to go up Forever I mean obviously the market goes And Es and flows there will be months Where nothing happens and then all of a Sudden hey make sure you subscribe for Daily updates keeping you informed we'll Keep you in tune with everything going On here I love how the expert answers This question and you let me know what You think we're talking about the Haring Because it's due in April uh look we've Had a pretty robust debate in the last Week in with Jack males who was on the Program the strike CEO Mike novag Gratz Came on the show last week and made the Same argument they basically in the camp Of there's only 21 million Bitcoin ever And there therefore price only go up Bitcoin go up uh for that very simple Reason but one of the interesting data Points that I track at least is Liquidity in the market you know I I get It on the supply side but there's a lot Of trading that goes on basically uh are You in the camp of only 21 million Bitcoin ever so it only go Up well I'm in the camp of um we lead

Digital lives and we will have digital Ownership in our digital lives and there Is a new invention here I mean that's Think is what people often kind of Overlook they look at only the Speculative side but you know I've been Working on the internet since the early 90s and um I did digital music for 20 Years and I was a big part of the fact That you no longer own your music Collection you rent it um so Bitcoin has Been the tip of this Spear of digital Ownership um and I think that you know That you know we will have digital Ownership in our digital lives and and Yes because you have this this truly Scarce digital ownership asset which is Like a it behaves like a precious metal Um I think look if you own pesos you Want to own dollars and if you own Dollars you want to own Bitcoin


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