Bitcoin Price About To Go “Absolutely Crazy” Expert Prediction

November at 20,000 4 months later we're At 60,000 so things can happen very Quickly and we can go triple quadruple 5x in a period of um 3 months and if you Miss those three months you're you're Going to miss everything bitcoin's price Is about to go absolutely crazy and if You miss the next 3mon window you're Going to miss everything this has Happened to bitcoin's price after every Single having take a look this is how Bitcoin's price appreciated after every Having this over here is the having Event and then this is what happens After each time Bitcoin having just Happened we are here in green to me this Is extremely bullish and most don't Realize smash the like button support The channel send this video to one Friend who really needs to hear this About Bitcoin Bitcoin whales are Accumulating at a pace like we've never Seen before while you panic they buy Because they know what's about to happen Freddy Krueger is a Wall Street finance And Tech veteran often cited in Financial news his YouTube channel is Called math money Bitcoin he is a Bitcoin advocate he has made rather Bullish predictions about bitcoin's Future price based on mathematical Models here he lays out the Bitcoin Price explosion that he thinks is going To happen sometime in the next 12 months

There will be a three 3 to 4 Monon Window where bitcoin's price does a 3X 4X 5x let's go through cycle by cycle And listen and watch him build his Thesis we'll start here 2013 2014 cycle As you can see here Bitcoin if you look At the entire four years of of Bitcoin From 2009 to January of 2014 70% of the Move of that was done in 2 months right You could have done nothing but just Bought Bitcoin and September of 2013 and you would have captured 80% of The move right 70 to 80% of the move Depending on if you held it 3 or 4 Months in the end of 2013 really we have This extreme tail here and by the way if You sort of if you looked here and you Sort of said oh what's the chart look Like well the chart looked bad right the Chart looked like we're rolling over was Going down and so there was really Almost you know oh maybe we're going to Come back oh maybe this is going to be a Double top no matter what you do you're Not going to see this ginormous pattern Here this this thing so that's the first Real kind of move up that we've seen Next we'll go to 2017 most people Remember the Bitcoin 2017 cycle with Bitcoin topping out at 20K most don't Remember that bitcoin price actually Spent most of 2017 under 6K if this was Just a oneoff I would say you know go Ahead and and trade it but look look

What happened in 2017 let's go to here And let's look at that there again what Do we see we see that the market did Whole lot of nothing it never really Crossed 6,000 until October right that's Something we just don't remember because We always remember that it went to 20,7 But but bear in mind that it really Almost it only crossed 6,000 in October In November really is it only crossed 6,000 touched 20,000 in December almost All the gains if you had not been in Bitcoin in October if you got out in October you would have missed 3/4 of the Move right so everything really really Happened over a 3mon period now again You say okay that's two times for but Surely it didn't happen again the same Way ah yes but it did let's go to the 2020 2021 cycle look how quickly this Happened and pay attention to the Conclusion that Fred Krueger draws at The end let's take a look at that third Movement the 2020 2021 bull market and Again you know here we go doing a lot of Nothing November at 20,000 4 months Later we're at 60,000 right so things Can happen very quickly and we can go Triple Quadruple 5x in a period of um 3 months And if you miss those three months You're you're going to miss everything So the big problem with trading Bitcoin Is

You know you can trade it just like Anything else and you know you think You're making money you're losing money But the big problem with Bitcoin is if You're not in the market for those 3 Months it's very unlikely that you're Going to be able to get in the Market at And be there with any kind of size when This thing actually goes up I do think That we are going to see another one of Those moves in the next year I don't Know when it's going to be it could be In a week it could be in three 3 weeks It could be in by the end of the year it Could be next year I don't know we have To stay in the market to capture those Moves so let's talk about why bitcoin's Price goes up Fred Krueger has made it Clear that the reason he's so bullish is Because he thinks technically speaking The bull market is happening and for That reason he thinks bitcoin price is Going to reach certain levels because Technically we're in a bull but besides Being in a bull what are his three big Fundamental reasons he thinks bitcoin's Price is going to Skyrocket this is an Interesting thesis listen now what else Do I think gives me a lot of bullishness Well obviously the ETFs right so I think In addition to the fact that we're on Sort of this bull market we have the ETFs that are um they're really just Starting to kick in and uh you know we

Saw yesterday we had gbtc with the first Positive inflow Day Ever I sort of said I think the ETFs once we get back and We're Say back to 70,000 I think those flows Are going to come right back because I Think these people they don't they may Not participate when the market looks Shaky but when the market looks good They're going to come back and that's Just like a turbo booster on top of the Bullish sentiment that's just coming From the non-f part of the market the Third part I would say is just from a Pure fiscal Irresponsibility I think we have have Never looked more irresponsible than we Are today we're definitely in kind of This I would say sort of the end game of Fiat here you know we're just printing Like crazy we got PE just absolute Insane people like Stephanie Kelton who Really think that we can just go print Like whatever we want we can just buy uh And that won't have any impact on Inflation or anything she uses the Example of World War II to show how Great things are when you know When we just go Spend like drunken Sailors on something Like you know the war effort um and you Know her new war effort is you know the Green New Deal and climate change so I Just think that this kind of thinking is

So wrong so destructive to Capital so I Think the the the fact that people just Don't seem to even care at all about Deficits is is a reason why Bitcoin is Going to do really really well over the Next two years and then the last of all I think we have an election and I think At the end of the day this election Whoever emerges from this election as The Victor is going to go spend like Crazy if it's Trump they're going to cut Interest rates like crazy but regardless I think people are going to want to own Bitcoin I think we have a really great Setup for the next 18 months very Bullish I just would recommend just Being fully invested and just you know Having Diamond hands so let's talk price Prediction What price does Fred Krueger think Bitcoin will hit this cycle how high can Bitcoin go within what time frame what Is most likely this is his price and Time Outlook this cycle remember guys Smash the like button if you appreciate Videos like this I think we're in a bull Market we've gone from the low of 15,000 16,000 let's call it to um you know Close to 70,000 right now 63,000 I think we have you know we could Easily go up another 4 to 5x from here That would put us at 250,000 and it Could be as much as 500,000 and I think If I had to pick a spot what this

Happens I think we're going to probably Get the most of it by the end of 2025 Right so yeah yeah maybe it keeps on Going until 2026 the next 18 months I think are Going to be you Know could be really amazing could be Absolutely spectacular somewhere between You know 4X and you know 8X the return From where we are today please if you Like this uh content hit the Subscribe Button because it really helps my Algorithm on YouTube how about longer Term is it true that he thinks bitcoin's Price hits $1 million per coin this Decade this is true what's it going to Take to get Bitcoin to a million well we Probably have to increase users by about 3x how long is it going to take to do That probably about a decade look guys If any of us knew the future we'd all be Rich this video it's not Financial Advice just info and opinion that being Said if you're interested in making Money in crypto subscribe to our channel Altcoin daily WE Post one video every Day keeping you up to date giving you an Edge post this video on social media Engage with this video comment your Thoughts below I'll be chatting with you In the comments also follow the great Fred Krueger on his channel math money Bitcoin I'll link his stuff below see You tomorrow my friends this is going to

Be a great year for us


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