$200,000 uh by the end of the year you Know a few months ago that would have Sounded pretty out of this world what do You say are the catalysts that could Drive Bitcoin to that level $200,000 Bitcoin price by end of year is now Possible things are changing in a big Way many are getting left behind with Demand outstripping supply and supply Being squeezed dry everybody talks about These ETFs and for good reason I mean This is why Bitcoin is breaking all-time Highs but there's so much more demand Than just what's coming from the ETFs understand analysts are doing the Math and analysts have figured out that Bitcoin has about 6 months before we Really start seeing a massive Supply Crunch 30 days until the having 6 months Or less until a huge supply crunch Bitcoin could easily hit $200,000 by end Of the year here's why yes uh last time We were here our Target was 100,000 We're currently revising that to 200 by The end of the year if not higher indeed Uh the approvals of the ETFs were a big Catalyst uh Global event not only did This open the door to a wider adoption Of uh the assets here in the US but uh Also the narrative has shifted globally I was in about five six countries in the Last month or so and the conversations With investors had changed significantly We saw yesterday the UK open opening the

Door for the crypto backed etn we had 10 Issuers filed for spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong the day after we saw the Approvals here in the US so we still Continue to believe that 40 50 billion AUM in the first year for the ETFs in The US is beyond the realistic estimate And that demand not to mention the Demand outside of the US and the having Around the corner will be putting a Tremendous pressure on the Bitcoin price Which is yet for us to see in my opinion Well that's what I was going to ask you Ry how do you know that the having has Not really been priced in already well If we look simply at the supply Demand Right like we currently have miners Providing about what 900 Bitcoins a day And in mid April this number is going to Go down to 450 Bitcoins a day and uh We're seeing about 9 10,000 Bitcoins per Day demand So even if people are pricing it in at The moment I think simply by Supply Demand we have we'll definitely see that Pressure on price smash the like button Guys I'm trying to help you understand What's actually going on in the Cryptocurrency market understand that Black rock bought about 500 million Worth of bitcoin yesterday listen the Price goes in ABS and flows but ETF Buyers are the type of buyers who don't Really care about that they're just

Going going to keep on buying they're an Interesting sort of buying that they are Indiscriminate to where the price is the EF will just keep buying they do not Care if uh if it's the wrong time to buy If it looks you know if it's been 10 Straight days of it going higher and the RSI is at like 95 they do not care um And I think that's something that the Market will kind of have to get used to Is that we will start to see these these Um consecutive runs where we start to Push the edges of maybe technical Indicators and things start to feel Frothy and it will just keep on going so I actually think we're just going to Keep on going higher provided that you Know Haven got some massive macro Meltdown but yeah the nature of this Buyer does not care if it if it's Driving Bitcoin up 5% every week it will Just keep on buying so the ETFs are one Of the biggest reasons why Bitcoin Continues to Rally but it's important to Remember it's not just the ETFs there Are many verticals of demand for Instance Drake posted a Michael sailor Bitcoin video to his 146 million Instagram followers in this video that 146 million people were introduced to Michael sailor said that Bitcoin will Eat gold Bitcoin is is certainly at Least digital gold it's going to eat Gold it's got all of the great

Attributes of gold and it's got none of The defects of gold if you could Teleport gold from New York to Tokyo in A in a few minutes people would like it And again remember Michael sailor Doesn't talk about a $100,000 price Prediction Michael doesn't talk about a $200,000 price prediction Michael sailor Talks about bare minimum Bitcoin takes The market cap of gold putting Bitcoin At at least half a million dollars per Coin guys remember there will always be Big dips even in Bull markets even 30 to 40% dips even dips that take four or Five weeks to play out but remember this Too whenever Bitcoin breaks all-time Highs Bitcoin always enters price Discovery mode then people ask well how Much is Bitcoin actually worth and if You study the Bitcoin price chart you See every time Bitcoin broke through All-time highs it really shot up there Really fast so be prepared somebody's Buying real quick my friends crypto Currency taxes do not have to be scary Pay your taxes and you can get your Taxes done in minutes through our Partner coin Ledger use our link below To create a free account and get your Crypto taxes done this is the Turbo Tax Of crypto I've used this this is Completely free to use you do not pay Upfront you only pay at the end when you Want to download your tax report it's so

Easy to use you get your crypto taxes Done in minutes all you do is connect Your wallet to coin Ledger coin Ledger Automatically calculates your gains your Losses your income in your home fiat Currency for free so you track your Gains your losses your income for free With this software if you use our link Below you only pay at the end if and When you want to download your tax Report again you must use our affiliate Link to get all perks make sure you use Our link below these guys are like the Turbo Tax of crypto but they're also Trusted by regular Turbo Tax in that Coin Ledger tax reports can be easily And simply imported into your Turbo Tax Or Tax Act or whatever tax software you Use I've used this service before coin Ledger crypto Tax Service works you will Not stress over your crypto taxes if you Use this make sure that you use our Affiliate link below so that you're able To set up a free account with them and Try this out for free you use this Service it takes 5 minutes you'll have Such peace of mind when you're done Crypto taxes are easy with coin Ledger We have the ethereum ETF on the horizon Could get approved in May doesn't Necessarily have to will get approved at Some point and people are opening up Their eyes the ethereum ETF is going to Pay out yield everybody underestimates

This ethereum's Supply decreases Bitcoin Supply flow decreases ethereum's Supply Decreases ethereum will be explosive With an ETF ethereum is looking good in General particularly with a major Upgrade happening tomorrow the Danon Upgrade this upgrade among other things Will make ethereum l2s so much more Usable so much more cheaper and taking a Look at the ethereum L2 ecosystem Monthly active users wow even just a Year ago it was so much less so much More today and on the uptrend ethereum L2s have millions and millions of users I think that can only increase with the Denon upgrade and then after that what Comes next if we need to we can stop There we're not going to stop there Right and we want to kind of like go Ahead and try to actually make sure that The ethereum ecosystem gets support 500 Million users before the bull where 500 Million users are knocking on the door Actually ends up happening that's Probably the next part of the future the Transition from ethereum as this kind of Very theoretical ecosystem that's still Discovering and finding itself to Ethereum as an ecosystem that actually Is you know tries to be useful and Usable and uh you know secure and and All those things and like actually Provide value for hundreds of millions Of people with cardano now integrated

Into pilot programs in the uae's Criminal investigation Force du by Police breaking the news at World police Summit the other day with coins like Inject protocol recently surpassing 500 Million onchain transactions and today Breaking above all-time highs do you Remember how often we talked about Injective near its lows everybody's Talking about injective now we told you About injective years ago and we kept Telling you guys if you're interested in Buying crypto or trading crypto make Sure you use our buybit affiliate link Up to $330,000 worth of deposit bonuses Trade crypto here I don't know about you I've been researching altcoins heavily I'm looking at some low cap or lower cap Or newer altcoin plays certainly any Coin in any of our videos from the past 6 months is good make sure you look at These past videos but we're going to be Coming out with some new videos for Coins that are relatively new I think You're going to like it subscribe to the Channel see you tomorrow


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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