Bitcoin: Percentage Drawdown from the All Time High

Hey everyone and thanks for jumping back Into the cryptiverse today we're going To talk about Bitcoin and we're going to Be looking at the percentage drawdown From the all-time high if you guys like The content make sure you subscribe to The channel give the video a thumbs up And check out the holiday sale on into The cryptoverse premium at into the we do have several Different tiers available so make sure You check that out link is in the Description below or the pinned comment We've talked about this chart before Quite a lot I thought it would be Somewhat timely to provide an update Considering you know their their recent Price developments for Bitcoin one of The things we've talked about is how Bitcoin will often spend in a Considerable amount of time being down About 65 to 70 percent before realizing That final capitulation down to the Market cycle bottom we saw that back in 2014 we saw it back in 2018 and we've Sort of seen it in 2022 although that Final capitulation to those lower levels Arguably still eludes us and so now bit Coin is sort of in in this range of Being 75 down from the all-time high so It's sort of like in between right it's Not it's not at the levels that it was At in this past summer But it's also not as far down as it

Historically goes either so something to Consider is is or I think something we Should really do is continue to watch This as the months go as the months Continue to pass Us by because if if the Months pass Us by and you see the Percentage drawdown from all-time high For Bitcoin really start to match what You've seen in Prior bear markets it it Would be at least a sign that things Could finally start to be turning until Then I do think it remains fairly useful To remain somewhat conservative in in Your approach if you were to switch this Over to the total market cap one of the Things you'll notice is that it's only Down about 72 percent from the all-time High right it's only down about 72 Percent last cycle the total market cap Went down about 87 percent and and I Mean I know the cycle before that it Only went down about you know 78 but That was also when it was mostly just Bitcoin this discrepancy here right from 72 to 88 Compared to 75 to 85 or so is one of the Contributing factors I think into Considering why the dominance of Bitcoin Is still poised to make a sustained move To the upside it's the fact that the Altcoin market still has You know considerable ground that it Could easily give up another way to to

View that actually is to go take a look At at bitcoinusd and and take a look at How far down it is from the 2019 Peak It's only down about 17 or so now look At total two Which is everything besides Bitcoin so It does include stable coins It's like 68 down from the alt from the 2019 all-time high now it does include Stable coins so it probably won't make It down at that low even if Bitcoin does But it does show you just how much more Room there is for the altcoin market to Drop uh then compared to bitcoin right So I think it's worthwhile when you when You're navigating the cryptoverse to Sort of compare where Bitcoin is compare It to you know where is the total market Cap Draw down where does that compare to Prior cycles and then you know compare That to things like ethereum and see Where that is right look at where it is This cycle compared to where it was last Cycle not to say that it has to measure The same distance down of 94 percent but Is a 75 drop enough I I don't really think so is my opinion Um you look at things like cardano Right I mean I mean look cardana spends a lot of its Time being down 90 something percent From the all-time high I mean that's Just a fact right don't take it off with

Me take it up with the data and the Trends are are certainly pointing in Some similar directions so I think it's Worthwhile to continue to follow this Hopefully you guys enjoyed this this Viewpoint on it make sure you subscribe To the channel if you like the content And again check out the holiday sale on Into the crypto versus premium at into The thank you guys for Tuning in subscribe and I'll see you Next time bye


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