Bitcoin is about to EXPLODE!!! (Top 4 COINS I Have INSANE Confidence In)

Listen up pay attention we are in crypto Before most people this cycle will be in Crypto I need you to hear this if you Play your cards right you will be one of The biggest winners in this coming bull Cycle there's a lot that's going on in Crypto right now and if you're paying Attention your life could be drastically Different just 2 years from now so what The hell is going on well less than 150 Days until bitcoin's next having new all Alltime highs usually follow so think About it like this in 2017 it took about 9 months for Bitcoin to go from $1,000 To $20,000 9 months to go from about Here to right here that was almost two Bitcoin havs ago the block subsidy at The time was 12.5 Bitcoin today and After the next having that's going to be A lot less plus there was a lot more Bitcoin slashing around on exchanges Back then mining was boiling the oceans And there were zero institutions coming In in 1K to 20K is a 20x Bitcoin isn't Even at 50k yet but 50k to 1 million is Also a 20x think about this and again This cycle is so different the Black Rock Bitcoin ETF is days away at least That's still what Bloomberg analysts are Predicting 90% chance they're saying by January 10th they're putting their Reputations on the line other experts Are predicting this as well literally 2 .5 weeks at the latest 18 days max big

If true I think so but what do you think And of course this was all planned Taking out binance strategically to Promote coinbase coinbase is custody the Bitcoin for Black Rock for Fidelity for Vanguard and black rock and Vanguard Together own 10% of coinbase it's Planned just like the Bitcoin ETF has Planned Gary Gensler has 100% of his Million dollars of net worth with with Vanguard they're putting the players in Place and this industry is really about To get bullish now that everything's Lining up the same people suppressing The price of Bitcoin today will be Pumping Bitcoin to $100,000 with claims Of half a million and 1 million very Soon you watch not to mention black Rock's ethereum ETF is a lot closer than You think and most don't realize this Remember in Canada all spot e ETFs were Approved about 1 month after the spot Bitcoin ETFs now I actually think that The eth ETFs will get rejected a few Times I mean Bitcoins has been rejected For 10 years but even though it took 10 Years for a Bitcoin ETF to get approved I think an eth ETF won't take that long At all after the Bitcoin won the Grayscale versus SEC case was pivotal Look into this case there's no way they Can deny it at this point because we Already have ethereum Futures think About it buckle up strap in Smash that

Like button let's talk about the biggest Things going on in crypto so you are Fully prepared to talk to your family About crypto Thanksgiving dinner will You risk it all this Thanksgiving dinner Not talking about politics but talking To Grandma about Bitcoin and ethereum I Haven't done it yet I may do it if this Doesn't work out probably I will do it I Would almost say Definitely talk to your family about Crypto before the peak of the bull Market comes and this is what our Favorite blockchains turn into I got to Driveth through this later a live look At traffic this is that annual shot we See every year Sky Fox over the 10 and The 405 look at that triple A predicts More than 49 million people will drive This holiday so make sure your family Knows that Bitcoin was under $30,000 for 6 months plus I was buying Bitcoin heavy I was buying eth and quality altcoins Heavy this is what you should be telling Them and anybody who talked to you about Crypto is probably doing well right now And certainly crypto is not all about You making money I mean there's a reason This technology is revolutionary I'm Going to be telling Grandma crypto is All about Freedom give people Freedom I'm not like Anarchist I'm not against Governments I'm not against anybody I'm A very Freedom driven type of person so

I think people should be given a very High degree of Freedom um and we should Only be punished for things that uh that Are really bad uh so for example if you Scam somebody if you hurt somebody if You take somebody's property without Permission so those type of things yes Uh we should be protected against and But uh by a large we should uh give People a large degree of freedom to Exercise their own thinking and choices Hey let's talk about top altcoins these Are easy shills to your friends and Family on Thanksgiving because these Projects have so much going for them Including What's Happening Now what's About to happen I mean let's just get Into it did you know Avalanche has Experienced impressive growth over 131% in the past 30 days why is this why Did Avalanche shoot up with Institutional adoption of their subnets Coming from Financial giants like City And JP Morgan Avalanche looks to be the Lead for legacy Financial companies Looking to enter the cryptocurrency Ecosystem this is coming from research Analytics firm misari crypto and City And JP Morgan are just two examples this Is some more recent news Tech firm Republic is tapping into Avalanche for Profit sharing investment note the Blockchainbased investment note is Issued on Avalanche and will

Automatically distribute profits to Holders wallets all of this value is Acre on Avalanche as the base layer Neo Investment in Tech firm Republic plans To issue a blockchainbased security Token that will pay dividends to retail Investors from profits across its broad Portfolio of investment Holdings the Republic note is a profit sharing Digital asset that will be launched on The Avalanche blockchain which acrs Profits generated from Republic's wide- Ranging Investment Portfolio and service Republic has attracted over 3 million Investors and has deployed over 2.6 Billion into various Ventures including The likes of web 3 firms Avalanche dap Radar and Dapper Labs why did Republic Choose Avalanche why did Republic pick Avalanche Republic president Andrew dery Highlighted the selection of avalanche As its blockchain platform of choice as Primarily driven by the company's Ambition to reach and scale a broad Audience of web3 native investors he Says quote choosing Avalanche goes far Beyond the Network's strength speed Scale it solidifies our long-standing Partnership with aval laabs built on a Shared vision of more inclusive Financial markets big win for Avalanche Big win for Avalanche cardano this is The cardano road map for 2024 and guess What's coming in q1 the Chang hard Fork

Do I like cardano hm do I want stuffing On Thanksgiving the most valuable thing That cardano has is its high Decentralization you might be saying Well why isn't cardano doing stuff like This it's doing its own thing I mean it Certainly has plenty of strategic Partnerships but the most valuable thing That card o has is its high Decentralization this includes Aurora Boris proof of stake liquid staking but Above all 1,300 active pools and 1.3 Million Ada stakers what will cardano Look like in just a few years I'll tell You the cardano assets and settlement Layer CASL will be the foundation of Decentralization in the cryptocurrency Space at least that's what this Ada B Thinks what do you think about cardano I Guess I have one question how high can Cardano go the moon my friends my family I hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving unlike your grandpa after a Heavy turkey meal filled with trip toan We do not sleep we come at you on a Daily basis so make sure you subscribe You know guys this is turning into a Great end of year and 2024 is gearing up To be a a great year in general so you Want to be involved heavily keeping Informed on crypto not more than than Everever but subscribe like the video I'll see you tomorrow


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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