Bitcoin Is About To BLOW Past $100k (Less Than 10 Days)

Bitcoin is coiling up consolidating at All-time highs when this thing blows This thing is going to blow hard 80,000 990,000 100,000 and once Bitcoin gets to That magical number of $100,000 all bets Are off this thing is going to go wild There will be dips along the way of Course but you need to understand a Perfect storm is lining up for Bitcoin And once this thing blows there'll be no Stopping it again there will be dips in Corrections of course but understand This Bitcoin is still playing out Similarly to the 2020 all-time high Breakout right here this is us today Higher lows pushing into all-time highs I don't think Bears will be able to Withstand another test of $70,000 send it higher study history Something like this is going to happen That's my belief historically Bitcoin Always pumps after the having first Having 8,000% second having 3,000% thirdd having 800% so this cycle If you believe that Bitcoin each cycle Sees diminishing returns this cycle we Should get 400% increase but even if we Only get a 200% pump it will already put Bitcoin well above $200,000 so supply is about to be cut in Half virtually every major bank and Financial institution is advertising Bitcoin having coming up buy Bitcoin Through through us you need to buy

Bitcoin we've seen black Rock's Commercials we've seen Fidelity's Commercials here's another one guys 100 Billion TD Bank this is America's most Convenient bank a 100 billion assets Under management just dropped a Bitcoin Commercial about the having it is Amazing that Banks and financial Institutions are starting to advertise This right now they have huge budgets to Advertise this and they're all doing it In early 2024 bitcoin's price reached New all-time Highs but what's the cause Well bitcoin's price is determined by Demand and Supply just like a stock if There's more demand from buyers than Supply from sellers the price goes up But if the opposite is true the price Goes down and recently the new US spot Bitcoin ETFs have increased demand Significantly but there hasn't been a Significant increase in Supply in fact There's another event happening in April Of 2024 that will reduce the supply of New Bitcoin entering the market it's Called Bitcoin having Bitcoin was Designed so only 21 million coins can be Created but instead of flooding the Market with all the coins at once a Supply of new coins is slowly released Into the market every day as the name Suggests having cuts the supply of new Coins in half roughly every 4 years this Will continue until around May of 2140

When all 21 million Bitcoin will be on The open market so how has the price of Bitcoin behaved after the previous Having events well following each having Prices climbed up significantly although History suggests that bitcoin's price is Ready for more new highs in 2024 it's Not a guarantee there are other factors That could greatly impact demand and Supply which ultimately determined Bitcoin's price for more information About investing in Bitcoin with TD Through ETFs watch our video and to open An account online with TD direct Investing click the link in the Description so guess what we're seeing SEC filings show that US banks are are Buying Bitcoin US banks are finally Starting to get off zero when it comes To bitcoin we're just seeing all of These Giants just go crazy with their Advertising Black Rock launches a Massive Bitcoin ETF campaign here you Can see this on the top of the Bloomberg Terminal homepage ibit which is their ETF took $15 billion worth of bitcoin in In 3 months they want more this is black Rock's head of active ETFs so he knows What's going on and here he articulates Why so many are now interested in buying Bitcoin he says a whole group of Investors are now thinking about Bitcoin For the first time because of these spot Bitcoin ETFs listen goes back to

Investor interest that investors have Been saying for years that we want an ETF that is providing exposure to Bitcoin they liked the asset but they Wanted a better vehicle to get exposure To it and just like it's incredibly easy To get exposure to 500 stocks in the S&P 500 through ivv or to get Bond exposure Through a people want want that type of Easy vehicle for Bitcoin so this is a a Huge step forward for investors getting That easy access but also a lot of Investors for the first time can now Consider Bitcoin it just wasn't Available to a lot of investors who Could only buy things that are traded on Exchanges like ETFs and so now you see a Whole group of investors who are Thinking about this asset for the first Time you're also seeing 70 different Mutual funds saying you know what I Would like to switch to an ETF because An ETF is like a mutual fund only it Trades like a stock you can move it as Many times as you want during the day Let's go over some of this demand data So of course the big one is the ETFs We've been keeping you informed on these Since the very beginning you can see Although it's reached a little bit of a Plateau the trend can pretty much only Go up we're so early on these things This chart shows the number of Bitcoin The spot Bitcoin ETFs hold the new

Bitcoin ETFs so not including grayscale Purchased nearly 525,000 bit coin worth 37 billion in Just 62 trading days in Just 2 months It's not just black rock and grayscale And the ETFs that are holding Bitcoin of Course that's a large part of it it's Also miners it's also different Corporations like micro strategy and of Course nation states we know about El Salvador they're a small country that's Really furthering themselves by taking a Risk on bitcoin they're really the only Big country big country that bought or Mined the the Bitcoin themselves as the Biggest nation states that hold Bitcoin Confiscated it or seized it yet they Have skin in the game us has skin in the Game China has skin in the game UK Germany Ukraine and of course private Individuals like us continue to dollar Cost average of course it's not all Rainbows and butterflies yesterday we Reported to you what's happening with The sec's latest action against Unis Swap and we and this whole industry Going to continue to fight G Gensler Remember first they came for binance to Protect us next they came for coinbase To protect us now they're coming for Uniswap to protect us yet they missed FTX Celsius and three eror capital all On Gary's watch the biggest crypto Failure in history is probably FTX at $9

Billion were you the chairman of the SEC When FTX collapsed yes and how many Times did you meet with FDX prior to Their collapse I think my public record Chose two you met it with FTX at least Twice and arguably the second biggest Crypto failure in history was teral Luna Who was the chairman of the SC when Teral Luna collapsed sir we had brought Uh you were sir reclaiming my time you Were does it concern you that your Approach to the digital asset industry Is actually driving this industry out of The United States trying to drive it to Compliance and if they're not complying With the laws you say the crypto Market Is Rife with non-compliance however Existing SEC rules make no sense for Blockchainbased companies and following Them would actually kill these Businesses your regulatory style lacks Flexibility and nuance and as a result You've been an incompetent cop on the Beat doing nothing to protect everyday American so we're in for a very Interesting rest of the year to say the Least I remain bullish on bitcoin Certainly up until the presidential Election certainly for the next 6 to 9 To 11 months to me the bull case is Obvious and if we do get to these higher Levels and then all of a sudden we find Oursel post presidential election and Into

2025 at that point all bets are off in My opinion at that point we're going to Have to question how much higher does This cycle go of course if any of us Knew the future we'd all be rich my name Is Aron at altcoin Daily make sure you Subscribe to the channel for daily Updates on everything going on in crypto See you tomorrow


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