Bitcoin Halving Today Explained – My Price Prediction AFTER

Today is the day of the Bitcoin having This is one of the biggest moments in Cryptocurrency it happens every four Years and this Bitcoin having is Different than any other Bitcoin having We've ever seen in crypto history and That's because after today Bitcoin Officially becomes scarcer than gold in Terms of annual inflation rate now watch Today's whole video because I want to Talk about is this Bitcoin having priced In the final conversation um what to Expect after the Bitcoin having and my Brother and I are in Dubai right now for Crypto conference token 2049 this is the Biggest crypto conference in Asia one of The biggest in the world and the point Is the elites of crypto literally the Biggest names you know show up to this Event to speak uh we're talking to some Of them at these After parties I want to Share some stories um and also the do by Flooding we'll talk about everything Like today's video If you appreciate me Coming to you for these big events but Let's Start what is the Bitcoin Having well the Bitcoin having is when The supply faucet uh the amount of Bitcoin coming into the supply gets cut In half and to be clear that doesn't Mean the supply of Bitcoin gets cut in Half no that's not what Happens there will only ever be 21

Million Bitcoin ever ever in existence That's one of the fundamental selling Points and Bitcoin is scarce for example It's like gold gold is scarce too Although we don't really know how much Gold there is underground we're digging Up more and more different amounts every Single day And we sure as hell don't know how much Gold there is in space but gold is Scarce that's one of the reasons it has Value and uh it just has perceived Scarcity Bitcoin has mathematical Scarcity it's code it is it is Unchanging you can it's open transparent It's public code anybody can watch it uh But the point is the Bitcoin having is When that Supply faucet gets chopped in Half right now the annual inflation rate For Bitcoin at least for the last four Years has been 1.7% and Gold's inflation rate is always About 1 to 2% per year depending on how Much they want to choose to dig up and Other costs Etc so you could make the argument that Bitcoin for the last four years has been Equal is equal um le as scarce as gold In terms of annual inflation rate after Today everything changes bitcoin's Inflation rate drops from 1.7% to under 1% exactly 85% we've never seen an asset a hard Money supply asset that's ever been more

Scarce than gold this is literally an Event that you and I can tell our Grandkids about but why this affects you In the short term if you hold Bitcoin is Because the reason people care about the Having is because basic economics 101 Supply and Demand if the demand of any asset just Stays the same doesn't even increase Just stays the same and Supply faucet Gets cut half price goes up um that's Why every 4 years we see these blowoff Tops in Bitcoin it doesn't happen that Day uh but about 12 to 18 months after Every single Bitcoin having Bitcoin has Those these bull runs because of what The supply is doing and also from Everything we've seen demand isn't Staying the same demand's only Increasing especially this year from an Institutional level through these ETFs um but I guess that's the point of The Bitcoin having I become scarcer than Gold Now that brings us to the question that We've been talking about a lot on this Channel if you subscribe to altcoin Daily you have some of this Alpha uh you Knew first but my point of view and when We say priced in it Means Has as the expectation of this event Have people already bought it up um Bought it up in

Anticipation Um for example back in 2021 with Dogecoin when Elon Musk hosted at SNL um Some people said that was priced in it Was a case of buy the rumor sell the News cuz bit dogecoins price didn't Explode after Elon Musk hosted SNL Dogecoin um Rose in anticipation people Buying the rumor and then the day it Happened they sold the News my view on the Bitcoin having has Always been this or actually every major Event in crypto that if you're asking me Should I expect volatility in Cryptocurrency the day of a major event Then my bias is yes that would my bias Would be there will be a case of buy the R or sell the news in any capacity um as As these markets are you know B bought And sold in real time um I was that was My stance for the Black Rock ETFs the Day that that happened and to be clear That doesn't change my thoughts on Bitcoin long term the end of the year I'm just talking about on a minute SCA Scale that day because the day Black Rock launched the very first Bitcoin ETF This year back in January Bitcoin did Dump that day and I think that week as Well of course longterm what that Fundamentally meant bitcoin's price only Continued to increase because again they Were taking away demand black rock is Accumulating still in Fidelity and Arc

And all these ETFs at an incredible rate so my view on The having is it will be a case of BU The r or sell the news at the same time I don't think the Bitcoin having is Priced in while it may dip you know Today that day or this week or next week Um what this fundamentally means for the Network is that it's only becoming more Scarce and even if this Bitcoin having Is priced in the next five Bitcoin Today it's about what this means for the Network over the next 100 plus Years um now how about Dubai uh Dubai Dubai oh there was there One more thing I had to say about Bitcoin guys like this video If you Appreciate um these one-on ones me Coming to you direct to camera again the Regular content's always going to come Where we go over news but I wanted to Come to you first uh is the Bitcoin Having priced in what do you expect okay This is the last thing want to say my Bitcoin price prediction for this cycle Because again these price rallies um go With the having usually 8 12 to 18 Months afterwards something that we've Also never seen Bitcoin ever before is The rally into the having usually we're Near all-time Lows um into the having and we see the Price effect 12 to 18 months after for The first time ever we have seen a price

Run up because of these ETFs the 12 Months before the having so is it over Is that the buy the rumor um sell the News my thought process has always Been after the Bitcoin having 12 to 18 Months after Bitcoin has at minimum 3x uh from its old all-time high based On what the having does and based on Increasing demand for example the All-time high for Bitcoin at that Blowoff top in 2017 was 20K the top of the next cycle Was 69k so that was a 3X back in the Olden days around 2009 13 it was a whole Lot more than 3x but we are seeing Diminishing returns um but we are seeing More demand from an Institutional level This cycle more than any other cycle but My thoughts have always been um Bitcoin's at least minimum going to 2x Which was um speculation on my part only Because of because if it's at least 3x a 2X from 69k let's just call it 60 it's At least going to hit 120 was always my Expectation that's my conservative price Target yes there are things going on on A macroeconomic level geopolitical level Uh I I mean um war in countries that Could change things but again I I Personally think from everything we've Seen over the years bitcoin's value is Only understood easier when we see these Sovereign Nations Waring when we don't Know what the hell the fed's going to do

With the United States a monetary policy Every single meeting bitcoin's monetary Policy is unchanged uh so even with that I guess that's all to say my base case Is still 120 I still think That I still think that you know we see That at the end of this year closer to Next year or at the beginning of next Year um as I get more information I'm Going to keep my head to the grindstone I'm still trying to bring notable people Out researching uh so as I update my Opinion I will update you Dubai uh man this was these we were here We got in the day before one of the Worst uh Rainstorms in Dubai recent history and It's nothing compared to the rest of the World but the only reason that there is Sort of an issue with that is because The the drainage in Dubai isn't uh you Know isn't isn't used to having so much Rain now Dubai is a beautiful city I Only have great things to say about Dubai I love it Uh but it was wild luckily I mean you Saw this on the news luckily they were Able to fix it in time and then the city Is looking Great some of the people I've been Talking to at this Conference um I was pulled up on a panel I spoke out with the CEO of aity chain As well as the CEO of Cody I at the CEO

Of uh do do your own research decks um But the biggest one was actually Brock Pierce just two nights ago I was at a Boat party with Brock Pierce for those Of you that don't know um he is he was An early investor in EOS early investor In Ripple one of the ogs in Bitcoin Kid star of uh that one movie About the president's kid oh he's in Mighty Ducks as well and the first kid And any he's just like he's a he's a big Bitcoin guy and never met him before um Could not be the nicest guy and what was Interesting to me is this guy is still He's invested in some of the the most Notable companies in crypto and what Seemed to excite him the most one of Many things was meme coins this guy is Still um super super bullish on Meme Coin specifically one that he didn't Found or anything but he bought called Uranus after the planet um I'm not Invested but I guess this is not scaring Them I it's maybe these dips like SC the Regular people but people that believe In this technology he's still bullish on The fundamentally more traditional Products like Ripple and uh all those Infrastructure companies or or Traditional companies but he's still Going hard on Meme coins so I guess that Made me just sort of Rethink um That I mean there's there's room in this

Market for everything meme coins And and the other stuff guys I'm Rambling I'm going to let you go uh my Brother Aaron we're in different hotels Um I think he wanted to say something if He does I'll throw it over to him uh but Give me your thoughts on the Bitcoin Having down below and if you watch the Whole video Comment banana Down Below in the Comments like all we see tomorrow


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