Bitcoin Halving $100,000 MEGA PUMP Incoming!!! Ethereum (& Altcoins) will go CRAZY!

Everything that could go wrong has gone Wrong for the crypto industry and yet The price of Bitcoin has rallied from 16 000 to almost 30 000 in the last six Months which is pretty remarkable and I Wouldn't be surprised if Bitcoin hits 40 000 this year forty thousand dollars This year fifty thousand dollars next Year one hundred thousand dollars soon After that this is the Bitcoin price That experts are predicting Standard Chartered Bank wrote this in a report Bitcoin could surge to one hundred Thousand by end of 2024. this is due to Bank turmoil Bitcoins having and the Unexpected end of Fed rate hikes among Other things while sources of Uncertainty remain quote we think the Pathway to a one hundred thousand dollar Level is becoming clearer this is from Chartered bank and exactly like I Predicted the mainstream media is Beginning to educate the masses on Bitcoins having a mega pump is coming Let's go straight actually to the Halving or the harvesting What do you make of that yeah it happens Every four years you're a believer in The logic behind it yes Central Governments can keep producing new Currency which creates inflation Bitcoin Was created the other way to reduce the Supply which makes it more deflationary So it's a great mechanism they built

Into the system and it happens every Four years and it's scheduled to happen Next April 27th around roughly that date And so right around a year from now and You're going to start seeing a lot of Media frenzy start happening six months To you know around that should start Happening and then you'll start seeing The price run up a little bit a mega Pump is coming it's not going to happen Today it's not going to happen tomorrow But with each day where we get closer to Bitcoins having as people realize the Resilience of bitcoin's network and the Fact that so many quality altcoins are Still here if you're wondering who's Going to be buying Bitcoin at 50k at 60k At 70k it's retail investors who will be Listening to stuff like this as Bitcoin Hits all time highs listen to Bloomberg Educate the masses on bitcoin's having Something we've been doing for the past Five six years listen to Bloomberg Explained the price implications of Bitcoin's having pay close attention to The end of this clip all right well We're hearing Kaylee a more and more Forecast for a big rise in the price of Bitcoin about a year from now as we Approach the fourth halving this has Happened in the past you can see from 50 Bitcoins per block down to 25 down to 12 And a half and the next one will give us Six and a quarter this is a log chart

But you can see after each housing 12 to 18 months after you can see a pretty Clear peak in terms of the price before We come back down again for more on this We're joined by Bloomberg's Katie Greifeld and Katie first explained to us What the Bitcoin halving is and and why It matters in terms of price we'll just Start think about how Bitcoin is Actually created if you have Bitcoin Miners who basically validate Transactions on the blockchain and in Reward they're issued tokens for their Efforts Bitcoin in this case so the Housing refers to basically a drop in The size of that reward basically they Get less tokens as a result of their Efforts for mining so this happens Roughly every four years and when Bitcoin launched in 2009 if you think All the way back then miners received 50 Bitcoins per block that they validated When this next howling happens which is Estimated to be April 2024 so about a Year from now that reward will be just 3.125 coins so by current estimates We're about a year out from that next Drop Okay so we have one year to go but we'll All be eagerly anticipating it when it Actually happens what will happen to the Price of Bitcoin in theory it's an Intense debate I would say if you look Across the industry so if you look at

Previous heldings very difficult word to Say in 2012 2016 and 2020 you did see Big rallies in the price of Bitcoins Into 12 months that followed but the Debate comes in because it's pretty much Impossible to know how much of that had To do with the fact that the reward Dropped or was it just a coincidence When you think about what was going on In the macro environment so again pretty Impossible to know but then you look at Some of the estimates we have one from Bloomberg intelligence actually that Says if you look at the price of Bitcoin Right now the halving that's going to Happen in about a year from now it's Only about 50 percent priced in so you Extrapolate that out and they actually Expect Bitcoin to rise to fifty thousand Dollars per coin by this time next year By the way make sure you subscribe to Our channel daily videos just like this Keeping you informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos so much is happening in Crypto it's insane that people don't Realize that this is going on Google Continuing to dive deeper into web3 11 Blockchain firms are now a part of Google's web 3 startup program Tech Conglomerate alphabet has expanded the Google for startups Cloud program as of

April 25th the program now includes web3 Firms such as Alchemy Aptos bass cello Flow hedera Nason near polygon Solana And third web the same day blockchain Analytics firm Nason announced that it Has partnered with Google Cloud to Provide real-time blockchain data for Startups its database currently contains Over 250 million wallet labels now Streamed directly to Google Visa Continuing going hard on its plans for Crypto for web 3 for stable coins for Nfts in this case Visa shares plans for Ambitious crypto product Visa's upcoming Crypto product is designed to drive Mainstream adoption of public blockchain Networks and stable coin payments Visa Continuing to hire full-time crypto Savvy people uniswap protocol has Officially passed 1.5 trillion in Trading volume there is light at the end Of this tunnel my friends America's Largest crypto exchange has launched a New campaign aimed at pushing the U.S Authorities to finally deliver sensible Crypto policy coinbase says we're Absolutely convinced the SEC is Violating the law get your tickets to Bitcoin 2023 Miami May 18th through 20th Miami Beach this year use code altcoin Daily 10 off this is the biggest Bitcoin Conference of the Year ticket prices Continue to increase as we get closer to The event use code altcoin daily 10 off

Get your tickets now and it's not just Bitcoin anymore my friends ethereum is Leading the charge for blockchain web 3 Altcoin there's currently 15 of the eth Supply that is staked on proof of stake And that hasn't changed since meaning That obviously some people have Withdrawn now that with withdrawals are Possible but you have an equivalent of Amount of people who have started Staking and we're seeing that also Driven by the fact that exchanges are Offering institutional staking services And there is demand for that so I think We can clearly consider that the you Know proof-of-state merge and and and Move to from proof of work to proof of Stake is a very successful upgrade for Ethereum I am you know honestly thinking That ethereum is going to shine this Year in 2023 As you said do you have any forecasts For us forecast no I'm not I wish I had Some but but clearly I'm very bullish Generally on on ethereum you're Absolutely right to point out that the Market right now is still very much Driven by the price of Bitcoin assets Have been very correlated to the price Of Bitcoin and it's mainly mainly Bitcoin and eth all the outs are merely Following behind we did a big analysis Uh ranking you know looking at liquidity Market depth and a couple of other

Metrics to see what is the actual kind Of institutional grade investable Universe of those uh kind of 2000 Something tokens and the reality is There's about 50 that are actually Liquid enough and could support some Form of institutional Investments Um so yes


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