Bitcoin getting DRAINED from Exchanges! (HUGE Altcoin NEWS)

This is eye-opening Bitcoin continues to Be drained from exchanges this is the First Epoch out of bitcoin's last four Epochs where something like this is Happening Bitcoin continues to be Drained from exchanges this is very Different from any other point in Bitcoin's lifetime this is the first Epoch where the Bitcoin balance on Exchanges has gone down this time really Is different bitcoin's fundamentals have Never been better fixed capped Supply no Single point of failure permissionless Stable monetary policy freedom to earn Save and spend digital Global 24 7 Operation decentralized P2P node Network Liquidity and brand recognition Bitcoin Equals best money yet we're still so Early would you rather have one Bitcoin Or one hundred dollars cash an answer That seems fairly obvious to us is not Obvious to the general public watch this So would you guys rather have one Bitcoin or 100 No you would want a Bitcoin that's one Bit of a coin no but that's like so much Money you're talking about that's so Much money that's only one 100 is Nothing compared to a Bitcoin no it's Not what are you what are you talking About what are you talking about like I Would rather take that are you sure You'd rather take this than a Bitcoin Yeah I'm sure that's that's a big bucks

That's only one Bitcoin oh no no there's Something wrong with you literally What's wrong with you what's wrong with You no I'm gonna take the cash like Bitcoin A coin you want Bitcoin killer coin no You know what a Bitcoin is right yeah It's One coin yeah I don't know what you I Don't know it's oh you're so stupid Mean you're stupid I'm gonna take the Cash or then take it you're gonna be Broken then take it guys you're gonna Have one Bitcoin I'm gonna pass let's go You guys just won a hundred dollars Let's jump into altcoin news many Different altcoins to cover tap the like Button if you appreciate that let's talk About ethereum now that the Shanghai Upgrade has passed ethereum's Shanghai Upgrade has spurred institutional Investment into ethereum staking top Institutional grade ethereum staking Service providers have already recorded About three times larger inflows in April compared to all of last month data Shows about 80 percent of inflows into Ethereum staking happened after the Shanghai upgrade went live on April 12th Reminder allowing ethereum withdrawals Reduces liquidity risk so more people Are likely to do it because less risk is On the table now that withdrawals are Allowed according to a survey by Kiln an

Institutional grade staking service Provider 6 68 percent of investors say That they intend to start staking or Increase their staked amount after Shanghai blue chip in the gaming World Gala games to airdrop version 2 tokens In May gallaghames doing a version 2 Airdrop the new tokens are part of the Upgrade to gala's network reminder Gala Games is one of the largest gaming Focused crypto projects with a market Cap of 360 million users can play Different types of Games built on the Platform and the tokens are used as the Primary medium of exchange between users For details on this Gala games airdrop Let's go over to coindesk analyst and Friend of the channel Wendy oh so Basically they're going to be dropping a New token to users on May 15th version Two will be dropped on a one-to-one Basis to Holders to the of the current Gala tokens V1 tokens won't hold any Value following the airdrop version 2 Tokens are part of a broader upgrade to The gala smart contracts on ethereum and It's going to introduce burn mechanism Which will make tokens more valuable in The future upgrade will also bring Improvement to security enhancements and Future upgrade ability not scalability But upgradability and then Gala advised Users to remove their Gala tokens from Any liquidity pools or smart contracts

Before the snapshot on May 15th big xrp News new Milestone xrp active accounts Have surpassed 4.5 million ripples Partnerships in Asia seem to be paying Off according to data acquired from xrp Scan the number of active xrp accounts Have surpassed 4.5 million with a large Percentage of these accounts coming from Asia as expected Ripple the blockchain Payments firm accounts for being the Largest holder of the tokens binance Held the second largest position couple Billion xrp tokens when we talk about Asia being heavily involved in xrp we're Talking about South Korea we're talking About different areas in Asia but Certainly we're also talking about Japan Ripple's main partner in Asia is Japan's SBI Holdings which has a significant Stake in the company this has led to a Massive increase in xrp usage in this Country so big news for xrp tell me what You think about this in the comments Below huge polka dot news the latest Version of xcm so version 3 will soon be Deployed in the polka dot ecosystem Upgrading to xcm version 3 will open the Door to multi-hop and multi-network Communication in polka dot so what Exactly does xcm enable enable Businesses and developers on different Chains to collaborate on projects build Apps that span several chains or even Create multi-chain Dows also provides a

Method for various token transfer models Including remote transfers and Teleporting xcm version 3 has several Key advantages over version 2 including Programmability functional multi-chain Decomposition and bridging so big update For polka dot uniswap is launching on Polygon ethereum based uniswap is Launching on ethereum side chain slash Layer 2 polygon uniswap proposal to Launch on polygons ZK evm roll-up is set To pass Solana continues to Differentiate itself from the rest Continues to build ethereum rival Solana Rolls out new carbon emissions dashboard To track environmental footprint so this Tracker the software is embedded Directly onto Solana nodes the Solana Foundation says it's the first smart Contract blockchain project to have its Emissions measured in real time it Developed the emission tracker in Partnership with seattle-based carbon Data platform Tri-carbonara the Solana Foundation says It is also working on multiple new Features that it hopes will make the Network more energy efficient quote Information and computer technology Accounts for up to almost four percent Of global carbon emissions more than Half of that of the airline industry Accurate measurements with real-time Carbon data is the first step towards

Cutting emissions we hope the Solana Foundation's efforts will inspire other Blockchain networks and projects to take Similar steps towards measuring their Emissions and building a more Regenerative on-chain community so it's A lot of holders what do you think about This do you like it do you dislike it And speaking of the Solana ecosystem Helium finishes its high profile Migration to Solana as hnt surges 11 This week as you recall helium focuses On building out a network for the Internet of things powered by physical Hotspots the hnt token is used to reward Participants for validating coverage and Providing wireless hotspots helium Network officially completed its much Publicized migration to the Solana Blockchain on Wednesday helium Foundation's Chief Executive Officer Says this upgrade will help with the Project's scalability and reliability Quote migrating the helium Network to Solana offers significantly more utility For the network including faster Transaction speeds and new smart Contract capabilities and now that core Developers will no longer have to Maintain a layer 1 blockchain the helium Foundation and other contributing Organizations can direct more resources Towards our shared goal of accelerating The growth of decentralized wireless

Networks and bringing new applications That create economic efficiencies and Close the digital divide we're Incredibly early in all of this my Friends like I said people can't even Answer this would you rather have one Bitcoin or one thousand dollars cash all Right so would you guys rather have one Bitcoin or a thousand dollars cash Bitcoin's not even like a real thing a Bitcoin's like worth a million dollars Shut up you're stupid A thousand dollars a thousand dollars Why why because it's like actually real Money you get it like in your hands Bitcoin turns into money that's not even Real money no no it's definitely money No a Bitcoin a Bitcoin a thousand two Reverse ones Subscribe to the channel for daily Crypto content get your tickets to Bitcoin Miami 2023 linked below 10 off When you use the code altcoin daily Information below like the video join us On this crypto Journey see you tomorrow My friends


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