Bitcoin: Fear and Greed

Hey everyone and thanks for jumping back Into the cryptoverse today we're going To talk about Bitcoin and we're going to Be go going over the fear and greed Index again if you guys like the content Make sure you subscribe to the channel Give the video a thumbs up and check out The sale on into the cryptoverse premium At intothe cryptoverse decom let's go Ahead and jump in if you're unfamiliar With the fear and grade index it is Coming from this white website here I Will link it in the description below in Case you want to go check it out it is a Useful tool I think and and just Understanding when there's a lot of fear In the market when there's a lot of Greed in the market and understanding That we sort of just there's a there's a Pendulum right where we go where we Swing From Fear to Greed and and back And forth and one thing to Remember is that you can Spend a long time in sort of the fear Phase and you can also spend a long time In the greed phase and so just because You see it say fear or just because you See it say greed doesn't necessarily Mean that you know that the price has to Do the reverse that emotion okay so it Is important to remember that in fact if You look at the chart here I mean you Can see that last month last week Yesterday and today are all agreed and

We know that that Bitcoin has generally Been trending higher throughout that Entire time so I like to take this Metric here here are the raw values for It and and play around with it in a few Different ways but one of the things we Can do is we can look at the price History for Bitcoin and color code it Based on the fear cre index and when you Do that this is what you get okay now One of the things that is interesting to Do is to look at sort of just the lower Bounds and the upper bounds right so Looking at like 0 to 20 and you sort of See where that comes in and then also Looking at 80 to 100 and seeing where Those areas have historically hit and What's interesting is you can see that In 2019 once we got into the 80s and 90s That was sort of like a warning sign That the top was going to be in the Local top was going to begin within you Know just a few days but on the other Hand in November when we hit this area There wasn't really a substantial Pullback this we hit it at 15K there Wasn't even really a substantial Pullback until we went all the way up to 40K and then came back down um we we Also hit it right here in August of 2020 But we actually did get about 20% drop So you could say it was somewhat useful So we have to be aware that some of the Times we go into a you know a move where

The greed stays like that for a few Months while other times it only stays Like that for a few days like in late 2021 or in 2019 one of the ways that I Like to visualize this as well is to Just look at anything above 70 and I mean this is what the this is The Bitcoin price on there but it's kind Of interesting to just take the price Off and to just see what these what each Of these runs look like and how some of Them last for you know anything above 70 Some of them last for a a couple of days Some of them last for a few weeks like In 2019 and late 2021 and where we are Already are today and then you have the Late 2020 early 2021 example where it it Lasted a lot longer so the one thing That has sort of stood stood true Throughout all of this is that when we Get into the greed phase we tend to stay In that phase for at least a few weeks With the maybe the exception of of February of 2018 but in all these cases like in in Um I mean there's there are sometimes Single dots but once you start printing Numbers in the 70s we do tend to stay Around that level for at least a few Weeks and you can see that in order to Really sustain that level I mean the Price has to continue to go up to sort Of continue Contin that that momentum Right the price will go up as the as

People sort of Pile in because Everyone's super greedy and it's going Parabolic and you know everyone just Sort of piles into Bitcoin it goes far Beyond what a lot of people think and And then it eventually tops out where You know when the fear and greed index Is normally near extreme Greed so so far this run we haven't Actually um you know we haven't actually Hit the 80 to 100 Thresh thrh hold but We are getting somewhat close um Remember by the time we hit that 80 Threshold over here in 2019 it was Basically about two weeks before the Local top was in and it wasn't it wasn't A top that we then spent four years you Know having to surmount or surpass it it It only took about another year or maybe About a year and a half to get back up To those levels and and surpass it but It was an interesting level to look at So when we take the color out of this And just look at the raw values Right this is what it looks like and What you'll notice is if you zoom in We've basically been stuck between 60 And 7475 between 60 and 75 basically since late October and you'll see that this low Over here on the F and greed index was At 60 and then that this one was at 62 Recently we've put in a couple lows here

At 65 so this hasn't really moved in in In a long time almost going on two Months now so I suppose it it really all Depends on you know what Bitcoin does Here going into the the end of the year And the beginning of next year I know There's there's obviously been a lot of Hype around various events um and Whatnot I mean not only do you have the Having next year in April but you also Potentially have the spotf approval Al Though that Still Remains to be seen Um but it's nice to think about that Sort of stuff um before you get into the Mix of it because I mean again if it's Rejected obviously you know it would Seem more likely that that there would Be some type of selloff because of that If it's accepted and there's a rally Into it what I would be looking at one Of the things I'd be looking at is the Fear and greed index you know are we Going up into the 80s and 90s just like We went in in late 2020 early 2021 And if that is the case what it often Means is there there's some type of a Cool off period following that right now In 2019 I mean it it did not mean that We were headed to new lows uh we ended Up forming a higher low even before the The pandemic hit but it is something to Sort of keep in mind that if we go into Extreme extreme greed then it would be Something to be on the lookout for and

You know I think extreme greed is Essentially defined is anything 75 and Up right so you know looking at over at The chart over here um I believe if it's Above 75 it would be considered um Extreme greed and so Far we've been unable to really durably Break above that I don't really even Know if there's been a single print Above 75 right we've had some prints at 75 right we've had some prints at 75 and You can see right there the Classification at 75 is Extreme greed so Far we've been unable to break above That EX stream greet that that Threshold At 75 so if we are to break above it Then it could mimic something like what We've saw back in 2019 or 2021 there's Early 2020 early 2021 and late 2021 but Again in all cases if you isolate 70 and Above that's what it that that's what They look like right we go into these Rallies that extend usually into extreme Greed Sometimes they go much higher sometimes They don't if you look at 2019 extreme Greed 2021 extreme greed up in the 80s And 90s but in late 2021 you can see That it only went up into about 84 or so So it didn't really make it all the way Up into the into the 90s again right now The value is at 73 so if we get into 80s and 90s you know I again A lot of times when

You get into those levels there does Seem to be some type of a pull back but We haven't we haven't um we haven't Reached those levels at the current time One of the things to look at as well I Think is to to take a moving average Like a 30-day EMA and kind of see where That is currently the 30-day EMA is Almost at 70 um the 30-day EMA back in Late 2021 topped out at around 7172 in early 2021 it topped out at Around 92 was actually before the highs And then in 2019 in the preh having year 2019 you can see that the 30-day EMA Topped out at around 73 or so again Right now the 30-day EMA is is around 69.8 7 so it's it's approaching 70 not Quite there yet but again because the The value of the feing GRE Index right Now is 73 and it's still trending Generally you know in the in the 70s This should start to continue to slowly Increase as it as it has been so that Would be my general expectation with the Fear and greed index so if we do get a a Move by the fear and greed index into The 80s or '90s I will provide another Video on it um I know we've provided a Few videos on the fear and index over The last couple of months but so far I Just wanted to provide an update I saw a Couple of people um you know I know I Know some people have talked about it And it hasn't really moved right it

Really hasn't moved in in about two Months right it's basically just been Between you know between 60 60 and 75 essentially for the last two months So if something like that changes if Something changes we break above it or If we break down I'll provide an update On the fear and green index but until Then just know that this is where you Know this is where it's been and check In on this website over here and you can You can sort of track along where if it If it actually does break durably into The extreme greed threshold um and I Guess for for us to get into extreme Greed Bitcoin would you know the price Would have to get back up to these prior Highs for us to get back kind of the Extreme greed otherwise you know Otherwise it can it'll likely just sort Of stay flat until until we get a Breakout in One Direction or the other Anyways we'll wrap it up there thank you Guys for tuning in make sure you Subscribe give the video a thumbs up and Again check out the sale on into the Cryptoverse premium at into the Cryptoverse see you guys next time bye


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