Bitcoin ETF in 3.. 2.. 1.. BOOM! (BlackRock Enters Crypto)

So many people uh are expecting now a a Sell on the news that we might not have A sell on the news is Kathy Wood smiling More than usual seems like it I know There's been a lot of noise but just in Case anyone has been living under a rock We are in that January 8th through January 10th window that many of us have Had our eyes on look around look around You look at this we created this this Didn't exist before we were here look Around Bitcoin ETFs are knocking on the Door of SEC approval guys take 2 seconds Smash the like button let's get this Video out there to as many people as Possible of course send this video to a Friend this is it this is why we're here Why we post why we comment why we get up In the morning this is what it all comes Down to so just so you understand what The applicants and what the SEC has been Doing the applicants had to get in all Of their final updated applications on Friday and that's what they did so now What we're seeing is the SEC updating Their website and updating everything With this information the 19 b-4 Applications from Friday after market Close are now pouring onto the sec's Website as I typed this James safe art Explains he is the ETF expert over at Bloomberg keeping us updated hey he Follows this process can typically take A few days and up to two weeks yet

Another sign of what we already know the SEC is accelerating things for this week So at this point we are expecting the Official word that these ETFs have been Approved on January 10th that's the most Likely date obviously we'll be watching If this comes earlier but this is also The final date no guarantees with any of This but it's looking like January 10th And even more interesting Black Rock Ark Invest Fidelity in fact 13 in total are Literally in a bidding war over who can Offer the cheapest fees for their ETFs Because they know there's a truckload of Demand ready to roll in they're Competing for business be very aware of Everything going on these next few days Don't walk away before they start Lighting fireworks Hold On Tight enjoy The show so what comes next what can we Expect after these spot Bitcoin ETFs are Approved before we talk about this I Want to hear from somebody actively Involved I want to hear from Kathy Wood CNBC just asked her two questions do you Think your ETF and the 13 in total ETFs Will be approved assuming they get Approved what will be the impact on Price is Kathy Wood smiling more than Usual seems like it do you believe your Application will be approved and and why Do you think so and and what kind of Negotiations have been in with the SEC About this give us a sense of where we

Are sure uh well we we do think the Probability is very high that uh a that Bitcoin ETFs will be approved this week And the reason as we've been saying is You know the SEC actually after you know Denying Denying uh a number of times started Asking questions U very good questions Very detailed questions very technical Questions so uh I think they've asked All the questions uh they need answered And I think uh uh most of us have Probably uh been a part of that uh uh a Part of that uh you know process so Let's assume assume the SEC approves Your application what kind of impact Would a Bitcoin ETF have I mean we've All noticed this runup uh in Bitcoin Ever since Black Rock announced their Interest from 30,000 to over 40,000 all Of this is anticipation of a a spot Bitcoin ETF do you could this be a sell On the news event what what what happens From here let's assume this is approved Sure uh I think so many people uh are Expecting now a a sell on the news that We might not have a sell on the news Because you know once you hear that Enough the positioning is already taking Place so who knows it's a very short Term all we know is with our fiveyear Investment time Horizon uh we think the Flows into this new asset class um Especially institutional flows but also

Retail flows retail has led the charge Of course uh that they're going to be Quite substantial and it won't take much Of an allocation by institutions into Bitcoin to drive uh what is becoming a Scarce asset uh much higher so like I Said the applicants just released their Fees spread for their ETF spot products So what's the takeaway from all this Well honestly these fees are so low that These ETFs will trade with absurdly Tight Penny wide B bid ask spreads and Without any commissions on most Platforms don't be surprised when the Fee War leaks out Beyond just ETFs what Does this mean this means a huge win for Investors I remember people saying that Spot Bitcoin ETFs are simply a money Grab by issuers clearly not the case a Tight spread like this equals a major Win for investors it will put real Pressure on crypto exchanges coinbase Gemini the fees are too damn High these Fees are going to come down finally I Hope so all of these fees all of these Fees are much lower than expected why Why are the fees so low because all of These applicants are fighting to get the First customers they're likely expecting A big Demand right away and they want to Make their product as appealing as Possible a wave of capital will flow Into Bitcoin most likely starting this Week sources in the no are reporting

That black rock has already lined up 2 Billion plus client money for their spot Bitcoin ETFs to inject 2 billion plus Immediately into their Bitcoin ETF upon Launch upon the first week or so we've Won guys cryptocurrency holders have won The Bitcoin ETF Saga is finally coming To an inflection point this week if you Like me have been in Bitcoin long enough To remember when every major financial Institution called Bitcoin in crypto a Bubble or a scam or similar it is a bit Surreal to see the conversations around It all now enjoy the show this week make Sure you subscribe to our channel of Course we keep you updated on everything Going on in crypto on a daily basis and With Gary Gensler releasing this big Long warning to investors warning to People investing in crypto warning People about investing in crypto it Seems like this ETF is a approved and We're just waiting for the official word To come through spot Bitcoin spot Bitcoin ETF Bitcoin ETF we have I think Somewhere between eight and a dozen Filings in front of this agency with Regard to exchange traded products Around Bitcoin if all goes as we believe It should be going uh we'll have a Number of issuers come out of the gates At the same time so you will have a Number of options for in for investors I Think in January the approval of the

Spot ETFs is going to be a major Catalyst it's going to definitely drive A demand shock the arrival of gbtc as a Uplisted spot Bitcoin ETF as well as Spot Bitcoin ETFs more generally is Actually the beginning of an opportunity For the advised wealth Market in the United States I want you to remember That black rock Fidelity Arc 21 shares Grayscale vanck Invesco hash Dax Wisdom Tree Franklin Valkyrie and bitwise Bitcoin ETFs this is not the Finish Line This is the starting line and with Altcoins retesting a multi-year Accumulation range look at this look at What happened last time I don't think That the end result will be that much Different from what happened in 2020 alt Season baby subscribe to our Channel Join our team make sure you check back On every video this week new information Is coming out every hour follow us on Twitter guys we're going to keep you Updated like no other during this week And this year see you tomorrow


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