Bitcoin Enters ‘Perfect Setup’ As Biggest Crypto News HAPPENING NOW

Bitcoin is entering the perfect setup You got to see this as of this morning Just announced another Bitcoin ETF to Start trading this week Australia Approved a Bitcoin ETF by Vanek it Starts trading on Thursday so adding to The list that makes over 36 ETFs in Total with the total assets under Management of the US ETFs now upped over 58.2 billion in Bitcoin and then the Total Global ETFs over $69 billion and Now even just black rock and Fidelity Now only combined 477,000 Bitcoin showing when Bitcoin Dips the institutions are aggressively Accumulating and while price is still Ranging in this accumulation Zone and Although we're recovering today last Week price virtually just went down and Subscribers of altcoin daily understand Why Bitcoin ETF schol last week as Crypto funds post biggest losses since March now specifically the Bitcoin ETFs Shed $621 Million worth of assets last Week and why that's a big deal is Because that followed two weeks ago in Which the funds gained nearly 2 billion So three steps forward one step back and That one step back was because the Federal Reserve now anticipates only one Rate cut in 2024 not three as was Forecast at the start of the year like Bitcoin's not is going to have trouble Going higher if there's only one cut

Does Bitcoin need multiple interest rate Cuts to really take off it's been Wanting you know obviously that's that's Why people buy because they think the Fed's going to go H wild again but why Why is it diverging from the NASDAQ well Number one and this is what the Mainstream media won't share with you it Took gold ETFs four years to cross $15 Billion in net inflows Bitcoin did it in Just 5 months meaning there is more Demand and two breaking news the largest European telom Deutsche Telecom will Start mining Bitcoin this has just been Announced and on top of that the Chinese Telecom giant Coolpad to invest 13.5 Million in Bitcoin mining rigs to be Deployed in North America so Global Fundamental adoption for Bitcoin is Pretty clear a perfect setup may be upon Us but breaking news have you heard what Just happened with the SEC the sec's Chief of crypto asset enforcement Division David Hirsch has left his role So this was the man at the SEC in charge Of enforcement during the FTX collapse He took down FTX or he was in charge of That Celsius happened under his watch And a bunch of celebrity mem coins and He's now done in fact here was his Direct statement on LinkedIn this Morning this this past Friday was my Last day with the SEC after almost 9 Years during that time I had the

Opportunity to work on more complex Challenging investigations and issues Than I ever imagined when I joined the Agency as a staff attorney way back in The day I'm particularly proud of the Historic work done by the crypto asset And cyber unit team I had the privilege To lead of course it wasn't just him he Goes on to say as I often say securities Enforc is a team sport and that was Certainly true throughout my tenure Every success I was a part of was the Direct result of collaboration and Combined efforts towards a common goal I Am very excited over the next set of Challenges it'll be very telling on who The SEC appoints to this position next I Will keep you updated and in totally Unrelated news Waka Flaka flame token Launch faces insider trading allegations So this is a hip-hop artist from back in The day He launched a token called Flaka and Around 40% of the coin's total Supply Was scooped up before Wakka Flocka Flame Announced the launch I will keep you Updated on this but again breaking news As of today tether the world's largest Stable coin launches new stable coin Backed by gold introducing alloy by Tether the first tethered asset so this Is a dollar pegged stable coin backed by By gold on Monday alloy debuted on the Ethereum network allowing users to

Create tokens collateralized by tether's Tokenized gold X aut so backed by gold And over collateralized but what is a Teed asset is a new type of digital Asset that aims to follow a price of Another asset closely using different Strategies including Overcollateralization and secondary Market liquidity pools a usdt is the First alloy by tether product that aims To track the value of the US dollar Using tether gold as Collateral let's redefine the concept of Stability together to me these Financial Products are just new ways of the old System to get yield off of this and Will'll build stuff different Financial Products that are a little less stable Like this we will see we also have a Major milestone for lime wire altcoin Which is an AI crypto studio for artists 30,000 followers on coin market cap Reached so pretty cool to see the growth And even bigger announcement we're happy To announce that LimeWire will be part Of onchain Summer on the base blockchain Stay tuned for more details over the Coming weeks so lime wire on eth L2 Backed by coinbase base and very quickly For AIT protocol AIT road map unveiled Paving the future of AI the team is Excited to reveal our updated road map a Lot has been put into what's coming next For AIT and what's happening today now

Obviously the subnet on bit tensor is Live the Einstein subnet 35 is running Smoothly we are expecting to pull more Weights over the coming weeks so slowly Yet surely and looking at the road map On what comes next specifically for next Month bit tensor subnet Revenue sharing To me this is already started I'm Staking my AIT and I'm getting some to Bit tensor token as a reward for doing It since they have a subnet and begin Ido initial Dex offering for the meme Token on the ton blockchain which to me Is pretty interesting not because of the Ido there's a million of those but Because they're working with ton another Big emerging ecosystem of course many Other months to look at into next year For the AIT road map but it's not just Altcoins it's not just Bitcoin ethereum Eth on Sexes is at the lowest level Since 2016 nobody has yet fully grasped How bullish this is in combination with The ETF launch happening in July so does All this add up for the perfect setup Bitcoin at $65,000 in 2024 has been Completely der risked it's the average Price of Bitcoin in ETF Capital meaning That's what the institutions buying into The ETFs the price they're comfortable Investing at it's the same price it Traded at 3 years earlier only we're in A much better place fundamentally and Presidential candidates are fighting to

Show they're the most Pro Bitcoin this Is the perfect setup bitcoin's not is Going to have trouble going higher if There's only one cut and maybe some People are saying well the Federal Reserve was going to cut rates three Times this year now it's just one maybe Risk assets aren't as bullish as we Thought they were and I would remind you The Federal Reserve is not proactive They're reactive the FED with respect to Rates is reactive right they're not Proactive so they react to the economy Both positive and negatively so when the Econom is ripping and inflation starting To turn up and growth is High they'll Start to R back in the liquidity they'll Raise rates and and try to slow down the Car so it doesn't crean off off the edge So the same thing is true on cutting is They'll wait too long the economy will Have already slow I mean there there are A lot of indicators that say things have Slowed I mean Japan's in technical Recession Europe's in technical Recession all I'm saying is rate cuts Are not a perfect indicator I think Bitcoin could go much higher before the Rate Cuts just like we saw back in 2017 They were raising rates as Bitcoin was Going up the minute they cut actually The economy was already in a bad place And Bitcoin had already crashed before That meaning the FED is not our savior

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