Bitcoin easy 10x. Ethereum easy 10x. Solana easy 10x. (HERE is WHY)

In this video I want to talk to you About Bitcoin ethereum and salana I'm Extremely bullish on bitcoin ethereum And salana this cycle and in this video I'll tell you why and how bullish like This video share with a friend let's Jump in Bitcoin supply versus demand Factors today literally so different From the first 10 years of bitcoin's Existence this is when the most Bitcoin Was getting mined so we had an excess Amount of Bitcoin getting sent to Exchanges you can see it doesn't matter If we're in a bull or a be more Bitcoin Just kept flowing to exchanges this Indicates people willing to sell Bitcoin Taking Bitcoin off of exchanges means You're way less likely to sell it cuz How you going to you can see right here This is the inflection point right here Does anybody remember what happened Right here the pandemic scare of 2020 And since that point combined with Bitcoin's having combined with the fact Everybody learned how to use zoom in That people realized the world is only Trending more digital and we need a Permissionless decentralized censorship Resistant alternative combined with a Lot of different factors this was a Major change in bitcoin's history where People started buying Bitcoin and mass And taking it off exchanges this Bitcoin Bull market really will be different

Bitcoin is going to grind up in 2024 and Hit a new all-time high in 2025 at least This is what I think actually this is What Kathy Woods thinks who's predicting A $1 million Bitcoin by 2030 and this is Where that demand is coming from Precisely I'm assuming Kathy that you're Going to hold to your Bitcoin forecast For what is it a million per coin by 2030 that still feels good to you yes And you can um you know sometimes you Need to battle test you need to go Through crises uh to see uh to see who The real um the to see the survivors First of all but really to test battle Test the infrastructure and the thesis And uh again we think Bitcoin is coming Out of this smelling like a rose uh Because of what I have mentioned uh Previously and I do think the the one Thing that will be delayed is um perhaps Institutions stepping back and just Saying okay do we really understand this Uh and once they actually do the Homework and see what's happened here I Think they might be more comfortable Moving into into Bitcoin uh and and Perhaps ether uh as a first Stop because they'll understand it more Actually many legendary investors are Bullish on bitcoin here's billionaire Investor Bill Miller III so Bitcoin is The only economic entity where Supply is Unaffected by the demand so even with

Gold if gold which is $1,800 today if Gold goes to $118,000 there will be a lot more gold Mined because that are unprofitable will Become profitable only 21 million Bitcoin can ever be created or close to It it doesn't matter if Bitcoin is 100,000 or or 20 million there's only Going to be that many of them all you Have to really believe is that the Demand for Bitcoin will grow faster than 1 and a half% you know over the next Number of years and the price inexorably Will go up I think bitcoin's total hash Rate agrees with him it just keeps Breaking all-time highs this means more And more people are turning on their Miners to try and get some of that Bitcoin and perhaps the biggest bull of Them all Michael sailor let's hear his Investor thesis for Bitcoin in this Two-minute clip he talks about three Different factors are really going to Send Bitcoin this cycle and Beyond the Three factors are spot ETF approval Coming soon Traditional Bank custody of Bitcoin you listen to him explain this And then fair value accounting rules From FASA you listen I think there three Look first of all it's going up by a Factor of 10 whether they fix any of the Stuff right it's going to go a it's Going to be a grind up by a factor of 10 Just because gold is broken and

Bitcoin's goingon to replace gold and Now everybody in the universe knows they Need a non-sovereign store of value in The form of a bearer instrument so now They're looking that the amount of Stories for last year people said Inflation may be coming we're not sure Now the mainstream narrative is flip to Inflation is here you need inflation Hedge so it's going to grind up to Replace gold it'll go to $500,000 a Point regardless of whether they fix These things but there are three things That are massive Catalyst that cause an Acceleration and I I don't think that Those three things don't take us to 500,000 they take us to five million a Coin right those three things are a spot ETF where someone can go ahead and buy a Hundred million dollars of Bitcoin buy a Security an ETF security I think that's One two is your bank is going to custody It for you and lend against it and three Is uh I can mark it up or Market down on My balance sheet based on Fair Value Parap pursu it'll be parap pursue to the Way I'd handle Apple stock or at least That good if it's if you have property With fair value accounting by the way it Becomes parap puru to the way you handle Treasury Bonds on a treasury balance Sheet treasuries are better than stocks Because treasury is property whereas a Stock is a security and you're capped

Out at 40% of your balance sheet of Security so so it would be a major major Breakthrough if if you any of those Three things and I'll end with this one Observation I tweeted this last week but I still I think it's very powerful it's If the banks can hold this stuff on Their balance sheet then a whole new Class of investors are going to buy it People are going to put in billion and Multi-billion dollar orders to buy it as A treasury asset nobody's going to sell It because because there's no reason to Sell it if you can borrow against it at Live or Plus or Sofer plus 50 basis Points right so you'll be you'll be Borring against Bitcoin it's sulur plus 50 or sulur plus 100 basis points no One's ever going to sell it and then as I joked you won't be able to afford it I Mean you will be able to afford it but You know everybody gets Bitcoin at the Price they deserve when the banks Normalize it and you can draw a $ Hundred million credit line at 100 basis Points from an FDIC insured bank at that Point right we're going to blow through The market cap of gold by a factor of 10 Right so I you know I think the best Thing is those three things are highly Likely to happen I don't know if they Happen in 36 months or 24 months or 12 Months but I would be shocked if it's More than 36 months and I hope guys I

Hope it doesn't happen in 12 months Because my view is the longer it takes The the more Progressive the grind the More time I have to buy more of it and I Think right now if I'm not mistaken hey Join us at Bitcoin Amsterdam October 12th and 13th this is an epic Bitcoin Conference use code altcoin daily 10% Off tickets get this ticket or get this Ticket ticket prices increase as we get Closer to the event so many awesome Speakers are being added every single Day use code altcoin daily for 10% off Hope to see you there and my God how Could you not be bullish on ethereum I Made a video just the other day Informing you on Fidelity's investment Thesis for ethereum the fact that Kathy Wood filed for a spot ethereum ETF and Even a $50,000 ethereum price prediction just By doing Simple Math guys that's not Just me saying that vck put out a report Recently saying $50,000 ethereum by 2030 You don't think Larry Fink and black Rock is going to do a spot ethereum ETF Next and we talked about Bitcoin guys Ethereum is getting drained from Exchanges not to mention staking not to Mention all this I love Lark Davis and His thoughts on ethereum here ethereum Spot ETFs will be insane about 27 Million ethereum in the staking contract 14 million left on exchanges only 12% of

Supply a few billion dollars entering Eth from trafi is likely to have outside Price impacts are you ready should I get Crypto Lark on this channel for an Interview let me know in the comments I've been watching some of his videos Lately love the perspective $50,000 per Ethereum that is what vanak investment Management says ether could hit by 2030 Is this an insane or a practical price Prediction well they cite common bullish Narratives to support their thesis like The token burn strong Market capture Layer twos as well as growing use cases Like security as a service so what do You think is $50,000 Realistic let me know in the comments Finally guys salana is truly Differentiating itself versus all the Other alternative l1s ethereum is still Above salana that's for sure but salana Is really pulling ahead particularly With this Visa partnership but it's not Justice there a Shopify thing listen to The co-founder of salana on CNBC talk Talk about this Visa partnership and Talk about why salana is pulling ahead Of the pack make sure you subscribe to The channel we drop one video every day Keeping you informed look forward to About a week and a half's worth of Interviews as we're traveling abroad now This partnership is big for salana so How did it come about and how will it

Work exactly yeah I'm I'm very excited That Visa chose to use salana and um I Think it came about from the strength of The salon ecosystem and the engineering Team and kind of the technologies that Have been built over the last five years I think it's uh if you look at the data And the stats it's pretty obvious that Salana is the cheapest and one of the Fastest networks out there and and uh Usdc and salana is you know my favorite Version of the US dollar so over on X Formerly known as Twitter salana wrote That Visa is scaling its usdc settlement Pilot to include the salana blockchain Enabling Enterprise grade through put at Virtually no cost for Visa users and Merchants can you expand on that how how Exactly is this partnership going to Work uh well salana is an open protocol Anyone can build on it so the Visa folks Chose to build on salana so they don't Really need you know permission or help From us which is pretty great you can Think of the network as a you know Network version of Linux it's open open Source anyone can participate what's Really uh distinguishing about salana is How fast and cheap it really is I mean Uh we see that average transaction Settles in about 1.2 seconds and the Cost is you know 0.002 cents so we Really built the technology to be as Close to the cost of the hardware uh

That it takes to run it which means you Know you know computers are are very Very cheap these days bandwidth is very Very cheap so money can actually be Transmitted as cheap as data and that's Really really cool and I think the Cornerstone of salono


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