Bitcoin Dominance 50% Watch Party

Hey everyone and thanks for jumping back Into the cryptiverse Let me make sure I'm live I think I am But it's not showing up just yet Um so let me double check all right There it is Um so I thought that it would be prudent To go live because we are we've talked About this forever you know the idea has Been ridiculed forever and yet here we Are knocking on the door of 50 so we're Gonna try to catch it live no guarantee That we do because I can't I mean I'm Not gonna stay here all day Um Um Let me just get this on Twitter So again right this is a necessary Component of the market cycle I want to Be clear about this it does not mean That crypto is dying okay it does not Mean that your favorite altcoin will Never recover although most of them Won't it just simply is a necessary Component of the market cycle where the Dominance rally goes up rather before we Get a dominance rally and the dominance Rally is supported whether the price of Bitcoin goes up Or down doesn't matter if it goes up or Down Bitcoin dominance should go up either Way and this is why we've said before Right DCA and Bitcoin one thing is one

Thing You know I've said I've said many times Right like a DCA strategy for Bitcoin is Likely going to be your best strategy But is that true for the altcoin market Not generally why if you want to cherry Pick their USD valuations and maybe you Could convince yourself that it's Working out but I guarantee you for for Like 99 of the all coins uh or at least Most of them if you look at at how their Bitcoin valuations have been performing Over the last 18 months it's probably Mostly down now there are some that are Not down but most of them are and I Think you need to recognize that we are Just simply in the phase of the cycle Where the dominance goes up it's just Where We Are And now that we've broken the Range High At 49 we talked about how you know There's not really a whole lot of of Resistance in here remember if it can Come down quickly it can also go up Quickly okay and and I think the reason Why there's so many people that that Disagree with this idea is because they Didn't join crypto until over here so They've never really seen what a Dominance rally looks like and Especially they've never seen what a Dominance rally looks like when Bitcoin's in a downtrend now I know Today bitcoin's up right which is great

I mean look you're gonna have days where Bitcoin rallies you should in fact it's A necessary component of it right we Need to get Bitcoin has to Rally back up Shake out the altcoins even more because They can't catch a bid you know they Can't catch a bid to say them that this To say I mean the problem is is like People don't want to buy all coins Nearly as much when when the dominance Of a Bitcoin is going up because you're Taking on more risk and and you're Ultimately likely going to get less Reward right than if you had just been In Bitcoin This entire year we've talked about the Same thing right like how or really for The last you know 18 months how Bitcoin's gonna go all over the place You know Um it went to 15K it went to 31k now It's back down to 26k right it's gonna Go all over the place but you still Should expect the dominance of Bitcoin To go higher no matter the direction of Bitcoin USD and when you overlay Bitcoin USD onto this chart you will see what is Happening what is happening Let's put on a daily time frame so it's It's not so um Look at this Just look at it For a second Okay

Bitcoin went up Dominance went up Bitcoin's been going down Dominance is still going up Well black magic is this now again you Might say well Ben bitcoin's going up Today so how can you say that the Dominance goes up when Bitcoin goes down Guys get off the one minute chart right Look at the trend look at the Overarching trend the trend for Bitcoin Since mid-april has been down that's What the trend has been since mid April I'm not talking about since this Afternoon since mid-april the trend by Bitcoin has been down and Bitcoin Dominance Has continued to go up even though Bitcoin's Trend against the US dollar Has been down so there's a Divergence Here there's a Divergence here What do you think happened the you know The the second week of June the first or Second week of June that that you see This Divergence what do you think Happened well I'm glad that you asked Because what we saw happen in the um In the uh first week of June second First second week of June is the Bitcoin Fell below its 20-week estimate right The week of June 5th it fell below its 20-week moving average now it's almost Back up to the 20 week the 20 week Estimate by the way is at 26 334. so

We're almost at it right but it doesn't Change the fact that after Bitcoin had a Weekly close below its bull market Support band which is where the altcoin Market gets completely racked on their Bitcoin pairs even though they were Already wrecked on their Bitcoin pairs When Bitcoin went up but when Bitcoin Goes down they get wrecked on their Bitcoin Pairs and their USD pairs so it Was this week the the second the first Second week of June where The Jaws started to open Where Bitcoin was still trending down But the dominance made its Breakout There's no coincidence that the same day The dominance broke the Range High of 49 We saw crypto is dead trending on Twitter it's it's like this every single Cycle every single cycle you know we see The dominance go up And people think all coins are dead and Um and they're they and they just think They're gonna only ever go down the Truth is that they probably are in a all Coins are still likely in a downtrend Against Bitcoin for sure Um we talk and look I mean look at Ethereum right let me uh let me let's go Look at at the ethereum Bitcoin Valuation we just put out a video on This not too long ago talking about how The ethereum Bitcoin valuation is likely Going to collapse and here it is now

It's at 0.064. again it's just a series Of lower highs you know don't get mad at Me I'm just telling you guys these are Just lower highs and every single lower High Everyone wants to argue about it but I'm Telling you at this point it's just been A lower high one after another And I think there's a really good chance That the ethereum Bitcoin valuation is Approaching capitulation to to much Lower levels where it goes down quickly I mean it's been bleeding for a little Bit But I think we're going to get something Like this like a windfall sometime over The next two to three months where it Goes down a lot and it's going to catch A lot of people off guard Um and a lot of people are going to say It's because of a Black Swan but I think The reality is is that you know We're just there at a cyclical nature of Crypto would suggest that the ethereum Bitcoin valuation needs to go down which Should still provide a significant Tailwind to the Bitcoin dominance right So I mean again you can see Bitcoin What was the thesis for this year Bitcoin goes up and wrecks the Bears Bitcoin goes down and wrecks the Bulls And the dominance goes up either way so That would make usage I would lead me to Believe right that the altcoin market is

Not worth the risk When bitcoin's likely Going to outperform them whether Bitcoin Goes up or down So Um that is that that I think is is is Where we ultimately are is Bitcoin is Just shaking out the altcoin market okay And liquidity is Flowing from the Altcoin market Back to bitcoin and I mean you have Bitcoin right now at around 26.3 you Know I believe we're approaching the 200 Week if I'm not mistaking if I'm not Mistaken here So the 200 week is at 26.5 okay so keep An eye on 26.5 that's where the 200 week Is 26 518 so it'll be about you know 250 Or so 240 above where we currently are It's funny because maybe that'll Correspond to 50 this 50 level is going To wake a lot of people up I think Because these people that keep saying That it's just gonna go crashing back Down you know They uh they've been quiet right they've Been a lot quieter recently And it's interesting too because this Has been just bouncing off of its 100-day moving average right so if you Look at the dominance it's been bouncing Off of its it hasn't even had time to go Back to its bullmark sport band in a Long time it just keeps bouncing off the 100 day

We made a video about this right where It's just bouncing off the 100 day and It more or less did it again at 47 right It did it at 41 and then at 43 and then At 47 it doesn't even have the time or The patience to wait until the 20-week Catches up that's how bullish it is Right it doesn't it's not even gonna Wait for that says to hell with the bull Market sport band you know we're just Gonna keep going up here You can also look at at the 10 week Which we had a fake Out Below but again If it gets back above it the following Week then it's you know it's pretty It more or less signals that this could Be a fake out right you have to be Open-minded to it being a fake out if it Just gets back above it the following Week the 10-week estimate now is at 48.22 Right or yeah 48 or 48.21 Um so we are in fact approaching it guys I mean this is all we're almost there We're at 49.89 I think it feels like We're bringing in the New Year here 40 49.88 I imagine that all coins are get Getting decimated on their Bitcoin pairs Look at ethereum 0.0645 is down one Percent and bitcoin's up ethereum's down Look at Ada Bitcoin Of thousand satoshi's I've said before It's probably going to 400 Associates Look at dot Bitcoin just going lower

Link Bitcoin look at this it took out It's low we said it's likely going to Take out as low you know we said that That it likely will take out its low and It's likely going to follow the same Path that that Ave Bitcoin followed Right where it you know people think It's going to bounce and then it doesn't It just keeps going lower avax Bitcoin Going lower Matic Bitcoin going lower Um Solana Bitcoin still pushing lower Theta Bitcoin B and B Bitcoin they're Litecoin Bitcoin rejected off the bull Market support ban I believe right Opportunity costs my friends It's all about opportunity cost It's not about it's not about you know Dcaing all coins because they're at low USD evaluations it's about what are Their Bitcoin valuations and if someone Only cares about the USD valuation then You are simply ignoring the risk to Reward play you have to consider the Risk that you're taking on with the Altcoin market if bitcoin's gonna Outperform it because here's the thing Right here's the thing If Bitcoin goes to the 200 week at 26.5 And then gets rejected and goes back Down to 25k and then goes back up to 26k What do you think happens to the altcoin Market right like they can't catch a bid When Bitcoin goes up and then they just Get crushed again when Bitcoin goes down

Now if Bitcoin goes down quickly you Might see the dominance temporarily go Back down but anytime Bitcoin gets that Temporary rally back up to the upside It just crushes the altcoin market again So We need to be aware of this you need to Be aware of how the how the cryptoverse Works in the pre-halving year and namely What happens is that all coins Get Wrecked you you can blame the SEC all You want to it doesn't change the fact That liquidity's been drying up for 18 Months and that the all coin Market was Not going anywhere okay now I'm sure People are going to use any attempt they Can to to get you to get excited about The altcoin market uh whenever it Inevitably gets a bounce back up they'll Tell you again to buy the dip or they'll Say it now but they've also been saying It for the last how long Right look it's still just been getting Wrecked Right Bitcoin dominance has been going Higher It's just been getting wrecked please Consider this okay please consider this I want to show you something else The dominance excluding stable coins is Approaching a pretty major Milestone Itself we've talked about breaking the Range High which is an important thing For the dominance to do

The range-high excluding stable coins is Actually 55.3 percent 55.3 but guys we're at 54.77 now so we need to break through This level too I mean we can Pat Ourselves on the back for breaking Through this level which I think is Important even though there's people out There that'll say the dominance is Irrelevant those same people were Probably not telling you that all coins Were going to get wrecked on their Bitcoin pairs okay so please understand That no matter what people say about the Bitcoin dominance no matter how bearish They are on it no matter how much they Say it's irrelevant because of stable Coins no matter what I completely and Wholeheartedly disagree and it is only The Bitcoin dominance is the only thing You needed for the last year and a half To tell you that all coins were not Worth the risk the fact that the Dominance was this low and and just Ultimately putting in one Higher low After another excluding stable coins and Slowly training higher you don't need to Know what bitcoin's valuation is on its USD pair to understand if all coins are Worth the risk the only thing you really Need to know is where is the Bitcoin Dominance you know If it's if it's Where if it's in the 40s the altcoin

Market is is likely not worth the risk It doesn't mean that some all coins Can't go up on their USD pairs if Bitcoin rallies but they're just simply Not worth the risk we're now 49.9 Percent guys we only we don't really Have that much further to go like I said Maybe maybe as Bitcoin tags that 200 Week moving average at 26.5 that could Correspond to the dominance hitting that 50 threshold the ethereum Bitcoin Valuation is now at 0.06447.06446 Um dominance is now at 49.91 I believe We should be breaking 50 momentarily Otherwise it wouldn't have come a lot Come on here alive the dominance Excluding stable coins again is now at 54.77 okay so excluding again excluding Stables dominance has been putting in Higher lows this cycle since May of 2021 You know People can say all they want to about All coins and and how maybe they've been Holding since last September that's Including stable coins right you Shouldn't include stable coins in your Assessment of the altcoin market you Should exclude stable coins when you're Trying to understand how all coins are Performing on their Bitcoin pairs Through the Bitcoin dominance if you if You want to really understand how the Altcoin market is performing during that Time period and you can see that

Since September including Stables Dominance has been going up but Excluding stable coins the dominance has Been putting in higher lows since May of 2021. you know forget September there's Just been one Higher low after another And most people don't want to believe it If you put a moving average on here a 30-day SMA you can see a pretty large Base being formed and how many videos Did we make talking about this the large Base of dominance being formed taking a Longer term moving average and watching This base be built out just like it was Over here and ultimately acting as a Launch pad to 60 percent that is what I Think is happening and you know people Have been fighting the trend for a long Time and Um on you know on a weekly basis or even Sometimes a monthly basis You know you can get Um pulled into the you know pulled into It thinking that that it's going back Down and I know a lot of people have Called for much lower levels but right Now it's setting up at 49.89 and Um I'm guessing it's likely going to Break out to above 50 and then not so Distant future and it's interesting too Because you know Bitcoin is up about Three percent and this is a great Example right where bitcoin's up three Percent the altcoin market is up one

Percent right so yes the altcoin market Can go up on their USD pairs if Bitcoin Goes up right like we're not saying that They can't they can what we're saying is That if you're trying to figure out what What makes the most sense to have in a Crypto portfolio if if you agree that The dominance of Bitcoin is going up Then where where is the justification For being heavy into the altcoin market Where is that where does that Justification come from you know and I Can't find that justification to me it's Just not not really Justified because Again the dominance is likely going to Go up and Um And and and crush the altcoin market uh No matter the direction of Bitcoin USD So again great example today right where Bitcoin's up three percent Um the altcoin market is only up one Percent Right so you have three three percent Versus one percent and because of that The dominance is up you know it opened It opened the day at um 49.42 now it's at 49.82 so it's up 0.4 In in a day which is pretty substantial Right it's pretty substantial it's a Pretty substantial move Um in a relatively in a relatively short Period of time so we'll continue to see If it if it can actually break out here

It's still hovering around that 49 849 9 Level Um Bitcoin is now at 26.4 so we're still Below the 200-week moving average Um Which is at 26 519 right 26 519 is where The 200 week estimate is So Do keep that in mind and if and if Bitcoin I will say this if Bitcoin falls Back down Then you could see the dominance Temporarily go down but then on the next Push up right on another surge like a 500 surge or a thousand dollar surge the Dominant should just continue to go up With it once again so Um we've seen this play out what for Since September really I mean this has Been playing out since September On on the Bitcoin dominance exclu or Including stable coins and it's been Playing out since May of 2021 when you Exclude stable coins so it's been Playing out for a long time right a very Long time So we'll see if we'll see if we can Break 50 on the stream uh let's see if We have any questions How far do I think Bitcoin dominance Will go my general expectation is to Ultimately hit 60 but I I still think We're months away from that like I don't Think we're gonna hit 60 like this month

Or next month probably the earliest we Could hit 60 is this September no I'm Not promising that we have to hit 60 by September but I would say that September Might be about the earliest that it Could theoretically happen I'm not going To say that it can't happen in August But normally when you get these Dominance rallies it just takes it takes A few months uh for it uh for it to Really play out so I would say my my Goal for the dominance rally is to Ultimately reach that that 60 milestone Would I say that dominance will turn Around this September I think there's a Good case to be made that dominance Could see a pullback starting in September yes because normally normally That's what marks the Turning Point Whatever the direction Bitcoin dominance Is going before September it tends to Reverse course after September and and Whether it's going up or down so like This was last September right at reverse Course uh if you go to the September Before that so if you go to so that was September of 22 if you go to September Of 21 you can see that it it got a surge There it sort of reverse course at least Temporarily if you go to September of 2020 you can see that it reverse course There but it was again it was going down And then it went back up Um and you can you could keep going

Further and further back right like even In 2019 right September is is where the Dominance rally ended and it didn't mean That it didn't continue to go up uh Later on or sorry this was this is uh 2018. that was 2018. this is is um Um 2019 right here so this so every Every September you can see that it Reverses course right so whatever Direction it's going into September it Normally goes the other way coming out Of September and so if it's going up it Then tends to fade after September Um like this If it's going down into September it Tends to go back up right down goes back Up Down and then back up so I would say Yeah like there's a good chance that by September we could see the dominance Fade Um it doesn't have to be a permanent Fade right like it could go up you know To you know to September Um Something like this right and then fade Right and then go back up right like it Could do something like that but Oftentimes September does Mark sort of Like a turning point in the in the Dominance rally around that September Time frame That's a good question though I think We've talked about it a little bit

Before Maybe it's worthwhile to look at this Downtrend for Bitcoin to see what it's Um you know I mean so if it if it comes Back up the top of this um to the top of This trend line or sorry yeah to the Bottom here So around 27 4 so I mean a thousand Dollars higher from here gets you back Up to the trend line a thousand dollars Up and I I have to imagine if it goes a Thousand dollars up from here uh we're Breaking through 50 we're still not at The 200 week and again another way to Get to 50 is to dump back down to like 25k and then pump again and then that Gets you to 50 right there's a lot of Different ways you can get there but it It normally what Bitcoin dominant says I Mean it Bitcoin shakes out the altcoin Market to the downside and then it goes Back up and leaves them behind Thank you If dominance reverses in September do You expect a small fade since Bitcoin is The first reality yeah I think I would Expect a small fade What are your thoughts about the Similarity between the big caps catching Bid and traditional finance and Bitcoin Dominance doing the same yeah like I saw The thing I've said the same thing Before I I think that and it's a great Question and if you cut if you came to

That conclusion Um I think it's honestly I think it Shows that you're you're thinking really Hard about about how this all relates Back to one another I think the same Thing's going on in traditional markets There's this a flight to relative safety And and I I think you're right I think That's what's happening Will anything change your thesis like Crypto getting regulatory approval well I mean I do think there will be some Type of regulatory approval at some Point but by that point I think the Dominance will be at 60 right so I mean I guess you're asking if it happens Today will it change my thesis probably Not but Um but it could be the thesis that that Causes the dominance to fade later this Year Make sure you guys give the video a Thumbs up if you if you like the content Do you think Bitcoin is not is not good Investment for long term no I think it Is I think bitcoin's a great investment For for long term Um but I mean it also depends on what Your definition of long term is if your Definition of long term is three months Then no uh Bitcoin is never a great Option because it's super volatile but I Would say the same thing about the stock Market if you're if your time frame on

The stock market is three months I mean Honestly what a lot of people would say Is if you need the money within the next Year or so the stock market is not Really a great option or even two years The stock market is not a great option Because anything can happen in one to Two years but five to ten years from now You know most everything resolves higher In a more sustained way and I I mean Look I I think that if you're standing Here today and you're trying to figure Out what you know what you should do Bitcoin is more likely to stand the test Of time than any other cryptocurrency I Still think there are others that will Stand the test of time but if you only Had to pick one it would be Bitcoin Right and and the dominance rally Continues to sort of confirm that idea So when to look back at the altcoin Market someone asks I think first you Really need to see this dominance rally Play out for at least a couple more Months and then and then if the Dominance has broken through some pretty Major Milestones Um you know 50 52 55 you know assuming That happens then I think the altcoin Market becomes a more valid a more valid Place ideally 60 right ideally I'm not Saying that you should wait till 60 to Consider any all coins but if if we get To the point where dominance is at 60

And everything's nuking on their USD Pairs that that probably would be a Relatively more attractive time for the All all coin Market but I don't again I Don't really think the all clean Market On their Bitcoin pairs is is attractive Today okay Um I just don't How low can the Bitcoin valuation go my My target for a while now has been the 0.03 to 0.04 range that's sort of like My initial Target and if if and when we Get there I might reassess what I think But around that .03 to 0.04 range What are my thoughts about Bitcoin Dominance if a recession occurs I mean My guess is that Bitcoin dominance would Go up but I mean again recessions get Priced in before they actually happen so Once you're in a recession you might Actually see the dominant start to fade Back Fade back down because people are Looking on the other side of the Recession Um probably the very early stages of Recession dominance goes up but the Latter stages of a recession dominance Probably goes down Well I create at some point an updated Video on Modern portfolio Theory Nothing's really changed recently I Don't I don't think Um if you were to look at it So this is a portfolio consisting of

Just Bitcoin and ethereum so the sortino Ratio is maximized with 76 Bitcoin 24 Percent the sharp ratio is maximized With 71 Bitcoin 29 each and then to Minimize volatility it's 93 Bitcoin Seven percent each That's just based on on this on this Mathematical exercise Do I have a target for Ada Um I'm guessing around 400 satoshi's Okay 400 satoshi's is where I'm thinking It's headed I've been saying that for a long time This should not be any news we've had This chart forever I I think it's Eventually going to make its way to 400 Satoshi's Yeah I mean I think the issue with People asking about all this stuff with The altcoin market is normally what Happens is by the time they get to the Point where they're asking me Um you can find temporary local bottoms On altcoin bitcoin Pairs and so then Like the altcoin might rally up against Bitcoin just as people capitulate to Bitcoin and and then they get stuck Selling the most recent local low and Then they just have to wait another two To three months for it to roll over and Put in a new low so you have to be I Mean you have to be careful Foreign You know we're still right around 49.7

49.8 haven't haven't made that that move Yet to 50 percent Yeah I mean ethereum Ethereum is at what 0.0652 okay so it Did it did pop up a little bit here it's It but it's still I think I I think this Is going to be a a sustained downtrend By the ethereum Bitcoin valuation I Think it's likely going to take out you Know take out this prior low here right So you have these lows where it's Currently trying to trying to hold Um but at the end of the day I I don't Really think these are going to hold and I think the ethereum Bitcoin valuation Will eventually Um collapse below all of these levels I Mean it's probably not going to have to Do it as quickly as I've drawn on here But I do think that that we will see That happen Foreign Make sure you guys subscribe if you're Not subscribed and give the video a Thumbs up like the video How low do I think the market cap for Stables is gonna go that's a good Question I I don't really know Um let me just pull it up so people can See it It's been in a downtrend really for a Little over a year now so if we were to Pull up monthly candles uh for Stablecoin uh just stablecoin market cap

It's been in a fairly sustained Downtrend Um you know since April of 2022 or so I've I mean how how can we possibly Predict where it's going to end you know Like it's not like this chart gives us Any clues uh based on historical data as To where it might actually end I Honestly I have no no idea where where The where it's going to finally find a Low Um who knows Um maybe uh maybe some people say we Need to go down to this level and go Down to about 80 billion or so but Honestly I have no idea I have no idea How low it's going to go Um that that's up for you know up for Interpretation I was noting though that It it was sort of the week it was last Week when we broke below the March low That that the altcoin market capitulated Right the altcoin market fell like 30 Percent the same week that the Stablecoin market cap took out at smart Slow Now we're still at 4975 so it's not I Don't know if we're gonna capture it on The stream and if we don't capture it on The stream we're probably not going to Capture it live because I'm not going to Just like pop on and off the stream uh We have gotten pretty close I I think we Saw it go to what 49.92

49.92 so we've gotten pretty close uh we Might we might have to give it you know It might take it might take a little bit Longer to actually get there Will ethereum ever flip Bitcoin oh oh Sorry you're asking well the theory of Dominance ever flip Bitcoin dominance I Don't think so You can look I mean if you want to get Some idea of liquidity you can look at The fed's balance sheet Um Foreign of course you should probably Look at at the balance sheet of other Central banks as well but if we do look At say like total assets for just Liquidity in general for you know Here by the FED I mean it's actually Close to taking out its March low so I've I've put this idea out that you Know as a stable coin market cap Um Took out its March low that's when That's when micro caps sort of Capitulated I'm curious if if maybe when When the FED reserves here when they are On the the assets by the Federal Reserve If if and when it drops below the marks Load maybe that would Mark some type of Turning Point or at least a local top on The s p 49.76 we'll see if we can uh we'll see If we can push back up and get back to That close to that 50 level

Though the only I feel like the only way To get to 50 is to the the two main ways One is Bitcoin rallies maybe another 500 Or something the other is Bitcoin dumps And then rallies back up to where it is Now right so there's there's different Ways that you can get there but Ultimately it probably will involve some Type of push higher in Bitcoin whether It happens now or whether it goes down Crushes all coins again and then comes Back up is anyone's guess but I I do Think that we will hit 50 probably Within the next week or so honestly I Mean I mean I someone asked me on Twitter yesterday when do I think we're Gonna break 50 and I said within the Next two weeks but it's probably gonna Happen you know within the next week but I maybe I would say two weeks just to Try to provide some wiggle room 4978 No the old curve is not has not been Uninverting yet no Well the ethereum accumulation phase of A lifetime video come in 2024 uh Probably maybe maybe late this year or Early next year if you think back to the Last one I put it out in 2020 so why not Just put it out in 2024 the next one At what dominance level do you start to Think Bitcoin season is waning Um my so my target is 60 but you could See it slow down around the 55 57 58

Level like there's no guarantee it makes It a 60 in this rally although I do Think it will eventually make it to 60 I'm not sure if it like it could make it To like 58 come back down for a few Months and then rally to 60 or more in The having year right there's a chance That that happens I think there's a case To be made that it's just going to Rally To 60 now Um but that's that's I think what you Know the ultimate consideration is is Like you know does it does it hit it There now or does it does it Rally baby to like 57 or 58 and then Rally again in the in the having year It's slowly moving back up a little bit Here we're back to 49.78 I mean still Need still need a fairly substantial Move to get to uh to that 50 level make Sure you guys give the video a thumbs up If you haven't yet Do I think the BlackRock spot ETF will Be approved for Bitcoin I have no idea I mean you know we've been hoping for This forever Um But I don't know I mean I don't know I think Most of their ETFs do get approved but I I believe they're going to self-cust I Think they're going to custody to the Bitcoin at coinbase which is also being Sued by the SEC so who the hell knows

Am I still interested in the real estate Market yeah I mean I I am I'm not really An investor in the real estate market But I'm interested in it for sure Well guys it's getting somewhat stagnant In here 49.77 and it's not really moving So uh It's not a fun it's not as much of a a Fun watch party when Um Sorry I'm getting a call Foreign We're still at 49.76 so I would say one Of two things need to happen to get us To 50 either we go back down to like Less than 26k maybe go back down to 25.5 And then pump back up again or we need To go closer to 27k either one of those Two scenarios should get us to 50 so if We go down first the dominance would Probably go back down temporarily but on The on the next move to the upside it Should go back up and if it just goes up Now then it should go to that 50 level Either way Um so those are the [Music] Um Hold on a second Sorry Someone says I have to draw the house to Get to 50 yeah why don't we call that we Can write that one off as a rookie Mistake maybe if I had drawn a house

Here it would have made it to 50 that's A good point I guess that one's on me maybe we'll Have to wait maybe we'll have to wait Until the next next attempt Someone says ethereum is also going up Yeah I mean I guess it's up I mean so Bitcoin's up 3.01 ethereum's up 3.01 They're actually so yeah bitcoin's only It's about the same Bitcoin and ethereum Are about the same today but Um Ethereum is down significantly over the Last like a week or so right it's like It did pop up there Um uh yeah like it has had a I guess Technically the ethereum Bitcoin Valuation is green right now today but Yeah ever since here uh it's been it's Been it's rolled over and again June is Normally what marks the turn of the Ethereum Bitcoin valuation that June Time frame is normally what Um what in fact marks the turn Someone says we should play chess to Pass the time we can do that for a Couple minutes I guess Um If you want to play me in chess feel Free to challenge me and we will uh We'll keep the dominance tab open just To see kind of what's what and who's who But if you want to play chess Um not I'm not doing these three day one

Day seven day nonsense so you want to Play me in three minutes we can do that As we wait for the dominance to see if It wants to make its move I don't see any challenges so I'm not I mean I'll just go back and look at the Dominance Maybe while I'm waiting for you guys to Challenge me I'll do a uh puzzle Rush These are always fun Someone challenged me so by the time I Finish what else we can play Dominance is at 49.77 Still at 49.77 4976 [Music] Um Still 4976 you guys aren't missing Anything Um I don't see it all here Go down wrong Now I mean dominance is actually going It's now down a little 4975 Still a 4975. Go wrong Um Here Um All right Um Yeah okay it's now 4971 so we might you Know one of the things that we said is Is that one of the one of the paths to

Get to 50 is for Bitcoin to pull back Down for a little bit and then to go Back up and sort of break up the altcoin Market again on their Bitcoin pairs Because again they struggle to catch a Bid when when Bitcoin goes up Um the Bitcoin goes down too quickly the Dominance can get a temporary correction Right so it's not that surprising to see That again we've waited forever for the For the breakout to occur right I mean We've waited forever for this breakout To occur and now that it's occurred You know we are we are slowly pushing Higher but I I do I really do think that You know within probably within just a Couple of days or so we should we should Be I mean I I said on Twitter right Within two weeks but really I think Probably in the next couple of days we Should be going above 50 dominance Um we either we either just need a a Pullback And then bounce back up or we need to Just go up another 500 and we should see 50 I don't know I mean whatever whatever Way you you prefer okay it looks like we Got some um Some people here Domino's is at 49.74 I'm playing take my knight 99. I will try to do that Back to 4975 so Foreign

I normally play three minute games Um I don't even know the last one I played A five minute game It seems weird to play It on um This time frame Thank you Dominance is at 49.75 you guys still Haven't missed anything it's probably Going to take a little while because it Kind of lost some of the momentum it had So Yeah I was kind of hoping they'd go There so that I could do this and now I Fork the queen in The Rook I feel like it's hard to talk and play At the same time That was not a good move Because now I get the Rook Yeah good game see they just um you know That's the hard part and it kind of Separates when you're um when you're Around a Thousand Eleven Hundred twelve Hundred I think the biggest thing that Separates like that from like 1500 Um and onward is is hanging pieces like That like that's it's like basically What you want to try to make sure you do Is like anytime you move a piece try to Make sure you're not hanging this like Something else like that's there there's Series on on on YouTube that you can Watch to try to help help with that

Um But I mean whoever whoever this was Right so there's Two things to uh to potentially learn From uh let me just clear this really Quick so Um [Music] Sorry there's someone like right outside My window So this was sort of a trick to try to to Try to get you to go here Because then like this spot is opened up For the night to Fork it so this this Move in and of itself wasn't really a Great move it's just that because Because you did that I could Fork I Could Fork the queen in The Rook Um and The Rook is is worth more than The night Um and then the other thing is is when You moved here So before so before you moved here I Thought you were actually going to take The pawn so I I didn't even think you're Gonna move the Rook I thought you were Going to um to take the pond and so when You moved here I figured there was still A chance that you wanted to take the Pawn so I moved the queen here so that If you don't take the pine I can take Either this Pawn Or I can take this Pawn probably this Pond so that then the Knight is loose

And Um and if you do take the pawn then your Rook is hanging so that was that was the Reason I I did that but I mean I thought I mean you know for for 9 25 like that Wasn't a bad game just um I think the Main thing you have to work on is just Try not to try not to hang a piece I I Still hang pieces sometimes honestly Like I still do Um but that's I think that's the biggest Threshold from getting to like 900 to 1200 1300 is I'm trying not to just like Hang the piece and um and just Completely Overlook it but it's still a Good game Um so the dominance is at 49.76 percent So Yeah I mean not a whole lot of movement Here it seems like we've lost a little Bit of the momentum we had so I mean I Still do think we'll break it but I just Don't know if it's going to happen on This stream I mean if you have like Hourly candles of the Bitcoin dominance It has been pretty aggressively moving Been moving higher Um so yes like I I do think it will Likely continue but is it going to Happen within the next hour I don't Really know This was just a a lot of momentum we Were carrying so I'm like all right We're getting pretty close let's see if

We can if we can nail the 50 level on a Live stream but at least at this point We have not been able to capture it Someone says they've never played chess Or learned the rules and they're 32. Well there's never too late to learn Someone else how come alts are also Pumping remember if Bitcoin goes up all Coins can go up on their USD pairs but For the most part their Bitcoin Valuations will still go down right like If you look at Ada Bitcoin it's down two Percent dot dot Bitcoins down one and a Half percent link Bitcoins down two Percent uni Bitcoin is up about half a Percent but in the grand scheme of Things look at the uni Bitcoin chart Right like it looks pretty bad right I Mean it is it is backed onto these Levels but just like link just like Ave Bitcoin I do think it will eventually Break below its summer of 2022 low uh Litecoin Bitcoin is down almost a Percent uh Theta Bitcoin BNB Bitcoin Avex Bitcoin Matic Bitcoin they're all They're all down on their Bitcoin pairs There are a couple that are up like Solana Bitcoin is slightly up today on This Bitcoin pair And so is maker Bitcoin but for the most Part right and this is another one That's probably going to eventually take Out this prior low for the most part Um they're down on their Bitcoin pairs

Which is why the dominance of Bitcoin is Up so when we talk about all coins the Altcoin Reckoning we're not referring to Their USD valuations I think they their USD evaluations likely go down but we're More so referring to their Bitcoin Valuations their Bitcoin valuation is Though is the more relevant component to The altcoin Reckoning over over USD Valuations Foreign Hopefully that answers answers your Questions What are my thoughts on Solana I mean I'm guessing it still needs to go down On its Bitcoin pair and likely it's USD Pair I mean it might bounce back look a Lot of the all coins got got decimated Last week so there's always these sort Of mean reversion trades that some Short-term Traders might try to take I still think that most of them are Going to go lower Um in the second half of the year on Both their Bitcoin Pairs and their USD Pairs if I had to guess What is the highest level I've gotten on Puzzle rush I don't really play it that Often I mainly just play it on stream And maybe like once a day at most Usually but I don't play it that often Thank you Someone says they view every altcoin Except ethereum they think that every

Altcoin except ethereum will fall Heavily uh ethereum is viewed as a Completely different way now compared to Last cycle I would love to buy more Below 700 though Um yeah I mean like it's true that it's True that all coins bleed to bitcoin but They're also generally bleed to ethereum I mean look at uh if you take a look at A lot of these all coins on their ether Pairs they've also gone down a lot right I mean Um that's just the truth right like Ada Eth is has has fallen down a lot and I'm Guessing it could contain I mean it Might go back up eventually but if you Look at this I'm guessing it's going to Come back down and kind of ride this Trend line for a little bit like it has Done in Cycles past Ave is pushing lower The last time I looked at it it was only Down 89 now it's down 91 on those day Back teeth uh and and you can see like The last time we did the video on the Altcoin Reckoning how far I said we Needed to fall just to get back to being An oscillator and since then it's Fallen Even more right so now I mean so it was 40 now it needs to fall another 32 Percent the hardest thing about the Altcoin Reckoning is just waiting right I mean a lot of these things are Oscillators at best on both their Bitcoin and ethereum Pairs and so just

Kind of waiting is the hardest part dot Eth just continues to push lower B and B E looks like a double top to me Um link eth took out it's it's May 2022 Low So I mean I think you're right in the Sense that all you know ethereum should Be viewed differently than the altcoin Market I think you have Bitcoin you have Ethereum and then you have the altcoin Market but while all coins bleed to both Ethereum and Bitcoin I do think that Ethereum also bleeds to bitcoin Uh I mean this is of course is the most Polarizing view that I probably have Um but I I still would again point to The idea of lower highs since the um Since the merge and and really since uh Late 2021 as as sort of evidence that Ethereum is bleeding to bitcoin it's Just doing so very slowly but if if you Had taken the reverse approach and said That it's going to go up against Bitcoin Since the merge you would have been Wrong right I mean it's been trending Down since the merge Do I play any real-time strategy games Yeah I have All right we're back to 49 8. 49.8 percent So we've recovered from our our local Going back down to 49.7 we're back out To 49 8. Let's see if we can push back out to

49.9 and make that final push to 50 not Final I mean I do think it's going to go A lot higher than 50 eventually but Um all in a day's work right To our place to have six no I haven't I'm also keeping an eye on the S P Because I mean if the s p rolls over That would be bad for uh bad for crypto It's only I mean it's at 44 20. so it's Not not a down a ton but it is slowly Slowly pushing down Only down about 0.11 today Someone says Bitcoin is retesting the 200 week at 26.5 yeah we talked about That earlier in the Stream That that is kind of what is holding it Down at the moment About 26 518 26 519 level Someone says watching the Bitcoin Dominance move higher is like watching The crypto Market healing itself yeah I Mean I think that's true I think the Market is um you know the dominance Going higher as a sign that the market Is is healing We're still sitting at um At 40 40 49.4 49.79 49.8 To my opinion on Ada change recently no My opinion's the same I think it's going To go down to 400 Associates eventually I've had this opinion for like 15 16 Months that's that's my view I still Think it's going down on this Bitcoin

Pair and USD pair probably too but Bitcoin pair is more important Will crypto lose volatility in the Future and be like stocks you know I Used to think that but uh I said that Back in 2019 and then I looked like the Stock market became more like crypto so I don't really know I mean yeah the FED Just keeps printing a ton of money then You could see just everything become More and more volatile I mean in general I would expect Bitcoin To to not be as volatile as Cycles Passed it's just that um you know Watching the equity markets in 2021 was Was almost like watching the crypto Markets right All right guys I don't know if I want to Stay on here for forever I mean we've Already been going for an hour and we're Not at 50 I do think we'll get to 50 Um but I don't know that I want to just Sit here and and and watch the day go by Um just chilling at 49.77 so Look for it Probably gonna happen within the next Few days if it goes if Bitcoin USD goes Down and you see Bitcoin dominance go Down with it you should not assume that That it won't go back up like I think it Will go back up right so even if Bitcoin Goes down even if the dominance Temporarily goes down it should not it Should not be a sustained move we likely

Would see the dominance continue to go Up Um you know as as sort of the days Passes by so again like we're at 4979 Right now as much as I would love to uh To wait around and watch it hit 50 we Have been going for about 62 minutes and So Um perhaps we should we should wrap it Up there if I look at it maybe if I just Quickly look at it on minute candles see Any of this momentum Um All right I'll stay on it for every Every minute candle that is uh that is Green I'll stay on okay so as long as I'm in a candle Stay Green I'll stay Here Um But right now we're at 49.79 It's gonna be tough for it to stay green For uh 20 Um Um for for 20 points here I mean to go From 49 8 to 50. I do hope you guys enjoy your weekend All right let's see if the Dominus one Minute candle is green or not if it is We'll stay on for another minute Looks like it was green so we'll stay on Another minute We'll stay on until it's red and then I'm leaving Someone says a watch Level never breaks

It's probably true what what normally Hap what'll probably happen is I'll end The stream and then 30 minutes later It'll happen that's probably what'll Happen Um if history is any indication that's Probably what'll happen is it'll it'll Break it like 30 minutes after the Stream is over All right we're still at 49.78 looks Like it's gonna be a red candle with Only 12 seconds to go All right there you have it it's a red Candle we'll wrap it up there look for The Dominus to hit 50 relatively soon Um within the next few days and um and We will take it from there thank you Guys for tuning in And I will see you guys


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