Bitcoin Defi will be MASSIVE!!! (How YOU can become a Bitcoin Millionaire)

Bitcoin was you know and I say this as a Bitcoin Bitcoin was very very stagnant For a long time that is all changing Right now what we're gonna see this year And over the coming year is we're going To see tokenization hit Bitcoin in a Totally new and very big way one of the Best things I think you can do is just Look at ethereum and what has happened With ethereum and then map that onto Bitcoin tokenization will hit token Launches and launch pads kind of like The Ico era like the uni swap of Bitcoin Like the other compound of Bitcoin I've Started calling it the new Bitcoin token Economy because we're starting to see One after another and we'll see more This year already standards coming out On how you can create tokens on bitcoin And we're going to see Taproot assets is A new standard coming out ZK coins which I think is very likely to be released This year RGB which is coming out very Soon these are all new standards around Tokenization as more and more of these Standards come out and they start to Gain adoption and usership we're going To see this massive growth of people Looking to bring speculation and Economic value to Bitcoin in new ways And that is going to make Bitcoin D5 More relevant than ever Yago is defy on bitcoin as good as Bitcoin on ethereum because I feel like

Now we've had a couple years to try it Out what's going on with this So the answer is a definite yes or no And what I mean by that is certain parts Of it are way better and certain parts Of it are still lagging behind there's a Lot going on in Bitcoin right now more Than I remember going on bitcoin at any Given time let's say since like 2016. It's an extremely exciting time and I'll Talk about it like one part of that is What I've been calling the new Bitcoin Token economy we can get into that but Bitcoin D5 looks very very different From the rest of D5 it's moving more Slowly it's less well integrated it's Harder to use it's younger it's less Mature but at the same time it's built On much more solid foundations different Teams in different ways are taking Different approaches to this but if you Look at the way Bitcoin community and Bitcoin ethos builds the fight it's much More focused on sound Finance versus Yodo Finance it's much more focused on Creating tools which people can use for You know real life Financial Transactions it's much more about wealth Preservation than it is about Speculation and that plays into the Communities it plays into the technology The much more of an emphasis on Decentralization much more of an Emphasis on good governance much more of

An emphasis on you know dealing with Things that in fact we don't almost hear About in the ethereum or the rest of the Crypto space like systemic risk right And there's a lot of systemic risk in Ethereum around centralization with Liquid staking around Stable coins having such control like if Usdt or usdc for whatever reason go down All of D5 except for Bitcoin D5 will go Down with him and so there's there's Much more of an emphasis on robustness And you know the kind of people that we See Using Bitcoin D5 are different they tend To be older they tend to be wealthier There's more woman on average from based On what we know and more technically Savvy at this point I think as well and It's just people who are you know a lot Of the people who use Bitcoin D5 refuse To touch the fight of other kinds Because they're they're more concerned About you know how do you separate the Wheat from the trough And what are some of these top Bitcoin D5 projects that people would know about Like I think about ethereum obviously of The aves the compounds and Bitcoin D5 I Know we have the sovereigns but like What else is out there that's currently Doing it Yeah so I would say there's two primary Ecosystems and then there's a bunch of

Other plagues so there's The Sovereign Ecosystem Um and sort of like the wider rootstock Side chain ecosystem there's uh the Stax Ecosystem and so I kind of do it in the Order of their size and then in terms of Like Bitcoin side chains quite a way Behind both of those is liquid which is Was created by block stream and then in Between sort of if you've got Sovereign Stacks and then sort of liquid in Between you've got a whole bunch of Different tools like Um Atomic exchange with DLCs and you've Got the ordinal space which has its own Sort of right now quite clunky exchanges And there's nomics which is sort of Bringing Bitcoin and Bitcoin D5 to the Cosmos ecosystem so there's a whole Bunch of experimentation going on right Now and that's what makes it so exciting Right and before we get too deep in into It Yago you know please introduce Yourself to the altcoin Daily audience I Know you're associated with Sovereign But I know you have a big background in Bitcoin generally feel free to brag a Little bit Sure so I've been in Bitcoin for a while I'm on to my fourth halving now got into Bitcoin in 2011. have been really Curious about crypto ever since it Became a thing but really I've been Focused on bitcoin and it's because I'm

More interested in sort of boots on the Ground real world changes and recreating The economic system I helped set up the First like self-regulatory body which is Called the digital asset transfer Authority so coinbase and Kraken and a Whole bunch of other players but pay Were part of that back in 2014 and after That I um created a company which was Doing remittance primarily to East Asia And Africa using Bitcoin and that Company did very well but I hated it I Was working with banks all the time I Was working with Regulators all the time And so that company was sold in 2017 and Then for me the big disappointment was That we hadn't seen an ecosystem of Decentralized applications growing up Around because Bitcoin is very Decentralized but if you want to do Anything with it now you start going to A centralized player and my view around Security and decentralization is it Happens in layers it happens like an Onion right Um and so we need to expand the security Envelope of Bitcoin and then um in 2020 a bunch of uh divs that I had been Familiar with for a while started Showing me cool stuff that they were Doing and that became eventually Sovereign which is a open source Community Driven project which is the Leading platform in Bitcoin D5

Is Sovereign the best at what it does I think it is I think Um in terms of robustness in terms of Having been around for a now over two Years in terms of the size of the Community of developers and just the Community who are using it in terms of The breadth of features so you know Swaps trades limit orders Dows nfts Although that's a much smaller part of It margin trading borrowing and lending And most recently zero percent interest Borrowing with Bitcoin and Bitcoin back Stable coins has all been built out in Two years it's all extremely battle Tested and just in terms of sort of like Volume and tvl Sovereign today Represents more than 50 percent of all Bitcoin DFI so it's not just the leader It's bigger than all of the rest Combined at the moment And actually I think growing faster Do you think defy on bitcoin is proving Itself to be a viable niche in the Crypto D5 space like versus two years Ago is Bitcoin D5 still very much in the Conversation or more so or how do you Think about it I think conversation Isn't happening in two different places I would say that there's the Conversation within the Bitcoin space Where it is absolutely changing so we're Seeing just more and more people who are Looking to build on bitcoin we're seeing

People move from ethereum to building Bitcoin because they're concerned about The the dev bloat and the fact that Nobody there's not like a single person Alive that they really understands how Ethereum works and they want to build on Something permanent and then sort of Outside of like the strict Bitcoin space There's the you know what we can think Of as the crypto world that is starting To being drawn into Bitcoin in totally New ways and I I I've started calling it The new Bitcoin token economy because We're starting to see one after another And we'll see more this year already Standards coming out on how you can Create tokens on bitcoin and I'm sure a Lot of people who you know watch this Show are familiar with ordinals which Have become a totally new way to do nfts There's a lot of innovation there like Recursive nfts is a is a new Bitcoin Invention there's brc20 tokens and we're Going to see tap fruit assets is a new Standard coming out ZK coins which I Think is very likely to be released this Year RGB which is coming out very soon These are all new standards around Tokenization and as more and more of These standards come out and they start To gain adoption and usership we're Going to see this massive growth of People looking to bring speculation and Economic value to Bitcoin in new ways

And that is going to make Bitcoin D5 More relevant than ever so I think we are seeing right now a Renaissance in Bitcoin Bitcoin was you Know and I say this as a Bitcoin Bitcoin Was very very stagnant for a long time That is all changing right now and it's Not that surprising like nfts was Invented in Bitcoin side chains were Invented in Bitcoin tokenization was Invented in Bitcoin all of these ideas Were sort of bubbling around 2013 2014 2016 and then when the block size wars Happened things Stagnated in liquid and and all of that Creative energy is coming back What would you say is one of the best Ways for an average crypto participant To participate in Bitcoin D5 and you Know profit and do well is it kind of The same as crypto where you're just Like looking closely at the trends and Maybe Bitcoin tokens or Bitcoin nfts and You're kind of jumping in and out of That or or what advice would you give The new person who wants to do well here There are a few things first of all get Of centralized exchanges I mean how many Times do we have to learn that lesson Second the way wealth is created is by Focusing on wealth preservation first And then speculation second so I would Have a focus I would look for ways to Figure out which systems are going to

Last and the way you look at that is Like what is the ethos of the community How battle proven is the system and are They sacrificing things like tokenomics For short-term gain that happens a lot Less in in the Bitcoin space and I think That's one reason to be long-term Bullish and then you need to start Playing around so if ordinals and nfds Are your thing that's a great place to Start if tokenization is your thing you Could try with brc20 and you'll see it's Really difficult in comparison to like Erc20 but now with Taro Taproot assets ZK coins coming out I would watch the Space and then they there are the Platforms like the D5 ecosystem and Stacks and in Sovereign which is really Easy to get into and actually there's a Lot of hidden Alpha there so you know Interest rates on stable coins in Sovereign for example are But between seven and nine percent That's four times what you would be Getting on Ave or compound and then you Know all of the strategy stuff that you Could do and that you know yield farmers Were doing a few years ago on ethereum The best opportunities right now are in Bitcoin so it really depends what Interests you I would just get my hands Dirty start with small amounts and then The other thing I would say is everyone Should have like you know their rainy

Day fund which is money which is super Liquid is going to be super available to You and some people keep them running Back some people keep their money in Stable coins I think there's a much Better alternative now which is Bitcoin Back stable coins it has the security And decentralization of Bitcoin it's More accessible and your bank no one can Take it away from you and it's not like Tether or usdc which because of a Regulator or uh an accounting error or a Fraud or any one of a thousand other Reasons you could suddenly lose access To so you know people used to say Everyone should hold like one to five Percent of their worth in Bitcoin I Think anyone in crypto they should now Think about one to five percent of their Wealth in Bitcoin back stable coins Interesting thinking about the next few Years of this give us some predictions Where is Sovereign going to be five Years from now where's Bitcoin D5 going To be five years from now Yeah so I think what we're going to see This year and over the coming year Is we're going to see tokenization hit Bitcoin in uh in a totally new and very Big way we're going to see Entirely new ways of dealing with Tokenization one of the best things I Think you can do is just look at Ethereum and and what has happened with

Ethereum and then map that onto Bitcoin So you know where ethereum was in let's Say 2016 is where Bitcoin is now and so They're going to be basic things like Tokenization will hit they'll probably Be things like you know token launches And launch pads kind of like the Ico era There's going to be basic things like Swaps like the uni swap of Bitcoin like The lending platform like the other Compound of Bitcoin those things are Going to emerge And then Um two years out I think we're going to Start seeing Roll-Ups to bitcoin Uh which is going to be a complete Game Changer in terms of scalability in terms Of speed privacy and security and five Years out my senses it's very likely we Will start to see things like low cost Or zero cost transactions which are Fully private Bitcoin backstable coins Becoming adopted in places like El Salvador as a standard payment system We're going to see crypto becoming Something which people are using in Their everyday lives without even really Thinking of it as crypto And at that point I think the likelihood That they we're going to be looking at Sort of like a thousand chains is very Very small My guess would be would be looking at One or two platforms with a huge

Ecosystem of layers above them things Like lightning Network Roll-Ups and Stuff like that and so I think five Years from now bitcoin's still going to Be the biggest the dominance of Bitcoin Will be larger but it won't be just Bitcoin the asset will be all of the Assets that are built on bitcoin and we Will see sort of how the relationship Between Bitcoin and ethereum plays out But my sense is You know the solanas and cardanos and Bscs of the world are going to be vastly Less valuable and ethereum and Definitely Bitcoin are going to be Vastly more much more complex a lot of Cool stuff things that we can't even Imagine And you you put ethereum in that boat as Well with Bitcoin yeah I don't think Ethereum look I I hold very little ether Just enough to play around with it and Learn about the ecosystem I think Fundamentally ethereum is insecure Uh and is going to Trend more and more Is already trending more and more and It's going to Trend more and more Towards centralization That can be a strength large Corporations or governments might like That I think if you're interested in Freedom Bitcoin is going to be the place To be I don't think ethereum over the Time frame that we're discussing is

Going to disappear I think both ethereum And Bitcoin are going to see the world Mostly consolidate around them I I just think that Bitcoin is going to Do it bigger it it it all of the Advantages that ethereum has had over Bitcoin Are going to In terms of you know a developer being Attracted to Developers scalability Modularity I think those are disappearing over the Next few years and that's when it gets Really interesting is there any argument Or or what do you think about this that Assets built on bitcoin are safer from Regulators like Bitcoin itself has for a Good reason has been given a pass by Regulators our assets going to be or or Probably not like what do you think I Think from a legal perspective there's Not that much of a difference but from a Perception perspective there's a huge Difference and I have already seen Companies and sort of regulators talk to Me about it and talk as if things being Built on bitcoin are more legitimate Than things being built elsewhere I Don't think they are right from like a Strict interpretation of the law But I think that difference in Perception is going to make a very very Big difference Iago give us final Thoughts for the altcoin daily audience

About Sovereign about Bitcoin D5 in General and I I do want to encourage Your audience check out the links below Follow Yago check out Sovereign look More into Bitcoin D5 But Iago final thoughts yeah so the game Hasn't really started yet everyone's Building out features can we get more Smart contracts can we do more Transactions per second can we make them Cheaper but we're almost 14 years in now That's like a teenager Bitcoin has maintained its dominance for A very simple reason this whole thing is Not about features it's not technology Looking at this as like the Bubble or a new tech bubble is the wrong Way to think about it what we're Building our entirely new governance Systems Bitcoin is a governance system For money and what it's designed to do Is create a reliable way of tracking and Transferring property rights outside of The realm of borders outside of the Realm of government and the reason it's Maintained that level of dominance is Because rarely nobody's been competing With Bitcoin on being perm aware and Being incredibly neutral everyone has Gone in the direction of technology so I Think the big message I try to Communicate to people who are a little Bit more advanced like they're not Beginners

Is be very careful about the mental Model you have when examining things if It's about shiny widgets and gadgets if It's about bells and whistles if it's About features that's the wrong way to Be thinking about this entire space the Way to be thinking about this space is Who is building Entirely new governance systems and who Is figuring out how to add you allow you To be part of that and to become and to Monetize that that's the game So Bitcoin is perm aware it's a system For property rights and we're going to Start bringing a whole bunch of new Types of property digital property and Eventually physical property into the Bitcoin realm and it remains to be seen Whether other projects will reach that Level of reliability I think my big one Line takeaway is have a very long-term View on this the people I know who have Done best in any form of investing and Definitely in crypto are the people who Have taken a long-term View With most of their investment and if They are speculating or gambling it's With the fund money if that's the casino


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