Bitcoin Breaks $18,000 for First Time in a Month! [ Crypto Espresso 12.12.22 ]

It's Thursday which means we here at Coin market cap look at an obscure Holiday to celebrate and today is let's See here Feast of fabulous wild men day Who comes up with these anyway I'm your Host Andrew into this is crypto espresso Your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines if you want To celebrate my fabulous wild pectorals I won't stop you maybe just maybe 2023 Will be different Bitcoin has surged Beyond eighteen thousand dollars for the First time in a month fueled by a Nine-day rally oh yeah the world's Number one cryptocurrency has Accelerated by 9.5 since the year began And there's optimism in The Wider Market That inflation is cooling down and the Pace of interest rates might be slow as Always there are challenges ahead with Coinbase's CEO recently warning that the Contagion May spread deeper into the Crypto industry but let's take our small Wins here ethers just cracked fourteen Hundred dollars for the first time since November and Avalanche is rallying 23 Percent over the last 24 hours bitcoin's Move may have also been helped by the S P 500 which closed Wednesday up one Percent on Thursday hotly anticipated CPI data from the US will reveal how Inflation changed in December so keep Those thingies crossed a faint flicker Of Hope for victims of FTX since their

New management team appears to be making Good progress in recovering funds for Customers last month the recovered funds Figure stood at one billion dollars but Now it's quintupled to 5 billion it's a Blend of cash and liquid Cryptocurrencies and excludes a treasure Trove of altcoins that are just 2 a Liquid to sell despite this nugget of Good news though the bankruptcy court Was told that it remains difficult to Ascertain just how much money is missing Which means the real risk remains that Customers just won't get all of their Money back Adam Landis an attorney Representing the exchange said we know What Alameda did with the money it Bought planes houses through parties Made political donations it made Personal loans to its Founders staying With FTX as the latest estimate suggests 9 million FTX customers had deposited a Whopping 20 billion dollars and in other Developments the judge has ruled that Their identities will remain secret for At least another three months John Dorsey effectively sided with ftx's new Management who feared that disclosing Their names and personal details could Lead to identity theft and unlawful harm Of course there are other concerns at Play here as details of ftx's customer Book could also be valuable to Rivals This is an unusual ruling considering

That the details of creditors are Usually disclosed in court filings you May remember that these circumstances of Celsius Network customers were laid bare In a 14 500 page document just last year And more FTX news as FTX Arena has just Been Thanos snapped from existence Officials in Miami have been given Permission to scrub the stadium of the Doomed exchange's branding the arena is Home to the NBA's Miami Heat team and Sam bankman freed had paid a Jaw-dropping 135 million dollars for Naming rights in a 19-year deal Unfortunately removing all traces of FTX From the arena will take a bit more than A screwdriver a pencil eraser and a rag Its logo is currently emblazoned on the Stadium's roof with advertising Throughout the arena itself the bankrupt Platform's branding also appears on polo Shirts worn by security workers and the Identity cards used by the staff the Report noted at this stage it's pretty Unclear whether there's another business That's waiting in the wings to pounce on The naming rights for the stadium but Removing The Branding of a disgraced Company that filed for bankruptcy does Kind of feel like a priority right now And finally for those wanting to partly Own a James Bond villain Lair El Salvador has passed a new law that will Pave the way for those law long-awaited

Volcano bonds oh yeah they had been due To launch in March of 2022 but their Rollout has been repeatedly delayed Because bitcoin's value has plummeted The plan raise 1 billion dollars with Half of that sum being invested into Bitcoin the other half spent on Infrastructure this would include Ambitious plans to build Bitcoin City a Metropolis that would sit at the base of A volcano the Central American nation's Bitcoin office has described it as a Landmark law adding El Salvador's at the Epicenter of Bitcoin adoption and thus Economic freedom Financial sovereignty Censorship resistance and Unconfiscatable wealth and here's Something else they can never take away From you liking this video subscribing To our YouTube channel and clicking on That little bell icon to get buzzed Whenever new crypto espresso video goes Live and here's something that they have Taken away from you commenting on this Video because spambots ruin everything For everyone questions about our Headlines or crypto in general ask Alex In that description below Alex is always A great resource for all things web 3 And the metaverse end that about does it For today again I've been your host Danger these have been your headlines And we'll see all of your beautiful Shining faces tomorrow


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