Bitcoin + AI = PRICE EXPLOSION! 2024 is VERY BULLISH! (Here is why)

I think we are at a very similar point In both Bitcoin and aai they're both Moving into the Steep part of the S-curve creating opportunities for Explosive growth 2024 is coming up and There are so many bullish catalysts for Bitcoin most people don't realize this We have blackrock's spot Bitcoin ETF not To mention many spot ETFs we have rate Cuts by the FED finally we have U.S debt BuyBacks AKA stimulus because next Year's an election year and the Bitcoin Having what did I miss on paper it all Looks crazy indeed pay attention to These dates save these dates because We've just entered a 21-day countdown For a Bitcoin spot ETF approval or denial a decision must Be made and then we have so many dates Lining up for 2024 the question is will It be only BlackRock or only grayscale Or only Fidelity will a few of these get Through will none of these get through Truly an exciting year 2024 is for Cryptocurrency remember this is how the Gold price reacted after the first gold Spot ETF was launched this is what Happened with gold Bitcoin is a better Version of gold in many many ways not to Mention the convergence of parabolic Technologies coming together the Infinity of AI meets the scarcity of Bitcoin this combination means a Parabolic move in the Bitcoin price

According to Arc invests Kathy Wood I Think we are at a very similar point in Both Bitcoin and AI they're both moving Into the Steep part of the s-curve I Don't think most of the asset management World understands how powerful the Convergences are going to be between and Among the the technologies that are Evolving today and the way I like to Describe why they're going to be so Powerful the convergence is is we're Looking at s-curves so new technologies You know they start out slowly and then They gain momentum and uh you end up Into the Steep part of this S curve well I think we are at a very similar point In both Bitcoin and aai they're both Moving into the Steep part of the S-curve so you have S curves feeding S Curves creating opportunities for Explosive growth potentials aha moments When we're talking about convergences I Actually had an aha moments around our First Bitcoin brainstorm as well I guess What has hit me here it's uh something Paul said at the end here we're going to See I think you said Clash or the Collision between you know the infinity Associated with AI and the scarcity Associated with Bitcoin and so what does That mean and here's where I come back To my economic Roots which is wow you Could have a parabolic move in the price Of Bitcoin and and I think that will

Happen I mean we're on in record saying That but it also brings me back to okay Global monetary system means of exchange Unit of account and so I know we're Going to have one of these brainstorms With art Laffer and he's going to be Poking at all of this and talking about The quantity rule versus the price Rule And you know and and really wanting to Understand the cryptography and Everything so Um I'm really happy we're doing these Brainstorms before we get to cardano Before we get to polka dot a lot of you Guys know we're big on friend Tech you Can find us on friendtech just by Searching our X handle Many of you guys are actually in our Friend tech chat with us or have your Own anyways I love our friend tech chat It's a great way for you to have Exclusive access to us and actually Every once in a while like today help us Decide what makes a video so I put this Out to the community friend tech chat is Going to help us decide the crypto Project that we talk about today in Sunday's YouTube video appreciate the Altcoin daily Army input join our friend Tech introduce yourself make your case So I asked our friend Tech Community and Actually no surprise they said talk About bass talk about friend Tech so let Me update you on this recent news

Regarding that bass has actually flipped Solana coinbase's eth L2 has flipped Solana in total value locked and bases Tvl is nearing 400 million so huge Momentum the total value locked in Coinbase's layer 2 Network base has Surged to almost 400 million in since Launching in August that figure now Places base ahead of Solana's Network Which has a tvl of 358 million at the Time of writing in the past 30 days bass Has seen an almost 100 percent increase Month over month in that same time frame Solana's tvl decreased by almost 10 Percent and one of the killer dapps on Base the main one is friend Tech friend Tech's total value locked is also at new All-time highs so friendtech is hardly Dead yet look at this momentum friend Tech accounts whose keys that I own in Summation all of the keys I own are Equal to 27 ethereum at this point this Is what the main page looks like you can See these are the people whose keys I Own and this is what our chat looks like Honestly a little bit slow for a Sunday Because I asked you guys to say hello Just an hour ago to make it into the Video but so far it's only been read by Two people people enjoying their Sunday No doubt anyways that's update on base Base is surging to new all-time highs Great momentum friend Tech surging to New all-time highs great momentum major

Polka dot development news polka dot is Eyeing support for 1 000 pair of chains In the future let's break this down the Core developers at polka dot are looking To expand the ecosystem's current pair Chain limit of 100 aiming to eventually Onboard 1 000 pair chains in the future With help from some software updates What are these updates one asynchronous Backing is one such update to polka dots Parachain consensus protocol we have a Credible roadmap to get polka dot to Support 1000 pair chains and 1 million Plus transactions per second the design Is there we know how to scale polka dot For the indefinite future this Asynchronous backing update would also Enable polka dot to more than triple its Number of polka dot validators by the End of 2024 to around 1000 describing This as quote the most significant Evolution of parachain consensus since We launched parachain about two years Ago this is cardano in 2023 we have four Of cardano's biggest daps right here and Even if the cardano ecosystem consisted Of just a coin and these four projects Rolling up to it it would be more Credible and deserving of more respect Than 99 of things crypto Talking Heads Hype up and we all know this is just the Tip of the iceberg what do you think About this is cardano one of the most Credible and deserving of respect

Compared to 99 of crypto make sure you Subscribe to our Channel because we Always keep things real with you Ethereum turns inflationary as Network Revenue plunges to a nine month low the Decline on activity in the network is Partly because of the adoption of layer 2 networks and the trend will continue In the near term so you can see that Because ethereum's main blockchain isn't Getting used as much as say two months Ago the ethereum supply flow has turned Back inflationary because it's above This line still far more bullish than if Ethereum never switched to proof of Stake at all this is ethereum back to Proof of work this is what its Supply Flow would be right now and this is what It actually is right now so still Looking bullish still bullish in a bull Market for sure subscribe to altcoin Daily we have great content dropping on Crypto throughout the rest of this year And certainly throughout 2024. hey join Us at Bitcoin Amsterdam October 12th and 13th this is an epic Bitcoin conference Use code altcoin daily 10 off tickets Get this ticket or get this ticket Ticket prices increase as we get closer To the event so many awesome speakers Are being added every single day use Code altcoin daily for 10 off hope to See you there


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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