Bitboy Crypto Gives Crazy XRP Price Prediction AFTER Lawsuit (UNBELIEVABLE)

If Bitcoin goes into that 100 to 120k Range With the suppression of the Bull Run Gone I think xrp will basically it's Going to sound really crazy welcome back Everybody to altcoin daily my name's Austin I want to share with you a clip From a much bigger interview we did with Ben of Big Boy crypto talking about the Potential of xrp as well as the lawsuit Between the SEC versus Ripple now in This first part I start by asking about The recent FTX collapse and if the Failure of FTX may affect the SEC versus Ripple then references SEC chair Gary Gensler specifically then we'll talk About the most likely outcome of the xrp Lawsuit and then at the end we talk About the price potential going forward For xrp keep in mind none of us are Financial advisors half the fun of Cryptocurrency is talking about future Prices but watch this clip and then get Ready for the full interview dropping Later today or possibly a link down Below already does this post FTX World Affect the XR the Ripple SEC versus the Ripple lawsuit at all Okay so number one FTX International did Have Ripple listed or xrp excuse me did I have xrp listed Um as funds they hold As a tradable asset on the book oh it Did when it was still a thing you know

FDX us I don't know if it I don't think It did have xrp on there I'm not 100 Sure but the whole idea is where does This fit in well I think this is a Really here's the beautiful thing about This okay I think it is going to affect xrp in a Big way when it comes to the case Because the case that we're going to Make for my bill that is going to line Up very well with this FTX situation Is that Gary ginsler's got to go we're Taking the power away from Gary ginsler Like if you think the SEC is in charge Of crypto now after our bill goes Through that he won't be they will not Be Gary ginsar is the most negligent Person in this entire space if you lost Money on FTX Celsius or Voyager is it Because Gary ginsler because he hasn't Done his job to create Clarity or or to Create any type of infrastructure To make crypto companies want to operate On Shore here in the United States Instead of in Shell companies around the World so who really got the fire started Against Gary ginsler well that's the Entire xrp Army is they've discovered so Many so many uh things that he's done That have been wrong We already know we can't trust him so Now I want you to think about this Austin well we have an entire space that Has a lot of dodgy characters and the

Number one person right now in charge Of regulating and enforcing in this Space Literally no one trusts him So people say you've got all this Evidence which by the time this video is Out but we also we will have evidence on Our website published we're actually Doing that today and tomorrow so people Can go and cross-check a lot of the Stuff that we're talking about we don't Just talk we've got the evidence Now get released everything because There is a process to this but when People see all this stuff we have it's Going to be you know pretty pretty uh uh Pretty damn here No one trusts Gary Ginsburg you think I'm gonna go take all the evidence I Have on FTX and give it to Gary who's Been meeting with SPF for six months No no no one will so here's the Beautiful thing Gary kinsler's gonna be out soon it's Not going to be long now I I actually I've gone back and forth whether it's Gonna be January or June if things work Out in the next four weeks like I think That they're going to he will probably Be out by January if not When the Republicans come in in the House and they're in charge of the Reform and oversight committee if you Didn't know this is the most powerful

Committee in all of Washington They're going right at Gary Kinsler They're gonna go right at him he Literally Met with SBF multiple times including Supposedly Uh supposedly did a quick little Investigation and found nothing wrong With FTX at some point It's weird it's weird what happens when You're Girlfriend's dad Is the head regulator's boss at MIT it's Almost like there's a conflict of Interest there and you're getting into So many conflicts of interest between William Henman Gary ginsler uh Gregory Ellison like it really starts to paint a Picture of absolute corruption inside The walls of the SEC and we all know It's been going just thank God it's Finally becoming public What is the most likely outcome for Ripple versus the SEC and what's that Mean for xrp I said let me guess let me Based on what you just said until Gary Gensler retires expect nothing but you Think that's stepped out gets kicked out Exactly uh but so based on either of Those two outcomes what what happens to Ripple versus the SEC so so there is a Short-term outcome here where if Gary Ginsler were to get removed in January Let's say our bill were to go through in

March The SEC has no power that case is Probably over okay if our bill gets Passed there's a large chance that the Case just ends Um because there won't be anything for Them to go after the control will be Pulled away you know we'll be Kneecapping the sec's ability to do Their job which they haven't done for Years and years and years anyway so it's Not like it's that important so to me I Don't expect but the most likely Scenario I still think the I think our Bill goes through in June I think Gary Guns has already gone by then unless Somebody comes in after Gary ginsler and Drops the case We've also been looking for the case to End around Quarter Two of next year the End of quarter two maybe beginning of Quarter three maybe over the summer so We started looking at these timelines You look forward and say okay well the Most likely situation is whether it's Our bill that does it or whether the Case ends Um I do believe Ripple wins or gets the Most favorable settlement you've ever Seen in your life There's no way Ripple walks out of this Even if there is a small settlement and They pay a small fine there's no way Ripple out you know walks out of this

Situation without people being like oh They laid the smackdown on the SEC Everybody's gonna know that I do expect to be the middle of next Year but we're not going to get gigantic Price action from anything in the next Seven months other than maybe one more Dramatic dump guys next year's Accumulation for everything so if you're In the xrp Army the reality is The longer this extends into next year The batter and the reason is because of The momentum That you will catch If the case were to basically end today There will be certainly a large Short-term pump probably go up to 3x It'll come back down where the prices Today are probably over a dollar maybe a Dollar fifty maybe 4X whatever it is It's gonna tick back down over the next Few months and not be at much further of A starting position uh for the next Bull Run than it is right now it would be it Would probably stay at least I think 2x From where it is now I don't think it Would go back below 50 cents once the Case ends unless the whole Market tanks And we're in multi-year Bear Market was A lot some people think that girl just Having things that we don't think that The most bearish people out there do uh But the longer this goes into next year The better off because let's say let's

Say it ends until the end of July next Year Well having is in March and based Off the last cycle we were both around Four and in in debate the business every Single day during that time you know After the having Or leading into the having you do get a Pump leading into it a large one right Before it happens But last time it was thrown off because Of the pandemic so we had risen up to Ten thousand dollars at the end of January in February of 20 uh 20 uh 2020. And then we got the pandemics new start Slowly spring for February and March 12th when the market crashed into 2020 Dramatic pullback all the way down 3 900. I think the price would have stayed Around ten thousand dollars Uh all the way through the having and Then may have had a little bit more Momentum so so the point is if that was In January and we're saying that this Having is going to be two months earlier Then by November October November of Next year we should start seeing some Things tick up so we'll be close enough To positive momentum and heading into The Bull Run That xrp will hold its gains a lot Better and the whole thing is it was Oppressed in the last Bull Run Guys the liquidity that's going to be Available for for xrp once it goes

Listed again on all the exchanges once Coinbase right now people don't know Where to buy it people in crypto don't Even know where to buy it go to kucoin People don't go to kucoin right but Who knows about kucoin like you got to Be in this business every day to pretty Much know about good coin or at least be Pretty involved I guarantee you I go ask Nine out of 10 people to own Bitcoin They're not going to know what kucoin is Right so um I think that's the whole Thing is we're really looking for the Upside of uh you know the liquidity from Getting relisted on exchanges and so the Later in the year the better in my Opinion And this one this question is just for Fun don't get Ultra specific because Nobody knows the future but if Bitcoin Can clear 100K in the next Bull Run What's a prediction you would have for Xrp Well I do expect Bitcoin to clear 100K If you use diminishing diminishing Returns Theory and it continues Then I think we would be looking at About 100 to 120 000 Bitcoin at the top I tend to believe we're gonna get the Reversal of diminishing returns and We'll get closer to 150 to 200 000 Bitcoin Um you know it leads to reversal of such Depressed Dimension returns last word we

Had 3.5 x so if you're to say what's 3.5 X from seventy thousand we've got to hit Uh two two hundred and forty thousand Dollars I believe 250 000 240 to 250 in Order to completely reverse Dimension Returns you get higher returns for this Market so be 245 000 exactly would be Where we should go if we can revert uh Away from diminished returns now we Revert away from the progression of the Percentage then pretty much anything Above 120k we would consider to be great Okay now as far as xrp goes if Bitcoin Goes into that 100 to 120k range With the suppression of the Bull Run Gone I think xrp will basically it's Going to sound really crazy the xrp will Replace meme tokens in the next cycle And what I mean by that is that's where All the money flowed in right that's What really kind of hurt our Bull Run Was the money flowing into Sheba and the Money flowing into Dosh Xrp's got such a viral community and With that case over and tons of people Wanting to jump in the markets and Something speculative I think in the next run there's a strong Chance a ton of that new money comes Into xrp Um I definitely think Um I mean look The last run it got up to two dollars it Didn't get a new all-time high the

All-time high I believe around 3 20 or So Um look I'm not in this game of Guaranteeing things anymore I used to Think I definitely knew where things Were going I think it's reasonable to expect uh you Know an eight to ten dollar xrp bullish 12 to 15 dollars if things go super Awesome for it they form an IPO at the Peak of the market like coinbase did and Maybe it goes even a little bit higher But we're really looking at that eight To ten dollar range it's something That's very realistic to watch the full Conversation there's a link Down Below In the video description and if you're Interested in learning more about Cryptocurrency click subscribe right now We drop a video every single day you do Not want to miss one see you tomorrow


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