Binance’s CZ Reacts to CFTC Complaint [ Crypto Espresso 3.28.23 ]

Quick it's the Tuesday news day and we Haven't a moment to spare I'm your host Andrew and this is crypto espresso your Teeny tiny daily shot of caffeinated Crypto headlines time to let the news do The talking First up the charges are piling up Against Sam bankman freed ftx's Embattled founder has now been accused Of paying a 40 million dollar bribe to Chinese government officials it's Alleged that in exchange Frozen accounts Holding a billion dollars in crypto were Unlocked the incident dates back to Early 2021 and U.S officials say that SBF and others considered and tried Numerous methods to unfreeze the Accounts or otherwise to regain access To the cryptocurrency in the accounts It's alleged that the multi-million Dollar transaction occurred in November Of 2021 and around that time the Accounts were unfrozen the crypto was Subsequently used to fund Alameda Research's trading activities so clearly A good investment binance's CEO has Described a new civil complaint filed by The commodity Futures Trading commission As unexpected and disappointing the Regulator has claimed that that the Exchange broke U.S derivative rules and Should have been registered with the Agency years ago chiangpang Zhao has Said the complaint appears to contain an

Incomplete recitation effects and he Disagrees with how many of the issues Have been characterized the cftc alleges That binance's compliance program has Been ineffective but CZ says his trading Platform is the first Global non-us Exchange to implement a mandatory kyc Program CZ has also denied that binance Engages in manipulating the market Friendly reminder as always Coinmarketcap is owned by binance but we Do try to keep things unbiased dokwan is Being held in medical quarantine Following his shock arrest in Montenegro According to Bloomberg officials want to Rule out that he has the coronavirus the Terra co-founder will remain there until April 3rd and until that time only his Lawyer and a doctor will be able to pay Him a visit Bloomberg's report went on To reveal that he's in good health and He hasn't made any special requests While in detention Quan's arrest came 10 Months after the sudden collapse of Luna And UST wiped 40 billion dollars from The crypto markets firing the starting Gun on a slew of bankruptcies while he Has long insisted that he was not on the Run he had refused to reveal his Location apparently over fears of his Safety A man who stole over 50 000 Bitcoin from The Silk Road marketplace is asking to Be spared from prison the crypto stash

Was seized in November 2021 from the Home of James zong it had been hidden in An underground safe and on a singleboard Computer concealed under blankets in a Popcorn tin stored in a bathroom closet Zong pleaded guilty after charges were Brought and told the judge his Cooperation should be taken into account Other factors raised by zhan included The fact that he's autistic and he had a Difficult childhood with the defendant Arguing that the crime didn't actually Have a victim he had just managed to Trick the Silk Road systems into letting Him withdraw Bitcoin that he was not Entitled to sentencing is on April 14th Microstrategy has revealed that it ended A loan agreement with silvergate bank Repaying 161 million dollars in order to Be reunited with thirty four thousand Six hundred and nineteen Bitcoin the News confirmed in a filing to the SEC Comes weeks after the financial Institution announced that it was Voluntarily winding down operations in Other developments that we could just Copy and paste to any weak microstrategy Is buying more Bitcoin they've confirmed That they've bought 6455 Bitcoin for 150 million dollars Don't bust out your calculators that's An average price of twenty three Thousand two hundred and thirty eight Dollars per coin these Investments took

Place between February 16th and March 23rd and indicate that the publicly Listed company remains determined to Beef up its Bitcoin Reserves at the Current price of twenty seven thousand Dollars this means that microstrategy Has already made a paper profit of 24.2 Million dollars this purchase brings the Grand total of owned Bitcoin to 138 955. Disney is abandoning its Ambitions For the metaverse as the entertainment Giant prepares to slash 7 000 jobs in The next two months according to the Wall Street Journal a small team had Been working on strategies related to Virtual worlds in an attempt to deliver Next Generation storytelling and Consumer experiences it was hoped that Disney's Rich library of intellectual Property could be used to reinvigorate Classic stories and allow consumers to Enjoy them in new ways the report Suggests that about 50 people from this Unit are leaving the company Bob Iger Who recently returned as Disney CEO has Spoken publicly that he's bullish on the Metaverse describing it as the next Great storytelling Frontier and finally The UK has abandoned plans to launch its Own non-fungible token last year the Government had revealed the Royal Mint Which issues the country's coins was set To release a crypto collectible by the Summer of 2022. if you notice your

Calendar it's 2023 which means the Ambitious plans have been beset by Months of delays with a punishing bear Market also denting the crypto Industry's image Harriet Baldwin the Chair of the treasury select committee Told the BBC we have not yet seen a lot Of evidence that our constituents should Be putting their money in these Speculative tokens unless they are Prepared to lose all of their money so Perhaps this is why the Royal Mint has Made this decision in conjunction with The treasury well with all this talk of The Last of Us and non-fungible tokens Falling in popularity lately it's pretty Clear that the fungus has won at this Rate we'll all be mushrooms An eye for one welcomer sports spewing Overlords Pledge Your Allegiance to the Shroom by liking this video subscribing To our YouTube channel and clicking on That little bell icon to get buzzed Whenever a new crypto espresso video Goes live on yesterday's video MLS just Commented cranky paints that's right Mondays do that to me but the Tuesday News day it's like it's like Chicken Soup for the Soul and the pants you can Leave a comment just below this video And if it's not spams or scams I might Just read it on tomorrow's episode Questions about today's headlines or Crypto in general take the plunge and

Ask Alex in the description below Alex Is always a great resource for all Things web 3 and the metaverse and that About does it for today again I've been Your host Andrew these have been your Headlines and we'll see all of your Beautiful shining faces tomorrow


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