Binance SUSPENDS U.S. dollar Transfers!? Algorand, Aave, Chainlink News

Cryptocurrency Exchange Finance Finance is the 
world's largest crypto exchange will suspend   U.S dollar transfers let's find out the details 
binance the world's largest crypto exchange will   Suspend U.S dollar deposits and withdrawals the 
company said Monday without providing a reason for   This decision quote we are temporarily suspending 
U.S Bank transfers as of February 8th affected   Customers are being notified directly the company 
said point zero one percent of our monthly active   Users leverage USD Bank transfers we are working 
hard to restart this service as soon as possible   So no reason given why they're doing this why do 
you think they're doing this I'm honestly not sure   It's good that they're working on restarting this 
service as soon as possible additionally finances   Spokesperson said in the interim all other methods 
of buying and selling crypto remains unaffected   Including Bank transfers using one of the other 
Fiat currencies supported by binance including   Euros buying and selling crypto via credit card 
debit card Google pay Apple pay and Via our   Binance P2P Marketplace important to note we're 
talking about binance International binance Global   Finance us is not affected by this suspension 
again I want to stress to you this is only   Temporary only a small portion of our users will 
be impacted by this they say we are working hard   To restart the service as soon as possible all 
other methods of buying and selling crypto remain   Unaffected if you appreciate us sharing with you 
this information give the video a like it's a   Small thing you can do and it really supports the 
channel CZ what he had to say on this it is worth   Noting that USD Bank transfers are leveraged by 
only point zero one percent of our monthly active   Users so a small amount however we appreciate that 
this is still a bad user experience and the team   Is working on quickly resolving this issue we're 
going to keep you updated on this and everything   Crypto on this channel subscribe to the channel 
join the altcoin daily team what are the takeaways   If the binance suspending USD bank transfer news 
the headlines appeared in November or December   Of last year every single tweet that we'd see on 
our timelines today would be questioning binance's   Solvency and Bitcoin would have probably dipped 20 
percent none of that is happening this is bullish   Bitcoin looking bullish Bitcoin is getting very 
close to Breaking above its macro downtrend just   Like here just like here historically the month 
before the Bitcoin macro downtrend breakout tends   To be slow so if history repeats there's a chance 
that February won't be that exciting for Bitcoin   But March could be as macro downtrend would 
be tested March could be the macro downtrend   Breakout month and again look what happened 
when we broke out of this macro downtrend every   Other cycle higher highs higher floors of active 
addresses this is an active address chart higher   Floors of active addresses during bear periods or 
downtrends what's the takeaway Bitcoin adoption   Bitcoin's getting adopted and this is great to 
see over 600 000 small addresses fomo into Bitcoin   At 20K I guess I say this is good because small 
people are getting a chance to buy Bitcoin at 20K   Even though this headline suggests they're fomoing 
to me I like that the Bitcoin network is getting  

More distributed especially with the little guy 
Bitcoin analysts said this cohort accumulation   Is good for the network because it would make the 
asset more decentralized over time big altcoin new   The bank of Italy Taps algorand blockchain 
platform for its digital sureties project the   Bank of Italy has selected algorand to serve as 
its public blockchain platform the platform due   To launch early next year will be the first 
time an EU member state uses blockchain tech   For bank and insurance guarantees quote from 
the bank we selected algrand because of its   Unparalleled level of innovation and security 
among permissionlessness distributed Ledger   Technologies as well as because of its leadership 
in sustainability our goal is to help Italy not   Only recover from the economic impact of c19 but 
also Excel through Innovation and Leadership our   Eco stemic projects are meant to help generate 
strategic platforms such as the digital sureties   Platform supported by algorand we believe these 
platforms can and will dramatically contribute to   The country's competitive sustainability for the 
benefit of all blockchain is ideally suited for   These types of programs given the Technology's 
ability to provide fast efficient low-cost and   Scalable data transactions even more importantly 
digital Ledger Technologies help protect against   Fraud a known challenge with banks and insurance 
guarantees quote from the founder of algorand   We are proud and honored to be the public 
blockchain chosen for the digital sureties   Platform of Italy through algorand's technology 
we can help solve many critical issues facing   Financial institutions and governments across 
the world bringing opportunity and inclusion to   Communities in need everywhere let's talk about 
Ave we've been updating you on the progress ave's   Been making with its upgrade and there's more to 
say Ave CEO says the new Securities upgrade silos   The risk away along with a host of new updates 
ave's latest upgrade is also letting youth stakers   Double their bets against ethereum's Shanghai 
upgrade let's break down the Ave upgrade quote   From the founder the defy space itself has been 
growing significantly so we've seen more and more   Value at stake because of that and especially with 
the defy Summer Explosion in 2020 what we wanted   To do is create a version of the Ave protocol 
that basically has different kinds of security   Features ensuring that the risk management 
is as optimized as possible for the community   New features like isolation mode for example this 
will let the protocol safely onboard what the Ave   Founder calls long tail assets without putting 
the entire Ave protocol at risk these would be   Tokens that have low liquidity subjecting them 
to extreme volatility assets added in isolation   Mode have a specific debt ceiling and can only be 
used to borrow stable coins which are defined by   The Ave governance Community the latest upgrade 
of Ave is also introducing a new portal feature   That will let users move assets across different 
markets on different blockchains quote in the   Portal feature you can move assets from ethereum 
to polygon polygon to let's say Avalanche pretty   Much instantly but perhaps the most interesting 
feature is one that will let ethereum Bulls  

Lever their bets using so-called liquid staking 
derivatives the point is this is a big deal for   Ave this is a big deal for D5 big deal for crypto 
and whether you're interested or not this space   Is evolving getting more secure upgrading this 
is what I love to see we will continue to keep   You informed chain link news and ethereum L2 star 
queer news starkware LTD is joining the chain link   Scale program if you want to learn more about 
what's going on with chain link in their scale   Program check out this video is chain link still 
a good investment basically this partnership and   Allotment of starknet Stark tokens will be used 
to cover certain operating costs of chain link   Oracles on starknet's mainnet massive move 
towards blockchain Oracle sustainability   Hey we keep you informed on everything on this 
channel Bill Murray walked into a members only   Nft party the actor's first nft event was far 
more fun than a family picnic he told decrypt   And holders appear to agree and now that you're 
here and all your fans are here to talk to you and   Meet with you what excites you about this kind of 
experience well really just the fun of it you know   Um it's kind of you know I I don't I don't 
know who buys nfts and it kind of reminds me a   Little bit of deadheads sure and a little bit of 
Comic-Con I used to be very afraid of Comic-Con   Because I thought you know that's a girl that's 
dressing up as Wonder Woman you know that's a guy   That's dressing up as Batman they don't really 
look like either one of those but then when I   Finally went to Comic-Con and met everyone I 
thought there was a very very sweet very inclusive   Kind of crowd of people that really it opened my 
eyes quite a bit so this is my this is my first   Real nft experience here so and everybody's very 
similar to like deadheads or Comic-Con people and   That they have a sweetness about them and they 
have a they bring a friend or they bring a loved   One and and you know they're they're enjoying 
the fun Celsius new information maybe you've   Seen this already I want to report you Celsius 
was operated in a ponzi-like manner this is not   Some whim or opinion this is according to a new 
report so what did this report find a new report   Has found that Celsius was using customer funds 
to prop up the value of its sell token they also   Used new deposits to fund customer withdrawals 
Celsius was operated like a Ponzi right get your   Tickets to bitcoin 2023 Miami May 18th through 
20th Miami Beach this year use code altcoin daily   10 off this is the biggest Bitcoin Conference of 
the Year ticket prices continue to increase as   We get closer to the event use code altcoin daily 
10 off get your tickets now hey really appreciate   You guys my name is Aaron at altcoindaily 
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