Binance Marketplace: The New Super App to Spend Your Crypto

Binance Marketplace, the new super app
to spend your crypto. So here is a guide on
how to use the Binance marketplace. While cryptocurrencies have seen both
incredible gains in their prices And use cases in recent years,
a big hurdles in the way of mass Adoption remains the inability
or difficulty associated with keeping And spending them with the same ease
as traditional fiat currencies, Whether it's cash, credit cards or online
shopping. Sure, some big retailers and online
merchants now accept certain Cryptocurrencies, but there are usually
restrictions on buying and selling crypto, And that one all encompassing killer app
still remains missing. Enter Binance Marketplace,
which the world's largest exchange labels As the crypto super app. So what is Binance's Marketplace? Binance Marketplace positions itself
as a one stop shop that serves users Crypto lifestyle needs by bringing Their favorite businesses to them
in the convenience of their Binance's app. Users can simply log in to their Binance
app, access a Binance Marketplace and shop At a huge variety Of supported merchants that accept Binance
pay supported payments in crypto. And for those who don't know, Binance Pay is the exchange's custom
built and contactless payment technology That enables you
to make secure payments with 200 Plus crypto assets from
and to anywhere in the world. And for those of us
who like to save every Satoshi, we can. Binance Pay charges,
zero fees to shop or send, Receive or transfer crypto
to friends or family for free. And you can access your Binance pay Wallet within your Binance app
by simply dragging down the homepage. So what are the things that you can
do on Binance Marketplace? Well, at present Binance's marketplace lists
over 50 merchants and many apps offering A wide range of products and also services
that cover anything from travel And hotel accommodation to biking
gear, gift cards and beauty products. The platform is constantly updated
with new merchants added every month, each

Offering something different
for Binance users. The marketplace is focused On making paying in crypto and earning
rewards more convenient and fun. It does this by enabling users to play
mini games with friends and family, win Prizes and access exclusive offers
when they pay for hotel stays, rideshare Services, shopping subscriptions, courses
and dining with Binance Pay. So here are four cool Things that you can do right now
with Binance Marketplace and Binance Pay. Go travel: Book a flight, hotel,
restaurant and Activities. Binance
Marketplace is integrated with Travala, The innovative crypto travel service
that allows you to pay For travel services and accommodation
with a variety of digital assets. You have a choice of thousands
of great hotels around the world, Ranging from budget accommodation To the most luxurious stays
money can buy, or in this case, crypto! Travala also allows users
to purchase flights and book restaurants, Fun activities and a tourist attraction
trips at their chosen travel destination. Kiss&Fly is another flight website
that you can access From within the Binance app
by navigating to the marketplace. It's geared towards budget travelers And provides a large choice of airlines
and flights to competitive prices. Lastly, you can also buy a convenient SIM card with Yesim to use in over
95 destinations. The virtual SIM card allows you to manage
more than one network operator On your phone and provides you with hassle
free mobile internet when you travel. And also share a ride. So access the Splyt ridesharing service
to book a taxi ride within the Binance Marketplace app section. Splyt has a global network Of 2 billion people and works with global
ridesharing giants like Uber and Grab Integrating on demand services
directly into their platforms. And then there is just shopping. Binance Marketplace allows you
to go shopping at a variety of merchants, Big and small.

Moreover, you can use BUSD to purchase
gift card vouchers from the world's Biggest e-commerce retailers,
such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy and Target. And you can also shop at smaller
region specific online retailers And also by mobile and game top ups. So Binance Marketplace offers
a variety of mobile and game Top up services
that you can pay for and be used in.


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